The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie P.O.V

My eyes open slowly as I come out of my nap, stretching and uncurling my body slightly; enjoying working out the kinks. I sigh in contentment when my eyes finally adjust to the darkness and I see Scott, lying there with one arm around me, the other on his stomach, snoring away.

It was cute. His snores weren’t too loud and in sleep, the day’s tension was away, leaving his face lax and almost babish. I run my hand over his jaw lightly and I feel his whiskers against my palm, making me giggle at the feeling. Scott stretched a little before settling down again and grabbed me closer to him.

I squeak a little because not only does he grab me closer, I also feel him erection which I have to say is hard. My eyes widen when I lift the covers a little and peak down. His boxers don’t leave much to imagination and there is definitely a bulge there…...a big bulge!

A tasty bulge

Oh my god! Why would you say that? I say to my wolf

Because it is true. He is a fine specimen

Stop it! We have a mate

Do we? Last time I checked, he rejected us based on our genetic make-up

He….Ok...But we….He’s still our mate!

Stop being naive Sophie. Do you know why you went into a coma like that? It’s because he was fucking someone else. Wetting his dick with another female

Stop it! You don’t know that-

Yes I do. All shifters do. That’s why no shifter could ever cheat on their mate. Because the other would always know. The only time you don’t feel it is when both parties reject each other and they are no longer mates.

Stop it! Just...stop!

Then don’t interfere in my inspection. We aren’t weak. If you knew what we really were, you would understand how important we are

But Scott is my friend and

And? He is still a guy and we...are still female. What’s the harm in trying with him?

With Scott??? I asked, shocked

Why not? He’s good looking, he’s smart and caring and would make a good mate even if he’s just a beta.

But what about Simon?

What about Simon? Look Sophie, Simon has a big issue with our background which, to be honest; many shifters have and very rarely do they ever have a change of heart. He will forever compare us to born shifters and eventually want a purebred like himself with purebred pups. Do you want to wait about for that day when he very clearly says or shows he would prefer his own kind over us? What if you do get with him? How long before he casts us aside for another Tasha?

I sniff as I take in what she says, her voice now gentle as she lays it out in the open for me.

Oh I say quietly as I move my eyes all over Scott’s face, really looking at him. Brushing my hand against his face again, I sigh as think about what my wolf said and just as I am about to turn over on the other side and away from I hear Scott speak


“Hey” I say, smiling

“Are you ok?” He asks

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because I can feel your sadness. What’s wrong?”

“You...You can feel my sadness?” I ask, shocked

At his silent gaze, I look back at him, contemplating what he said. He could feel my sadness. Isn’t that something a mate does? Shouldn’t my mate be the one worrying about how I was feeling just now? I was being so confused with all this mate and shifter stuff and on top of that, apparently and according to my wolf; I was someone special. Well I sure as hell didn’t feel that way.

“Soph” Scott said, brushing my hair away from my face “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing” I whisper.

Seeing he was looking at me as if he was going to challenge me and ask me further questions I wasn’t ready to answer yet, I moved closer to him and pressed my lips to his. I knew this wasn’t the answer and I shouldn’t be doing this but after hearing my wolf confirm why I collapsed and that Simon most likely will be wanting a pure wolf; I just didn’t want to be alone.

“What are you doing Soph?”

“I...I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to” I say as I move away from him

“Soph” Scott sighs “ you. But I don’t just want to be a back up. You deserve someone who loves you for you”


Suddenly, Scott leans into me and kisses me, his lips moulding my own as he pulls me over him. I break the kiss and gasp when I realise that I am sitting astride him, my snatch hugging his hard cock, my hands pressing on his hard chest. I know I’m blushing because I can feel how hot my cheeks are. Scott runs his hands through the part of my hair that is free and tilts my head up even as he leans back down to kiss me again and I let it happen. Even when the kiss is soft, hesitant; I let it happen. When his kisses started to turn more urgent, he paused; as if seeking permission but I took so long deciding, that he took it as a sign that I wasn’t saying no

“Soph” He says in such a sweet way

Scott tugs the covers away so I am now sitting directly over his boxers covered cock and I can feel him, his heat through my panties. I blush harder when I feel a wet spot; not knowing if it was from him or me. Scott keeps kissing me and I feel myself getting turned on. It’s been so long since I was held, loved...taken. Now with Scott touching me, It feels so good to be wanted again. To having his hands caress me and touch me like this

