The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Pregnant! Sophie was pregnant!

I knew my mouth opened in shock as I looked at an equally shocked Sophie who had paled and was shaking. Sherry squealed loudly and rushed over to hug her while Kelsie, Mia and Amelia clustered around her, all speaking at once.

I felt a hard pat on my back before a punch was hit on my arm. I blinked rapidly as I looked at a grining John who had hugged me quickly before coughing away his embarrassment. Scott smiled without any jealousy and Joe nodded at me.


We all turned to look at the door and saw my mum pressing her fingers to her lips as tears rolled down her eyes. My dad looked at me, his once stern, alpha face; now looking at me with pride, his eyes shimmering with unshed tears as he tries to hide his emotional state by coughing a few times and then patting my mum’s back.

“Oh Sophie darling” My mum said as she moved to her

She hugged Sophie before placing her hand on Sophie’s stomach. Whatever she felt made her smile and her eyes sparkle. Laughing, she hugged her again before holding Sophie’s hand and guided her to the sofa.

“Darling, you must take care of yourself. Pups are hard work at the best of times; for you more so. Not only is it a child born conceived before your wolf made herself known, but also from the seed of an alpha. Not one alpha, not two...but three. Simon, yourself and Magnus. Who was a powerful Lycan. Then when he went rogue and became the prince of rogues, his DNA mixed and now - oh dear girl”

I moved forward then and knelt down in front of her. I picked up her cold hands and brought them to my lips, kissing her fingertips. I caressed her pale cheek

“Sophie” I whispered

Her glassy eyes looked at me, her mouth opening and closing as she tried to work out words to say yet couldn’t. Kelsie got up and ran out of the room and when Scott and Amelia made to get closer to Sophie, a growl slipped out of my mouth. A warning. They both stepped back and I felt shoulders being gripped. I knew it was my dad but I didn’t care. I was worried about my mate

“Sophie, kitten. Talk to me”

“Here, take this first. It might help”

Kelsie held out a glass of water in one hand before squeezing a small bottle in another. When Sophie reached for the glas, I held her wrist before raising an eyebrow at Kelsie. She blushed before turning the small bottle for me to see and I almost laughed, if I hadn’t seen Sophie smile wairily. It was a diluted juice mixer. A strawberry one. Once Sophie took the glass of water, Kelsie squeezed the small bottle until a few drops turned the water pinkish. Taking a deep swallow and nearly emptying the water, Sophie was finally looking at me with clear eyes

“Kitten. Are you ok?” I asked

“I...I’m pregnant”

“Yes you...we are” I said, a wide smile breaking through

“I can’t be pregnant….I don’t know anything about puppies...babies...oh’s babies right? I...I’m not...not going to have a litter of puppies or anything am i?” She asked, horrified

I burst out laughing before receiving a smack up against the back of my head. I turned around in surprise to find Sherry growling back at me. My mum nodded her approval and when I was about to say something, my chest burst with genuine fear. Looking back at Sophie, I realised how terrified she was. I immediately tried to sooth her

“NO!. Sophie, kitten; breath!” I said as I saw her getting worked up “I’m sorry for laughing baby. I forgot that you didn’t grow up with all of this. Yes, it is babies and no; it’s not a litter”

“I...I’m scared” She whispered

“It’s ok to be scared Soph. But know that I am here with you all the way”

“We all are” Sherry said

“Sherry” John said as he puller her back to him

“What?” Sherry said in annoyance

Ignoring them as I hear John tell her to give us space, I kiss Sophie’s lips. At first they are unmoving and cold but as I deepen the kiss, she starts to respond, her lips eating at mine. I broke the kiss before it got embarrassing and I tore her clothes off, taking her right there in front of everyone.

“I’m pregnant” Sophie repeated

“And I couldn’t be happier” I said, a smile bursting forth

“ are?” Sophie asked “Si...I don’t know anything about babies….n..never mind....pups and oh goddess...What if-”

I place my finger over her lips to quieten her panicked rant. She looked at my finger then me, her eyes wide as she questioned what I was doing. I move my finger, lean in to kiss her and use both my hands to cup her face

“You will be a great mum. I know because of how kind, loving and honest you are. You won’t be alone. Everyone will help. Trust me on this. You won’t get a chance to move or lift anything. The pack has been waiting a long time for you and for the future heir. Once they realise that you are pregnant and with an alpha supreme…..Sophie” I I got up and sat on the sofa beside her before lifting her up and placing her on my lap.

