The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon P.O.V

I looked in the mirror one last time before wearing my rolex and making sure I looked presentable. I was meeting Jerrick, his wife and her cousin today for dinner. I had to understand what happened with Sophie and Jerrick was finally free to talk to me.

I look back at the room and feel the emptiness which has never bothered me before. Even before Sophie, I never felt like this pack house was cold and empty and yet, now, with her not being here. It feels like it has become a warehouse. She had only been here for a few days and it changed the room. There was warmth here. There was… I may not have said the words to her but I wolf knew.

Simon. I’ve just got to the meeting room

I’m coming down. I’m about to leave the apartment I said to John via mind-link

I grabbed my keys and walked out of my bedroom and out through the apartment door before locking it. Taking the elevator down, my mind was a whirl as I thought about all the information I was hoping to get from Jerrick. I knew Betty had organised the room behind the cafe to be set-up and had made a different menu to today’s lunch. Glancing at the watch, I see it coming close to 1pm and the elevator stops at the ground floor. Walking towards the cafe/kitchen, I nod and smile to various pack members and families who greeted me along the way, their eyes constantly seeking their Luna by my side.

As I step through to the kitchen and walk into the private restaurants behind it, I see that Betty has gone with a red and gold theme with matching white and gold plates, crystal glasses and white napkins. I smile at John and Jerrick as I see they are standing just beside the table. As I walk in further, I can see two ladies already seated just beside the windows, talking animatedly to each other and judging by their resemblance, they looked like family.

“Alpha” Jerrick said, bowing his head a little

The ladies quickly scrambled up, their face paling and worried. I understood why. Not many alpha’s appreciated people sitting down before he does and would use that very excuse to raise a challenge to fight, break alliances or declare war on a pack.

“Please, sit” I say, indicating with my hands “This pack works on respect, not fear. I don’t expect someone to keep standing when I have taken time to be there. Especially not a pregnant female” I say, looking at the ladies

“That is my wife who you saw on the video call last week, but the pregnant female is sara, my wife’s cousin. She is the one visiting us until her delivery”

“When are the pups due?” I ask as we all sit around the table.

The females have relaxed and jerrick sits beside his wife, holding one of her hands in his, the love in his eyes, his face clear for all to see. Sara sits beside her cousin and across from her sits John

“In four months alpha” She replied.

“Please. No formalities. Just Simon”

I saw their eyes widen in surprise before looking at a smiling and nodding Jerrick. Just then Betty and her helpers came in, the mouthwatering smell of food wafting in as plates upon plates of hot, rich food was placed on the middle of the table

“Rack of lamb, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, greens and buttered carrots. This is a chicken and sweetcorn pie with garlic bread on the side. Some cold sandwiches and a jar of pickles and mayo in case someone gets cravings” Betty said with a wink to Sara who blushed and her face lighting up with delights

“Thanks Betty. That’s great” I say as she and her helpers leave after the remaining array of drinks have been left on the table.

“Simon, Sherry is going to be running almost 20min late. She’s had a last minute call out to check” John said

Mia is back and Sherry’s gone to speak to her

No problems. Let’s eat and see what is going on with Jerrick I tell John

“So Jerrick” I say as I helped myself to some lamb and mashed potato with some veg “How has the trip been home?”

“Exhausting. I’m just glad we are back in the Uk” He replied before taking a forkful of the pie “Then when we have come back here, it has been busy with the rouge issue-”

Cutting off, he stared at his wife who had squeezed his hand. I looked over in confusion and saw that Sara was no longer eating her sandwich and was looking down at her plate

“I’m sorry alpha….it’s just that….Sara’s mate is one of the wolves who was injured when there was that big attack on the Kiona pack a few weeks back. Her mate and Sara had to be separated so they didn’t come after her. The last few days have been a struggle for her to remember they aren’t together. Especially at such a blessed time”

“No apology necessary” I say with sympathy. Turning to Sara, I address her “I’m sorry for the pain you are going through, especially at such a time when it should be a wonderful time for you. Rest assured we are all looking to tackle this together”

Giving me a watery smile, we all resumed eating, and we kept the conversation light and without any talks of rogues, killing or seperated mates. Sherry had apologised and said that she and Mia were needing to do something which meant she would miss lunch but would catch up with us just before dinner or if they finished earlier. When I relayed this information to the group, they were understanding; especially when I offered them use of the spa facility for free.

