The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon P.O.V

I shake my head in shock at their words and mind-link Betty, calling her in. I can’t believe what is going on here but I have a suspicious feeling and only Betty could verify it.

Everyone else in the room is sitting in shocked silence where Sara is silently crying and Sherry is looking at everyone like they have lost their mind. God how I wish my parents were here. Dad would deal with this so much better but if I called them back now, or even called to ask how they are; They would know something was up and come home. They have not had a break for over a hundred years, since they both became alpha’s. They deserved some undisturbed rest

“You called alpha?” Betty said, knocking the door and stepping in

“Betty. We need your knowledge and support here” I say getting up.

Nodding her head, she enters the room; only to gasp and hurry to Sherry’s side. As she picked up some tissues to help stem the blood, her face paled before darting her eyes towards Sara’s bleeding wrist and she visibly shook, her body trembling as she looked at me with haunted eyes

“And judging by your reaction; I’m guessing you know about this” I say

“What?!” Sherry shrieks

“Easy mate” John says as she squeezed her waist

Sighing, Betty nods before checking Sherry’s wrist. Seeing that the blood had stopped flowing, she then tended to Sara who gave Betty a watery smile. Grateful for Betty’s clear headedness, I decided to be the one to help everyone with their shock by giving them sweetened drinks. Pour Sara, Sherry and Daisy tea’s, I added an extra teaspoon of sugar for each before sitting it down in front of them. Sara looked at me in shock, her mouth opening like a fish with no sound.

“I may be an alpha” I say, chuckling “But it doesn’t mean I’m a dick. You have all had a shock. Drink some of this hot tea”

“Alpha-” Sara begins

“Simon. Or alpha Simon. Trust me, I’ve learned that having a title is of no use if the love and respect is not there or earned without fear” I say, thinking about how I treated Sophie, my arrogance in my title and being a alpha

“Alpha Simon. I don’t understand” Sara said as she flicked her gaze to Betty who was now throwing away the bloodied tissue papers.

The door suddenly opened and Tasha stood there as she let in a couple of catering staff members who pushed in a catering trolly. I stayed silent and watched as Betty took more clean tissue paper and antiseptic liquid and proceeded to clean and help mend Sara and Sherry. While as wolves, we would heal immediately; I watched in surprise as the wounds didn’t close even though it was a small puncture.One woman helped Betty clean and dress the wrist while another was whisking about, putting the drinks away and replacing it with piping hot ones, judging from the coiling steam coming out. She also made fresh teas and coffee and put them in front of everyone as well as adding the extra spoon of sugar which I assume Betty told her do to help.

Then, to my delight, the omega started placing a tray of small cold sandwiches, a large plate of hot small bites such as chicken skewers, hot sausages, beef, onion and pepper skewers and small hot sliders. Finally she placed a small tray of mini cheesecake in shot glasses and a plate of sugar cookies. I raised my eyebrow at her when she looked at me as she placed small serving plates and cutlery in front of us. Blushing, she darted her eyes at Betty, indicating where the order for this came from. I nodded in understanding as the omega moved away and left the room, taking the try away with her.

After Betty had finished cleaning and helping them, she took anti-bac wipes and passed them around as everyone sanitized their hands. Even though wolves don’t catch diseases like humans do, we still prefer to keep clean and sanitize where we can. Betty finally sighed and sat down, her head bent as everyone looked at her, waiting for her to speak

“This really should be something your parents should be here for but I understand the need for their absence” Betty said, raising her head to look at me “They really do need this break”

“Betty” I say “I just remembered something and I have a feeling you know what it is”

“I knew as soon as I saw the mark”

“You know what this means?” Sherry asked

“I do” Betty said nodding “But first” Getting up she started putting things on plates and pushing everyone to take the food in front of them “I know it’s only been two hours since dinner but I think everyone could use a little something”

“Why did you make these?” John asked in confusion

“I had a catering order. The O’Rileys youngest son, it’s his birthday tomorrow. He’s only having four of his friends stay over for a pajama party. When I came in here and saw what was happening, I told the kitchen staff to bring up some of the food. I believe we may need some light snacks to help settle our stomachs. They will make extra just now to replenish what we eat”

“Only if you eat with us Betty” I lightly demand

Nodding, Betty continued to encourage everyone to take some food; paying closer attention to Sherry and Sara as she made sure they had a good helping. Sounds of cans of juice opening were heard as I also took a healthy sip from my cold can of pepsi max. After what seemed like a fifteen minute, silent time of eating and drinks and having our sweetened hot drinks; everyone finally pushed their plates away.

