The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie P.O.V

“Well shit! I guess that means I can’t beat him up since he’s essentially saved my life”

Everyone gasped in shock as we all turned around to look at Simon. My wolf yelped in my head as we took in his face and his opened eyes. I can see his piercing eye as they glance around the room before finally settling on me. Everyone rushes forward to him but I stay where I am. My feet frozen in shock and worry; unsure how he will react when he speaks to me about Scott

“Oh my baby” His mum said, crying.

“Are you sore anywhere?” Mia asked as she, Scott and Kelsie looked him over

Everyone spoke at once. Spoke about their thoughts, their feelings and how they saw the situation. They all spoke over each other and between crying and elation at Simon being awake; no-one noticed that he hadn’t moved his eyes off of me nor that I had stayed back and watched everyone else around him. He answered everyone’s questions as they asked him about his health. He waited patiently as he was prodded and probed as Mia and Kelsie spoke to him about his health and what was needed for him to get stronger. Kelsie introduced herself and they all started talking at once again about who she was and what he missed. He broke contact for a few seconds to stare at a blushing Scott who mumbled his excuse of needing a drink and left the room.

“Honestly bro” John said jokingly “Couldn’t you have been less dramatic and asked for a few days off instead of pulling a sickie?”

“More like he was trying to get away from Tasha” Sherry added cheekily

“Yeah” John snorted “You just had to go and pick the one psycho in our pack huh?”

“She only wanted him because she want’s nice things and wants to be called Luna. Power hungry bitch” Sherry said with disgust

“Like he was any better?” John smirked “He just wanted as much pu..erm…”

Cutting off, John looked over at me; embarrassed at his language and the way he spoke. I smiled at him with confidence and tried to reassure him I was ok and that he wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t know or had guessed at. That before me; he had been a player. An arrogant one at that

“Can you guys give us some space?” Simon finally spoke without breaking eye contact with me,

The silence was strong that if a pin had dropped, everyone would have heard it. Suddenly, as if a light switch had turned on; everyone scrambled around. His parents wished us both well and said they would speak to us tomorrow as they were going to lay down for a much needed rest. Mia and Kelsie advised painkillers and herbal items that they both would work on and leave outside the apartment door in the next couple of hours.

Amelia and Joe were welcomed by Simon and with Sherry; spoke about their living arrangements for their short stay and as they walked out of the room, they each hugged me. Especially Sherry. When Joe hugged me, Simon growled a little; the sound carried through the room. Joe only smiled and winked before he left. The dick!. Arik and Jerrick advised the group that they were hungry and needed serious energy drinks by a gallon to help them make it to bed….before they both decided they needed snacks to help their stomachs which somehow led them to a conversation about popcorn and then promptly deciding they wanted to watch a movie and left. Idiots!

As everyone left the room and the apartment door was closed for the last time behind the last person to leave, the tension in the room became a breathing, living entity. My tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and I felt I couldn’t speak. Simon tried to sit up a little better and I automatically moved forward to help him. The second I touched him, electric currents ran up and down my arm before spreading heat all over my body. I gasped and he looked at where my fingers brushed his shoulders before moving to my arm and then to my face

“You came back” He said quietly



I opened my mouth before closing it. Not wanting to admit to my feelings first. Not wanting to speak about what happened with Scott.

“I...had too”

“Had too?” his eyes darken before they clear again “So I became a burden then”

“No.I...I wanted to come back”

“Why though? Clearly you moved on from me” He said

I could hear the pain in his voice and wanted to reassure him but I couldn’t. Not yet. I needed him to prove he wanted me for me and not some stupid bond

“Kelsie-” I started

“Came into his life after whatever happened between you two” Sighing, he looked at me harder, his mouth twisting in sadness

What did happen between you two?”

“Why?” I asked, stalling for time

“Don’t” He said, his eyes flashing at me in anger “Don’t play games”

“Then don’t be a dick” I retaliated, my wolf flashing her own eyes at him

His facial expression would have been comical if it hadn’t been for the seriousness of our situation. He looked at me both in surprise and pride. As if me talking back to him was a good thing. I could smell the faint scent of arousal coming off him and I wanted to roll my eyes. Here we were; trying to speak to each other and because I became a little aggressive...he was turned on. Men!

“You’ve changed” He said

“I have” I nodded, sitting on the bed more securely

“Tell me” He said quietly

“Oh...well, apparently I have the strength to pick someone up by their-”

“About you and Scott”

“Oh” I say.

