The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon P.O.V

Darkness. That’s the first thing I feel surrounding me when I gain consciousness. I know something is wrong because my body isn’t working. I can’t move. I can’t speak. It feels like my lips are sewn shut and my eyelids are being weighed down by something heavy. I hear voices but from a distance, mumbled and low.

Suddenly the voices come closer and I hear a sob, a low cry and I realise who is sounds like. My mum! But that’s not right. They are away on a much needed break since I was made alpha a few months ago. Dad was taking them on a world tour so what are they doing here? Maybe I was mistake

“Oh my poor boy. Look at you!”

Yep, mum was here. Well shit! I must really be in some sort of trouble for them to be here. I wish I could just remember. I can hear my dad comforting her when suddenly my senses start to tingle and my heartbeat feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest. The most amazing smell hit my nose and I knew she was here. My mate! She was here! How? Why? I couldn’t move, my body acting like a corpse as it just lay there when the door opened.

“Oh My!. You’re beautiful my daughter” I hear my mum say

Sophie! I remembered I had a mate. That she was beautiful! She was lush! Curves in all the right places. I could hear mum gushing over her and Sophie being her usual self but…...Her smell. There was something different about her. Not unpleasant but different. I still liked it but I wanted to sniff at her more.

“Come my love. Let her sit with her mate” I hear my dad say

“Yes” Mum sniffed “He needs you more than us”

Suddenly, my cold body was infused with heat. With warmth as she held my hand with hers. I felt tingles run up and down the arm that came in contact with her and I wanted to grab her close.

“How long has he been this cold?” She asked, her voice so sweet sounding to my ears

“Since he collapsed” Sherry said

That’s right! I collapsed! It suddenly started coming back to me in dribs and drabs. We had guests over; I wonder if they are still here? And wow, Sherry’s past became known to us; when suddenly I felt dizzy and sick. I felt like someone had gotten a hold of my throat and was squeezing it tight. I just remember thinking that it felt like someone had kicked me in the balls; the pain so great when……..shit!......I felt pain like the way a mate does when their partner cheats, is Sophie. She’s not like that! Tasha had kissed me and it had hurt Sophie. It’s possible that something innocent happened…..well it better fucking have been innocent! I could feel myself getting worked up and yet, my outer body showed no reaction. No movement.

“What about food and drink?” Sophie asked

“He’s being fed by the tubes. It’s the only way...for now” Sherry explained

“Has he made any movement at all?”

That voice! Scott!! Why is this sonofabitch here? He is the cause of some of the issues Sophie and I had. He was always hanging around her with those fucking puppy dog eyes. She kept insisting they were only friends but I saw how he looked at her. He knew they weren’t mates yet he still wanted her. I can hear them all talk about me and what was going on but all I cared about was Sophie. he came back. Why and how? I don’t care. She was here. If only I could make my body move. I wanted to speak to her. I wanted to sort things out. It’s been hell living in this apartment without her. Everywhere I turned there were memories. Memories we made in such a short time. Even when I would go into the bathroom, I swear I could smell her shampoo, her perfume as if she had just taken a shower then. She had left everything when she went. Something, no other female would do. I couldn’t sleep in our room after a while. It felt cold and empty but I’m an alpha. I can’t be seen to be pining for her like a pathetic puppy. So I moved into the guest bedroom and after a while, I convinced myself that it was because my old room was to cluttered and I didn’t have enough time to sort through it

I lied to myself. Feeling Sophie’s touch showed me how much I lied to myself

“Has he showed any sign of fever? O….or shivering as if cold?”

Who the hell was that? A new voice….a new smell! This is not a known female to me. I felt agitated inside and wanted to desperately wake up but I can’t. I want to protect Sophie but my body stays still in its vegitate state. Everyone is talking at once and after a while, my brain starts to dip in and out of the conversation. I realise that I’m about to become unconscious again as it feels like when I have had little to no sleep and your body takes over, making your eyes close themselves.

When I next gain consciousness, I realise that at some point Sophie has been introduced to Jerrick's wife and cousin because they are asking her questions about her eyes. They seem to be talking about something that happened that is both impressive and shocking as I hear respect and fear from their tone of voice, the vibes of interest rolling off their bodies.

