The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie P.O.V


Suddenly I am engulfed into a hug as Sherry hugs me hard. We only arrived a few minutes ago and I had just stepped out of the car when I had smelled Sherry, John and Betty. Yes...smelled.

It’s weird how I can now identify people through scent. Since this morning, my wolf skills have gotten stronger, more aggressive. My sense of smell, taste, sight and hearing has become more stronger - more attuned. It’s both a blessing and a curse. Kelsie kept quiet most of the journey, opting to speak to Arik more than Scott who drove in silence more often than not. Every so often I could see him look at me from the corner of my eyes; as if trying to judge how I was feeling but honestly; I just couldn’t look at him.

First I used him to get off. Then I became needy because he wasn’t there when I woke up and yet I was also glad he wasn’t. Just when I thought, ok; I can try sort this - his mate arrives and then I nearly kill her. Jeez I’m a walking time bomb!

“Soph. I...I’m so glad you are here” Sherry said as she moved back. Looking at the group, she blinks when she sees Kelsie “Who are you?” Sherry asks

“Hi. I’m Kelsie. Scott's mate”

“WHAT?” Sherry asks, her mouth opening in shock

She looks at Scott who stays quiet and rubs the back of his neck, his eyes darting to Kelsie before looking towards the house door.

“A lot has happened” I say clearing my throat

“Yeah….em..yeah” Sherry says, her eyes wide

Shaking her head she loops her arm in mine and we walk towards the pack house. Both John and Betty bowed their heads “Luna” I stopped in shock and looked at them.

“I’m not your Luna. He rejected me remember” I said with sass, shaking my head

“You will always be our Luna” John said quietly

He moved to let us in as we walked through the door. As we made our way to the elevator, many of the pack members saw us and often nodded or greeted me by saying Luna. I didn’t correct them all as we piled into the lift and went up to the level. John stopped at a door three doors past the office and opened it for Scott and Kelsie to use. I can see Scott hesitate before nodding and taking both his and Kelsie’s bag in and he obviously just dumped them on the floor because not a second later, he walked back out. Arik did the same when he was shown his room before we all walked together to the apartment. When Sherry was close to the door, my steps faltered as I hesitated to enter.

“What’s wrong?” Sherry asked


Sherry took my hand and squeezed it in understanding as she pulled me through the door she opened. Immediately my senses were overpowered with Simon’s scent. His woodsy manly scent that was pleasing to me. I could feel his presence and my heart kicked up a beat. My body started to tremble slightly as both my hormones and my bodily desires took over. When I went to make my way to what used to be our room Sherry stopped me.

“He’s in there” She said, pointing to one of the guest rooms

“Why?” I asked

“Because since you left, he has been sleeping in this room. He said he couldn’t sleep in that room because it held too many memories”

I gulped, my heart almost breaking with what she said. I could hear my wolf whimper in sadness as she showed me a picture of herself, curled up in a ball. I nod once before following Sherry to the guest room and gasp as I enter the door; my heart area sore as I look at Simon on the bed, machines and tubes connected to various parts of his body, and oxygen masks over his face. As tears gathered in my eyes at his depleted state, I didn’t see the two people in the room until someone gasped and called out

“Oh my. You’re beautiful my daughter”


Tasha P.O.V

“This is taking too long Celine! You need to give me something to wake him up with before she gets here!” I shout at the phone as I look at her face through the video call

“You knew this would take time Tasha! You agreed to the terms when you came to me” Celine said in a bored tone

“But I didn’t know you were going to poison him!” I shouted louder

“I didn’t. You did. I told you that in order to turn one’s affection for his true mate back to you would require a bigger sacrifice. His life so to speak as he needs to be emotionally dead for him to return to you”


“Stop your whining!” Celine said in disgust “Just keep putting a few drops of the liquid in whatever you can and into the tubes that feed him. When he wakes up he will be yours”

“So he will wake up?” I asked, biting my lower lip

“Yes. I need him to” She whispered

“You need him to? Why?”

“Never you mind why! Just do as your told and stop fucking up or I swear; I will do this myself”


“And make sure you let everyone know about the baby. The red bottle will help the pup to smell like the child is his; but remember; that only works if you keep using both the vials I gave you”

“A...and the blackish/silver veins?”

