The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Scott P.O.V

I can feel my muscle scream as I work out in the pack gym downstairs in the basement. After waking up from my nap with Sophie, a million thoughts were running in my head and I couldn’t think so I came down here.

Since no-one was in here, I just blasted my music and tried not to think about what happened. I fucked up! I always knew Sophie wasn’t my mate and even though I had thought to reject my mate and be with Sophie; I realised that she had never seen me as anything more than a friend.

After dry humping her, I was feeling great. On top of the world and I thought, ok, this could be our start. We are going to work out. But then it all changed. After I rolled her over to taste her, I felt sadness. I couldn’t understand where it was coming from. I wish I had pushed but I didn’t. I went down on her and god! She tasted amazing!. I could hear my wolf in my head whimpering and telling me I was making a big mistake but I chose to ignore it. I just wanted to enjoy her taste. It was when Sophie had cum a second time, her energy depleted; that the sadness I felt earlier, blasted into me with a sad voice

I’m sorry

What the fuck? Who are you? I asked

I am Sophie’s wolf

How the hell are you talking to me?

I will explain later. Scott, we are not your mate

I know. But-

No please. Listen. I made her do this. I weakened Sophie so she accepted you even though she didn’t want to. Please don’t take it further because I made her do this

What? I was shocked

You will understand soon. Then, you will regret it. You will understand why you feel like this towards her but you have mixed up the signs.

She had stopped talking to me then and I could feel how much of a struggle it was for her to communicate with me, I had taken Sophie into the shower and from her eyes, I could tell she didn’t know how to look at me yet couldn’t be a mean person and still accepted my touch; but I was done.

I knew it wasn’t her who had allowed the touch, at least not fully. Yes, she may have felt vulnerable and lonely so her resistance was down, but from hearing her wolf talk; it wasn’t all Sophie.

I had gone back into the room after making sure Soph was dry and out of the shower; fully intending to stay in my room. I could hear other pack members coming and going and thought to sit with them; but I could feel apprehension. Sophie’s wolf told me Sophie felt as if I was angry with her. I couldn’t be angry with her. Ever. I knew it was mainly my fault along with her wolf.

I had so many questions, so many mixed emotions and feelings that were screwed up all over in my head.

I told you that she wasn’t our mate nor was she ever going to be my wolf said

Shut up!

There is something there though Scott

What do you mean? I ask

Her wolf is part rogue so does what she wants without thinking about the consequences, but when she spoke to you, it was like she changed and was sad to have caused trouble

I’m so confused I say

I know. I am too. Sophie’s wolf, her scent. It gives off a strange vibe. I feel like we are missing something. That we are not understanding what all these signs mean but I do know she’s not our mate. Maybe we should speak to a healer.

I don’t want anyone knowing about what happened between Soph and I

You may not have a choice

Why not? I say

Because, I’m pretty sure, Sophie’s wolf did this to let Simon know how she felt when he cheated on her. It’s possible, even with a partial bond; that Simon knows what happened

Shit! I say

“Hey Scott, didn’t know anyone else was down here”

I turn around and see Terry, another pack security member, entering the gym. I smile as I turn down the music on my phone which automatically lowers it on the wifi connected speakers. I wipe my face and hands on my towel and stand up from the weight bench

“You just coming back from a shift change in security?” I ask

Terry nods as he walks to the step machine “Yea. I’m still too wired to sleep. Thought I’d try and knock myself out by using what little energy I have, in here” He laughed

I nod as we talk about pack business, the patrols and how things have been going. As we chat, we both suddenly stop talking as we all are mind-linked. I smile in surprise as I hear Arik explain that he is on the way and has some big news. He also mind-links me separately, telling me he needs me awake and that he will be arriving around 11am and has some news about Celine. As I agree to meet him, Terry and I fist bump and I walk out of the gym; my mind a whirl of what could be going on.

I go to my own room this time, my steps a little hesitant as I neared Sophie’s door. Walking briskly into mines and then into the shower. I clean myself and do what I need to before stepping out, drying my body and changing into fresh boxers and t-shirt. As it is still early, technically I can sleep for at least five hours before he gets her, I flop onto my bed and set an alarm for four hours so it gives me plenty of time to get ready.

Before I know it, my alarm is sounding and I am needing to get ready. My stomach rumbles and I use the bathroom before I change and leave the room, walking down the stairs. Just as my feet touches the bottom of the steps, I hear a soft voice


Sophie. She’s wearing black leggings and a black hoodie with a famous meme and a disney character on it. Her hair in a high pony. I falter as I don’t know how I should be with her.