Just as I tried to concentrate on Sophie’s voice, I can feel myself become weak again. I don’t feel her hand on mine any more and I suspect that is what is making me drift in and out. Her touch is what seems to be helping me. I realise she’s not close to my bed because my mum seemed to have appeared as if out of thin air and is trying to cox Sophie into eating; My last thought was about Sophie and how I needed to tell her something important; just before sleep claims me again and I lose consciousness


Sophie P.O.V

“We need to talk Sophie” Sherry said as she approached me

It’s been three hours since we had arrived and I had met Simon’s parents. I can tell what he will look like when he gets older as his dad is just an older version of him. He’s also the sweetest. He’s what a dad should be like. When he hugged me, I felt i had a cup of hot chocolate and a fleece blanket around me. His mum was lovely too as she kept hugging me and looking at me like I had all the answers. Sherry later told me that they had been waiting a long time for their son to find a mate and to them, I was the answer to everything. Talk about pressure!

I nodded to Sherry and got up, following her out of the room. I could see Arik on the phone and judging from the conversation, I could tell he was speaking to Amelia. I could just about make out her plans to visit the pack in the next couple of days. I see Scott talking to John before they both leave the apartment.

“How have you been?”

I blink a few times as I realise that I hadn’t been paying attention to what she had been saying before because of the way she kept frowning at me. Sighing when I didn’t answer, she takes my hand and pulls me into the living room which was thankfully empty.

“Ok. Spill”

“What do you mean?” I ask

“Soph” She says “I know”

“Know what” I ask, confused

“About what happened with Scott. Is this why you’re so out of it?”

“WHAT?” I shriek “How… do you know?”

“When Simon collapsed, I called Scott and I just had this feeling he would have had something to do with it. He told me what happened between you guys”

“Oh” I said

Unsure where to look, I started to stare at the wall behind her, my eyes shifting to look at anything, anywhere but her. I was so embarrassed and confused. Simon had rejected me so technically it was ok for me to be with someone else yet I hadn’t accepted the rejection nor rejected him back so in a way it was cheating. Yet he cheated on me; after all that’s why I had gone into my coma too. Good this was such a mess!

“Soph. What’s going on? You’re acting so different to how you have been before”

“i...I don’t know. I’ve just been feeling so...different recently. I’m so aggressive and intense. One minute i’m scared with my own shadow and the next-”

“The next?” Sherry urged me on after I stopped talking

“The next...i...i’m hitting on Scott and trying to seduce him”

“You hit on Scott?”

“I thought he told you that I did?”

“He did but I thought he was just being a guy and reading the signs wrong”

“No...No….I definitely hit on him.” I said covering my eyes with my hand “And I enjoyed it. That’s what got me so confused. Until I realised that it was my wolf. Ever since Simon rejected us, she’s been so much more aggressive and prominent. I just don’t know why”

“I think I do” Sherry said quietly

“Yeah. Do you remember I introduced you to Jerrick’s mate and cousin?”

“Yeah” I said, fawning.

“There is something you need to know Soph. I...Just don’t know how to tell you without freaking you out”

“Just tell me” I say, feeling a little cold all of a sudden


I startle as both Sherry and I turn around and look at Kelsie who had shouted out. Kelsie walked in, hugging her body before stopping beside us. She looks at but quickly drops her eyes, her neck tilted in quiet submission. I didn’t even know I had been growling until I hear Sherry gasp aloud and I blink, bringing myself out of the trance I was in

“Soph...oh my god” Sherry whispered

“I...I’m sorry. See!” I say, looking at Sherry “this is what I’m talking about”


“Sophie, Amelia is looking to speak to you. Arik sent me to find you. He said he couldn’t mind link you. Said it felt like when someone was on call waiting”

“Oh” I said again “I swear, I don’t know what is going on with me. Maybe I’m going through really weird pms now that my wolf is more prominent”

Sherry shook her head, biting her bottom lip. Her eyes glaze over for a while and I knew someone was speaking to her. After a few seconds of silence, Sherry comes back to us and smiles.

