The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Scott P.O.V

I hold the tray of soup and sandwiches steady as I open the bedroom door. Walking in, I stop for a moment when I see Sophie sitting up in bed, her wet black hair flowing around her. She looks up at me as I enter and smiles.


“Hey. You feeling better?” I ask

“Yes!” She responds enthusiastically “When i first woke up last night, i felt hazy but after a shower; I feel more alive”

“Well good. You slept most of the day away. It’s almost 2pm” I say

Walking closer to the bed, I placed the tray on her lap and sat down beside her. She looked down at the food before smiling brilliantly at me, her eyes lighting up. It’s weird, I know it’s Sophie and yet, I feel like it’s not.

“Thanks Scott” She takes a spoonful of the chicken soup and moans in appreciation “Wow! I didn’t realise I was so hungry”

“Well” I say “you were in a coma for a few days and when you woke up last night, even though the healer and doctor saw you, apart from a sip of water, you didn’t take anything. No doubt, your body has caught up with it all and realised how hungry it is”

“Yeah” Sophie said thoughtfully as she finished her soup

“What’s wrong?” I ask

Sophie sighs and looks at me, her eyes sad “I collapsed because he cheated on me didn’t he?”

I hesitated. While a part of me really wanted to say yes, I knew it would hurt her more and I never wanted to hurt Sophie.


“Don’t lie Scott. Please”

“I’m not sure. The reaction you had is similar to that of a cheating mate but only mates who have marked each other. You didn’t mark him so-” I shrugged my shoulders “ Also, it seems to be such an extreme reaction for one who has just mated from one side. So I honestly don’t know Soph. I think something else is going on”

“What do you mean?” She asked wide-eyed

“Soph, a lot happened while you were asleep. Arik and I went to Scotland and I found….well never mind that, but for some reason, I had to go to Carlisle and-”


Amelia screamed in excitement as she opened the door. She rushed in and hugged Sophie before she could even get out of bed. They both started laughing and crying at the same time, Amelia’s concern over her friend obvious. I moved the tray away before they embraced and waited patiently for them to stop talking. Finally, after what seemed like forever but was maybe only ten minutes, the friends parted properly, with Amelia getting up to walk out the door.

“Scott, maybe we should leave Soph alone to rest”

“No. It’s ok. I want Scott to stay” Sophie said

“Ok” Amelia said as she looked at Soph “But now that your awake it might be a good idea to call Simon, let him know you-”

“Why?” Soph cut in “He did this to me. I see no reason to speak to anyone from that pack”

Amelia and I both exchanged looks as we took in this new Sophie. I could see Amelia look at Sophie in shock before shaking her head in surprise. This new Sophie was….harsher.

“Yes….well..maybe Sherry then. She’s been worried about you”

“Oh!” Sophie said, her whole demeanor changing again “I miss Sher! And Betty!. I will call them in a bit”

Nodding her head, she looked at me pointedly before leaving the room. I take the plate and hand it back to her and see her watching me, a smile playing on her lips. She took the chicken cornish sandwich and took a bite, her moan telling me she enjoyed it. I had to adjust myself as my pants started to become uncomfortable. Before long, she was finished and was enjoying a cold can of pepsi max when she turned to me and smiled. It wasn’t her usual soft smile, but almost….predatory. I moved the plates from her lap and picked them up, intending to take them to the kitchen

“Where are you going Scott?” She asked me

“To put these away”

“Stay” She says, patting the bed “Stay with me Scott. I want a nap”

“Then I’ll go-”

“No. Stay” She insists “Stay with me until I fall asleep”

Unsure what to do but unable to deny a desire I have for her either, I take the plates and put them outside her door. When she indicates the light switch, I turn it off and Sophie gets into bed, her t-shirt the only form of clothing on. I clear my throat and go to sit on the bed when she suddenly starts chuckling

“What?” I ask

“Come on Scott. You hate sleeping in loads of clothes and you can’t sleep properly in trousers. Why don’t you take them off?

I stare at her open mouthed and in shock before I excuse myself and walk briskly out of the room, her laughter following me. I go into my room and grab my night boxers and a batman t-shirt, changing into them for comfort. Putting on comfy slippers, I walk back to her room; hearing different people talking and walking around. Remembering that it was technically lunch time, I hurried to Sophie’s room, not really wanting to explain myself to anyone. I enter her room once again and see that she has put on a side lamp and the little glow from it was enough to illuminate the room, making it more cozier.