We were just finishing up our desserts of cheesecakes, a chocolate mousse or white choc chip cookies when I decided I had waited long enough. I need to know what happened to my Sophie.


“I know alpha. You have been kind enough for us to finish off the meal before enquiring about the attack. If it is not deemed disrespectful, would it be ok for the females to retire to their rooms?”

“Of course, in fact” I stopped and mind-linked Betty. Within a few seconds, she came in “ Betty, could you take the ladies to the second room lounge and have them served cold or hot drinks along with making arrangements for someone from the spa to come and make sure they are taken care of. If they wish to do this in their room, that it also fine”

“Of course alpha” Betty said with a smile and short bow before looking over and encouraging the ladies to follow her.

As they moved to walk away, Jerrick’s mate caressed his face lovingly and the intimate look between the two clenched my heart. Sophie would look at me like that and then blush before shying away. I would tease her and keep her close, knowing she was trying not to enjoy my naughty caresses. The ladies left and I cleared my throat as John started pouring out tea and coffee for us along with the required sweetener.

“Tell me everything” I say

“The story really began over 20 years ago.” Jerrick started

I raised my eyebrows in surprise and nodded to him to continue as I took my cup of coffee gratefully from John as he too sat with his own.

“20 years ago, Magnus, my alpha’s brother; had his own pack in leicester. His pack was smaller, maybe fifty wolves at best. They mostly lived among the humans and while he had a small pack, he was powerful”

“Yes, I remember him. I was five when my dad told me about how he had defeated a rogue attack of thirty. Just him and four enfourses, beta and warriors.” John said

“Well, that story happened a few years before. But after that incident, everytime the Luna fell pregnant, after a few weeks, she would lose the pups. In most cases it was males; but a couple of times it was females too. Most of them wouldn’t survive after the 5th month”

“That must have been hard” I said

“I was already a teen when his mate became pregnant and actually was able to carry the child full term. She gave birth to a daughter. The pack healer told them they shouldn’t have any more children because of how hard the pregnancy was on the Luna. But Magnus didn’t care about more children. He was happy. He loved that little girl with all his heart. But she wasn’t an alpha”

“Well shit” John whispered

“Yep. Rissa, his mate, started feeling the pressure about giving her mate another child, for it to be an alpha but once again, she miscarried at 8 weeks. Jen was about three years old then. But then the attack happened. A few days after Jen’s third birthday, Rissa had approached a healer somewhere in scotland, someone who was helping her to take a position, to keep her pregnancy viable. There was a downfall, a condition. That after the child was born, Rissa had to keep taking the position so that the next child born would be a help”

“What do you mean a help? Help where?” John asked

“Where in Scotland?” I asked, my body stiffening in shock

“I don’t know the proper details. But apparently, Rissa met her in Russia. She later moved to scotland”

“Russia?” I asked in surprise

“Yes. That is also where my mate and her cousin are from originally. Then my wife moved to Leeds when she was ten with her family. Anyway, Rissa was ready to give birth any time when apparently there was a rogue attack. It was strange because there was no activity for a few months and then bam! ...almost like-”

“It had been planned from the inside” I finished

Jerrick nodded. “In the attack, Rissa, Jen and Jen’s babysitter ran to their safe room into the pack house.Just as they got there, for some reason Jen told the babysitter to take Jen and to lock themselves into the room. From there, the recounts are fuzzy but everyone said that Rissa seemed to stop abruptly, look pale and shocked and then after sending her daughter to safety, turned back around and went to help her mate in the fight. When she got there, she fought bravely but all accounts say that she was there one second and gone the next. They couldn’t see her”

“What? That doesn’t make sense” John said

“Then suddenly, the alpha howled loudly and there was Rissa a few steps away, covered in blood and in pain. The rogues had retreated and when the alpha went near his mate, he couldn’t place the smell near her. He tried to save her but the attack on her body was too much. Her body went into labour as she died trying to push out the baby, the healer had to cut her open to take out the child. It was male and an alpha. But-”

After a few seconds of silence and a deep breath, Jerrick took another sip of his tea before continuing

“But, after taking a few short breaths. The child died”

“Sonofabitch!” I swore

“Shit!” John said

“Yea. Magnus was holding it together because he knew his son needed him. But when his son died, he started to lose it. The healer had to put him to sleep for him to cope. Here’s where it gets fuzzy. When he woke up he tried to find Jen but couldn’t and turned out that Jen had also died along with her babysitter”

“She died?” I asked “How?”

