The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon - P.O.V

I growled in frustration as I realised that my secretary and current girlfriend had left an important document behind at our meeting with Alpha Joe. The meeting already ran late until 12.20pm, and now here I was, doing a U turn back to the building so I could pick up the document.

“I’m sorry baby” Tasha smith said as she ran her palm over my jean covered dick.

“Not fucking now!” I hissed at her.

She pouted and then removed her hand and folded them in a huff. My Beta, John was sitting in the backseat of the Lexus and he groaned in frustration. He was just eager to get back home to his mate Sherry.

I found a spot not far from the building and parked up. As I made to go out, Tasha unbuckled her seat to get out too but I really didn’t want to bother with her right now.

“Stay in the car. I’ll go myself”

“Fine!” She said as she huffed again.

I could see my beta grin at me. He doesn’t like her much and hates seeing us together. She a ok fuck but nothing special. I’m waiting for my mate but at 22 I still haven’t found her. I know she’s somewhere and I know it will be a powerful mate because I am Simon Richmore, Alpha of the Black Moon pack, the largest in the UK. I have over fifteen thousand in my pack and we are feared and respected. I only agreed to this treaty due to my father being friends with Joe’s father before both our dad’s died protecting each other when a war broke out six years ago.

As soon as I get near the building I smell something amazing and my wolf starts going crazy.


Are you sure?

Yes. She is near. Follow her scent

I walk into the building, looking around as the smell of melon and sugar hits me. I look across the hall behind security where I see a curvy body walking towards the elevator. I growl at the security guard who lets me enter through the gate and I run to her, sticking my black boots through the small space before the elevator doors close fully.

It opened up to let me in before closing behind me but I didn’t care. I just say the curvy girl in front me. Her eyes wide as she took me in. I knew I turned her on because I could smell her arousal. I pushed her up against the wall as my dick got hard and started kissing her. My wolf said ‘mine’ and she looked so confused but I didn’t care, I just had to taste her. I can’t believe after all this time, I found her!! And to think, I almost walked away without meeting her! Maybe there was something I had to thank Tasha for after all.

I keep kissing her. She tasted great! My wolf said to mark her and I was all for it. I wanted to unbuckle my jeanes and fuck her right there but we were interrupted


“Simon, stop!”

I looked away from her and see the Crimson Moon beta, Scott. I growl at him. Who the fuck was he to tell me to stop touching my mate. She was fucking mine! I had a right to touch her. Before I could tear his throat out, Joe called my name and told us both that we had to stop. Grabbing my mates hand, I pulled her along as we walked out of the elevator. I felt the sparks going up and down my arm when I held her hand, finding out that her name is Sophie. I liked the name. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that body. I’ve always gone for the slimer girls in the past, you know; the barbie doll, slim, the big blonde hair, the big baby blue eyes kind. My mate was different, and maybe different could be good. Her tit’s look amazing. I want to mount her right now and suck on those babies.

Scott goes near my mate and I want to rip his throat out. Why the fuck is he so concerned? He must have a death wish because he keeps trying to get near Sophie. Suddenly she collapses, her eyes rolling back in her eyes. I reach for her as I lift her in my arms bridal-style. I growl at Scott who reached for her too.

“Get the fuck away from her”

“Simon” Joe says as he comes in between us both. “Take her into my office”

I get her inside and place her on the black couch there, lifting her legs up a little higher to help with the blood flow. I pull out my mobile and call John.

“Change of plans. We are staying here tonight. Or you two drive back and I’ll follow tomorrow”

“Why, what’s up?”

“I’ll tell you later”

I can hear Tasha in the background demanding to know what was going on. I hung up the phone as I brushed a lock of black hair away from her face. Her cheeks were soft. I wonder if she’s soft everywhere.

“Simon there’s something you should know” Joe said

“Do you know who she is?” I asked

“Yea. She’s my secretary and Amelia’s friend” he replies

“Why wasn’t she at the meeting?” I asked, angry at the time lost

“Because she’s afraid of our kind”

“What the fuck? How can she be afraid when she herself is a wolf?” I ask, confused

Suddenly she moans as she tries to lift her head. Out of nowhere, a tall glass of water appears and I realise that Scott is holding it out to her. I growl at him, angry that he seems to be tending to my mate. Sophie looked around until her eyes landed on me before letting out a shriek of fright and scrambling up. I try to reach for her but she gets more frightened and as she runs away from me and into Scotts arms, crying; I see red. I get up just as Joe holds me off.