“Baby, you will be like a queen. The pack would defend you until their death”

“I wouldn’t want that” She said quietly

“But it would happen. Pups are wanted much dearly in our kind. There’s always usually an alpha among them, but one so powerful; Goddess Sophie! You have blessed this pack; blessed me with a miracle!”

“And I get to be it’s favourite and only auntie” Sherry butt’s in

“This is why I was so protective of her” Scott said in wonder “All this time...these emotions!”

“Yes” Mia said “You were feeling the need to protect the future supreme. You had a desire to be close to her because this little one was already demanding and commanding attention”

“H..How far am I?” Sophie asked

We all looked at Mia who smiled “Just under three months”

“H..How could I have not known?”

“Because, your wolf was taking care of you and hiding the pup from being detected. But she wasn’t alone. Alpha, the day you lost your wolf? He knew his mate was pregnant. That’s why he left. He was helping his mate protect the pup. He was putting off such strong, powerful vibes that it needed two strong alpha’s to protect it; hide it so that it could grow strong enough to hold its own if attacked”

“Attacked?” I asked

“Celine” Mia said

I stiffened and held Sophie closer to me, my arms automatically tightening around her. She yelped when it became too tight and I eased it a little

“My mum...Tasha would have mentioned the strong smell to her and she would have figured it out. Goddess Sophie; she’s going to flip! Your baby is not safe!” Kelsie said

“Well once I break Tasha’s face, she won’t be saying anything” Sophie said with sass

“Excuse me?” I said, my eyes wide and in shock “You won’t be fucking touching her!”

“Oh yes I will-”

“The hell you will” I shouted “You won’t be going anywhere! You’re pregnant and-”

“And not a fucking invalid” My mate’s wolf spoke “I am a supreme. I am powerful”

“You are also in Sophie’s body. Her pregnant body!” I replied “Would you really endanger both of them like that?”

She bared her teeth at me, her eyes flashing red. Taking her hand, her fingers changing to lethal claws, she put them against my neck. Everyone gasps but I remain calms

“Are you implying that we are weak? Unable to cope with a battle and a pregnancy?”

“Not weak. Vulnerable. She is still partly human with a human mind. And a pregnancy which is different from what she knows will scare her. She doesn’t even know that she will give birth in almost three and a bit months time. I know you could win, but I am asking you to let Sophie be safe and protected”

“And who will protect her?” She sneered

“ME...our guardian Scott. Everyone here. Our pack. I know that the rogue part of you sneers at love and weakness. At anyone weaker or less powerful than you protecting them; but that kind of loyalty is worth a thousand strong warriors” I explain

Sophie’s wolf scoffs and looks around the room. My mum slides closer to me and Sophie’s wolf watches her from the corner of her eyes

“I would like to enjoy being with Sophie and enjoy teaching her about our life. She’s always been the stronger one. I want her to be the one to be taken care of now. You are so strong and no-one here doubts it”

“It is my right by blood to seek retribution” Her wolf said

“And I am not denying that. I can’t…..lose her. Nothing can happen to her or our pup. I am not saying you can’t protect her. I am asking for time”

“Which we may not have if Celine i - “

“We will make time” I cut in “Let my Sophie come back to me. You know it can be dangerous if you keep phasing through. Especially as you are so powerful. You and the pup demanding so much of her energy will weaken her”

“My mate and I want our time”

“I know. My wolf is saying the same thing. Let Sophie have a couple of days or so to adjust. She’s still in shock. I promise I won’t step in the way” I say.

Seeing her eyes change from red to grey to red; her wolf finally decided to accept what I have said. I see Sophie coming back to me, her eyebrow rising up when she looks at me

“What did you say to piss her off?”

“What makes you think it was anything I said?” I asked, surprised

Sophie scoffs before asking me to release her. I stand up with her and my arms circle her still waist. I kiss her forehead and almost growl when she holds a hand our to Scott and then Sherry

“Scott. She is happy you will protect me but she says you need proper training. She wants you to train with this pack’s guards. Sherry, Tasha is banned from coming up onto any of the upper levels. She has both a key and a pass that allows her access onto all floors including the basements. Ban them. She is only allowed to enter and stay on the main level like everyone else. She also needs to find another job as she is fired”

I make a choked sound of surprise at Sophie and her changed demeanor. This is not her wolf talking. This is her and I am getting a boner seeing her be so assertive.

”Unless you have a problem with that?” Sophie asked

Shaking my head she looks at the rest of the room. And assigns tasks to Mia and Kelsie and asks them to help prepare for a battle with Tasha and Celine and possible casualties. Sophie spoke of the best way to hide her pregnancy for a little longer and both Mia and Kelsie started coming up with a plan.