“There’s so many different versions but to be honest, no-one knows. After finding out about her death, Magnus left the pack with the beta in charge and disappeared. He returned five years later but he was changed. His brother, my alpha tried to help him. Just when we thought he was well, he would disappear. But, two years before I found my mate, Magnus returned to our pack… a rogue”

“No!” John exclaimed, shocked

“Yes. The very creatures he detested and killed without mercy. He was sprouting all this stuff about his two heirs and that one of his heirs being the alpha but he never made sense. Anyways, I was instructed with the task of following him to capture him but he kept evading me. One night we managed to get a scent of him and he followed him all the way through to London city”

I sat up straighter, realising that he was getting to the part i really wanted to know. I held up my hand, mind-linked Betty to bring in fresh hot drinks and a plate of biscuits. When Betty came in with the refreshments, she informed Jerrick that his wife and her cousin were enjoying a relaxing massage in their rooms and were going to have a nap after some treatments and movies. After helping ourselves to fresh drinks and a couple of biscuits, I encouraged Jerrick to continue.

“So, as I said. I followed him to London city. He evaded us for 10min but that was enough for him to find himself in a small park...attacking a girl”

“Sophie” I whispered

“Yes” Jerrick said, nodding his head “He had bitten into her deep and good. When I heard her scream, me and three other warriors went to help her. One of the warriors managed to tranquilize Magnus enough that he was able to haul him away while the rest of us including a couple of humans helped Sophie. She remembered our presence and even as I tried to stem the blood from her bite, I smelled her. She had changed”

“Well of course she had. She had been bitten so was a wolf” I said in annoyance

“Not just a wolf. She became his heir” Jerrick said

“What?” John asked with a frown

“His Heir. When Sophie was bitten. She didn’t just turn into a wolf...into an omega or beta. Her body adapted the blood and Magnus somehow injected his old self into her”

“What are you saying?” I asked, my eyes wide

“Alpha Simon. Right at the time Magnus bit her, he was rogue, his eyes were red. BUT as he embedded his teeth in her more, just a split second before we tranquilized him; his eyes changed to his normal blue”

“Impossible!” John shouthed, getting up in shock “you can’t change between rogue and normal as if opening and closing your eyes!”

“You can’t….unless the alpha CHOSE to go rogue. It is my belief that because it was his way of coping, he in essence, created his heir, a version of his own living child”

“Fuck me!” John whispered “But if that’s the case, why is Sophie still so scared?”

“Again, I have a theory about that. Right after the event, Sophie was traumatised. Her body took to being a wolf really well but her mind couldn’t cope with what had happened and so, her wolf retreated and gave her space to grow and adapt. I believe her wolf is waiting to come out”

“She has come out. Her wolf came out here” I confirmed

Nodding his head, Jerrick continued on “But I have also another theory. After this happened, I checked up on Sophie a couple of times and each time, her scent got stronger. I found out alpha’s reacting to her scent and it led me to ask questions. Do you know that there is a...saying…. Or a prophecy. I guess it depends on your interpretation, that if a wolf born from death is an Alpha then their offspring will be the balance between good and bad”

“That’s an old wives tail. A disney themed story” I said with a scoff

“Maybe” Jerrick says “Or maybe it is true.Alpha simon, after we freed her from Magnus, Sophie’s eyes changed, from red to blue...before changing back to her natural grey ones.”

“Two eye colours” John whispers “Shit! She has a bit of rogue and an alpha in her from Magnus”

“And she fainted after the surgery before coming back again. What if that was the death they were talking about?”

“They who?” I said in annoyance “It’s a kid’s story. Or hearsay”

“But if it’s not-” Jerrick said

“It is” I reply

“If it is not alpha. Then that means-”

“That Sophie is an Alpha. Not just an alpha, but an alpha supreme. One who could control Rogues, Hybrids and Lycans alike” John said in wonder, his eyes bright and large in his face

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