The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie P.O.V

His mate! Kelsie is his mate? Oh my god or should that be goddess?!

After Scott had left the bedroom, I finally turned over and sighed. I hadn’t really slept properly as I kept thinking about everything that happened. I knew I was acting a little forward but I didn’t realise that my wolf had such a strong hold over not right.

I have to own up to some of it from my side. I mean, sure; i’ve always thought of Scott as a friend but when I started feeling a little horny towards him, I should have questioned it and tried to separate my feelings from my wolf. I’ve never been a confrontational type of person, but even I could tell that since coming back from Simon’s pack; I was feeling…..frisky. I felt like there were two people inside of me. The me who was calm but quiet and one who was always feisty and ‘in-your-face’

I know there’s something going on with me and while a large part of me is scared. A bigger part of me is intrigued. I wanted to explore this new me. To see if I could be the carefree girl who says and does what she wants and damn the consequences. But now, this situation. Jeez! His mate!

“Hi. I’m Kelsie” She says as she walks up to him and utters the word “Mate”

She takes his hand and I see shock on his face as he looks down at their intertwined hands. For a moment there I get jealous. Scott has always been there for me and was always the one I went to when I was scared or nervous. When I needed a hug…..or some cookies and cream ice-cream. I knew that if she was his mate, then I would need to fade out of his life

“No. No you’re not. You can’t be” He said as he pulls away from her touch

I wince when I see her sad face as her big eyes water before she takes a deep breath and tries to smile. I know what it feels like to be insecure, and worry. People always assume that because someone is smiling or being confident that they must always be brave. Must be aggressive or bold. But that’s not always the case; sometimes it’s a front to protect themselves from being hurt. I did that a lot. I can see Scott rapidly breath and I walk over to him to try and be there as a friend.

“Scott-” I hear Amelia say

“Just listen to her. She will explain what happened” Arik said

“Scott” I say as I stand beside him “it’s ok”

He turns to look at me and his eyes are haunted. I know most of that will be due to what happened between us last night and while I am embarrassed that I let it get that far, I’m also sad that our potential friendship could be on the line; but more importantly, I can see a friend in need. As I hold onto his arm, I hear a chilling growl and see that Kelsie now has black eyes, her teeth are showing and she looks like she is taking deep breaths and trying to control herself from shifting. For a second I panic and remove my hand from Scott’s arm.

“Kelsie” I hear Arik say as he moves towards her

“Stop” Scott says with a growl back

“You defend her over your own mate?” Kelsie growls in even more anger

“Always” Scott gripes back

Kelsie’s eyes widen before she moves forward in anger, her hand raised as if to strike me. Arik, Joe and Amelia shout out. Scott barely has time to move when I close my eyes; knowing she’s going to attack me.


I don’t hear anything. I don’t feel anything. I’ve not been hurt. Suddenly I hear a choking sound and I open my eyes, afraid of what I might find. Hoping Scott hasn’t hurt his mate for me. My eyes widen in shock as I look on from inside, because what is happening right now is happening because of me….and my wolf!

“I get that you are angry that I touched your mate just now and if some bitch had done that to my mate, I would gun for her too. That is the only reason I haven’t snapped your neck. You come for me again and I will kill you” My voice mouth says

I say mouth, because it’s not my voice. It’s my wolf and she is present! My left hand is holding Kelsie’s neck and I have lifted her up enough to have her feet slightly above off the ground! It’s weird because I feel strong, really strong! And ever so protective, and yet I can tell it’s not all my feelings. There are so many different emotions going on inside of me and yet I feel a weird sense of calm while I look from behind my own eyes.

I hear everyone else gasp as they take in my stance. I can tell I am standing taller, more poised and regal. Jeez! I never thought I would ever say that about myself! I know my eyes have changed colours as I can hear random whispers about it and how I seemed to have a more athletic body and how I changed without changing into my wolf.


I look around at Scott whose face is pale and slack while looking at me. I see him swallow a couple of times before speaking, his voice calm and slow; as if scared I will go crazy if he speaks too loud

“Put her down Soph. this is not you”

“No. it’s not. Keep your bitch chained Scott. Sophie may be too nice to say, but I’m not. Our friendship came before her and will be there… there after or despite her; remains to be seen”

“Sophie” I hear Amelia say, her eyes wide “How are you doing this?”

