The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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I had just sat down on my bed after Kelsie admitted the truth. My shock at her story and anger at both her secret and her part in Sophie’s life made me want to lash out at her. Not to touch her physically but to use words to hurt her - But I can’t. She’s my mate. Not only would my wolf be upset, but in all honesty; even with what she told me, a part of me wanted to hold her in my arms.

When she then asked me questions about my family, I could tell she was fishing for information. Could it be there was something she knew about me? Just as I was about to ask her that; I heard Sophie howl Not just the normal howl; a howl I’ve never heard before yet one that compelled me to answer and get to her straight away. My heart raced and as I had run out of the room I heard Kelsie say that she was right about me. What that meant? I don’t know, I just know that Soph needed me and I had to help.

When I had gotten into the room where Sophie was and saw Simon; Instinct took over. Where this instinct came from? I don’t know. Next thing I know, My eye went black, My face elongated to a muzzle with sharp canine teeths and my hands glowed. They freakin glowed!

As soon as my hands hovered over Simon’s arms, my hands started to shake and I could feel them heat up. Suddenly, I could hear Sophie’s voice telling me that that we needed to release the poison.

Cut open all his veins I said

Won’t it kill him? Sophie asked worriedly

No. Not unless we go too far. Cut them open an inch wide them move up or down an inch and do it again, leaving the gap open at that part of the vein


Make sure you open as much of the veins as you can. We need to spill enough blood that the poison drips out. But Soph; this is black magik. Bleeding him out of the poison won’t be enough. we...You have to purge him of the silver completely


When the time comes and I say now, you must do it Soph. Backing out can mean life or death

Do what? Death? y...You mean...Si-

Yes. When the time comes, and I take the poison out, You will need to bite his heart, to kill him so he is re-born again.

WHAT! Are you crazy! No! I won’t kill him

You have to Soph! This is the only way! The poison is black magik. It won’t work like a normal poison does. It will keep growing and eating away at him until he actually dies. Do it Soph! Trust me. You’re bite will bring him back

Don’t let me down Scott! She says as tears gather in her eyes

Trust me Soph. I know what I’m doing I say as we start slashing his arms and veins open

How do you know?

I can’t explain it, but it’s instinct. Part of this treatment I have seen before but what we are doing is more extreme because this has been mixed with black magik

I see Sophie crying even as the wind starts briskly moving around the room and suddenly darkness is everywhere. I feel my hands heat up more as a blue and white light starts to radiate outwards. I can feel sweat running down my back and on my forehead as I tried to concentrate even as my feet slipped in Simon’s blood.

We had cut him up so much that he looked like a dead corpse off of some really bad horror movie with vampire bite marks; his body covered with rivers of blood. So much so, that the stench of it was making me sick. Mainly because I could smell the poison within him. I could hear Sherry scream at us, begging us to stop. John and Arik cursed us as they held Simon’s withering body, trying to lessen his injuries. I could sense Simon’s parents along with Jerrick; approaching the room and I threw up a mental barrier, denying them entry. Their cry of pain and confusion could be heard over the chaos happening in the room; but it was the only way.

I could feel Sophie’s eyes on me but I had to ignore it just now as a memory teased my brain. Hearing Kelsie’s voice, I listen as she tells me to do the extraction now if I can. I start chanting a spell I have no memory of ever knowing or learning and suddenly small silver and black sand like particles started leaving Simon’s body. They started gathering like a strong of yarn wrapped around a ball as they bleed through all the open veins.

Scott! What...what is that? Sophie asked me in shock

Black magik I reply through gritted teeth

What’s wrong? She asked

I….I’m losing focus. It’s draining me but if I stop, not only will it go back into him but attach itself more strongly.

Scott! What do i do?

What you have too I reply

What the hell does that mean?

Be what you were always meant to be. What you have been afraid to be I reply as my eyes are drawn to the particles

Suddenly, I am drawn into images each particle started to show me. Each image different. Images of me with my uncle, teaching me his ways. Of me meeting Sophie for the first time. Of me being with Sophie, of having children with Sophie. Of Sophie being….I gasp, realising that the particles were trying to trick me by showing me half truths so I could lose focus. I hear laughter and Sophie saying she loves me, those particular grains, lighting up the strongest.

Realising I was risking falling for it’s false dreams and hope, I run my bloodied hands up Simon’s body even as my eyes remain glued to the grain like sand showing me the images. I start to weaken, my desire overriding my ability to do what is right. I can hear Sophie call out my name, calling me back to her and with great difficulty and with an angry shout, I transform one hand into claws and rip open Simon’s chest, exposing his heart.

