The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Tasha P.O.V

“Hello?” I said

“Tasha? Is that you?”

My heart skipped a beat. I knew that voice. My mate! How the hell did he get my number? Goddess! If Celine found out! I could feel my wolf doing a happy dance in my head as she ran in circles and yipped like a puppy

“Who’s this?” I lied

“It’s Jason. You’re mate”

“Mate?” I scoffed “You have the wrong number. I don’t have a mate”

My wolf whimpered at my harsh tone before telling me to accept him. I could hear her yelp out for him, her soft side being my downfall

“Don’t do this Tasha. How could you deny what we are?”

“Because you have the wrong person” I said, biting my bottom lip

“Oh really?” He said “Well considering my wolf is dancing about inside of me after being quiet and sad for weeks, I think it’s you who is mistaken”

“What could I possibly be mistaken about?” I scoffed

“That you could steal from me and run”

“Steal” I laughed “I haven’t stolen anything from you. We hooked up at a hotel and I left the next day”

“So you do know who I am huh?” He said smugly

I facepalmed myself and closed my eyes before taking a deep breath, trying to calm myself as I thought of a way to get rid of him. I silently laughed at myself and quickly hung up the phone. I could hear my wolf protest but I didn’t care. Almost immediately, my phone rang and I cut him off before blocking the number. I walked to the kitchen and put on the kettle as I made a list of what I needed to do. Now that Simon was awake, I had to resume what I was doing to get him

I jumped when I heard my phone ring and frowned at the number displayed. One I didn’t recognise. I picked it up and answered it


“You stole from me Tasha. From your own mate”

“You again!” I shout out “Look Jason, I didn’t steal anything ok! You barely had twenty pounds to your name in your wallet anyways”

“And how would you know that?”

“You...I needed to get home ok. I couldn’t find my purse and wanted to get a taxi; but I realised you didn’t have enough either and I figured, you probably had to pay for the hotel so I left it”

“Then how did you get home?” He asked

“I shifted and went to the pack house of where I was visiting. They sorted everything out for me”

“So you’re not as bad as you think you are huh?”

I could feel myself blush as surprise took over. All my life, I was known as the bitch. The sly female who would get what I want by any means necessary. That wasn’t always a compliment.

“So you see. I didn’t steal from you. I don’t know what the hell you’ve lost but it’s nothing i’ve taken”

“Oh but you have” he said in a deadly voice “You stole my pup from me Tasha”

“W...What?” I asked, shocked

“My pup. You stole my pup and I want him back”

“H..HIM?” I squeaked out

“Him” He confirmed “Come back to me Tasha. Come back and let us work this out”

“H..How could you possibly think that I have your pup?”

“Because as soon as you left, your wolf woke up and was content. My wolf found out not long after. Since then I have been searching for you”

“I..” I couldn’t think! This was a nightmare

“Why wouldn’t you tell me about our pup?”

“I don’t have to explain myself to you!” I said angrily “I rejected you as I left which you laughed at but I meant and-”

I cut off when he started laughing. Not the nice, kind laugh; but the one where someone is humouring you. A dark laugh. I felt chills run up my spine and I pulled the phone away from my ear and looked at it.

“I see you fell for his trick. But then again, if you had stuck around; you would have known it wasn’t me”

“What are you talking about?” I asked warily

“Tell me Tasha - Where did you reject me?”

“What the fuck? What do you mean where? I got up, you were sleeping in bed. I went to the bathroom and quickly put on clothes. When I came out of the bathroom, I couldn’t see you so I ran to the door and-”

“I came up behind you fully dressed right?”


“And you didn’t stop to think, to question why I looked so fresh and clean did you?

My heart started to beat wildly as my brain turned to mush. My mouth dried and I could feel spots appearing before my eyes. I blinked a few times and shook my head to clear it before answering him

“Why?” I asked

“Because Tasha; for years, my brother and I have looked out for each other. Since our pack had been murdered when we were seven, we always tell the other where we go. That hotel room, didn’t you find it odd that I walked in without any problems and didn’t you see all the other doors? You were in a two bedroom hotel suite”

“And?” I asked, my breath hitching

“AND I didn’t come out after you. My brother did”

“No” I said breathlessly “It was you. What are you playing at?”

“It wasn’t me Tasha. I had pulled the cover up over me and turned the other way. I was covered up like a mummy. In your rush to get out, you didn’t even see me”


“My TWIN brother is who you saw. The funny thing is, he was coming over to offer you breakfast since he knew through our twin bond that I had found my mate”

“Nooooo” I choked, my throat seizing up

“Yes! You know what that means don’t you? It wasn’t me you rejected. We are still bonded Tasha”

“NO, No, No! This...C..can’t be”

“And I’m coming for you”


“I’m coming for you Tasha. And for my pup too”


Simon P.O.V

“No” I said, folding my arms


“No Soph. You are not going to confront Tasha on her own”

“She will speak to me if I do. Most likely will gloat too” Sophie said determinedly

“No Soph. We do this together. Sherry has a plan-”

“A long ass one” Turning to a grinning Sherry, she looks at her “No offence”

“None taken” Sherry laughed

I growl at Sherry who laughs further and puts her chin in her hand as she looks at her. John, Kelsie and Sophie’s alphas are sitting around looking at us, all with matching grins on their faces. The only one with a frown on his face was Scott.

