The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon P.O.V

“I...I don’t know what to say” Sophie stuttered

Three hours ago, we had woken up and had gathered in our apartment living room. As soon as I woke up, I had John organise a meeting and a lavish breakfast to be delivered at our apartment and told everyone important to be there. Then I had mind-linked all the pack and told them I was awake and well. I had down played the extent of it but made them aware that their Luna had saved me. I told the pack that I would be speaking to them later and assured them of their alpha and luna's good health. Once the pack had settled down and acknowledged that they now had a luna which would be celebrated later; I had come back to the bedroom and kissed Sophie awake. It had ended up being a hot make out session which turned into me fucking her for a good twenty minutes at which point pretty much all the people I had told to come to our apartment; had heard us.

After letting them in and telling them to start breakfast Soph and I had a shower. My cock tightened as I think back to how amazing the shower sex was. How I wished that we could have kept going but we didn’t have time then. After quickly drying off and changing clothes, I had expected Sophie to be shy and embarrassed like she had been before, when we went to join everyone for food. Yet this vibrant, vivacious woman emerged and since then I’ve had a hard-on. I just want to take her over and over and I have to remind myself why it would be bad to do that in front of everyone.

And then the little minx had to go and stroke me under the table as we ate. I choked at first and everyone thought I was having a Tasha related aftershock or after effect. Meanwhile, Sophie sat there, all innocent eyed and acting all concerned; as if she hadn’t just rubbed my cock and ran a fingernail over my covered dick. Once we finished breakfast, we had all moved to the living room and it was a packed room. Jerrick and his wife, her cousin. Scott, Kelsie, their alphas and Arik. Amelia, John, Betty, my parents and Sophie and I. Jerrick and his wife’s cousin had started to explain who Sophie was and her pack fell into shocked silence. Sophie had been sitting beside me at first but as Jerrick explained her connection to his wife’s side, her body started to tremble and fear started to emit from her. I couldn’t help it, I hated smelling her fear. So I picked her up and placed her on my lap, my hands running up and down her spine in comfort.

“It’s ok baby” I say close to her ear “It’s a lot to take in”

“ can I be what you say I am?...I...I’m just a human”

“The bite changed you” Jerrick said as he leaned forward, his arms resting on his knees

“C..could there be a mistake?” She asked quietly

“No Sophie” Jerrick said “We have our own eyes and the eyes of our wolf. That’s it. Yet you have three interchangeable eyes. And how else do you explain your power, the strength that you have suddenly got? And more importantly, there is a way to check”

“There is?” She asked in surprise

Nodding, Jerrick motioned his wife’s cousin to come forward and demonstrate. I knew what was going to happen and knew why and yet my wolf and I growled, unhappy that our mate would be going through even the smallest of pain. When Sophie yelped out, Scott moved towards the pregnant woman and I growled. She whimpered and moved away from Sophie before Joe stopped Scott. Jerrick moved to stand in front of his cousin-by-mating and pointed to Sophie’s wrist.

“Sherry has a half moon because she is the other half of you. She is your balance and blood. She is powerful but she is not an alpha. You have the full moon. But look Sophie” Jerrick said, pointing to where the blood was running down her wrist “You also have a half moon on the right side of your wrist and on the left, you have a half moon with what looks like rays of sunshine. Three sides of the werewolf. The full moon indicating you as the alpha supreme, the half moon being us; lycan and the one with the rays, the rogues”

“But why are there rays coming out of that half moon?” Sophie asked

“Because it is said that when they go rogue, their bodies emit a yellow glow. When they turn rogue, they have no loyalty nor do they think. Blood lust takes over, as does greed. There Is no right or wrong and they do not bow down to the moon goddess. It is said that she took the calmness from them and allowed the sun to enrage them in fire. That why they go so berserk”

“But ...what am I meant to do then?”

“I think it is a sign to tell you that even those on the brink can be brought back….by your power” Jerrick said

Poor Sophie. She paled further and looked around the room as everyone nodded and spoke at once about what they believed and how they saw it working. I pressed open mouth kisses to the back of her neck which was exposed by the strappy top she wore. I felt her shiver before glancing back at me, her watery smile better than the pinched look she had before

“Oh my” My mum said “Does that mean that their children will be supreme too?”

“Mum!” I exclaimed

“I’m just asking love”

“Children” Sophie whispered

Sophie paled further and I could tell she was going to leave my lap. I didn’t want that so I grabbed her around the waist to keep her grounded. She struggled slightly and I leaned over to where my mark was partly exposed on the side of her neck and licked it. She took a deep breath and my cock hardened. Feeling it jump up under her ass, she wiggled more and I closed my eyes for a second in pleasure; my canines starting to lengthen as I think about fucking her right there and then.