“Sophie” Joe interrupts “Let her go. She had a natural reaction to seeing her mate be touched by someone other than her. Let her go”

“I will let her go. But know this, she goes for me again and I will rip her throat out”

My hand lets Kelsie go and she collapses onto the floor in a heap, grabbing at her throat as she tries to breath. Scott and Arik rush to her to help her as she looks at Scott in both gratefulness and pain. As they help her up, she lowers her eyes down and moves away from me; both of them whispering to her and asking after her. I can see Amelia make her way to me but Joe stops her and puts her behind him which pisses my wolf off more

“I’m not going to hurt my friend. The other started for me and I had a right to defend myself. Which I did”

“That wasn’t just defence Soph” Joe said “How?...When?” Shaking his head he approaches me slowly

“Clearly more has happened in the time you left and came back than you had stated”

I can feel myself give him attitude with the way I folded my arms. Well duh! First I became someones mate, had amazing sex; got my wolf who was sassier and stronger than me. Then he dumped me and cheated on me. I go into a coma and wake up ready to get revenge by coming onto my best friend. Clearly more is going on Joe!

“Joe” Amelia says “Love, maybe you should take a step back “

Before anything else could be said, Joe stops and his eyes glaze over as he is being mind-linked. We wait quietly as Joe finishes whatever conversation he was having before he tells us he will be back in a few minutes. He tries to make Amelia go with him but she argues, saying she knows I won’t hurt her. They keep arguing for a few minutes until; having enough, I sigh

“Joe” When I have his attention, I continue “Just go ok. I’m not going to hurt Am’s. If you can’t believe me, at least believe your mate who knows me better than you”


“She won’t hurt me Joe” Amelia pushes.

Sighing, he nods before looking at me and with his eyes, he warns me of the outcome if I hurt so much as a hair on her head. I nod back, my eyes replying back. He looks at me in shock again before moving away, leaving the room

“What’s going on Soph?” Amelia asks after she watched our interaction

“Am’s...we….I..I’ve gotten stronger”

“No shit!” She says

I look at her face to judge her reaction before our eyes meet and we both burst into laughter, the tension immediately leaving my body. I could feel myself shrink back to being me again and I hold my side as they hurt from all the pent up tension suddenly being let go.

“Seriously Soph...what the fuck?” She asks

“My wolf and I have been talking. Apparently I am stronger than most wolves but she won’t tell me why. She very protective of me and says my humanness will save us”

“Save us? Us who? Save from what?”

“I don’t actually know since she won’t tell me yet. But I seem to at times be able to control her. Other times she just takes over as you can clearly see “

“Clearly” Scoffs Amelia

“Soph, being that strong…’s usually alpha’s and usually male alpha’s who can do what you did with lifting her. But i’ve never seen someone stay in their human form and only shift enough to extract what energy they need”

“It’s not normal” i ask, shaking

“No” She edges closer “ If it was normal, can you imagine the carnage? Men have pissing contests all the time and flexing their alphaness….imagine if they had that power” She whistles “ they’d be dead bodies everywhere and a war with different packs everyday! And the testosterone level! Sheesh”


“Oh?” She starts laughing again

“What is so funny” I frown as I look at her in frustration

“Only you could be so blase about something others kill to have” She said

“Oh my god!” I say, feeling sick “I killed her?” tears gathering in my eyes

“What?! You didn’t kill her. What made you ask that?

You said others would kill to have my power. Then I started thinking, maybe that why she attacked me”

“Soph honey, that doesn’t make sense. You saw her get up and leave”

“I just thought maybe she went into the other room and couldn’t breathe because I crushed her windpipe or something”

Amelia walked over to me and hugged me hard. My arms went around her as I felt comforted in her warm embrace as my wolf enjoyed the soothing vibes I got from my alpha. She sighed before pulling away from me

“Don’t ever change Soph” She smiled gently as she guided me back to the table “Even knowing you have such a powerful wolf inside you; you care about hurting others. That is not a trait one often has”

Sitting me down, she poured me tea. I take the mug grateful but before I can take a sip, I put the cup down. Looking at me in surprise, Amelia raises her eyebrows in enquiry

“No...erm..thank you...I-”

“Sophie” Joe cuts in

Joe, Scott, Arik and Kelsie walk back into the kitchen. I feel myself becoming more tense as I look at Kelsie who keeps her eyes down.

“You need to go with these guys to Cornwall”

“What” I shout, shocked

“You need to go to Cornwall Sophie” Joe repeated “You’re needed”

“Needed? For what? Why?” I ask as I stand up abruptly, the chair falling down behind me

“It’s Simon” Joe said “ He’s in a coma and they don’t know why. They need you to go and be there to help him”

“He….he’s in a coma?” I swallow, knowing it’s because of what Scott and I did.

My eyes shift to Scott who looks guilty and I feel sick to my stomach. How could I have forgotten? When Simon cheated on me, I felt it so bad I collapsed. God or Goddess knows how bad he felt what we did. My cheeks flame at first before paling once again and I feel dizzy.

“Sophie?” Scott says as he approaches me “Are you ok?”

I hold my hand out as I stop him from coming closer, tears gathering in my eyes. The thought of Scott touching me, even as a friend makes my skin crawl.