I can hear anguish and pain all around me as my head fills with images and voices. Voices from the grains, voices from my alphas who are now on this pack’s land and demanding to know what I am doing, Voices from those who love and care for Simon and are trying to break the barrier to get in. The only voice I don’t hear is Sophie; who stands there biting away at his body. With a mighty effort, I shout out the word NOW and opening her jaw; Sophie bites Simon’s heart, her teeth puncturing his heart. He jerks upright before bowing in half as the black magik and poisioned grains all start to come out of him faster, bouncing in the air as if it was a swarm of bees. Simon flat lines, his heart stopping at Sophie’s bites on his heart as I hear howls of pain, anger, sorrow and confusion as his pack expresses their feelings.

Just as suddenly as the wind had started, It stopped. My hands stopped glowing and I collapsed onto the floor, the magik releasing me from its hold as the grains shattered like miniature glass and fell onto the floor; creating a musical sound. I can hear Sherry sobbing even as John and Arik question our sanity. I opened my eyes to look at Sophie who stood their shockingly serene, her hand brushing Simon's matted hair away from his forehead. Her muzzle now back to normal, a circle of blood around her mouth. She smiles at Simon and asks him to come back now; even as the bedroom door burst open.

To my shock, my alpha’s, Simon’s parents and Jerrick rush into the room, his mum screaming for her son as she slips on his blood. I feel myself being grabbed up and punched as John finally moves. Joe grabs him and they try to break us apart; but I’m too drained. I hear Amelia try to talk to Sophie who keeps insisting he is not dead.

I start to get a headache and feel sick. Was I too late? Did I do it wrong?



I can feel Amelia look at me as If I am crazy when I keep stroking Simon’s messy hair and saying he is fine now. I don’t blame her. The room reeks of blood and something foul. The floor is sticky with Simon’s blood, People are crying and distressed and yet here I a; a psycho killer.

“Soph-” Amelia whispers

“We need to move him” I say as I suddenly know what to do

“Soph, hun-”

“Everyone needs to hose off with the shower here and wipe a path down so you don’t trek a bloody path to our bedroom” I say

“Sophie” I hear Joe say “Let him go”

“No. I need to clean him down and then take him to our room. He needs rest before he wakes up”

“Sophie. Love he’s not...he...let him go” Amelia whispered

Why won’t they listen to me? Why are they acting like i'm a deranged person. I shake my head at Amelia as she approaches me, her hand stretched out to offer comfort.

“Stop it” I say in annoyance “I’m telling you he’s fine. Why won’t you believe me”

“Because you killed him you stupid bitch!” Sherry shouted before sobbing harder “You killed him” She whispered

“Killed him?” I asked in shock “I saved him”

“Soph” Amelia started

“I did. I saved him. Well Scott did most of the work but I saved him. Why would I kill him”

Amelia and Joe shared a look as they helped to keep Jon and Scott apart. I can see Simon’s mum lift her head as she looks at her son then back at me, her face pale and sickly

“She’s right” Kelsie says as she stands up

“You bitch!” Sherry gets up as she tries to attack her “You are a killer too. She’s a witch! She was chanting away and stopped me from helping Simon”

Before Sherry could reach Kelsie, Mia stepped in front of her, her own clothes bloody. Sherry abruptly stopped as everyone went silent.

“Sophie is right. We need to listen to her. You don’t know everything yet. I suspect even I don’t know everything yet. Do as you’re Luna said”

Sherry’s eyes expressed her shock as she and John started to do what I said. Joe helped Simon’s parent’s up from the floor and helped them into the third guest room to wash off. Amelia spoke to Mia and between them they had Betty and other staff up in the apartment helping them clean up the blood and making arrangements with clothes for those covered in blood. As the blood was cleared from the floor; Thank god for wood flooring! And the smell or watermelon bleach took over the stench of blood; I was finally able to call an omega over to give me a basin of water and towels.

I washed the blood off from Simon’s body as I watched his heart area heal over. Where my teeth had made indention's in his heart, they now healed without holes. While I cleaned him and the omega continued to change the water, I acknowledged at the back of my head that the room was finally cleaned and blood was no longer covering the floor. I smelled John, Scott, Arik and Sherry’s scent as I took in their showered state. When Mia approached me, I looked up in surprise as she looked as if she had had a shower too; in fact, it seemed only I and Simon were the only ones still smelling of sweat and blood.

When Mia smiled at me I understood her meaning and smiled back. I held out her hand and kept one on Simon’s forehead as Mia started to chant. I saw Kelsie slip her hand into Mia’s other hand and suddenly, it felt like a charge of energy went through me. I gasped at the feeling and wished I could use this power to be fresh and clean and that Simon was too.

After a few minutes, I heard gasps and murmuring as people whispered. I looked at myself and opened my mouth in shock as I looked at both Kelsie and Mia who both smiled at me

“Powerful indeed” Mia said

“I..I don’t understand”

“Your desire for you and Simon being clean was strong enough to use our combined energy to make it happen. Do you feel like you had a shower?”