“Betty’s going to put out food in a little bit. She said she will bring the food up here for all of us so there are going to be a few people coming in to help as it will be for a lot of us. I’ve got to go because she needs my guidance on something. Listen Soph, we need to talk properly. Jerrick and his family are here for a reason and have been for a few day’s. They are not going back for a while but tonight, the healers are going to come help perform a cleansing on Simon. Maybe tomorrow after some rest, we can speak?”

“Sure but...why can’t you tell me right now?”

“Because it’s a lot to take in and I have a feeling we need all the alpha’s to be here” Sherry explained

“Ok. Well let me speak to Amelia and see what she has to say. I think after that, I’m going to sit with Simon for a while before I take a nap. I feel like I could sleep for a week”

Nodding to Sherry and agreeing to chat to her later, I walk out of the room. I’m surprised when Kelsie follows me out too, thinking she’d want to stay away from me after the aggressive behaviour I pulled. We didn’t talk as I followed my nose out of the apartment, leading me to Arik’s door. I knocked on it and he immediately pulled it open with one hand as he was holding onto his mobile with the other, clearly still speaking to Amelia.

He raises his eyebrows at me and ushers us in, Kelsie closing the door behind us as we go to sit on the bed. Arik put’s Amelia on loudspeaker, letting her know we were in the room

“How you doing Soph?” She asked

“O.....Ok” I stutter, suddenly afraid “Is everything ok?”

“Soph” She hesitated for a bit before speaking “We are coming over tomorrow. We had to just put a few things in place. At most we will be there by tomorrow night”

“Why? I mean, Why are you coming. N...not that you’re not welcome” God! I wanted to physically facepalm myself!

I went from questioning my Luna’s action to acting like I was giving her permission to come visit this pack. What is wrong with me! Amelia didn’t seem to mind as she continued on the conversation

“There’s something we have discovered Soph and we need to be there. Plus, this new alliance with Simon’s pack means that we can visit and make sure he’s ok. We asked his parents who are standing in while Simon is recovering. Till then Kelsie, you wait for us; am I making myself clear?”

I look at Kelsie in surprise. What? What does she have to do with anything? What is going on? Kelsie only looks at me before telling Amelia that she agrees. Saying that she walks out of the room, saying she wanted to go find Scott. A part of me gets jealous. Mainly because Scott has always been someone I could turn to, to seek out when I was afraid or unsure about things. Now; Kelsie has more of a right to be with him than I do. I can’t just go barging in to find him since I may interrupt something with Kelsie

“- ok Sophie?”

“What?” I ask, having missed what Amelia said

“I said, that no matter what, wait until we are there before you ask questions. And to try and keep your aggressive feelings down. You’re special Soph; how much, you are going to find out”

Wait...did I miss an entire conversation? What was she on about? Why would I be special? My head started to hurt and I could feel a migraine trying to push its way in. I tried to keep my breathing even as I stayed quiet. I think Arik saw how much I was struggling because he took over the conversation; helping me to get a bit of a breather to catch my thoughts


Tasha P.O.V

I walk calmly into the pack house, my louboutin heels clicking as they announce my arrival. The packhouse was a buzz but I didn’t pay attention. No doubt someone had some new gossip that they were talking about but I didn’t care. I wanted to go to Simon, to give him some more of this liquid that Celine has given me and I wanted to touch him. Whenever I hold his hand, I feel calmer.

I wave to people who see me but I don’t stop to speak to anyone. I have more important things to do. I take the lift and as I step out onto the top floor, my nose twitches and my eyes darken. What the fuck? No! It can’t be!

I walk faster towards the penthouse, my heels loud even to my ears. I stop midway and look to my right, at the guest bedroom door as I smell her. Shes here? Why the fuck is she here? When did she come? I can feel my body tense up and while I am personally angry; I can feel how smug my wolf feels at ...her...being here

“What are you doing here Tasha?”

I didn’t hear the apartment door open but there was Sherry, walking out as she closed the door behind her. She folded her arms and looked at me with a frown. Bitch, i’m going to beat that frown out of you when I become Luna!

“I’m just going to see how Simon is” I reply sweetly

“He’s doing better now that his Luna is here” She said with a smile

I raged inside. I was right! That slut was here! I tried to keep my breathing even and steady, not wanting to give away my anger at this information.

“Oh. She’s here?” I ask, walking forward “Where?”