Last night, Sophie had started to feel unwell. While she heated up and we all tried to cool her down, she had started to smell like a rogue. Mia had a theory that because she was part rogue, she would always smell of all three breeds. Lycan, Were and Rogue. I thought she had fallen into another coma after an hour of us using ice water to cool her down when she had suddenly woken up, her eyes a mix of red and grey eyes. She had pounced on me and everyone had rushed to me, thinking she was attacking me.

It was only when she had moaned my name and licked the side of my neck did everyone look around awkwardly and leave the apartment quickly while laughing. My mind drifted back to what happened. How Sophie had taken charge. How she had cloud off my shirt and ripped open the crotch area of my jeans before threading her hands through my hair and kissing me deeply.

I had only managed to get my bearings, ripping at her clothes and had started to kiss her back harder before she had pushed me onto my back and straddled me. Her eyes had darkened in lust, her luscious breast swaying with her movements, her nipples hard and bigger i’m sure. I ripped her panties from her body and she moved until my hard cock lay under her, leaking pre-cum. She moaned like she was a porn star, flicking her hair over her shoulders

“Fuck me Simon” She said

Suddenly she had reared up and grabbed my hardened dick in her fist. I moaned as my head fell back over my shoulders and i took a deep breath as she coated her had with my fluid and used it to pump me, tightening her hand as she moved up and down

“Fuck kitten, that feels so good””

She moved away from me as she kept pumping me, my eyes now slits as I looked at her. Before I know it, she bends over and takes my hard cock fully into her mouth, the wet walls sucking hard. I choke out a sound as I try to breath through how amazing her mouth feels on me.

“Soph!” I say, gripping her hair tight

She doesn’t complain. If anything, the slight pain seemed to spur her on as she started to go down on me harder and faster, taking me to the back of her throat without gagging. Her teeth graze the side of my cock as she changes her angels and I bow in half; cumming inside of her. Sophie swallowed it all and even licked her lips after. Just was I thought to return the favour, she leaned over and held my semi hard cock up before she slammed down, burying my cock inside of her to the hilt.

“FFUUUCCKKKKKK!” Sophie shouted

“Fuck YEA!” I said at the same time

Sophie rode me hard, her wet, warm walls clutching me tight as if it didn’t want to let go. My cock thrusted in deep as I bucked under her faster. She scored me with her claws, leaving marks from one side of my shoulder to my hip, her claws claiming me as she marked me up as her mate. I don’t think she knew what she was doing. She was so far gone in her lust. But I knew and I retaliated. I claimed Sophie as I left my own teeth and claw marks on her body; biting her white I could.

She scratched her nails along my thighs and I groaned in pleasure before pumping my hips into her. Cupping her ass, I moved her faster on top of me, her hips moving back and forth as my cock twitched and danced inside of her. I kissed her over and over as I pulled her to me; all the while she rode me as I bucked and twisted, changing so I hit her sweet spot inside. Sophie broke the kiss as I hit a particular spot that caused her to fling her head back in an open mouth breath as she gripped onto me, riding the smaller waves as she tried to reach her release.

“YES!....YES!....YES!....More! More!”

“Your fucking beautiful. Who owns this pussy Soph?”

“Si...mon…” She said as she tried to breath, her body now moving up and down as if she was riding a bucking bronco bull.

“Who’s mouth is this?”

“Y...yours...but your fucking mine too” She said as her eyes flashed red “Who cock is this?”

“Yours baby” I said, meaning every word

She leaned down and just as I jabbed up and held her hips down on me; we both shouted out, cumming hard and Sophie leaned down and bit into the area between my neck and shoulder, imbedding her teeth in deep to mix our scents together. I howled out long and loud as I came inside her more. Spurt after spurt I unloaded inside of her pussy; my seed rushing to try finding a home inside of her.I felt her release and realised that she had squirted as my thighs became a little wet. She let go, releasing her canines and licking my wound close, her scent in there deep. Collapsing on top of me, our bodies covered in a fine sheen of sweat; I pulled Sophie closer, my hands running up and down her spine as she snuggled in closer to me; our heartbeats echoing each others.

“Simon!...Helloooo. Are you even listening to me?”

Blinking I realise Sophie is standing in front of me, her eyes flashing between her wolf and the rogue; hands on her hips with a very deep frown. I clear my throat and adjust myself as I come back to the present; knowing that everyone in the room, most likely Sherry and John; figured out that I had a hard-on because of what I was thinking.


“You say i am the supreme, yet you won’t even let me challenge a lying bitch! You clearly don’t think I can do this!” She cried out

“It’s not that I don’t think you can do this Soph!” I said

“Then what? It’s your ego?”

“Soph” Scott tried to cut in

“”No” I said

“Then what? Because shes one of your wolves and you feel you have to protect her?”