“Yes” I said

“It’s because you did. That’s why the clothes you and Simon have on now is void of blood”

“B..but we are still wearing the same stuff without blood on it”

“Yes. But you will be able to change. Your desire was for the blood and sweat to be gone and be refreshed. No doubt if you’re desire for a change of clothes was strong enough, that too would have happened” Kelsie said

“Who are you?” Sherry asked


“Not here. Please, help me move Simon. Take him to our bed. We will speak there. John, first make sure the pack understands that their alpha is not dead”

“He’s not?” John asked, his voice trembling

“No. I promise you; he is not”

Nodding his head, Jerrick, Arik and John helped to move Simon to our bedroom. As I made to follow them, I noticed Scott wasn’t here and on my way to the bedroom, asked Kelsie to bring him to me. As I walked into my room, tears gathered in my eyes as I took in the decor. He hadn’t changed anything, In fact - he hadn’t even changed the bedding. It was the same one when I was here last.

When Scott entered the room, Simon was now lying down, clean and fresh[ in our bed. John, Arik and Jerrick stood on the left of Simon while his mother, father and Sherry stood to the right. I was sitting on the bed beside him on my side. I could hear Betty and the omegas finishing up and putting out food in the dining area of the kitchen. Scott and Kelsie both came in and had to stand to the side as Joe and Amelia followed them in.

“I think you need to explain what’s going on Kelsie” I said softly

Sighing, she nodded before looking at Scott. When he grabbed her hand in support, I raised my eyebrow at him. He blushed before looking away

“My name is Kelsie. A few days ago, I smelled my mate. I discovered that he had left my pack in scotland and came back down to London where I followed his pack mate Arik to meet him”

Stopping, he looked at me with tears in her eyes, her head bowed

“There I met a powerful being. One I was told about from a young age except the recipient was different”

“I don’t understand” I said with a frown “Who?”

“You my alpha” Kelsie said

“I’m not an alpha...I mean, I’m a luna because I was Simon’s mate but-”

“No Alpha. You have always been an alpha, an alpha supreme actually”

“A what?” I asked

“I was right! Didn’t I guess right Joe?” Amelia gasped in delight

“I...I..can’t” Joe shook his head in shock

“Wait...wait...a what?” I asked

“An Alpha supreme. I better start at the beginning. Please don’t hate me Alpha Sophie” Kelsie said quietly

“Why would I hate you?” I asked, confused

“Because” She sighed, “This is all my fault”

“What is?” I asked

“The attack, Tasha, the poison - Your father turning rogue” She said to Sherry

“What?” Sherry asked “How?”

“Because I did something when I was eight years old. I made a mistake. When my brother was born, my mother saw a vision. She saw that my brother would be a powerful leader. You asked why I smelled like both a witch and wolf. My Mother was a witch, but my father was a an alpha wolf”

“A mixed-species mating?” Sherry gasped

“Was it natural?” Jerrick interrupted “Was it a true mate bond?”

“Yes. It was” kelsie said “When Aaron was five, our father was killed in an ambush when he went to France to see a family member. Since then my mum had a vision of Aaron and how well he would do. He would be a powerful leader of all that the lycan, hybrids and were. As we grew up, his life was filled with training of all kids. From potions and spells to lycan/were ways. He stopped becoming a child and instead became a young adult. She forgot I even existed. She hired a nanny of sorts to keep me fed and well. It went on for years like that. He and I were the best of friends before our father’s death. After it, we barely saw each other”

Taking a deep breath she stopped for a moment. I kept quiet, knowing something big was coming but not sure If I really wanted to know.

“I day, for the first time in years, our mum didn’t start her training at dawn with Aaron because she had heard of another seer visiting Scotland, A powerful one just like my mother; from London” Kelsie said as she pointedly looked at Mia

I gaped at Mia in shock who nodded at everyone, holding Kelsie's other hand to encourage her to keep speaking

“Mia-” Sherry started

“After Sherry. After. Go on Kelsie”

“S....she went to see her. Mia I mean. I saw her leave and when she opened Aaron’s bedroom door to walk out, she kissed his forehead and told him she would be back by mid-afternoon. She didn’t even glance at me as she left. But it was ok. I didn’t mind. I saw my brother after years! He looked so grown up. His boyish face was tense and haggard, He was only eight”

“What happened Kelsie?” I asked her gently

“I...I should never have disobeyed her! I was so stupid” Kelsie cried out as tears fell from her eyes “I went into his room after waiting for almost fifteen minutes, making sure she wasn’t coming back. Aaron never disobeyed her. He always stayed behind the closed door. Even at dinner time, when I was able to see him - She would have him perform spells or recite things. SO i walked into the room and hugged him. He cried when he saw me and told me he missed me”