“Not just her, but a few members of her pack too. Right now she is speaking to her Luna but she will be coming back to be with Simon. You’re not needed here” Sherry said

“I’m his girlfriend and-”

“ were his girlfriend. He’s mated now and our Luna is the one who will be with him at this time”

“He rejected her! For me”

“No. He rejected her because he was scared he was hurting her. You never even came into his thought process”

“She is pathetic if she was scared of simon!” I hissed “She’s not good enough to be the Luna!”

“Go home Tasha. And you are barred from coming to this level” Sherry said, folding her arms

My eyes widen as I look at her in shock “You can’t do that!”

“I’m the Beta-female in charge when Simon is out. As John is Beta and in charge with the male stuff. You have work to do? you use the computers downstairs. You don’t come up on this level for anything or any reason unless you are called for. Is that understood?”


“Is there a problem here?”

I turn around and look at the bitch who had disturbed all my plans. My eyes widen as I take her in. She’s changed. Before, while she was pudgy and thick, she’s now more athletic. She still has, what people call curves and what I call fat! Her hair seems more lush but I don’t give a fuck! This little slut isn’t getting her hands on my man and what I worked so hard to get.

“I seem to be getting barred from seeing my own alpha and boss. But this is pack business, nothing for you guest to worry about” I taunt

“Tasha!” Sherry shouts at me

“Like you have been told. You are not needed on this floor. Stay downstairs” Sophie said to me as she walked close

I laughed “Oh so now you think you have a right to tell me what to do? Know your place little girl and go back to your room while the grown-ups talk”

Suddenly, I am lifted up in the air. One minutes Sophie was still walking towards me and the next, she was a blur and her left hand was around my neck; dangling me above the floor. Her eyes are blood red and her canines have grown in length. I can see them clearly as she opens her mouth to growel out at me. My wolf whimpers in my head and I automatically lower my eyes even as I clawed to try getting her hands off me. I can feel the pinch of her sharp claws on my neck and I want to scream in frustration. How is she doing this?

She’s a fucking turned human! They are weak yet she seems to be stronger than me and I’m pretty strong!

“Soph?...what-? Oh shit!”

I can see a big guy walking towards us from the room she came out of. I can feel myself getting dizzy as she squeezes my throat that little bit tighter

“You don’t want to listen to your beta-female? Then you fucking listen to me! You.are.not.needed.on.this.floor” She said as with each punched word, her fit closed tighter and tighter around my neck.

I tried to kick my legs but for some reason, my full body became lax. I couldn’t move. It was like my body was scared to. All I could do was look at her eyes. Those blood red eyes that seemed to be compeling my obedience

“Sophie, let her go” The guy said

“Soph” I heard Sherry say, her voice quiet with a slight tremble

“You come on this floor and I won’t be held responsible for my actions. The only reason I am not tearing you apart right now is because of that pup you have in your belly. It is innocent and shouldn’t be punished for it’s mothers actions”


She shook me slightly to let me know I couldn’t speak. I could feel black spots dance before my eyes as her eyes flashed at me

“I am not Sophie. I am not as soft or kindhearted as she is! Stay away from my floor, from my apartment and my mate or I will kill you without a thought. You tried to cause problems between my human and her mate. I won’t tolerate you being here Tasha so get the fuck out!”

Saying that, she throws me away from her and I land on the floor hard. I gulp in the much needed air into my lungs, my lungs burning with every breath I take. Sherry and the guy rush over to Sophie who is breathing hard, her body partially changed. I am in shock as no-one can do what she has and I know alpha males usually can; but not the females.

“Soph! Are you ok?” I hear Sherry ask

Helllooooo! What am I? Chopped liver? That bitch just threw me on the ground and I’m pregnant, and none of them care?

“Get out Tasha. Don’t make me say it again because then, you really will be leaving in a body bag”

I scramble up and run to the lift, my heart beating fast, my brain friend from all the over thinking I’m doing about how this is possible. There’s only one thing I can do. Tell Celine about this.

I need Celine!


Sherry P.O.V

When Kelsie told me that Sophie was crying after she had eaten and thrown up, and asked if I would have our healer look at her; I had left the pack living room that I had been in when talking to Scott.