To her own alpha’s, she asked Joe if he would consider helping me get answers about the rogue attack that happened to her with Jerrick's help. After all, Jerrick's alpha was Magnus’ brother so technically, he was her uncle by bite.

“And…” Sherry said “we also need to organise a mating ceremony and a baby shower!”

“Sherry dear. As she is my daughter-in-law to be, why don’t I organise the mating ceremony and why don’t you and the girls take on the baby shower”

“Baby shower” Sophie whispered

And just like that, my brave, fierce warrior of a mate deflates and shrinks into herself. She pales as the impact of the word ‘baby’ scares her enough to lower her defences. Amelia, my mum and Sherry don’t notice as they start to chatter excitedly amongst themselves. John, Scott, Joe and my dad are talking strategies and logistics but I only have eyes for my pale faced mate. Realising that she needs some space and time to adjust to all the new information I blow out a loud whistle which has everyone grimacing and looking at me

“I think my mate and I need some time alone. John, let the pack know you are in charge for a while. Soph and I need a few days of undisturbed rest and time alone”

“But Tasha and Cel-”

“There secondary. Nothing is more important than my mate. I understand this may throw our plan to catch Tasha in the act Kelsie; but Sophie needs some time to gather her thoughts”

Mia nodded before hugging Sophie “If you need anything or have any questions, call me”

“W..what should I know?” Sophie asked

“Well for a start, shifter pregnancies are usually around five and a half months long”

“WHAT!?” Sophie shrieks

“It’s ok Soph” I say, rubbing my hands up and down her back

“Yes” Mia explained “So in almost another month or so, it will be impossible to hide your pregnancy. It is a baby when born and on their first moon after their third birthday, they shift into a puppy for the first time. Labour is as normal and yes we do have things to help you with that. Cravings can hit without warning however everything may be different with you due to you being a supreme”

Seeing Sophie sway lightly on her feet, I pick her up bridal-style and nod my head to the living room door. Everyone hurries by as they congratulate us and talk about their own plans. I walk out behind them and before they all leave, I go into our room, have my mum pull back the bed covers and put Sophie under the covers. I see her shake a little before I realise that she is breathing deep. Shit! She’s trying to stop herself from being sick! I run to the bathroom and grab a tub, fill it with water and bring it beside the bed. Thank goddess I did because within seconds Sophie leans over and vomits. My mum holds her hair back and out of nowhere, Sherry rushes in and is rubbing Sophie’s back….while I stood their like a dumb shit, not knowing what to do!

“If she’s anything like you’re mum was with you; she will want an ice pole” My dad said

I can see Scott looking on with worry and when he catches my eyes, he makes his way over to the kitchen. It takes a few seconds before Sophie is done and my mum is advising a drained Sophie on what to expect. Scott returns and gives her the only two flavours we had in the freezer and Sophie takes the lemon one which, for just now; seemed to help settle her stomach. I gently lift her up and try not to jostle her too much before I carry her to the bathroom. As she brushes her teeth and uses a face cloth to wipe and cool her face, I can hear mum and Sherry set up the tub of water again and pass Soph a large comforting night t shirt.

I take her back to bed and gently lay her down. She snuggles into the bed. I walk Sherry and my mum back out to the door, promising to call them if I need anything or Sophie does. I close the apartment door and bolt all the locks in place. No-one’s getting in here without my say so.

“Soph” I whisper once in our bedroom.

“I..I’m scared. What do I know of wolves? I used to be scared of their shadows for god...goddess sake!” She said, her back to me

“It’s ok to be scared Soph. I’m here”

“Why are you so happy? Didn’t you hate me being human, a turned one?” Sophie asked

My heart twinged a little at her uncertainty, her worry I took off my clothes except for my boxers and spooned her, pulling the covers over us both. I kissed her shoulder and allowed her to stay facing away from me, understanding that she needed space

“I was a dick Soph. The things with us alpha’s are that we don’t give in easily. I always thought my mate would boost my power as in supporting me, helping to run the pack and-”

“And?” She asked when I didn’t continue

“And we would have great sex and a few pups” I said, embarrassed “I didn’t think I would fall in love and become obsessed, possessive or this unhinged regarding my mate”

Sophie slowly turned over, her eyes wide as she now lay facing me

“Y...You love me?”