“Scott” I moan as he deepens the kiss

He pulls my t-shirt over my head and I gasp in surprise as I try to cover my breast away from his eyes, my cheeks burning further. He keeps looking at me, the lust in his eyes burning brightly even as he pulls my arms down and takes a nipple into his mouth, licking it with his tongue before taking my nipple and a big portion of my breast into his mouth

I moan in pleasure as the sucking sensation runs all the way to my sensitive clit, making me grind against his covered dick. Feeling horny and turned on, I shift my body, reach down and pull his hard cock out of his boxers and moan when I see how thick and hard it was. It was weeping from the mushroom head and I used my thumb to spread the wetness down his cock before I pushed my panties to the side and sat on top of his cock.

“Oh Scott”

“Sophie! Fuck!” Scott groaned “Your pussy is so wet. Feels so fucking amazing!”

I move against his cock, not taking him inside of me but enjoying his cock rubbing against me….hitting against my clit in the most delicious way! Scott pushes both my breast together and takes both of my nipples into his hot mouth and start sucking on them deeply

“Uuuhhhhhh...nuuughhhhhh. Soooo good Scott!” I moan as he sucks on them harder

I can feel my pussy letting out a little bit of cream and I can feel it coating Scott’s cock; making it so much easier for me to rub and glide against him, the friction teasing my clit and turning me on more. I start to pant harder even as I move against him, my open mouth moaning loud in the room. Scott lets my nipples go with a loud pop and flings his head back, closing his eyes in pleasure as his hands grip my waist and helping me to move over his cock faster. Harder.

“Yes! Yes” I shout

“Fuck! I love how wet your pussy gets!” Scott groans

I start to move against his faster, dry humping him even as my pussy starts leaking more fluid on his now wet cock. The thick veiny member enticed my pussy with its many bumps and the impressive length. I cried out as his sock hit my clit a few times, creating such electric shocks that my body jerked in pleasure, small dots of perspiration popping up all over my body.

Scott leaned forward and licked at my shoulders, taking in my taste even as he kissed me hard, his growls and snarls fueling my desire. My hands found purchase in his hair and I started to rub against him harder, my breath hitching every time his cock slipped inside of my pussy in a shallow penetration before pushing back out and rubbing between the seams. Suddenly, I was there. I grip his hair harder even as I cry out, my orgasm hitting me hard as light explodes behind my eyes, my lips quiver and my mouth open in a moan.

Scott shouts out my name as he holds me down on his cock, my orgasm causing my body to jerk as I feel his cum wet my thighs. After a few seconds, I come down from my high and lean my forehead with Scott who kisses me softly before flipping me over onto my back. I gasp in shock as I look at him and he smiles wolfishly, his eyebrows wiggling in fun

“I need to know” He said

“Know what?” I ask him

He leaned over me, slowly pressing open-mouthed kisses down my body before settling himself between my legs

“How you taste”

Then he presses the flat of his tongue on my clit before taking a swipe between the seams of my pussy; his thick tongue making it feel like a mini cock was entering me. He tongues me deep, making it feel like a spear entering and retracting. I grip his hair as he does down on me hard, his face lapping up every drop he can capture as I hump up my hips into his face. He sucks me so hard that if anyone listened in, they could tell what he was doing. The wet sounds were so loud and dirty, making me feel like I was part of a porn movie...a very seedy, dirty porn movie. But one where the girl has the loudest, most intense orgasm ever!

“You taste so good Soph” Scott growel’s. “I could gorge on you forever”

Just like a porn movie, Scott flips us again and I scream, sure I was going to fall. When I open my eyes, I’m now on top of….oh god! Scott!..... I am….sitting on top of Scott’s face, my pussy directly above his mouth! I look down in shock even as my wolf preens at his show of strength and now I feel my whole body heat up both in excitement but also embarrassment. How did he turn us over without hurting me? Without dislodging me?

He is a strong male. A worthy male

Oh god! What am I doing?

What we want. Don’t tell me you are not enjoying this?