“I will deal with it in my own time”

She closed the video chat and left me to sob as I held myself. I sat on my sofa and cried as I thought about how Simon looked. I knew the blackish/silver vein’s meant he was poisoned and that it was bad but could she really cure it? Didn’t most wolves die from it? Goddess, what have I done?

I wanted him so much that I put him in danger. 4 years or trying to obtain him and just as he was starting to come closer to me, that bitch Sophie had to come into his life! It’s her fault for doing this! She did this! We were happy without that pathetic human piece of shit!

Just then I felt nauseous and I ran to the bathroom and just made it in time to spew out what little had been in my stomach. I had taken tea with a few drops from the red bottle Celine had given me but clearly the pup didn’t agree with it since it made me empty out all that I had drank. After what seemed like hours, but really only a few minutes; I got up and washed out my mouth. My hand went to my stomach and cupped it gently.

“It’s ok. He’s going to accept you. We will make it happen” I say as I rub my stomach area.

HE shouldn’t have to accept it. The real father would want his own pup my wolf said

Shut up! You don’t know anything!

I know that what you are doing is wrong! Tasha, can’t you feel how wrong this is? That something more is going on? Celine is bad news

And yet she is helping us. We wanted Simon for so long

You!....You wanted him. I fancied him but as soon as we kissed him, I knew he wasn’t our mate but I stupidly allowed you to still be with him. I didn’t create a fuss when you started fucking him because we were lonely. I figured that when we found our mate, we would stop but you started to become obsessed with becoming a Luna!

HE was mine! Mine before he ever saw her! He changed because of me I shouted at her

He changed because you started feeding him potions from a witch!

She is not a witch! She is a seer/healer

Wake up and smell the coffee Tasha! No true healer would do this! There’s more to her and her story of wanting to help us than she is telling. Please! Please, stop this now. Before it’s too late.

I...Stop. You’re just being silly for no reason! I say

Don’t you miss him? Don’t you miss knowing our mate loved us from the second he saw us? Don’t you miss the way his arms felt around us as he held us when we slept? Like we meant something to him? I know he worries about us and that he is sad without us. He would want to know about the pup Tasha

H...How could you know that? I ask my wolf, my lips parched as I took a sip of water

Because even now, his wolf seeks us out...he misses us-

What? I scream You are in touch with his wolf?! How dare you upset my plans for us

Tasha-! You know I only want Simon! It’s always been Simon! You rather we lay with a filthy, dirty Omega? A mate not even strong enough to protect us? Over a powerful Alpha like Simon?

But he is! Our mate is stronger than you know. If you would just-


Cutting off our connection, I imagine a muzzle and cage and put my wolf in both. I hear her whimper and almost feel her tears but I ignore it. The red bottle wasn’t just something to help the pup smell like Simon; but also to help weaken my wolf a little so she can’t overpower me. When Celine first suggested it, I thought she was mad. I could control my wolf! But now I can see she was right. MY wolf has been keeping in contact with my….no..the pups real father. She could have ruined all our plans!

I make another hot tea and put in a few drops from the bottle, determined to control my life and make it what I want. I know my wolf thinks she knows best but I know he is the one for me. The moon goddess has simply made a mistake. I was always meant to be a powerful Luna. Not some weak Omega’s mate


Scott P.O.V

“So. You wanna tell me about your mate?”

I look up from my coffee cup and sigh when I see Sherry standing there with her arms folded. It was almost 1am and I was sitting in the packhouse kitchen, well where the private living room is. The plasma is playing some sort of marvel movie but I wasn’t paying attention. Sophie was still upstairs in the apartment and Kelsie was in our room.

I sigh and rub the back of my neck which I seemed to do a lot more of these days as I contemplated what to say to Sherry.

“Or maybe you want to talk about how you fucked a mated female?”

“She’s not mated” I cut in

“Oh please! She never rejected him so technically she is still mated to him and you know that!”

“Nor did we fuck! I told you that”

“Semantics Scott! What the fuck do you think Simon’s going to do when he finds out?”