“Hi back” I say, smiling as I walk towards where she is, putting my hands in my back jean pocket

“’t come back know” She said quietly, blushing


“It’s ok. I didn’t...I mean, i don’t expect anything” She says in a rush, her face blushing further

“Hey” Amelia says as she walks towards us “Are you guys coming? I got us a breakfast delivery. Joe’s home today too so I ordered extras. If you guys are hungry, have at it as it is still warm”

“I could eat a horse” I joke

Walking passed Sophie, I turn when I notice she hasn’t moved from her spot, her arms around her middle, her face looking down and worried. I walk back and take her hand in mine. She looks up with watery eyes and I smile gently at her; knowing she is equally confused and worried as I am. I tug her hand and we walk together into the kitchen and sit at the long dining table where Amelia is fussing over Joe who has grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap . Looking at all the food in front of us and appreciating the heavenly smell coming from the table, I tug Sophie to sit beside me as I help to fill up our plates.

Grabbing the drinks, I try to coax Sophie out of her sadness as I try to let her know I’m ok. That WE are ok. Before long, breakfast is almost over as various people come into the room and eat before leaving. Joe and Amelia are having a laugh with Sophie when suddenly my mobile rings. They all glance at me briefly before continuing to talk. I grab my phone and leave the table when I see Sherry’s name on caller ID

“Hi Sherry” I say as I answer the phone

“What did you do?” She shouted out

“What? What are you on about it?” I ask, confused

“What did you do Scott? Simon collapsed and at first we thought it had to do with something Tasha could have possibly done, but when I went into his room right now, his fever isn’t normal. So I ask you again...what the fuck did you do?”

“Why do you think it has anything to do with me?”

“Because this fever is one where a mate cheated and caused her mate to collapse from the pain of betrayal. And because I know Sophie. She wouldn’t have done this without something from you”

“He rejected her. What she does is her own business” I say in annoyance even as both my wolf and I feel a little upset

“He rejected her because of things Tasha was giving him and because he can be an idiot. He made a mistake which I know isn’t an excuse but he thought it was better to let her go because of how scared and upset she got when he got angry. He still loves her and Sophie didn’t reject him back!”

“Look Sher-”

“No you look Scott!” Sherry interrupted “He needs his mate! You know Tasha and Celine have done something and are the reason for Simon’s behaviour. I always told Simon that even though you liked her, you wouldn’t pursue her. That you didn’t have a death wish. He’s going to kill you Scott….I’M going to kill you! You not only broke my trust but I know this will hurt Sophie. You don’t know how that makes me feel. Especially since I know”

“Know what? Look Sherry What Soph and I did-”

“Did you guys fuck?” She interrupted on a whisper

“What the hell! That’s none of your business”

“It is my business” She shouted louder on the phone “Just tell me. My alpha is in a fever and black veins are appearing everywhere”

“Black veins?” I ask, shocked I stop my brisk pacing “SHIT!”

“You know what black veins mean?” Sherry asked on a choked voice

“Yea. It’s not just about a mate being disloyal. He’s been poisoned. Does the black veins have an occasional red or white tinge to it?”

“Yes!” How did you know? What does this mean?”

“It means that whenever his mate betrayed him or he was in a battle, the poison that he has been given would flare up. It means he has been given poison disguised and very powerfully spelled to only react when he felt pain either in battle or through mate...And not just any poison, but by silver” I say, my worry increasing

Sherry gasped as she covered the mouth piece and spoke to someone. I hear the word Mia, covered and illness before she comes back on the phone.

“How do you know this Scott?. Mia said it’s not a poisoning she has ever seen before and she has seen silver poisoning”

“My mum’s sister’s mate; his brother once showed me what it looked like when he and I went camping with the family on a visit. I remember there was someone who he met while we were on the trail. When this wolf stopped to talk to him, he lifted his hand and I saw black veins. They weren’t ink black, but they were faded with slight tinges of red as if swollen. He explained that this was a mark of very black and bad magik. That a special spell had to be conducted, however, it wasn’t guaranteed to completely fade. Simon is an alpha. It could all be different”

“You did this Scott. You touched Sophie. Tell me what you did”

“I...We...It wasn’t penetrative ok” I say

I hear the door open and I walk into the living room where it’s empty and I close the door. Sitting down on one of the black sofa’s I sigh and rub my head in concentration, my wolf whimpering in pain.

“What the fuck did you do?”

“We dry humped ok!” I shout "I pulled her on top of me and she had on a t-shirt. I pushed her panties to the side and I dry humped her and then…-”


“I went down on her ok?”