I nodded, a lump in my throat at young siblings missing each other. I know I would miss my sister or brother if I had one and I wasn’t allowed to see them or play with them

“I was so stupid! So so stupid!” Kelsie cried out “I convinced him to come play with me. I told him I wouldn’t let him get into trouble and that I would have him back inside that room long before mum came back. I convinced the nanny that he was going to work on his spells and didn’t want to be disturbed and we both snuck out of the house. We lived in a small village just on the outskirts of the borders. So the next neighbour was a good ten minutes walk away. We ran outside into our gardener but it was joined to the back of a very small forest. As adults if two people stood at the opposite ends of the forest and where our land was, you would still be able to make each other out….but we were kids...and I was so stupid”

“Kelsie. What happened?”

“I just wanted to play with my brother. I just wanted to have fun the way we did before dad died. We played in the forest. Maybe an hour or so. Aaron started to laugh and be a kid again and he wanted to climb a tree. He was copying everything I did, even climbing some of the smaller trees. But this one was big. I told him no because the branches were further apart. He didn’t have experience but I did. He asked me if I could climb it and I said yes but that was because I had practise. He threw a tantrum when I said he couldn’t climb it.He took it as a challenge, I meant it as an action he couldn’t complete. I...I..He just wouldn’t accept what I said and told me that he was the chosen one that mum said he would become so he could do anything”

“Oh Kelsie” I said, knowing where this was going

“I tried….I kept calling him back but he just kept climbing higher and higher. After the sixth branch, the gap was too big. He...I guess mum was teaching him to levitate because suddenly he was in mid air. I screamed because I was scared but he just laughed. He managed to grab onto the branch above but in my excitement, I screamed and clapped. He lost his concentration” Kelsie sobbed “ His fingers barely grazed the branch before he feel, his body hitting the branches on the way down before hitting the ground…...He...lay there, holding my hand as I tried to help him up and all he said was...m..m..mum would know he had..n’t been in his room and that he was sorry”

“I screamed and screamed until finally the nanny came running, but so did my mum. She had come home early because seer she had met told her that her vision was wrong. You see, when mum saw that vision, she also saw another. A bad one. She didn’t want to accept it so she started dabbling in black magik to get the results she wanted...she...Goddess! I could still hear her screams now. She hit me across the face over and over before the nanny managed to save me. She hated me. Blamed me for his death”

“Kelsie” I said “ You were just a child”

“Who knew better! I was willful! I was so stupid. If I hadn’t been selfish, he wouldn’t have died and none of this would be happening. You wouldn’t be punished”

“I don’t understand” I said “Who wouldn’t?”

“All of you” Kelsie whispered

“Why would we be punished?” Sherry asked

“Because my mother blamed the seer who took her away from her child and couldn’t protect him. She blamed me for his death, she blamed the nanny for saving me when she wanted my death to bring my brother back”

“Is that even possible?” I asked, wide eyed

“Anything is possible with black magik” kelsie said “I’m so sorry, so sorry. Please forgive me. It is all my fault”

“What is Kelsie” Amelia asked

“The Poison attack, Tasha giving things to Simon….You’re father being a rogue Sherry”

“How? I still don’t understand”

“There is story, a prophecy that A child born from death would be a power being who could reunite the lyacan/were world and the hybrids”

“Yes! I’m aware of it” Jerrick said excitedly

“But what happens if that child dies and is not re-born?” Kelsie said “You see that child originally was Aaron. But Aaron also had another possible outcome, his death. My mum went mad and delved into black magik more. And it was through that she found someone who told her she could revive him again, but she would need another child’s body to do that. The child must be then bitten by a true alpha who would have rogue blood in him. His bite would kill that child but revive him and that child would have the alpha and the rogue in it. My mum would have her son back and she would have the power she wanted for her son”

“No!” Sherry whispered

“Who the hell has that kind of power? That much evilness in her?” Amelia asked

“My mum” Kelsie said

“Who is your mum kelsie?” I ask, standing up

“I...A very powerful healer. A healer that Tasha visits to get potions and poisons from. The same woman who is after this pack because of her hatred for Mia, The same person who has been using a woman’s desires to have a son and to manipulate them into taking that child from them. That’s why your father became a rogue Sherry. It was my mother who gave your mum potions so she could have a son, to give your father a male heir, a male alpha heir. It was her who kidnapped you mum when she said she wouldn’t give up her child when she found out the truth. My mum is the one who killed your mother, her death is what made your dad go mad and become the rogue she wanted to create”

“Who.Is.You.Mother. Kelsie?” I asked, my anger and fear taking over

“The second most powerful healer and seer in the Uk. My mother… Celine”

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