My mind was in a whirl. Earlier today Sophie had gone all alpha on Tasha when she had come to see Simon. Scott had explained how Sophie had changed and while I heard him, I couldn’t really understand it. She was too sweet. Too nice. When I had come out of the apartment after Betty had brought up food while Sophie went to speak to Amelia; I had been surprised to see Tasha approach. She had some nerve coming here after being told not to but she was a conniving bitch. I knew she was up to no good but as we were all working on getting proof against her deception, I couldn’t just says I knew what I did.

So I acted calm and pretended I didn’t know anything. When Sophie interrupted us, at first I was surprised as she is usually such a quiet, non-confrontational person. But to my shock, not only did Sophie change into a hybrid alpha being but her scent changed. She truly wasn’t Sophie any more! I was sent into a tailspin when I saw Sophie lift Tasha up with one arm, as if she was holding an empty plastic bag, and dangle her off the floor! That strength! That power! When Arik came out and tried to help calm her, Sophie’s eyes flickered between the two beings before going back to red and she threw Tasha away. Threw her away as one does a soiled tissue! Once Tasha had left, Her scent of fear and pain strong in the air; Sophie had changed back to her normal size and had complained of a headache. She Didn’t even acknowledge what had happened. She hurried passed me and into the apartment

It was Arik who had explained about Sophie’s behaviour but all I could do was look at my wrist where a slow burning sensation was circling it before traveling up and down my arm. I knew it was because Sophie was related to me because of the bite. Jerrick was right. Sophie was an alpha supreme….she was my sister through a blood-bond. My real dad had bitten her and made her my family. I had a sister!

“What’s wrong babe”

I jerk my head to look at my mate, his face haggard from the lack of sleep and the stress of running a pack in place of our alpha. I look around and see that I am standing outside of the apartment but haven’t even raised my arm to knock on the door. Hell; I don’t even remember going into the lift or walking out.

“Hey” John said as he pulls me in for a hug “What’s wrong?”

“I...She’s my sister” I say quietly

“I know. I heard what happened. Arik said she want to sleep after it and has yet to wake up”

“She’s awake. Kelsie said she’s crying” I replied

“Come on” He said as he used his key to get into the apartment “By the way. Arik said that after what happened today, their alpha’s left a while ago and are on the way. Apparently there’s some big explanation we all need to be apart of”

Entering the apartment, I frown at my mate and his words when the sound of low, quiet sobs reach my ear. I follow it to the living room and find Sophie sitting there with her head in her hands, her shoulders moving as she cried

“Soph” I say as I enter the room “What’s wrong?”

I sit down in front of her as John stays beside the door. I can hear him move and eventually smell Arik, but I only have eyes for my sister. I gently pull her hands away from her face and see tears that have streaked down her cheeks. I lean over and hug her as I encourage her to talk.

“I...I’m a monster. I attacked Tasha and she’s pregnant. I could have hurt her and the baby” Sophie said with hiccups

“Sssshhh Soph!” I say

Something is off but I can’t tell what. I’m feeling super sensitive and worried about Soph and my protective instinct is on another level. I look over at John who nods at me before leaving the room, taking Arik with him

“She had it coming Soph”

“But her child didn’t. It’s just a baby!”

“I know. Look Soph-”

“If I can harm a baby, what good am i? What kind of a sick twisted bitch am i that does this?” Sophie asks, cutting in

I hear the door open and see Mia enter the apartment from the corner of my eye; glad that I had the frame of mind to ask her to visit as I was making my way over here. Our healer comes into the living room and sits beside Sophie and she places her hand on her head. Immediately Sophie turns to her, her eyes changing to red.

“Easy Luna. You will make yourself more sick if you continue to cry like this. You need to be there for her. Not shock her every time you take over”

“She is too good. Even when she should be worrying about herself, she cares for others” Sophie said, her voice changing

“But she doesn’t know why she is worried. It is your feeling she is picking up”

“Do you know?” Sophie asked

“I do” Mia said softly

“Know what?” I asked, looking between the two

“Another time” Mia glanced at me “What do we call you since you are clearly not Sophie?”