We need to go to him

What did you do? I ask my wolf

I’m sorry. I was so angry and hurt with how he treated us. I just wanted to get him back. But the second I started, I felt bad but pushed it so as not to appear weak.

If anything happens to him…

Something else is wrong. I can feel it.

What? What else is wrong? I ask

But she stays quiet. I thought maybe she was ignoring me and I was about to shout in anger at her, my worry for Simon pushing my buttons; when she suddenly comes back to me. It’s so strange but it actually felt like he left; as if through a door and then she came back as if entering a room.

His wolf Sophie! His wolf is missing!

Missing? I don’t understand.

This’s not fully natural. Yes we were the cause of it but not to the degree he’s in coma with

I don’t understand

“Sophie? Are you ok?” I hear Amelia

“My wolf says something is wrong with his wolf” I say

“She did? How could she know that?” Joe asked

“I don’t know but it worries me”

“Soph, if we leave now” Scott says “We can be there by early afternoon”

I nod as I start to walk toward them “We leave in 15min. Anyone not ready can stay here”

“Yes alpha”

Everyone turns their head to Kelsie, their mouths hanging open; their eyes wide in shock.

“Alpha? She’s not an alpha” Arik says “Joe and Amelia are”

“, I mean they must be the alpha pair of this pack, but she’s an alpha guest staying here? Right?”

“No. She’s not really got a rank as she was bitten.”

“Bitten” Kelsie whispered as in bitten from ….a rogue?”

“How could you know that?” Arik asked as he stepped beside her

“Wait...wait” Kelsie said, her body vibrating with energy.

She walked towards me but her steps faltered when she heard my warning growl. She immediately stopped and lowered her eyes in submission. When I stopped growling, she lifted her head and the weird female had a smile on her face, her eyes sparkling in happiness.

“Kelsie, move back. I don’t know what is-”

“ You don’t understand. She is an alpha and she is asserting her presence”

“What are you talking about?” Scott asked with annoyance “Sophie is not an alpha”

“No...your right. She’s not. She’s more”

“More what?” I ask as I walk towards her, my curiosity piqued

“What the fuck? Like why would you even say that?” Scott said

“Kelsie, maybe you have her mixed up with someone else” Joe said with a frown his arms crossed

“No. I….I’m sure I’m not wrong about this”

“About what?” both Joe and Arik asked together

“About the story, the prophecy, the tale, the rumour...or whatever you want to call it. I used to hear stories about this when I was younger because it was related to our pack”

“What was? I’m confused” I said

“We all are” Amelia said

“You mean to tell me you have never heard… is this possible?” Kelsie said, her eyes wide

“Kelsie, I would really appreciate some clarity here” Joe said in a huff

“I ..i’m trying to get my head around this myself but ….then this means” She mutters to herself as she paces back and forth.

“Kelsie” I say with measured annoyance “I would like to leave in the next 10 min since we have now wasted 5min here. Could you either tell us now or in the car?”

“This explanation requires us to sit down properly and chat. I just can’t believe the links”

“What links?” Arik asks

“You all talk. I’m going to pack” I saw with annoyance as I make to leave the room.

They all start scrambling as they make plans to be ready in the next few minutes. I want to know what was said between Scott and Kelsie since he no longer looks angry or upset with her. They seem to have come to some sort of agreement since she ran up after him as he went to his room. Joe and Amelia pass a look between them as I leave and go up the stairs and into my room. Grabbing some clothes, I chuck them into my carry case along with my creams, makeup and toiletries. Looking down at myself I grimace and run into the bathroom, having a body shower and throwing on a fresh pair of underwear and new leggings and a top.

I’m so glad I had washed my hair last night after Scott and I had our make-out session. Scott...make-out! Fuck! I can’t believe we did that...I feel like such a slut before I block any more thoughts like that. I look down at my phone and see I have 2 minutes left and I grab my bag and open the door - only to see Scott and Kelsie standing there, Scott’s hand raised as if to knock.

He grabs my bag along with his carry case and we all walk down the stairs and meet Arik who is talking with our alphas. As we all pile into a big range rover, I can hear them talk about being careful, updates and Kelsie having to wait until Joe and Amelia manage to make arrangements to visit Simon’s pack for her to tell us what she thinks is going on. I tune out for most of the chat and soon we are driving away from London with Scott at the front with me.


Kelsie P.O.V

How do I tell her? How do I tell her what… who she is?

I could be wrong but I don’t think I am. That show of strength and her eyes changing between the three colours is only possible if it’s true. That she is the alpha supreme.

How do I tell her that the reason this is all happening is down to me, my fault. That the war that is coming is because of me….and her life being protected is also because of me……

How do I tell her that the person who is the cause of all this upheaval, this story….the one trying to kill her, is my mother

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