I was surprised at how much was eaten. Apart from five small sandwiches out of twenty; a couple of cans of fizz and six mixes of skewers and sliders; most of the food was gone. I became impatient as I wanted to know what was going on and just as I was about to open my mouth, Betty sighed and spoke

“I was just learning the ropes in the kitchen on the day you arrived in our pack” Betty said “It was almost ten pm and I had finished tailing the den mother who at that time was Ophelia”

“I...I don’t understand” Sherry stammered

“Let her speak love” John said, holding her close to him

“It was my first night that after ten pm she left to go home. At that time, I didn’t know but I later came to find out, it was her way of testing if I could have coped with emergencies in her absence. A test. We just didn’t know the emergency would be so great”

“What happened Betty” I asked

“It had been pretty quiet. The dishes were being cleaned up, most of the pack had started leaving and I was finishing up the menu for the next day when a woman came in running into the packhouse, screaming for sanction. I ran out to the door and there was this young omega, bleeding heavily and in her arms was a unconscious Sherry”


“Yes, you” Betty said with a saint smile “But you weren’t called Sherry. Your name was Jen”

“I knew it” Sara whispered

“As soon as my arms went around her, she collapsed, crying. One of the other kitchen staff picked you up and we alerted you father” Betty said, looking at me “Your father, mother, our healers all helped move you both to the emergency medical downstairs. Sherry was still unconscious and we couldn’t understand why. Four hours later and all we had managed to do was stabilize the omega but unable to wake you, Sherry.”

“Why?” Sherry asked

“At the time, we didn’t know. However, there was a shift change of the guards. The night shift warriors made there way to take on their watch and security duty and the ones who had finished, were making their way back”

Betty stood up and walked to sit in the empty seat between Sara and Sherry, her hand lingering on Sherry’s shoulder in support and comfort.

“Lucian came barging into the medical room” Betty said

“Dad?” Sherry whispered

“Yes. we were all shocked since we weren’t expecting that to happen and because we were so deep under the main door that the scent would have been almost impossible to detect. Lucian had been on his way to his shift when he caught your scent. He barged in and there was almost a mini war”

“He was a traitor?” I asked, my frown thunderous

“No. Anything but. After trying to get to Sherry, your father calmed him down enough to find out what was going on. It turned out that Lucian was your father’s most trusted friend Sherry” Betty said looking at Sherry with compassion “apparently he was there when your true father, Magnus, was told of the prophecy when they were mere pups. If even five. They had agreed to keep in touch but separate into different packs so if any child of Magnus was ever harmed and he couldn’t protect them, then the child would be sent to Lucian for protection”

“Oh no” Sherry whispered, her eyes gathering tears

“Apparently, your father also had marked Lucian as a guardian. That meant that regardless of where you were or how heavily cloaked, Lucian would always be able to find you, protect you. His need to be close would eventually reveal why. When he touched you and took you into his arms, you awoke” Betty explained “Lucian took you and rocked you until you quietened. Our healer told us that the babysitter was dying, her injuries were too great. She was a teen herself, a girl who was on her first babysitting job and had been with the family for two years. Before he died, she told Lucian that the attack came within and that Rissa had been killed before her very eyes. That person after them was after power. The omega old Lucian about a bond match. Something she heard as she was hiding from the killer”

“What’s a bond match?” i ask

“It’s a bond of two kind. One where a guardian can match his skills and integrity to another and pass on the bond for protection. And the other is when two beings, be by blood or love; be matched as one”

“I...that just doesn’t make sense” I say, shaking my head

“We didn’t understand it either. But Lucian said he knew what it meant but he didn’t tell us. After the omega whispered this to him, she had some sort of spasm and died. When she did, a white light left her body and disappeared. Lucian took you into his arms and in front of all of us, swore us to secrecy, saying that your life depended on this being kept a secret. Our healer changed your scent which took days and days to complete. By this point, the story was that you had a human mother who died birthing you-”

“Leigh-Anne” Sherry and Betty both said together

“And that Lucian was your father, that the child had been left with an aunt who due to her own weakening health, came to our pack to give him his child before she too passed away. Guardian’s are very rarely mated as their own duties mean they are unable to dedicate their time to their own mates. It has to be a very worthy guardian to be able to have a mate. Lucian knew he never would. He changed your name and altered small appearances which wouldn’t require much magik to sustain”

“That’s why dad had me drink the water with the vitamins!” Sherry exclaimed “on a daily basis. He said it was for me to get stronger because as a pup, due to my birth, I was slightly weaker. He gave me that until he died three years ago. I’ve still kept drinking it”

“Yes” Betty said “I’ve been making sure you did”