It’s wrong! I...miss Simon

I have been protecting us from what Simon has done. He should be made to feel the same pain! To know how much it hurts!

But it doesn’t mean that we use our friend! Scott has been there for us when we needed him...when I needed him!

I know My wolf whispers

Then stop! Stop egging me on to pick him

They said that when the heir will be born, her human side would balance the world. That her compassion and love will right the wrongs done because she would treat those that others see as less worthy; as kings. As equals.

What are you on about? I ask

Something which I will explain later. You might want to stop this before it goes any further if you don’t want him that way my wolf advised.

Just as I came to, I realised that Scott was moving my hips harder against his mouth, his tongue penetrating me pussy deeply, his teeth occasionally scraping against my clit. Without any warning, I come; my body twitching as a big orgasm hits me, bending my body backwards as intense pleasure infuses my body. I can hear Scott lap up my juices and I can feel his tongue dance around even as I start coming down from my high.

“Scott” I whisper, finding it hard to breath

“God Soph, your wonderful”

“Me” I say as I try to move back away from him “I’m pretty sure that was all you”

Lifting me off him and placing me beside him on the bed, Scott sits up; his face shiny from my….oh god, from my juices still glistening on his lips, his nose….a little on his face. God! How come no one ever talks about this stuff, the aftermath. Like what do I even say? Do I even mention….the wetness?

Scott grins at me as he takes off his wet boxers and uses it to wipe his cock clean before getting up off the bed and walking to the en-suite bathroom. I sit on the bed and almost pull up the covers when he comes back out. He sits beside me and gestures for me to lie down when he shows me the small wet towel. I do as he asks and close my eyes in embarrassment when he then proceeds to clean me, the wet towel warm and soothing against my sensitive clit.

“Do you want to shower?” He asks me

I bite my lip, knowing I want to but don’t think I have the energy to get up and walk to the bathroom. After seeing my inner struggle, he kisses my sweaty forehead and lifts me up in his arms. I squeak at his show of strength and because I didn’t expect him to do that.

“Come on then” He says in a light tone

“What are you doing Scott?”

“You’ll see” He says, carrying me into the bathroom.

One the left side of the bathroom was a bath and on the right side, a shower. I really hoped he wouldn’t take me to the bath as I actually wanted to nap. The two intense orgasms really took the energy out of me. Thank god Scott walked over to the shower. He placed me on my feet, put the shower on and adjusted the temperature. When I stepped into the stall, I felt him enter behind me and looked at him in surprise.

“I’m just going to hold you up as you shower. I can tell you don’t have the energy” He said

God! Could he be any cuter? How has no one snapped him up? Why hasn’t someone snapped him up? I can feel my eyes water at how attentive he was being and I moved further into the shower as I let him come up behind me. The warm water hit my chest and I felt Scott’s naked front rub against my back before he bent down and picked up the shampoo. The next ten minutes, Scott shampooed, conditioned and massaged my hair before washing both his body and mine. But strangely, he did so without a sexual touch. I didn’t understand how he went from being turned on and making me cum and almost us having sex, to now treating me like a non-sexual being.

“Come on Soph” He said as he wrapped a towel first around his waist before holding out a towel for me.

After wrapping me in a towel and carrying me out to the room, he sits me down on the bed and proceeds to dry my hair with a dryer. I smile up at him as he gently brushes out my hair before going to the cupboard and taking out a long harry potter night shirt and passing it to me. I hear the door close just as I put my head through the night shirt and frown. Did he just leave? I was so confused.

You and me both My wolf said he mad at us? I ask

I...don’t think so My wolf replied

Feeling a mix of relief and hurt at his sudden departure, I fixed the bed and put the covers back on before getting in. I sigh as I feel both content and relaxed due to my orgasms yet a little restless at the way Scott changed and left me. Just as I snuggle into my side of the bed, I hear the door open and smell Scott before the bed dips and I feel his strong arms come around me as he cuddles me from behind, His body spray teasing my nostrils, his secure arms making me feel safe.

He kisses my shoulder before pulling me against him, his body cocooning mine as his t-shirt covered chest feels nice against my back. I knew I would need to speak to him about what happened and my part….my wolf’s part in it but that would be for another day. I settled down comfortably as we both sighed before sleep claimed us and we fell asleep in each others arms.

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