“And she let you?” Sherry shrieked

“Yes and no” I said

“What the fuck Scott. That doesn’t make sense”

“Look. Sophie was acting differently, not her usual self. I thought that she had decided to leave Simon and pick me. She was a little...not aggressive but...assertive and shy at the same time. I thought it was her”

“And it wasn’t?” Sherry asked

“No. After tasting her, I heard a voice and it was her wolf. She told me it was her who pushed Sophie and controlled Sophie’s action. She told me that she had managed to take control when Sophie was little down but that Sophie did something to show her how wrong she was and that she wanted me to stop”

“Fuuucckkk!” Sherry said as she explained something to someone else once again

Suddenly my wolf perks up and starts to whimper in my head. I shush him a couple of times as I listen to Sherry talk to someone. Hearing my wolf, I became impatient with his behaviour as I tried to come up with a plan. I know how deadly this type of poison can be and I know what it can take to solve this issue. I just don’t know if Sherry would let me help

For fuck sake, what? I say to my wolf as he starts to yip again

We can finally move on

What? What are you on about? Look, we need to do something about this. I say to my wolf

We do. It is your fault. This is not what we were supposed to do

Stop talking in riddles and help me come up with a plan.

We need to go back to the pack. We need to help. We need to take Sophie with us and our mate

Stop with our fucking mate business! Stop pushing it! It really isn’t the time I shout to my wolf

You don’t understand he tried to say

You’re right I don’t. Something more important than mating is going on here. Let’s deal with this shit first!

I can hear voices coming loudly from the kitchen as it sounds like more people are talking. I can hear Arik in my head trying to mind-link me and I know he must be close to getting here if he was trying to contact me but I couldn't speak.

“Scott. Mia is here. She said you know what to do. How does she know that? What do you need to do?”

“Me? Shit...I..don’t know. I only remember a little of what I was taught but I have no experience or power of a healer. What can I do?”

“I don’t know Scott!” Sherry shouted, tears in her voice “But clearly something since Mia says you can. You need to get here Scott”


“No! No bullshit, no excuses! I am NOT about to lose my alpha, my brother because of your fucking selfish deeds!”

I sigh and rub my forehead harder. Listening to Sherry shout at me, knowing Sophie is upset, knowing there something wrong with me and something going on with my wolf; my brain shuts down for a second as I try to process everything that is going on


“I’m here Sher. Ok listen” I say as i resume my pacing “i’ll speak to Joe ok...I’ll come over tomorr-”

“Today!” She interrupts “Leave now. I’m sure you would have eaten and if you haven’t, Betty will sort it but get you’re god-damned-mother-fucking-ass here now!”

“I still need to ok it with Joe” I say in irritation

“Fine, do that! Make sure you bring Sophie. She needs to know”


“Just bring her Scott” She sighs “And don’t think I’ve forgotten about what you said. We WILL be talking about what you did!”

With that, she hung up on the phone, leaving me to stare at it as I tried to process what was being said. I sigh again as I rub my hand over my face, already tired of the day. I look down at my watch and see it’s already almost 12pm. I walk out of the living room as I think about how to go about explaining to both my alpha’s and Sophie what has happened when suddenly I stop dead at the doorway of the kitchen.

I can practically see my wolf running around in circles in excitement, his tail wagging. I look at the faces in front of me in shock as there is a bang in my head before a twinge in my heart makes me think I am about to have a heart attack.

“Scot! Come meet Kelsie. Arik has brought her over because apparently there is something big he needs to tell us. He was just going to go look for you. There’s fresh coffee and tea so quickly sit down because he wouldn’t tell us what it is without you”

“I...i-” I couldn’t speak.

I can see Arik look at me with both determination and sadness as he nodded at me. My eyes shifted to the blonde haired beauty in front of me, her long locks nothing compared to her blue piercing eyes as she too took me in, rising slowly as if in shock.

“What’s wrong?” I hear Sophie ask

But my throat closes up, I feel like I can’t breathe and as if the whole room has shrunk with only her and I. Kelsie. Her athletic body calling out to me as my wolf growls in my head, begging me to go to her. To take her in my arms. To kiss her.

I unconsciously take a step towards her, my palms sweating as my eyes widen in disbelief. I gulp as I try to move my tongue to speak, my head whirling with shock and question. How is this possible? I don’t understand what is going on!


I hear my name being called again but all I can do is drown in her eyes. My legs jelly as they take me to her. I sigh in reverence as I take in her form and see her lips move at the same time as we both utter one word together


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