“Nothing since he’s clearly moved on with Tasha and last I heard Tasha was pregnant”

“Where did you hear that?” She asked as she pulled a small soft stool and sat in front of me

“I heard a few people speak when someone asked how she was getting on. So don’t lecture me about what I did when he has done so much more”

“It’s not his”

I scoff before letting out a sad laugh, placing the cold coffee mug on the side table. I sigh when I look at her and pinch my nose.

“And you know what the fucked up thing is? Sophie will probably still forgive him for it”

“He’s her mate Scott-”

“It doesn’t mean he can hurt her all the fuckin time!” I shout out

“Tell me what happened” She said softly

I sigh, shaking my head before speaking. Feeling the need to get it off my chest. “We were up in Scotland. I found out about another seer who could potentially help us with Sophie’s coma and Arik and I thought about going to see her. That night, he and I missed dinner and when we came downstairs from our rooms, the pack house was buzzing. So many people and kids everywhere. He and I decided to go out for McDonalds. Something quick. But then I smelled it. My mate”

“Kelsie” Sherry confirmed

“Yes..No...A little girl, no more than 11 came running out, playing a game with two little boys. I couldn’t believe it when I smelled it on her. I even stopped to talk to her...the boys and the little girl knew who we were and we all spoke for a while but I was sickened! I thought she was my mate. I couldn’t accept that”

“Why not?”

“Are you kidding me?! She was a kid! I couldn’t fuck a kid Sher!”

“No one was asking you to. You know in our world, when a mate is found; if she or he is too young then the logical step is to wait until they are at least 16-”

“She would still be a kid with a 10 year age gap between us!”

“Many shifter's have a gap, some even thirty years or so”

“Yes! But they meet their mate when that mate is an adult...all I could picture was this grown nearly 30-year-old man...the kid...I can’t even say it!”

“Ok. So you thought she was your mate. Then?”

“I ran. I couldn’t touch her yet my wolf was happy. Confused but happy. I knew he would want to get close to her. So I left there and then...and i drove to where I heard about Celine. Which by the way, we still need to talk about” I said pointedly at her.

“Don’t change the subject. After Celine?”

“I went back to London. When I got there, After speaking to you and Mia, We were able to wake up Soph. For a while it was fine, she was her normal self; but then she would be different. A little feisty with a remark, a little flirtatious. I went to take her something to eat and throughout it all, she kept throwing all these….dirty, naughty looks at me and I got excited. I thought that maybe she was finally coming around to seeing me in a different light”

“And you didn’t think it was weird? This sudden, new flirtatious Sophie?”

“I didn’t question it because I wanted her. I’ve always wanted her” I admitted quietly “But my wanting and my wolf’s wanting was different. He wanted to protect her….and I just ...wanted to-”

“Fuck her” Sherry cut in

“She wasn’t just a piece of meat to me!” I said, offended

“But you wanted a more sexual connection”

I nodded “Next thing I know, she’s touching me, i’m touching her. She’s on top of me and i’m...we are rubbing against each other. We dry humped-”

“Did you-”

“We didn’t have penatrative sex. So, I came..but not inside of her. After the first orgasm Sophie was still smiling and wanting me and I felt sure that this was it. That a bond would form between us so I flipped us over. I...let’s just we played more but again, no penetration”

Sherry nodded in understanding as she saw me move away from the sofa. I walked over to the impressive dvd collection on the wall, my back to Sherry as I spoke again

“She was exhausted. I knew she wanted a shower and couldn’t stand so I helped her. I figured that what we did would be enough to start a bond when-”

“When what?” Sherry asked when I stayed quiet too long

“When I heard her wolf speak to me”

“What? B...but that’s impossible. When Simon mated her, any link she had to your pack would have broken. She wouldn’t have been able to mind-link you never mind her wolf”

“I know” I sigh, my back still to Sherry “She told me that she pushed Sophie to do it. That she wanted Simon to feel what they felt at his betrayal. Then she told me I had mixed up the signs. That there was going on and I would know in due time”

“What does that mean?” She asked

“I don’t know. Anyway, I tried to hold Soph at arm’s length when obviously you called and told me what happened. Then at breakfast, Arik came back and Kelsie came back with him”