I look away from him and look towards the bathroom. The door was slightly open and I could see a bottle of coconut face cream sitting in the middle of the rack. My eyes widen a little further, not realising that I had even left that here. What surprised me more was that Simon hadn’t thrown it away

“Every time I went into the bathroom, It smelled like you. Until I realised it was the bottle. But it was yours and it smelled like you were still here. I couldn’t throw it away because I missed you...but I couldn’t stand to smell it all the time either because it reminded me that you were away. That’s why I moved rooms”

“Y..You could have thrown it away” I whispered

“Then I’d have nothing and no part of you here. You would have been out of my life and that would have been too final”

“You wanted me gone. You rejected me”

“You never accepted the rejection nor rejected me back Sophie”

“I...didn’t know what to do properly”

“And now you do. Are you going to reject me because of Scott?” He asked me

“He has a mate” I explained

“Are you sad about it?”


“I told you he liked you more than a friend” He said with arrogance “You just didn't want to hear it

“I always thought of him as a friend” I said with annoyance in my voice

“Friends don’t do what-”

“You rejected me! I had no mate!”

That’s bullshit. If we weren’t still matted then You wouldn’t have collapsed when Tasha kissed me, nor I would have if you didn’t do whatever it is you did”

“You kissed her?” I asked, jealousy lacing my voice

“No. She threw herself into my arms and kissed me! I pushed her away”

“But I heard-”

“What did you two do Sophie?”

Gulping, I moved my head away again from his probing eyes. Grabbing my chin in a firm yet gentle grip, he turned me to face him and locked his eyes with mine.I could see the question there and I bit my lip; knowing I would need to admit to my mistake


“Did you fuck him?” He asked harshly

“No!” I answered quickly “I couldn’t...b...but I was feeling lonely and...It wasn’t his fault. I ...My wolf took over. We dry humped and...but no sex”

“What else? What else did you do Sophie?” He asked me


“What else? We need total honesty between us Sophie”

“He...went down on me”

I barely finished the sentence when Sion roared out in anger. I scrambled up as Simon suddenly jumped from the bed, his naked torso on display, his boxers his only covering. I moved away from him, the old Sophie coming through as fear hit me hard. Simon paced the room before turning to face me and paled when he smelled my fear. I could see his jealousy war with his practical side. Just as My wolf came out, Simon approached me and caged me in against the door, his arms on either side of my head

“Why? Why did you allow that when you were so afraid of our passion or when we showed such strong emotions?”


“Didn’t you know you were mine...MINE! You let him touch what was mine” Simon said, his teeth clenched “He’s dead”

“It wasn’t his fault. I initiated it Simon”

“He should have had better control!”

“Like you did the day you met me?” I asked with sass


“And that’s why it’s different? Fuck you” I said in anger “and i was yours but not anymore”

His eyes flashed before turning black. The scent of anger and jealousy strong as he ground his body against mine, his cock thick and big rubbing against me deliciously

“You will always be mine Sophie!”

“What happened to that rejection?” I replied

I could feel my wolf push him and I understood why. For the first time, I was in sync with my wolf. Simon had to prove he was worthy of being my male. Of loving me not because of a bond or chemical reactions from what our bodies were throwing off; but because of feelings and emotions. He had to want this, want me!

“I did it because of how you reacted to me every time I so much as raised my voice. You were scared of me” He explained, his voice more animal than human

“So what?” I ask, getting into his face “You didn’t have the patience to see it through? Or must be because your bitch of a fiance was waiting for you and I was the pussy on the side”

He growled in anger before capturing my lips, one arm moving to capture my left legs and hiked it up over his hip. Our tongues duelled in combat as we tasted each other after so long. The taste of our mate making me feel drunk

“She was never my fiance” He said, panting after breaking the kiss

“I gave her a ring, yes. But it was never meant to be an engagement ring”

“Then why were you - “

“Because from the second I met you; all other’s faded from my mind. I always knew I would enjoy having a mate. I didn’t know that having a mate would make me lose my mind. That she would be all I ever thought about”

My heart melted as he spoke. My wolf humming in contentment at him words….until he spoke again and I got mad

“I didn’t know that she would be this female scared of her own shadow-”

“Excuse me?!” I cut in

“Or that she would make me so mad and so in love with her that rejecting her was the only way I thought I could stay sane while protecting her” He continued on as if I didn’t speak

“Oh really?” I said in anger

Suddenly my wolf took charge. With unimaginable strength I pushed a shocked faced Simon away from me and broke our contact. I pushed him again and he stumbled back nearer the bed and my eyes changed to red, flashing at him in anger.; his jaw slack at my power

“Well then, let me rectify that for you now and let you live in peace. I Sophie Jackson; Reject you SI-”

Simon grabbed my arm and pulled me to him, lifting me up and using one arm to hook one of my legs up on his hips before he turned us both and fell backwards on the bed; my weight falling on top of him. I shrieked in surprise but Simon moved fast. Within a blink of an eye, he rolled and pinned me down beneath him. My legs were spread and at either side of him and his hands pinned mine down. I looked up into his face while I tried to catch my breath.