“That is my name” Mai said with a frown

“No, I was calling your name. Mia, I smell poison and wolfsbane in his blood. Someone has mixed it into silver. Very little silver but enough to have it work with dark magik from the inside”

“Are you sure?” Mia asked in a shocked voice

“What?” I gasped

“When Sophie was crying, I don’t know why I couldn’t smell it before but at that time, It felt like it was wafting out of his body”

“We have a guardian among us” Mia whispered, her hands shaking

“A guardian?” I asked, sitting back on my ass in shock “the kind that Jerrick spoke about? the kind like my”

“Yes” Mia whispered looking at Sophie “Who is it Sophie?”

“I can’t -”

Suddenly Simon’s monitors started beeping loudly. I jerked my head in surprise as Sophie and Mia both got up and rushed to the guest bedroom. I followed them and my body went cold. Simon was thrashing around on the bed, his body twisting and jerking; the monitor screaming and blaring out so loudly

“Sophie!” Mia shouted “Grab him and hold him down. I need to place these stones on him”

I heard John and Arik run in as they both rushed to help Sophie with Simon. I heard John shouting out orders and Arik and Mia working together to help do them. My eyes glued to Sophie’s face as I see her face transform into her hybrid look. I opened my mouth in awe as her mouth changed into a muzzle, her eyes more wolf than ever before. She howls without reason and everyone in the room looks at her in confusion, our thoughts the same

What the fuck? Why is she howling?

I hear banging on the apartment door and Scott shouting to be let in. Did she call Scott to her with the howl? Mia looked over at me and nodded even as Simon’s body jerked more. I ran to let Scott in and watched as he almost skidded in his haste to get into Simon’s room. I see Kelsie follow behind and her sad eyes connecting to mine. I walk into Simon’s room to watch Scott Pull out a silver blade from his pocket and cut open Simon’s wrist. John, Arik and I cry out in shock even as I see Sophie bite down into Simon’s other wrist at the same time, tearing his other wrist open. I stumble towards them in shock as Kelsie tackles me to the ground, my eyes watering the sight in front of me.

“What the fuck are you doing?” John shouts out aloud.

He can’t let go of Simon’s body because the jerking was too much and would have moved Simon off the bed

“Nnnnnnnnoooooo!” I scream out, trying to kick Kelsie away

I see Arik shouting out at Scott to stop and Mia chanting something but I can’t understand what is going on. From out of nowhere, a gust of wind blows around the room as if a window had let in high winds. The lamp shade on the ceiling starts to sway back and forth, everyone’s hair starts to whip around their faces and Sophie howls again. I keep trying to get away from Kelsie who is surprisingly strong as she holds me down. She too starts to chant and her eyes take on a black look.

A witch! She’s a witch!

But how could that be. She smells of wolf too? The light bulb bursts and the room becomes dark when suddenly a blue light appears in the corner. Everyone starts to shout and demand to know what is happening, Sophie seems to be randomly cutting or biting at Simon’s arms and chest where she had torn off his shirt. The smell of blood is so strong in the air and my hearing picks up the sound of his blood dripping onto the floor.

I scream harder as I try to get to them to pull them off Simon. My heart breaks at what I see as Sophie and Scott’s betrayal. Did they both plan to kill off Simon before coming here? As my eyes adjust to the darkness of the room, I see the blue light more clearly and it grows before a white light also joins it, coming from Sophie. My mouth hangs open as the room suddenly illuminates and the room erupts in a white light. Scott is running his bloodied hand over Simon’s arms and over his heart even as I see him plunge his nails into his heart area

“Nnnnnnnnnoooooooo! W....what are doing?!” I cry out “Sopphieeee…...Please” I sob as i see her bite into Simon’s heart

Suddenly, Simon’s full body jerks up as if he is sitting before he bows in half, all the while Sophie has her teeth embedded into his heart, I can feel tears running down my face, John pale and screaming as he holds onto his friend and alpha; Arik is cursing Scott and Sophie while Mia is chanting and crying. I feel broken, I feel weak. I have just seen them Kill my alpha, my brother. As my body slumps in shock, I hear Sophie howl one more time as Simon finally flops back onto the bed, His body now still, the machines sounding out a flat line sound, confirming what I already knew. What we had all watched happen before our very own eyes….That he had died….

Murdered by his own mate and her lover

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