The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Tasha P.O.V

That bitch! What the hell was that?

I was fuming! I was livid! Not only was she here but everyone was acting like they accepted her as a Luna!

Then she had to go and attack me

She put us in our place for disrespecting her. It’s what a Luna does

Shut up! I say

Please Tasha. Can’t you see we are doing something wrong here! Can’t you feel her power? It wasn’t normal. It was amplified!

You’re being paranoid! I said She’s just a …...a human who's jacked up on juice

Jacked up on juice? Are you listening to yourself? What does that even mean? What juice?

Look. Once we speak to Celine -

Noooo Tasha. Stop going back to Celine for everything! Think! We have a pup, a pup that a father out there wants. A pup that Celine is using to get things done

For a second I bite my bottom lip as I get into my car and drive away from the pack house. When people saw me when I first was walking to the lift, I had assumed they were all happy to see me, but it seems they were happy that bitch was here. My wolf is right though. She seemed to be too powerful; especially for a human

But then again….No. she must be using something from some healer to get that strong. Yes I was scared but now that I am away from her and her dominate vibes, I bet I scared myself. It was probably the shock of seeing her and then being held the way I was. I pulled up to driveway of my home and get out, I can still hear my wolf try to speak to me but I block her out, my footsteps quickening to get in so I can call Celine

“Why are you calling me?” Celine said angrily

“Celine, you won't believe what-”

“Do I sound like I am your friend who wants to know the latest gossip?” She interrupted

“It’s not gossip! It’s about Sophie….and her power”

“Power?” What do you mean?”

“She” I stopped, embarrassed at what she did to me

“Tasha, I don;t have time to waste. Either tell me or g-”

“She picked me up with one arm and her eyes changed”

“I thought you said she was human? What do you mean her eyes changed? Celine said

“She was human. I don’t know all the details but….her eyes changed to three different colours and-”

“THREE?! Celine shrieked.

I pulled the phone away from my ear and looked at it in shock. In all the years that I have known her, she has always been cool, calm and collected. Her surprised or excited face was only ever shown by a lift on one eyebrow. The face that she was shrieking….

“Are you sure it was a female?”

“What kind of question is that?” I asked in surprise “of course i’m sure”

“T..that doesn’t make sense” Celine said “What else did she do?”

“Her whole aura changed. She got bigger and stronger. She changed into this weird hybrid form. Dangled me off the floor then threw me away like I was a bit of paper. I want some of that too Celine”

“Some of what?” Celine asked me

“What ever she’s been taking. I don’t why why you never told me about that but I want some” I said with bravado

“She’s not taking anything you imbecile!” Celine said with annoyance “She has somehow managed to gain the power of the supreme….but how?”

“The supreme? What’s that?” I asked

“Never mind that! I have a lot more to prepare for than I thought” Saying that, she hung up

Now you’ve done it My wolf said

Done what? She’s obviously going to use her power to get back at Sophie. I just hope she remembers to give me what Sophie is taking

I don’t think she was taking anything. Find out what a supreme is my wolf said

I bet it’s nothing. A made up name to make herself feel special I spat out

I don’t think so Tasha. I really don’t. I think we are in way over our head and if this all goes to shit…..Simon will actually kill us for this betrayal

He won’t kill us. We may be put in the cells for a few days but I bet-

Wake up and smell the fucking coffee Tasha! If Simon ever found out about this, we WILL be killed and it would be his right too! And we wouldn’t have a leg to stand on

The pup will-

Will nothing! She said He will see it as another betrayal and we would have endangered our pup’s life for nothing! Please listen to me Tasha. Have I ever steered you wrong?

I bit my lip as I poured some chamomile tea. My wolf has always tried to put me first and I have never had a problem with her until recently.I start to get a headache when suddenly, my heart starts to hurt and there’s a blinding pain in my head. After what seemed like hours but really minutes; I feel empty and cold, my very being an empty shell

Tears pour out of my eyes as shocks settles in


My body falling down to the floor as I shake my head in shock….Dead….he was dead…and I helped kill him


Kelsie P.O.V

“Kelsie! A..are you saying that Celine, the one Tasha seems to be going to and trying to cause problems with; is your mother?” Sherry asked me

“Yes. If Tasha is using anything in red or blue vials, if she is using anything that results in a person’s outlook changing, a different personality, then yes. It’s most likely my mother is helping her. No true healer would help with those types of potions as they are black magik. And requires many immoral things to be done in order to practise it. Hours, days and months sometimes; worth of chanting and preparing”

“I’m going to fucking kill her!” Sherry growled angrily

“Not if I beat you to it” Sophie said back.

