The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Tasha P.O.V

The shoes I threw into the suitcase bounced before falling out of it. Huffing out an annoyed breath, I quickly walk over with an arm full of clothes and chuck it into the suitcase before putting my shoes on top of the clothes. I look at the case and nod my head before quickly moving to the bathroom

Tasha My wolf said

Where have you been? I asked in a shocked voice

Something is wrong Tasha. I’m really weak. More so than normal.

Why? I ask, biting my bottom lip

I...I don’t know. But listen; please don’t run from him. He needs us and we need him. He’s stronger than he looks Tasha.

Shut up! Don’t start that again

Please! My wolf whined Our pup is in danger Tasha. I can feel it! Can’t you?

Y...You’re just feeling wrong things. Celine will help

Celine is the cause of this! Put our pup first. For once in your damned life, put someone else above yourself

I put her back in her cage and was surprised how easily I was able to do this without a fight. Usually she would be putting up much more of a resistance. That worried me a little until I remembered what I was doing.

I went to the bathroom and got my toiletries together and added them to my small case. Zipping everything up, I grabbed my purse and checked that I had all the right and relevant keys, items and documents before pulling my suitcase behind me. I lock my front door before taking my case to the car

“Hey Tasha!”

I turn around and see my neighbour walking over, crossing the street and coming to stand beside my car. She looks at my large case then at me, her blonde eyebrows rising

“Are you going on a holiday?”

I had to be careful how I worded this since she was a wolf too and would be able to smell any lies or if I acted weird. So I decided to lie and tell the truth; hoping that it would work

“Kinda” I said, putting on a sad face “I just need a break from everything. I think I need to get away and re-evaluate things”

“Oh” She said, nodding “Alpha Simon and the Luna huh?”

“Erm yeah” I said, closing my eyes and acting like it was a difficult topic

“Oh; well where are you going? And for how long?”

“I uh...well, I’m going to go stay with my friend for a while. I’m sure I will be fine soon but, ya know...I thought i’d be with Simon and now that his true mate is here..” I say as I put the case in the boot of the car

“Yea that must suck. But she’s really nice Tasha. Honestly. I think she would be a fair Luna and a goof friends.All the pups love her”

I clenched my teeth as I pretended to listen, my anger boiling as I heard her talk about that bitch. The bitch who has ruined all my plans; my life!. I smiled and nodded at the right times and then before she could tell me any more, I put my hand on her arm.

“I’m really sorry Beth but I gotta go. It’s a long drive up and will be dark by the time I get to her house”

“Oh, right” Beth said, nodding her head “Well, enjoy and I hope you feel better soon”

“Bye” I said, as I got into my car

She stood and watched me settle into the car and connect my phone, then stood and watched as I reversed before waving once I faced the right way. I gunned my car down the little road to take me outside of the cul-de-sac and made sure I was far away enough before calling Celine.

“I’ve left. Thank you so much for letting me stay Celine. I know it’s only for two days but still. It’s so annoying that the hotel had the rest of the five days available but not the first two”

Hearing her speak, I turn right before joining a busy main road. I drive for a while as I speak to her and we make plans as I start to approach the motorway. Turning onto it, I can feel my wolf be extremely sad and a tear slips out as my wolf turns her face away from me and puts her head on her paws in defeat. I almost turn back because I have never seen her like this but then I think about Jason and how he could almost be near and it hardens my resolve to keep driving.

As I get onto the motorway, I relax into my seat a little as I settle down to drive all the way up to Scotland; leaving the pack for a week and hiding with Celine while I try to work out what to do about my mate.


Celine P.O.V

“She’s on the way my darling boy”

“Who is mumym?”

“The lady who is going to help you get stronger. She’s going to give you something very special to make you a strong boy”

“What she going to give me mummy?”

“It’s a surprise,” I said with glee.

Kissing his forehead, I help him to finish his drink before helping him to lay down on the bed. My heart ached as I watched his eyes start to drift. He needed to sleep for the next two days and I had to give him a sleeping potion so that he didn’t alert Tasha to his presence.