“No. For fuck sake Soph, She means nothing to me”

“Then why?” She said, throwing up her hands in frustration “Why won’t you let me challenge her alone?”

“Because of my fucking heart!” I shouted

Sophie’s face slackened in shock. The room became silent as everyone waited for me to finish. I walked closer to her and took her face gently into my hands and kissed her roughly

“Because I can’t have you hurt. Because even though I know you are stronger than me, my heart can’t take it knowing that she might be a better fighter because she grew up as a wolf who knows how to fight. Because…..I couldn’t go on if I lost you” I finally said, breaking the kiss “Pick one”

“Oh Si” Sophie breathed before hugging me tight to her. “So it’s not because you think I can’t do it?”

“No Baby. I know you could. I’d still worry that she would know more moves because of her training. But I...we just found each other again….if something happened to you..” I cut off, closing my eyes.

“That’s why Arik has gone to Jerrick’s pack Sophie” Scott said “he’s gone to speak to Sherry’s uncle; I guess in a way, your uncle too. To find out all they can about this rogue business”

“We can’t just sit here idle Simon. My wolf...she’s roaring inside to get out. To Kill”

“She’s so blood-thirsty” Scott said with a frown

“I feel….like my skin is too tight….Like I need to shift and run yet I can’t because it’s not good too”

“Really?” Scott,Sherry and I asked at the one time

Sophie nodded, rubbing her hands up and down her arms. I hug her before placing a soft kiss on her lips, biting her bottom lip naughtily. Sophie’s grey eyes sparkled back at me even as she growled playfully at me

“That’s strange” Scott said “Wolves do that when they are in protective mode”

“I know” Sherry said

“Is something wrong do you think?” Sophie asked, looking at me

“There is” Mia said “but at the same time it’s not”

We all turn around to look at Mia in surprise. She had left yesterday and said she would go to the woods to pray to the moon goddess and ask for guidance. She had said she would be back after two days once she had gotten answers and support from the council of healer. A large covenant that was mixed with wolves, witches, warlocks and an old vampire or two

“Mia” Sophie said “Your back early. You only left yesterday”

“Did you find answers?” I asked moving towards Mia

“Yes!” Mia said, her smile wide. Her cheeks flushed

“Good. Maybe then you could explain Sophie’s need to challenge Tasha”

“Challenge Tasha?” Mia said wide-eyed “Good goddess NO! Sophie. You can’t do that. I mean you can; but you shouldn’t at least not for another four weeks ”

“Why four weeks?” I asked, confused

“I couldn’t understand how Sophie was smelling of a rogue when she wasn’t turning into one. Yes her eyes were red but her scent was the only thing vibing out. Her body didn’t change”

“SO?” I asked

“So, I asked the council. Kelsie, correct me if I am wrong; but Celine would know the best dark magik to use to make someone rogue, right?”

“Yes” Kelsie said “She would try experiments on animals...rabbits and birds until she grew bold enough to try it on shifter's. After one failed attempted, she realised how to fix it”

Mia nodded “I thought as much. Celine had been giving your mother a position to drink to help her conceive” Mia said, looking at Sherry before then looking between me and Sophie “This potion also had something that would help someone either become rogue or properties that allowed a rogue gene to become active. I think you’re mum mixed that potion into any drink Magnus drank because she thought it would help if both took it”

“Oh my goddess yes” Keslie exclaimed “this way, she would have thought it would help them have that heir; but Magnus must have had a dormant rogue gene somewhere from his bloodline. That potion bought out his rogue. Magnus didn’t just turn rogue. Celine made him into it”

“Exactly!” Mia said

“What does this mean Mia?” I asked

“Don’t you see Simon? When he bit her, his saliva changed Sophie because Sophie must have had a wolf gene somewhere in her bloodline too. It could have been generations old, but it was there. Because Magnus's bite was an alpha one, one filled with pain, anger and then rogue. It triggered Sophie’s change. BUT”

“But what? Sophie asked, her eyes glued to a smiling Mia's face

“But that wouldn’t have been enough for that smell to be so strong that we thought that you were turning rogue. You were bitten; not born with the rogue gene”

“Oh my goddess!” Kelsie said, squealing

“I don’t-” I start to say

“How did I not figure this out before?” Kelsie shouted out louder

“What? What is it?” Sophie asked

“For fuck sake tell us before I die of a heart attack” Scott gripped

“The reason the smell was so strong yet no physical change was happening was because the smell wasn’t coming from Sophie. Well it was but not just hers”

“What?” I asked “Mia, that really doesn’t make sense”

“On the contrary; it does my alpha. The smell was slight but a stronger smell of the rogue was coming through from inside of Sophie”

“Inside?” Sophie asked

“From your womb” Mia said as she grasped Sophie’s hand in hers and squeezed them “Oh Sophie, Your wolf has been protecting you all this time because she was guarding a big secret. You’re pregnant! You are carrying the future alpha and not just any alpha; but the future alpha supreme too. That’s why you smelled like a rogue. You are the one birthing the future alpha supreme - born to a human, and a were. A being born from a Lycan alpha and a rogue prince

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