“Yea. Took me almost dying to figure that out” I said


“Not because of you being a supreme Soph. Never think that. Even before I found out about it; when you left; I was broken without you. But as an alpha I went on. I had a pack to run so I did. But I didn’t live. I just went through the motions”

“Simon” She said on a short breath, her hands cupping my face

“I love you Soph and I am so fucking sorry for the way I have been. I couldn’t be happier about our pup. My wolf isn’t just smug about this pup; he’s already planning number three and four”

Sophie’s eyes bulged before she worried her bottom lip. I smooth it over with my finger before placing a gentle kiss on her lips. I place her head onto my chest and hug her to me, my body relaxing against hers even as I start to harden. I tell my body and my wolf to calm down, knowing Sophie needs some rest. Just as I think she’s asleep, I hear her softly whisper out

“I love you too Simon”



I mix the two liquids together and watch them collide and throw off sparks before settling down to become one position. I can’t believe that the one time I allowed myself to take my eyes off Magnus, he created an heir. Had I known that; I would have taken that bitch for my own.

I split the potions into two vile’s before adding an additional substance to one of them. Tasha is starting to become a problem. This morning, when she called me; telling me her mate had found her, I had to clench my teeth in anger. This mess she has created means my plan of attack has now moved up earlier. But first I have to kill Tasha and her baby!


I move my eyes from what I am doing and look at the young witch-in-training as she holds out two bags of ingredients

“Here” She said as she passed both to me “I..I’m a little confused. The one with the fennel's and red raspberry tea leaf...doesn’t that help bring on labour or help to do something about bleeding out if mixed with-”

“Shouldn’t you be getting on with the other mixtures I have given you to look at”

“Y...Yes but-”

“You came to me to learn dark magik so you could stop your mother’s cancerous progression. You knew there were sacrifices to be made when delving in that side”

“I...I know...but to take a life of as innocent as-”

“Either get on with it or leave. No pack would take you in or trust you if it got out what you are doing...they may even sentence you to death. Now, unless you want to die - get on with it” I hissed

She looked at me in fear, her face pale; A fine sheen of seat over her forehead. She nods before turning around and hurrying away up the stairs. Pathetic! I grip the vile harder and start to chant until I see the liquid change colours. I smile, knowing that each dosage is getting better and stronger. Now I just need everything else to fall into place.

This mate issue of Tasha’s will cause a lot of problems if he manages to get a whiff of his pup. I’ve been poisoning her for years in very small doses because I needed her womb. Now with him on the way; I will need to destroy the evidence. I can’t have my plan ruined because of her selfish ways.

Taking the changed liquid, I walk to one of the doors hidden behind a bookshelf and potted plant. I extract the key around my neck and unlock the door as I chant, my body hidden behind the shelf. As the door opens, I walk through before making sure I closed it behind me. I used magik to let my helper know I didn’t want to be distubed for at least thirty minutes.

I walk down the spiral stone staircase which leads me down to an underground basement. No-one knows about this place as they think the room I was in was the basement. As I reach further down, I chant to alight the scones on the walls and come to the bottom of the stairs where there is one other door. I unlock it with another key on my chain and walk through

“Hello my darling boy” I say as I walk into the dimly lit room.

I pick up the boys trousers that are on the floor and place it on the back of the chair and walk towards the bed. Sitting down on the side of the bed, I reach out and brush his hair away from his forehead. I gasp as a clump of it comes away in my hand. Swallowing my dismay and blinking away tears, I take his fragile little body and help him to sit up

“I don’t feel well mummy”

“It’s ok darling. Mummy’s here. Drink this. It will help you to get better again”

Nodding, he takes what I give him, drinking it slowly. I sigh in relief, a smile touching my mouth when I see colour return to his face, his body growing a little solid again. A temporary fix; but at least it works for now. He coughs and coughs so severely that his left eyeball detached and falls out, rolling off the bed and onto the floor; rolling away until it stops because it brushes against the chair leg.

“My eye!” He cries out

“It’s ok baby. Mummy will get it”

I rush to pick it up, looking at it in my hand. My anger growing in leaps and bounds that he suffers like this because of her.

“Mummy. I don’t feel well” He repeated

I move back to the bed and place his eyeball back into his socket. He blinks and looks at me, his eyes expressionless and I hug him. My heart thumped. I catch a glimpse of us in the mirror; my body hugging a blackened corpse as his own arms loosely circle my waist; my eyes promise retribution.

“Soon baby” I say “You’ll be alive properly soon. And when you come back; you will be the Alpha Supreme. You will be the strongest of them all”

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