He ground his hard cock against my legs and even though there was material between us; I felt naked. I rocked against him a little; my wolf and I suddenly in a naughty mood ; causing Simon to groan a little in pleasure.

“You’re mine Sophie. Didn’t you hear what I said you crazy woman”

“Let me go Simon”

“Never! Stop fighting me Sophie. I told you-”

“And I told you too. I will rej-”

He kissed me. To shut me up he kissed me but that wasn’t all. He owned me, he owned the kiss. He took charge and made it his own.Soon it was me who was groaning. My taste buds exploded and all I could taste, all I could feel was him. With one clawed hand Simon slashed open the front of my hoodie and with two more slashes, he ripped open my bottoms and his own boxers. I cried out; both in excitement and approval of his show of strength

He lays on top of me properly and with one hand, he reaches down and with his thumb; flicks my clit. I cry out; my body taunt and primed since it has been so long since I have been touched by my mate. He looks down at me and I see his frown

“What’s wrong?”

“You’ve changed”

“I think we have already established that I have changed” I said, rolling my eyes

“No” He said, looking back down at me “ Your body. Before, it was lush. Now it’s more toned”

“So basically I was fat and now I’ve lost weight. Why is that a bad thing?”

“Stop putting words in my mouth” He growled, nipping my bottom lip “You were lush. Perfect in all the right way”

“And I’m not now?” I ask, a little sad

He growled in anger again before kissing me harder. He strummed my clit faster and it became difficult to breath. I had to break the kiss.

“Fuckkkk” I hissed as he bent his head and took the closest nipple into his hot mouth

“Mine” He growled

My body twisted and turned as it tried to escape the rapture that was coming as the intense pleasure became too much. I begged and groaned, asking for release but he kept changing his pace; faster before slowing it down. Just as I thought I would bite him to get him to do as I wanted, Simon bit down on my nipple while pressing his thumb down on my clit; his two other fingers thrusting in and out of my channel and I went off like a rocker. My breath stuck in my throat, my mouth open in a silent scream as my body rode out shock after shock of pleasure; my release coating my inner thighs and his thumb

“Fuck Soph! You’re beautiful when you cum” He said before tasting my release on his fingers.

My eyes are heavy lidded when I look at him before my hands reach out to grab his cock and play with it, my thumb running over his cock, spreading his pre-cum over the mushroomed head.


Simon P.O.V

I hiss out a breath at the feel of Sophie’s hand grabbing my cock like that. This new Sophie has got me harder than I have ever been before. Her aggressive yet feminine attitude makes me want to take her in my wolf form. And for some reason, I think she wouldn’t mind so much.

I was livid when I heard Scott explaining what had happened between them. I was seething. I wanted to kill him. I still might. But right now this was more important. Sophie was more important and I had my mate back in my arms. With what Tasha had been giving me now out of my systems; I can’t believe I even thought rejecting my mate was a good idea!

“Simoonnn” Sophie moaned

Sophie took my cock and placed it near her opening. I could feel her wetness coating my cock as I brushed against her bare pussy lips and without any prompting; I surged into her, my thick veined cock plundering her as her body arched in pleasure. I rode her hard, thrusting faster with each stroke. I could hear her beg me for more and I gritted my teeth. I held her in places, pounding into her; my cock pistioning in and out as our sex made lewd noises. I leaned down and captured her lips as her fingers combed into my hair and gripped my head

“Fuck me!” Sophie shouted out “Fuck me hard”

“Oh ye baby” I said “You like it when I pound you? Fucking you hard like this?” I ask

Sophie moaned. Her legs went up higher on my hips, the heel of her feet digging into my buttock. Profanities left her mouth

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder Si!”

“You like being my slut don;t you Soph?! You like knowing it me who's owning your cunt. That I’m the one fuckin it. It’s mine Sophie! Tell me it’s mine”


“Who does this cunt belong to Sophie...who?” I ask, my eyes going black as lust and possessiveness combine

“You’re’s yours!”

“That’s right….No-one ever touches it. You hear me?”

“Yes!” She moans

I grab her ass in both of my hands and pull her harder into me. Sophie cries out at the deeper penetration but I keep going, knowing that her cries are of pleasure. I can feel my veiny cock hitting against her walls as my cock expands to fill her up; my balls drawing up and tight.