“I don’t get what happened?” She said

“I didn't either. My wolf was going crazy and I knew my mate was here but I didn’t understand his change in attitude. When I met Kelsie, I was just as confused. We ended up needing to go to another room to chat because of Sophie”


“Because when Sophie touched my arm, Kelsie went to attack her. Except; before any of us even blink, Sophie wasn’t Sophie. With one arm, she had grabbed Kelsie’s neck and dangled...DANGLED her off the floor”

“Sophie? in the Sophie upstairs? Picked her up by Kelsie’s neck and dangled her?” Sherry asked in disbelief

“Yeah, believe me; we were just as shocked. Then her voice changed and I swear that the alpha vibes coming off her were so intense. Arik made me leave with Kelsie to talk to her and it turned out that….The little girl was Kelsie’s sister. Well Kelsie was adopted by this family when she was 10. This little girl was her adoptive parents blood child. Kelsie’s scent was on her and before she came out of the living room, she had hugged her little sister. That’s why I thought the little girl was my mate. She was carrying Kelsie’s scent”

“Your such a fucking idiot Scott” Sherry said on a sigh

“I know ok” I said “ But I just couldn’t imagine what the truth was. Anyone in my shoe would have thought the same”

“And then, logically followed up on it to see what to do about the situation. They wouldn’t have run from their own mate! If you had done that, you would have found out the truth instead of creating this fuck up!”

“I’m sorry ok” I say, not sure I could face the disgust in her eyes.

“So what about Kelsie then? Have you guys mated?”

“No. Not yet. I...i want to but don’t at the same time” I say as I finally turn around. My eyes widen as I look towards the door

“Kelsie” I whisper

“I...I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. I came a few minutes ago. Sherry, I was wondering if your healer could look at Sophie. I...I know something else is going on with her apart from her wolf but I don’t know what”

“Why would you care about Sophie?” Sherry asked with a frown

“I...can’t explain just now but I actually don’t hate her. I know I should but...I really don’t. I just hope you all don’t hate me if what I know to be is”

“What do you mean?” I ask her, as I walk a little towards her

“I….another time. Sherry. Sophie was also eating two plates of food like crazy before she threw it up and started crying. Then she went really stiff before going to Simon and smelling his arms and the cuts”

“She did?” Sherry asked wide eyes. She looked at me with worry as I nodded to her and she walked out of the room “Thanks for telling me, I’ll call Mia right now”

As she left the room, the awkward silence between Kelsie and I stayed. I didn’t know what to say or where to look but my wolf whined and let me know he was sad as we had hurt our mate. I opened my mouth; to say what? I didn’t know. But she got there first

“I...I know that you have feelings for her. I just didn’t expect you to act on them”


“I...i’m..not judging. I’m just hurt. I can see her Scott. How much she loves him. Even if you rejected me. You wouldn’t have a chance with her”

“I know that Kelsie”

“Do you?” She asked me, her pretty eyes sad

“I do actually. Yes I was upset when I found out that her wolf pushed her. But….Look; I’m not going to lie and suddenly claim to love you but…-”

“But?” she asked softly as she inched closer to me

“But” I said as I took a step towards her “Something about you call’s to me. My wolf is the happiest he has ever been. I know something is different. I have to understand the signs, but I...i am not opposed to us getting to know each other”

Seeing her smile light up her face makes my wolf dance around inside even as I preen at her glance. She launches herself at me and I catch her easily in my arms, her touch causing tingles and sparks to run all over my body how I had imagined it would do when I touched Sophie. Knowing this was a better feeling I sigh quietly as I hugged her closer to me, understanding the difference in how I felt when I touched my mate.

Feeling my neck suddenly become wet, I realise Keslie is crying into my neck and my heart crack a little as I realise that this is the first time I had touched my mate and my actions had hurt her. I kiss her forehead and lift her up, take her with me to the couch and sit down with her on my lap; her face still buried in my neck.

For the first time in a long time, I sighed in contentment even as my brain acknowledges that this is the first time I haven’t run to Sophie to help her when something was wrong and instead, I am sitting here, with another woman, my mate; in my lap, wrapped around me

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