“I never thought I would appreciate blackout curtains this much” She chuckled

“I know right,” I grinned back “Amelia made the right choice when she redid the rooms three years ago and got everyone blackout curtains. It’s actually pretty bright outside but you wouldn’t know it in here. I feel like its after 9pm”

I say as I get into bed. I lay down and immediately Sophie turns to me and puts her head on my shoulder before sighing and breathing in deep. I hold my breath, my cock stirring, my heart racing at this new, bold Sophie. After a few moments, I hear her breathing even out and I realise that she indeed has fallen asleep. I kiss her forehead when my wolf speaks up

She’s not our mate

I know

Then what are you doing?

There’s…..something. I can’t help myself

You are mixing up the signals. You care for her, yes...maybe even love her. But not like a mate

This feeling I have….I want to be with her

But she is NOT our mate!

Stop saying the same shit over and over! I growled back I know she isn’t but I still care for her like one. I plan to reject my child mate, remember!


YES! I am not a pedophile! I will not be with a child

The moon goddess wouldn’t give us a child. There has to be an explanation! Don’t make rash decisions, only to regret them later!

I cut off my link with my wolf and block him out, his angry howls loud in my head. FInally, using what is like a muffler, I cage him in my head and sigh with relief when I feel his disbelief at my actions, before he quietens down and ignores me, his hurt coming through our bond, As Sophie snuggles in closer to me, I take a deep breath and kiss her forehead, my arms coming around to pull her closer to me; my eyes closing in sleep as the weeks exhaustion finally lulls me to sleep.


Simon P.O.V

Hearing the knock, I look up and see Jerrick, His wife and her cousin enter; their smiles letting me know they were now more relaxed. We had all just finished dinner and agreed to meet upstairs in my office. Tasha had set it up so Betty would deliver hot drinks and desserts and judging from the smell of fresh brewed coffee, she wasn’t long away.

Tasha opened the door to let Betty and her helper in, who started placing milk, sugar, creme along with hot drinks and a biscoff cheesecake in the middle of the table along with small plates. When I smiled at her in thanks, she placed a full plate of white chocolate chip cookies in front of me and my eyes nearly watered. Sophie loved those cookies. She would snag a few and take them to the apartment or wherever she was sitting, her delightful moans often making me hard.

I cleared my throat a few times and blinked away tears! God, I was acting like a weak pussy! Whoever heard of an alpha male getting so emotional? I had to rain it in. It’s true what they say, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone! But still; to act so foolish and emotional in front of other people - I shake my head and clear my vision of Sophie from my eyes when I see that everyone has been seated and happily enjoying the refreshment as John gives me a hot cup of coffee and a couple of the cookies, his smile an understanding one at what I was remembering.

“So ladies” John started “I hope you have enjoyed our spa facilities today”

“Oh yes!” Gushed Sara “Thank you alpha! I’ve never had such a relaxing treatment which was also good for the pregnancy”

“Simon” I reminded her “I’m glad. Th..there are treatments which aren’t good for pups?” I ask, wanting to know

“Yes. Many. That’s why I was so glad the therapist helped me select the right one. She is very good” Sara said

I nodded, my heart clenching. Sophie isn’t here and yet, hearing Sara say that there are treatments not good for pups made my heart sore with worry; thinking about Sophie round and big with my pups and not knowing what treatment to get. I nodded as I tried to refocus on the current conversation which John had changed and I smiled at him gratefully. Jerrick was laughing about his mates ability to eat and her current enjoyment at what was available at the packhouse when the office door opened.

“Sorry I am late everyone. My name is Sherry and -”

“Rissa!” Sara gasped, her mouth opening in shock as she stood up abruptly

“My god! How is this possible?” Daisy said, her abrupt movement causing the chair to fall back against the floor

“Erm...sorry, I think you have me confused with someone else” Sherry said with a frown as she stepped into the room slower and closed the office door

“This is my mate Sherry. She’s the Beta-Fem. Her name is not Rissa” John said as he too got up and walked towards his mate

Sara clutched her stomach, her voice wavering as she made her way slowly to Sherry. I got up, looking at Jerrick who just shook his head at me and looked just as confused. Sara started crying, rivers of tears slowly sliding down her face.