“Are you the new guardian?” Sherry asked

“No love. I’m not. I’ve been helping you to keep hidden as has Mia and our old alpha. But very few in the pack know the real story. To be honest; I never thought any of this would come out”

“Why not?” I asked

“Because there are so few who know what really happened that night. We all swore that we wouldn’t ever speak of it again. There was no need. Magnus would never come here and no one would ever seek her out. We don’t know who the person was that caused the attack either. Lucian always said that there were two heirs, but we never understood that”

“SEE!” Jerrick shouted out “I knew there was something about two heirs! Magnus was sprouting all of this”

“B...But how could there be two heirs? Ar..are you saying I have a brother or sister somewhere?” Sherry asked in a shocked voice

“I didn’t think so until-” Betty quietly cut off

“Until?” Sherry shrieked “Until what?”

“You tell me Sherry” Betty softly encouraged

“What do you mean? How could I tell you anything! I’m hearing all of this for the first time”

“Sherry” Betty said “Have you ever felt so possessive, so in tune with some other than your mate?”

“That doesn’t make sense. I’ve only felt that way with John...oh...oh goddess!” Sherry screamed, standing up abruptly “Don’t tell me John is my brother-”

“NO!” Betty choked out “No, dear goddess! No. You haven’t got a incestious relationship”

“Thank fuck” Sherry said, slumping back down onto her chair in relief, her body shaking from her emotions “i can’t think Betty. Please. Just tell me what you think”

“Well” Betty said softly “Try to think, how you have felt when you think about someone you see as a friend. A close friendship. A kinship that happened instantly. Almost like a mate bond except in a different manner”

Sherry tilted her head, Jerrick was nodding his head in excitement so much I was sure his neck would snap. John was looking between his mate and Betty in astonishment even as I shook my head in denial

“i...I don’t...Betty” Sherry whimpered

“Someone who you have been worrying about. Someone who’s heartbe-”

“Sophie?!” Sherry gasped, cutting in

“Yes!” Betty agreed softly

“Who’s Sophie?” Sara asked with a frown

“My mate” I say quietly

“Where is she?” Sara asks, looking around


“Sophie! Are you saying Sophie is my sister?” Sherry shrieked

“Not by blood. I think she is your bond match” Betty said

“I agree” Jerrick interrupted “When Magnus bit Sophie, he did so with a clear conscience. His eyes changed. Three different colours before going back rogue. When we freed Sophie from him. Her eyes changed the same way except her’s went back to grey”

“I have another niece?” Sara asked quietly

“Oh my god!” Sherry screamed, jumping up in excitement “Sophie and I connected when she came here. I thought it was due to her being my Luna but...oh god you dickhead Simon”

“Woah woah” I said, holding my hand up “What the hell Sherry!”

“You hurt my sister!” She said advancing on me

“Watch the tone” I advised, feeling sick all of a sudden

“How could you do that!?” Sherry said, her hands on her hips “You hurt her Simon and...and, oh” Turning around she looked at Betty wide-eyed “Does that mean, she...she’s a beta too?”

“No” Jerrick said “I have a theory. Your father made her. He choose Sophie for a reason”

“What do you mean, chose?” John asked

My stomach started to roll as I listened to the conversation, my body feeling hot; as if a fever was slowly creeping up on me. Grabbing my left side where the heat was flaring up the most, I clenched my teeth.

“There were at least five others in the park the night he attacked Sophie. Including two men. Looking back now, Your father was solely focused on Sophie. At the time, I thought he was going that way and decided at the last minute to bite her but now; knowing what I do. I think he selected her for a reason. I have a feeling he knew of her. He didn’t look left or right. Only at her”

“W..was she in a lot of pain?” Sherry asked worriedly “and if she’s not a beta, what is she then? I really don’t think she’s an omega Jerrick. I didn’t get that submissive vibe from her”

“No Sherry. In fact, I think that she is an alpha supreme”

“A what?” Sherry asked with confusion

Sara gasped, Daisy held her forehead in surprise and Betty covered her mouth in shock as she too gasped out aloud. While John held Sherry to him as Jerrick spoke, my eyes started watering up and my side felt heat consume my body. Finally the pain became too much as I blocked out what was being said and pitched forward clutching my side.


“Simon!” John shouted as he approached me “Shit! What’s wrong?”

“He’s burning up! Betty -”

“I’m on it. Here, let me”

I felt a cool compress on my forehead and it felt like the greatest thing in life, but within seconds the cool wetness heated up and I could hear the group of people gasp and worry at my state. John and Jerrick helped me move to the chair even as the room spun around me. I could hear people talk and see their lips move before everything became a blur and blackness consumed me

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