“Ple..please Simon...I...I’m”

Her shaky breaths let me know she is near. Thank fuck because I’m not sure I am able to hold off any more without cumming. I wiggle my fingers in between our bodies and with my thumb nail, flick the hood of her clit


“Fuck Soph! You’re killing me here baby!” I say

Sophie leaned up and nips my throat and that’s it! My wolf takes over. Flicking her clit harder, I change the angle of my hips and move her legs in a way that I am hitting her womb from a different point. Sophie squeals and grunts and I start to feel my body tighten up.

I dip my head and start to suckle on her nipple harder, the teat hard and tasty. She starts to moan louder as our combined juices start to make wet noises in the room. It feels erotic and dirty and Just as Sophie bows in half, an intense orgasm shooting through her, I latch onto the side of her neck and shoulder and bite down hard, her blood coating my mouth. Sophie howl’s out in pleasure as her canines lengthen and she too marks me as she goes through a second orgasm. She squirt on me and I can feel the wetness as my cum splashes inside of her; spurt after spurt coating her innards.

“Siiiiiiiiiimonnnnn fffuuuccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! UUuggghhhaaaaaa”

“YYEAAHHHHHHHH ugugugug” I shouted out

After what seemed like an age, I collapsed on top of her, out sweat covered bodies glistening on our heated bodies. Sophie quivered from the intensity as she closed her eyes; both of us trying to catch our breath. I capture her lips with mine, my body sated yet wanting to be closer again. I move my hips with shallow thrusts and Sophie closes her eyes, her body trying to deal with her intense orgasm. I bite her lip to get her attention and she opens her eyes wide before playfully growling at me.

“I, Simon Richmore of the Black Moon pack, accept you Sophie Jackson as my mate and Luna”

Sophie’s eyes widens as she feels our bond click back into place. She growls back at me, her eyes from from her own, to red and then to her wolves. Biting my jaw and then kissing me, she looked at my face in contentment

“I Sophie Jackson of the Crimson Moon Pack accept you Simon Richmore as my mate and Alpha”

With that, our bond comes alive! I can feel Sophie and her wolf and good goddess. She is strong. She is beautiful and worthy of being my mate. I can see her as she looks back at me with acceptance yet standing tall, almost toe to toe and commanding, demanding respect!

She wags her tail before retreating; allowing Sophie and I to share this time together as I acknowledge that I am locked inside of her. Unable to leave this snug, tight pussy that is mine. Every so often, Sophie’s wall contracts and her walls tighten around my hard shat that is still inside of her. And every time she does that, a fresh load of cum releases from me as my body tries to impregnate her, releasing my seed as it seeks to find fertile ground.

I roll onto my back and take Sophie with me as she continues to lay draped over me, breathing deep with me still logged deep inside of her. She sighs in contentment and I can feel our bodies cooling a little. Not wanting us to be cold, I keep Sophie on top of me as I maneuver us both in such a way that with her help; we are able to pull the covers around us after a lot of grunting and wriggling about.. Snuggled in tight, Sophie yawns and lays back on top of me, her eyes closing; her breathing evening out.

I was almost asleep when suddenly my brain hiccuped; almost like when someone gets a brain freeze from an iced drink. I open my eyes, scanning for danger before hearing the most amazing, missed and very welcomed voice in my head

You finally made it right

Where the fuck have you been? I asked my wolf in shock

Protecting what was ours He said

What do you mean? Damn! I am so glad you are back. I thought you had left me

I did, at first it was by choice. But then, by force

What? How is that possible

It is because Tasha stole something from us

What do you mean?

We have a serious problem with Tasha on our hands.

I know. She-

No you don’t know. Before fighting with Sophie, when we had sex; There was cum on the sheets. When we left the room, Tasha used the spare key to get into the apartment. Simon - Tasha took some of the wet cum in a vial and took it to a witch, a bad witch who practises black magic

What the fuck?! Why? I mean I know about the witch. There’s a lot you have missed but still, why did she want that?

Because the witch was able to use that to also capture me so I couldn’t warn you

Warn me of what?

That vial, that had a drop of our cum….the witch used it to make some sort of liquid and have her drink it.That’s why you were so confused when she spoke about the baby. That drop mixed with that liquid is enough to to make the baby smell like it is ours


Yes and you know what that means don’t you

That Sophie will believe that Tasha is carrying my pup

Yes My wolf said And if Sophie believes that; then she will reject us and insist on us mating Tasha and make us claim a pup that isn’t ours!

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