The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon P.O.V

I stared in shock at Sherry’s words, my head shaking as I listened to her explain what she suspected. John took down notes and every so often raised his head and opened his mouth as if to ask a question but would then sigh in disappointment before going back to writing.

“Are you sure about this Sherry?” I asked her when she finished

“I’ve had my suspicions for a while Simon. Something is not right. I had promised Scott I wouldn’t say anything but something big is going to happen. I can feel it”

“This is a serious accusation Sher. I can’t in all good consciousness, put her on trial and banishment because of a feeling-”

“When have I ever been wrong about my feelings?” Sherry asked, hands on her hips

“I need more proof” I say

“Fine. But don’t blame me if worse things happen in the meantime”

“Sher….I just...Sophie” I stammer

“You can’t help her if you allow her to be attacked because you don’t want your ex to be hurt”

Saying that, she walked out of the office, closing the door behind her. I sighed in frustration, my thoughts on Sophie and the fact that she was still unconscious.

“You she’s right Simon”

“What?” I ask

“Sher. She’s never been wrong about her feelings”

I nod, unable to say anything. I looked up when there was a knock and John said for them to come in. Seeing Betty, I smiled warmly as I took in the scents wafting from the tray. My stomach rumbled, reminding me that I missed breakfast and now that it was lunch time, it was time to feast! Bettty and her helper started to put five different platters of food in the middle of the table along with various drink options. Telling me she would be back with the desserts and hot drinks later, she left.

John and I both got up from the office desk and walked the short distance to the meeting table and started to fill our plates with food including grabbing a couple of small cold sandwiches. I groaned in appreciation after taking a mouthful of the mac n cheese and before I knew it, both John and I had finished off our first full plate of food. When we both reached for the second helping, he and I looked at each other and after filling our plates, we spoke at the same time

“Do you really think-”

“Remember later we have-”

We both chuckled as we stopped at the same time. I indicated to John to continue as I enjoyed my second helping of mac n cheese, garlic bread, salad and a few small sandwiches.

“Remember that we have dinner with Jerrick, his wife and wife’s cousin. They arrived yesterday”

“That’s right!” I said with wide eyes “I forgot about that. I had meetings all day with Rick about the pant issues and building codes”

“Well, we will see Jerrick at dinner. May I suggest that we actually eat some food this time before starting any discussion” He said with mischief

I just nodded before stuffing my face with food, my hunger still there, just as strong. I listened to John go on about doing a tour, letting the ladies enjoy some of the perks of our packhouse and spa facilities. As he spoke, my thought’s kept drifting off to Sophie and how she was doing.

Could Tasha really have done all that Sherry said? Could she have hurt my Sophie in a way I didn’t know about? I worried as I was essentially sense blind without my wolf. I didn’t know where he was and even though I was acting tough, I was worried.

“She’s going to be ok you know”

“What?” I say, shaking the cobwebs from my head

“Soph. She’s really strong. Stronger than we know. She’s going to wake up soon simon”

“I hope so” I sigh “I know I messed up but-”

“I don’t think you did though. I think Sher is right. I think Tasha has given you something over the last four year to enhance these feelings. You weren’t this bad before”

“I just can’t imagine that I’ve changed so much” I say, rubbing a hand over my face, exhaustion setting in.

Just as I yawned, there was a knock again at the door. When John said come in, Betty came in alone, pushing the trolly beside the table. She started to put out a pot of tea and coffee with milk, sugar and cream. With it there are choc chip cookies, cheesecake and jelly and custard. I chuckled when I saw that and immediately reached for it.

“You know, I may only be a den mother; but I’ve helped bring you kids up. Your parents might be away but i’m still here to help” Betty said “be wary of Tasha Simon. Sophie will come back to you but you need to show her you are worth coming back for. If you really can’t accept who she is...who she will grow into, then reject her but don’t toy with her”

“And you” She turned to John “You need to take out some time for your mate. I hoped you remembered that her birthday is in five days’ time?”