“Forget that for a second” John said as he came closer “I wan’t to know what the fuck was that inside when you” He said as he looked at Scott “and Sophie tore Simon apart? And then Scott did that glowing stuff”

“I want to know how the fuck Simon is still ok” Arik said as he crossed his arms before looking at Simon and then Scott

Sophie walked back to Simon and we all watched silently as she smoothed his hair away from his forehead and kissed him lightly on the nose before tucking the blanket closer to him and turning back to face us

“When I howled for Scott, it was instinct telling me he could help. I don’t know how i knew, but I just did. At every step, Scott was telling me what to do”

“”But how did you know what to do Scott?” Joe asked him

“ uncle by marriage. He was….a healer of sorts. The reason I knew what to do was because when I was young, in my teens. I was visiting him one summer. He was out with me teaching me about the land and various plants when we came across an older man who had been poisoned . It wasn’t as severe or bad as Simon’s but when Sherry told me some of his symptoms, I knew what had to happen. I told Soph on the drive up if she needed me to help with Simon, she had to howl”

“What the fuck?”Arik said “You didn’t talk about that at all. I was in the car remember?”

“You went to pay for petrol. All I said to Soph was to howl. Even though she was confused and unsure about what was going on, I said she would know what to do when the time was right. One of the things about this particular position is that someone who is a healer or has the capacity to protect like a healer would help or know what to do to get help. My uncle was there and he knew what to do. He taught me things. I was meant to study with him that full summer but he said he had to go back to his pack. His daughter apparently wasn’t well. Till then, I never knew he was mated”

“Scott, there’s something else that helps when someone is in need. A healer, yes. A alpha or alpha-in-training often senses danger and when someone needs help. But….there is another” Mia said quietly

“Really?” Scott said with a frown “Who?”

“Scott, you’re uncle. Did he ever talk about fighting, training?” Kelsie asked

“Well yea. But that’s because he was a warrior in his pack. He wasn’t a healer, well I don’t think so. But he did do something because his aura was a little different”

“That’s because he wasn’t just a warrior” Mia said “I’m going to ask you some difficult question’s Scott. You must answer honestly”

“Erm...ok” Scott said, confused

“When you first met Sophie. How did you feel?”

“I’m sorry but what has this got to do-”

“Answer her questions Scott” Joe said, folding his arms and looking at him.

Scott nodded his head at his Alpha and I stood there, still as my heart started beating fast. My palms become sweaty and I can feel a small headache starting to come on. My eyes shift between Scott and Sophie as he starts to talk

“My first feeling was worry. Would she tell people about us? Her reaction. Then I….I...started to feel like I needed to be close to her. I had to be with her”

“What about after. When she became part of your pack?”

“We became close. It soothed my wolf. He told me she wasn’t our mate”

“And you didn’t agree with him?” Mia asked

Scott looked at me before rubbing the back of his neck. I felt my heart break and yet, it wasn’t anything I didn’t know.

“I...wanted to be with her. But the prominent feeling I had was one of security, protection...and”

And there went my heart. I let out a breath which I didn’t even know I was holding in and Scott looked at me. His face a mix of embarrassment and pain. I know my smile was quivering and my body slightly vibrating, but I kept myself standing, even though my legs wanted to collapse

“Did she ever return that love?” Mia asked

“No” Scott sighed as he looked at Sophie and then me “She always treated me as her friend, her confidante. There were a few times that we had issues with other wolves and she turned to me. I was the one helping her, being there for her and somewhere along the way...I..” He stopped talking

“You developed feelings for her?”

At Scott’s silence, Sophie gasped and walked over to him. I had to hold myself back from a growl when he touched a hand to his cheek with tears in her eyes

“Why didn’t you say something? I’m so sorry! I..”

“No Soph. You have nothing to be sorry for. It was all on me” He said, taking her hands in his “My wolf kept saying you weren’t our mate. Even when I saw how you were with Simon, I didn’t believe it. Now that I have a mate, I can tell the difference. I guess that, then I was so desperate to find my mate, to be loved - That I felt it was you and maybe fate had made a mistake”

“Oh Scott” Sophie said as tears fell from her eyes

“Don’t Sophie. It’s ok” Scott said, whipping her tears away

“You weren’t looking for love Scott” Mia said


“You weren’t looking for love. You got the signs mixed up. But now that I know you’re background, I can understand why”

“I ..don’t get it” Scott said, turning to us

“I do” I say as I step forward towards him. He takes my hand in his and the warmth of both his heat and his smile reaches my toes

“Scott” Mia said “What was your uncle’s name?”

Seeing the surprise on his face, I knew he didn’t consider what was going to be revealed next.

“My uncle? His name was Lucian”

Everyone gasped except Scott and his pack. They all looked at each other and everyone else in the room, their confused face comical.

“What?” Scott asked

“Lucian? Your uncle’s name was Lucian?” Sherry asked

Walking over to Scott, she gripped onto his t-shirt with both hands, her face pale and trembling. Sophie walked over and put her hand on Sherry’s shoulder to offer comfort even though she didn’t know why she was offering it. Sophie’s innate desire to protect was amazing and I couldn’t help but be proud that my mate was going to be such a significant person in her life

“Yea, why?”