“Let her fucking go” I shout, my arms trying to reach for them.

“Stop Simon! Look at her! She’s fuckin scared” Joe says.

I can’t hear anything as I see red. Another man is touching my mate, of course I’m going to see red! Just as my hands change into claws, I hear her soft voice

“Please...Please stop. Don’t hurt them”

I smell her fear and I calm down, my claws retracting back into hands. Scott, sensing that he is the cause for my aggression; steps away from her as Amelia now comforts her. I walk towards her before I stop, seeing her cower in Amelia’s arms.

“I’m staying here” I say to Joe without taking my eyes off her face.

She whimpers and Amelia hugs her tighter. Joe tells me they are taking her to stay with them at their place and I insist on staying near them. He tells me that the apartment next door to them is also theirs and is set up as a guest apartment which I could use. I let my beta know to go home and that I would be back in a couple of days. He doesn’t ask questions and tells me that they are almost back to Cornwell where our pack home is.

It’s been hours since we have been back and Sophie hasn’t come down the stairs, instead she’s been holed up in that bedroom. Joe was meant to tell me something but everytime we spoke, he was called away. I’ve been to the shop’s to buy a few essentials and a couple of days worth of clothing. It’s now almost 7pm and I’m fed up waiting. I want to know what the big secret is. Joe and is still out due to some pack business, Amelia is going between keeping me company and checking up on Sophie and that shithead Scott seems to be hovering around her too much for my liking.

“Hey Lia, I’m just going to pick up Joe. Do you need anything on the way back?”

“No Scott. Just take this coffee with you. I know he would need it by now”

“Sure. See ya” And out the door the best left.

Looking towards the Luna, I see she has started getting busy with an Omega and discussing tonight’s dinner. I slowly easy away from the livingroom and edge towards the stairs, looking at her to make sure I am not caught, I quickly go up and start sniffing. I find her scent almost immediately and walk towards the door, opening it silently before slipping in.

“Honestly Lia, I’m ok. You don’t need to keep checking up on me like im a -” She cuts off mid sentence when she sees me as she turns towards me from lying on the bed

“Don’t panic. I just had to speak to you”

Jumping up from the bed, her eyes wide; she fidgets with her hair nervously

“Wh..What here?”

“I’m your mate. Where else do you think I would be?” I ask as I move towards her.

“I’m not your mate” She says, stepping back

That pissed both me and my wolf off. How dare she deny us. Didn’t she know how powerful we are? How much of a catch? I walk over to her, her scent pulling me in, my dick hard

“ Denying it only pisses us off”

“Us?” she questions

“My wolf and I”

“I’m not your-”

In a blink, before she can say it again, im infront of her. I push her against the wall and wedge myself between her legs. I pull her head back and start kissing her while grinding against her, letting her know what I was thinking about with my actions. She tasted amazing, her scent coiling around me. I look into her eyes, knowing that I won’t be leaving this room anytime soon. My right hand changes into claws as I rip through her clothes, shredding them to pieces as they fall to the floor.

“Oh god! What are you doing?” She ask in a breathless voice

I keep kissing her as i get rid of my jeans and rip open my top; then I pull her naked body closer to me as I walk her backwards against the bed before toppling us over. I stop to look at her, her eyes partially closed, her lips plump and wet from my kisses, but her body. My god! Her breasts were big, like two big melons ripe for the taking, but what surprised me was the colouring. I knew she was of mixed background. What kind, I didn’t really ask, but her dark chocolate nipples were a testament to it, yet to look at her you would not be able to tell. Looking down at her body, I never would have thought I liked curvy girls but even her belly turned me on; maybe because it was followed by her ass. A ass you see in porn movies where when you slap it, it jiggles and you know it will be pleasurable to play with and enjoy. Looking down, I see her pussy, nice and plump and juicy with barely there short black hair. I’ve always gone for the clean shaved pussy but this….feel nice, different but good. I slide my hardened cock along her mound and she moans and I almost cum from the sensation alone because she’s wet. Warm and wet and it feels heavenly.

“Your mine kitten. All mine and I plan to enjoy you”

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