“I do Betty. I was going to come to you today after dinner to ask about making a small birthday cake , a proper dinner banquet for a overnight stay and a picnic lunch for a car ride for next week. I was going to take her away to the shopping outlets and a spa break” John explained

I raised my eyebrows at him and smiled back when his eyes got sheepish as he looked my way. I poured my coffee and listened to him talk about his plans, my heart hurting a little. If I had been more focused and less selfish, I could be doing something like this with my mate. I would be going back to the apartment for a quickie which I know she wand I would both enjoy. Goddess her pussy! It was perfect! So tight and juicy! And her moans. Jeez. a single moan would make me hard and then when she would twist her body and grip me hard, both with her nails and her pussy - I would spill, cumming so hard inside of her that I would feel like I was a fire hose!. Our sex life was amazing. I missed how she felt in my arms. How she-

“Erm, Simon. No offense dude, but I really don’t wanna do you”

“What? I ask, confused

“For the last ten minutes, you have been emitting...erm..turned on smell and dude, while I’d do anything for you….I wouldn’t do that” John said chuckling

“Shut the fuck up” I said, rolling my eyes

“Look man, don’t give up. Let’s meet Jerrick and once there gone,get to the bottom of this. You apologise and then we go get our Luna back”

“Apologise?” I spurted “ For what”

“For being an idiot, for being a guy. For everything” He said, throwing his hands up in the air “For every and anything that makes us get our Luna back home”

I coughed and stood up, seeing that the table had been cleared except for a few plates of desserts and drinks. I sigh once again, my mind jumbled as I looked at a grinning John who whistled as he walked out of my office

Scott P.O.V

“And that’s why I’m here now” I say, explaining to Joe and Amelia and updating them

“This is such a fuck up” Joe said, his hand rubbing his forehead

“But one that needs to be addressed” Amelia said, put a supporting hand on her mates shoulder

“Are you certain?” Joe asked

“Almost. After talking to Sherry-”

“About your mate being a child” Joe clarified

“Oh. Yes” I replied.

Joe sighed and shook his head. Amelia comforted her mate and squeezed his shoulder before walking over to me and bending down to look me in the eyes.

“Tell me you aren’t considering rejection because of Sophie” She said

I sighed “I won’t lie. There’s something there with Sophie, I can’t help that. But when I saw her. This little kid” I shook my head “ I can’t Amelia. It’s too sick in my head”

“You know” Joe said “her parents would accep-”

“It’s too sick Joe. I can’t. I sure as hell wouldn’t if that was my 10 year old daughter and some perve over twenty….I can’t even”

“Our ways are different. I’m sure if you told her parents, they would let you talk to her but you could wait until she was of age-”

“My wolf wanted to roll around in that scent and fuck her. He held back because I was confused and disgusted at touching a child so he then felt a little disgusted too. If I spend time with her...I...can’t Joe”

“Promise me this isn’t because of Sophie” Joe said

“I promise. The second I saw this kid” I shook my head, unable to even voice my concern again

“Ok then” Joe sighed “Go on up. It’s almost 5am anyways. We will speak tomorrow”

I nodded and got up, tiredness making my eyes feel gritty. As I walked out of Joe’s office, I could see Amelia sit onto his lap and look at me before winking. My alpha’s were great and Amelia got me. My luna started to kiss his neck and Joe’s hand grazed her ass just as I left the room and walked away. I walked up the stairs, knowing that they two would be making out heavily and I didn’t want to be around for that. As I walked by Sophie’s room, I stopped and after a second of hesitation, I walked back to her door; opened it and walked in. Her room was in darkness and I could make out her still body. I walked closer to her, my eyes now wolf as they adjusted to the dark

We shouldn’t be here

I’m only checking up on her

You can’t lie to me. This is wrong

I just need to be close to her

I walked to the bed, my footsteps silent. Leaning down I take in her scent and my protective instinct became stronger and I growled. What the hell?

We shouldn’-

Are you telling me that you would mate and fuck a child?

I...There has to be some mistake. An explanation

No mistake. We both know what we smelled.

My wolf stopped talking. I sighed and turned around to go when I heard rustling. Shocked I whip around and see that her eyes are still closed yet she has moved. She moved!

“Sophie” I whisper

Nothing. I frown and say her name but this time she turned on her side, sighing. I hold my breath and go closer to her. Placing one on the bed and the other on her cheek I call her name. Keeping her eyes closed, she murmurs in her sleep but I can’t hear her words. I sigh in disappointment but glad that she seemed to be coming around. I want to let the healer know of her progress but I selfishly wanted some time with her myself.

We should go My wolf said.

I know he is right. I sigh once again, turn to go when suddenly, my wrist is grabbed and Sophie finally speaks

“Don’t go. Don’t leave me”

“Sophie” I whisper out on a held up breath “You don’t know what you are saying...what you are asking”

“Stay with me” She whispers back “Please

And just like that, I grip her hand tightly back, lying down on the bed beside her

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