“Ris… look like her so much but can’t be her. The age is all wrong” sara said between deep gulps of breath

“What’s going on here?” I ask in confusion

“I’m not sure” Sherry responds “But I think it’s a case of mistaken-”

“How old are you?” Daisy asked, cutting in; her hands shaking

“I’m 21” Sherry responded with a frown

Sara cried out before clutching her stomach, bending over in discomfort. Daisy gasped and helped Sara to sit down even as Sherry made her way to help. As she neared Sara, sara grabbed Sherry’s arm and with an elongated claw, pierced Sherry’s wrist; drawing blood.

“What the fuck?” Sherry yelped

“Blood knows blood” Sara whispered

“What does that even mean? Why would you do that?” Sherry asked as she snatched her arm away

“Blood knows blood” Sara said again as she pierced her own wrist

“What in the hell-?” John asked as he moved towards his mate with tissues clutched in his hand

“Look lady” Sherry said as she looked at Sara “I’m not who you say I am”

“No” Sara cut in “You are not. My apologies. But you are our blood”

“What?” Sherry asks

“My god! All this time! All this time!” Sara gulped.

“Sara stop!” Daisy said as she tried to calm her cousin down “You can’t get this distressed. Think of the pups!”

“Do you know what this means daisy?”

“I do. I truly do. But you must calm yourself. Think of the pups. Calm your breathing”

“Well I don’t know what you two are on about so how about some enlightenment here? Because as far as I know, I was coming in here to chat to you all before you leave tomorrow since I couldn’t have lunch with you today” Sherry said even as she and john tried to stem the blood “And now, i’ve been attacked and -”

“Oh, no” Sara said, shaking her head as she sat on the chair “Not attacked. I could never attack you”

“Well you did. What do you call this” Sherry said as she lifted the tissue paper of her wrist, only to gasp out loud when she looked down

“Why didn’t you tell me alpha Simon? Especially once Jerrick explained”

“Told you what?” I asked, confusion on my face

“Hang on here” Sherry whispered, her eyes still on her wrist “What the fuck is going on? What is this?”

Lifting her own wrist up, we all looked at Sara’s wrist in shock. Our eyes darting between the near identical mark on Sherry’s wrist. Sherry raised her eyes and looked at Sara, taking a shaky step towards her before kneeling down in front of her. On each other’s wrist, where the blood had flown, was a symbol; as if there was a design carved out on the wrist and the flow of blood filled it. There was a small circle on the middle of the wrist with a half moon in the middle. Outside the circle were small triangles all the way around as if the rays of the sun. The only difference was that, while Sherry had the half moon, Sara didn’t

“What the fuck does this mean?” I ask “I’ve never seen this before”

“It’s the mark” Sara whispers “The mark of the house of Alpha”

“The one in the prophecy” John whispers recently

“See how I don’t have a moon. It’s because I am not a direct descendant. Rissa was my first cousin. Our dads were brothers”

“Who’s Rissa?” Sherry asks with a tilt of her head

“What do you mean who is Rissa? Are you telling me you don’t know who your parents are?” Daisy asks in shock

“She’s your mother” Sara answered

“No she’s not. My mum’s name was Leigh-Anne”

“And your father’s?” Sara asked

“Lucian. I think you have me mixed up with someone else”

“If I did, you wouldn’t have had the mark. I just don’t understand how….who” Sara shook her head again as tears gathered in her eyes.

“Sara” I say “is it possible to be wrong and maybe Sherry isn’t who we think she is”

“Who do you think i am?” Sherry asks

“No. There’s no way possible for it to be wrong. I think it’s possible that the somehow the babysitter got her to safety and hid her”

“That would make sense” Jerrick finally said, coming out of the shock “Remember I said that it was hazy at one point. That they didn’t know how but that they think Jen was dead. But there wasn’t an actual identifiable body”

“Who’s Jen? Are we in some sort of Alice in Wonderland play? Seriously guys” Sherry said as she threw her hands up in the air “What the fuck is going on?”

“You are Jen” Sara whispered, looking at Sherry “And you are the heir to Alpha Magnus. Your father, the King of Rogues”

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