“Easy Soph” I whisper before licking her neck again

“D...Do you hate the thought of it so much Soph?” Sherry asked

I look over and see a pale faced Sherry being hugged by John as he held her in front of him. Sherry took a step away from John and eased closer, tears in her eyes

“B..Because I think it’s pretty cool having a sister” She said

“Sher” Sophie says, getting up. I let her. “ not someone who should be a supreme anything. I’m just a human. I’m no-one special”

“Your special to me” Sherry said “When we clicked so fast that first time we met. I...felt amazed. Wolf families often have more than two children. I am the only one in this and two closest pack who have been an only child. I never thought anything of it….until I felt close to you. And I realised what I have been missing”

Sophie gasps and hugs Sherry who now has tears falling down her cheeks. John looks like he is trying to swallow an apple logged in his throat and it makes me proud so see my mate and how she is empathetic and caring as she wipes the tears from Sherry’s eyes

“Sher, I’m just shocked at what I can do. After leaving here, I knew my wolf was strong - I just didn’t expect this. An...and now….I have a sister. It just boggles the mind”

“You called me sister” Sherry said with a smile

“A best friend and a sister rolled in one” Sophie said as she gave a small laugh

“Does that mean I can borrow all your good shit and amazing Berkin's that Simon got you?”

Sophie laughed aloud as the tension eased in the room. Smiling, Jerrick, his wife and her cousin all hugged and spoke over each other in their excitement as they spoke about the family to Sophie and who she had still to meet and as she was now part of this family, the celebrations which she had to be part of.

“But what about Tasha and everything going on?” Scott said, breaking the good mood

I growled at him in annoyance

“If you say I am her guardian and there to protect the alpha couple; then we need to think about what to do. She can’t get away with this” Scott groused

“I know Scott. But what can we do?” Sophie said “She’s pregnant. We can’t harm her. It’s not the pup’s fault”

“You better not be saying that because you think it’s mine Sophie” I said getting up, frowning

“ I’m not. You explained how she make it smell like you” She said blushing

“What I don’t get is what your wolf meant by protecting someone? Why he left in the first place? I didn’t think that was possible”

“I don’t know. He is being very cagey. He’s the same yet different” I said

“Maybe because of this alpha supreme bit. You should call Callum and Jody back Simon. We are going to need them here”

“Callum won’t be a problem but Jody won’t even ask question. She will rip out Tasha’s throat. She won’t even care about the pup” I say

“Who’s Callum and Jody?” Scott asks

“My brother and sister” I reply

“WHAT?” Scott shout’s

“You have a brother and sister?” Sophie asks wide eyed

I laugh out loud “of course I do”

“Well if you had spent more time talking and a little less fucking, she would know these things Simon” Sherry said with hands on her hips.

Sophie blushed furiously as everyone laughed.

“I don’t get it” Scott said with a frown “Why weren’t they here when you collapsed?”

“Because Callum is an alpha in a pack out in Latvia and Jody is a Beta in another pack where they have been on the tail of a rogue who has been traveling between the UK and EU”

As they all started once again talking as one, I took in Sophie’s parllor and frowned as I saw her hands shake a little. I look over at my parents who have noticed it too and my mum get’s up and walks over to Sophie, taking her hands in her own.

“Mum?” I ask

“Mia. Coul-”

“I’m on it” Mia said as she walked over to Sophie too

“What is it?” I ask

Immediately the room quietens. Sherry and Amelia walk over to Sophie as I reach out and hold her to my side. Kelsie gasped before rushing over to Sophie, her eyes wide as she began to chant.

“What is it? What’s going on?” I ask, worry in my voice

“Kels” Scott says urgently “What is it?”

“Scott, come here and hold her arm” Kelsie urged.

Scott briskly walked to her and held her arm before yelping and moving his hand away. The room all stops breathing as one as Scott’s hand print appears on Sophie’s arm. I growled in anger even though I saw for myself how lightly he held her arm in his hand. When Scott turned over to look at his hand, a small moon mark, identical to the one Sophie has on her wrist, appears just below the thumb. He looks at everyone in shock and I pick her up and hold her to me, my worry increasing.

“I...iI don’t feel too good” Sophie said, laying her head against my chest

“Mum?” I call to her

“W..what’s happening?” Sherry asked as she too frowned

“It’s the poison. Somehow it’s been ingested into her body” Kelsie says in a whisper, her face pale

“NO!” I shout “What did you do Sophie?” I asked her

“I...I only bit you. I didn’t suck any blood into my mouth” Sophie said, her breath now choppy

“Mia” I ask as I take some steps backward and sit on the couch again with Sophie in my arms “What’s going on?”

“Sh...She’s got the poison in her blood but’s not killing her...well not fully. She’s changing it somehow. Her body is fighting it...evolving it”

“But what does it mean?” Sherry asked, hugging herself

“I think there’s more to Sophie than we know”

“I...I don’t understand” Sophie said, beads of perspiration dotting her forehead

“Scott, I need ice water” Kelsie said

“Why?” Sherry asked as Scott ran to the kitchen

“Oh Sophie” Amelia whispered in sadness

Joe put his hand on Sophie’s head and she cried out at the contact, making me jerk her closer to me as I softly growled at him. Scott came running in with a glass of water and an opened bag of ice, skidding to a stop near Kelsie.

“I need room” Mia said as she pushed everyone out of the way.

Mia grabbed the bag of ice and took out the cubes to place them on Sophie’s forehead. She cried out as they touched her skin before melting into water. Kelsie kept on chanting and suddenly, the smell of rogue hit my nose and my eyes turned wolf as everyone looked around to see why they were smelling rogue wolves.

“It’s Sophie” Mia whispered “She’s turning rogue”

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