“What’s going on?” Amelia asked as she walked closer to the group

“I….is this him?” Sherry said as she took out a heart shaped locket hidden under her top and opened it, her fingers trembling.

“Yes!” Scott said loudly “Wait...why do you have his picture in your locket?” He frowned

“Because…..he was my dad” Sherry whispered

“WHAT?” both Scott and Sophie said

“Let me explain” Mia said as she helped Sherry sit on the bed “Scott, your uncle was our pack’s warrior”

“THIS pack’s?” Scott asked, his mouth open in shock

“Yes. This pack’s. He was also Sherry’s father, well...adopted father. Her actual father...We will get into that in a moment. The point is….Lucian adopted Sherry and Sherry has only ever had memories of Lucian being her father”

“I...i do...that’s right!” Sherry said in a stronger voice “Why?

“Because” Mia elaborated “The brew your father gave you, had a low dosage memory suppressant.”

“WHAT? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT MIA?” Sherry shouted, her pain visible for all

“Because for three months after that first night Lucian took you home, you would have nightmares. Blood, gore, fighting and death. That’s all you spoke about. You were becoming weak and ill and there was a chance you would lose your mind”

“And, because I also ordered her to do it”

We all turned to look at Simon’s dad when he spoke for the first time. Until now, he had been so quiet and both his mum and dad had stayed silent throughout everything, looking on as Simon’s mate and beta took charge,

“We had to hun” Simon’s mum said “you were too distraught. We worried about you so much”

“I understand” Sherry said even as she struggled with this new revelation. Sophie hugged her from the side and I was a little envious of their closeness. I’ve never had a girlfriend that close who cared how I felt.

“But that’s not the biggest shock yet. Kelsie” Mia pointed to me

“I didn't know that Lucian was both your uncle” I said to Scott “and you’re father Sherry. But when Scott told me about his feelings and how he was going to help Sophie. I realised what had happened. Scott, the reason you felt so strongly about Sophie; the reason you mixed up the signals was because of how you felt about her. But those feelings were for a reason. Lucian was a guardian and he was gearing up to train you to take his place”

“When a new guardian is due to be born or picked, he or she displays certain characteristics. Such as protectiveness, an ability to ignore his mate over their need to protect their charge. In most cases, guardian’s are never given true mates as their duty is so strong and their need to be with who they are protecting; so demanding that they usually can’t give proper time to their mate” Mia explained

“Then-?” Scott started

“But, when Lucian died before taking you on; his desire for you to be a guardian was so strong that the gauntlet was automatically passed to you”

“WHAT?” Scott shouted

“Are you serious?” Sherry added

“What the fuck? No way!” Arik said

“Yes” Mia said

“It’s true Scott” I added “That’s why you knew what to do to help Simon, that’s also why you got your feelings mixed up for Sophie. It wasn’t love except as a guardian has for his charge. The day Lucian died; you were given the power of guardianship that very moment. That’s what has been fueling you all this time. And when you then met her due to the attack; your natural protective instinct kicked in. But because you didn’t have proper training to know what to do with all these emotions and them up”

“Well shit!” Arik said

“Fuck” Scott whispered before looking at me with sad eyes

“ he’s my guardian?” Sophie asked

“Not just yours, but Simon’s and any children you have especially if they are also a power alpha like you Sophie” Mia explained “that’s why guardians very rarely have time for themselves. Their lives are dedicated to protection”

“So...Lucian was protecting Sherry...but why is Scott not protecting her now too?” Sophie asked

“He was protecting Sherry for a different cause. Scott protecting you is for a different reason altogether, but what you all don’t realise is that this cause has evolved so he will be protecting Sherry too. That’s why he has been given a mate. His mate is both wolf and witch. That makes them both stronger to help protect both of our packs”

Everyone looked at me and Scott and I felt myself blush at their scrutiny. I’ve always been a wallflower and yet here I am; the centre of attention. Scott takes my hands to his lips and kisses my hand before pulling me closer to him. I blush harder as for the first time, I can feel his desire, his lust for me through the bond. Sophie stood up and walked over to us before hugging me tight and thanking me even though she said she didn’t know why she was so important. Then she hugged Scott and i could feel their bond - and it wasn’t sexual at all!

“I don’t know why I need protection and clearly something more is going on but...thank you Scott. Thank you for caring; not just about me but about Simon too”

“Well shit! I guess that means I can’t beat him up since he’s essentially saved my life”

We all whipped our heads around to look at the bed in shock as Sophie shouted out in surprise and we all rushed forward to look at Simon who was looking at the group, his eyes open and bright as he took in all the people and looked over at me and Scott; clearly he had heard everything. As everyone started speaking to him at once and trying to determine his health, I felt a shiver go down my spine.

Alpha Simon was awake and his alpha supreme was with him. Shit was about to get real!

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