I needed her here and I needed her weak. It would take considerable effort to kill off her wolf just in two days but it had to be done. I was too close now to let her stupidity stop me. Seeing my boy close his eyes, I put the covers up to his chin to keep him warm and walk out of his room; locking the door tight before going back to my basement. I close the doorway and put everything back in it’s place before walking towards my work bench and picking up the jar of white liquid. I smile as I see it has started to steam; the poison is working to set itself so when I give her it in the tea; her wolf wouldn’t be able to sniff it.

The perfect killer for a weakened wolf. Silver wolfsbane


Sophie P.O.V

I walk close to the partially open kitchen door and peak in to see Simon sitting with his back to me, his coffee now cold and forgotten. This afternoon we were told that Tasha had run away after our warriors went to check on her.

The plan had been to act like we didn’t know anything and to invite her back to the pack house to talk. From there it would have been easy to take her to the cells in the basement and talk to her. I didn’t feel right in thinking about hurting her pup, even if it had been Simon’s, I couldn’t have done it. We would have made sure she was comfortable and see what we could have gotten her to tell us. But when they went to her house, her car was gone. They had waited for almost an hour in their car when a neighbour had seen the warriors and obligingly told them of her visiting her friend

When they told us, we figured out it must be Celine she went to. According to her friend, she was going for a ‘few days’ and had a big suitcase with her. I had wanted to go after her but Simon didn’t agree. I had shouted at him that he couldn’t force me to just do nothing and his face changed once again. He calmly asked me to please not go after her. I could tell from the tone of his voice something was wrong. But he wouldn’t tell me. Even now, he looked sad.

I tiptoes in and hugged him from behind, my arms going around his shoulders

“Watcha doing?” I ask playfully

Simon startles and I realise that he really hadn’t heard me. Wow! He really must have been thinking deeply. He sighs and shakes his head. I feel sad at his quiet movements and I walk around to face him and, I swear; I don’t know why and where this assertiveness came from; but I put my legs on either side of the chair and sit down on his lap, facing him.

His eyes widened in surprise before his arms come around me, holding my hips in place and securing so I didn’t fall.

“What’s wrong Si?” I ask


“Oh! So we are now lying to each other then?” I ask in annoyance

“What?” Simon ask’s, blinking

“Don’t what me mister” I say in mock sternness “Ever since yesterday, you’ve been in a really strange mood. A….Are you re-thinking the baby?..d….do you not want it any more?”

“WHAT?” He said, his eyes widening “NO! Hell Sophie! What kind of monster do you think I am?” He asked, his face pale

“Not a monster...why would you say that?” I ask with a frown

“Because…” He sighs and shakes his head

“Do you not think that since we are about to become parents; that we should be able to share and talk about things together?”

“Soph...I..You know I...Hell” He says, cutting off

“Please be honest with me. H..have you changed your-”

“No Soph. Not about you or the baby. You’re my life”

“Then?” I asked

“Me Soph. I’ve changed my mind about me”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve been thinking about everything that’s happened between us. How I always seem to make you do what I want. You wanted me to give you time and space, I didn’t. You wanted me to trust Scott, I didn’t. You wanted me to be honest about our and mine and Tasha’s relationship, I wasn’t” He sighed “You wanted to confront her, I didn’t want you to; I even used our pup as an excuse for you not didn’t. And yesterday, when we found out that she have run away for a week or so to Celine and you wanted to go after her…..I forced you not to”

“Okkkk” I said, not sure where he was going with this

“It made me think...Have I been forcing you?”

“What do you mean?” I ask, confused

“Soph. That….God! Even saying it, makes me feel sick”

“Simon what? Your scaring me little” I say

“When we first met, then I followed you to your packhouse. That night...Soph...Kitten, be honest with me….God I ...Did I..force you?”

“Force me?”

“That night when I took you? Made you mine. Did I rape you?”

“WHAT?!” I asked shocked

“I was so arrogant, so up myself; thinking I was god or rather goddess gift to women. I didn’t know anything about your past, only that you were my mate and I wanted you. I...took you even when you said no”

“NO! Simon, I...Yes, I didn’t say yes by my words. Not because I didn’t want to but because I didn’t know how to. For so long, I have been afraid of wolves while living among them. Hell, I was afraid of my own too. When I saw you and we kissed….I was so turned on! So in lust. Couldn’t you smell my arousal?”

“I did but also fear”

“But not enough or you would have stopped. You smelt my arousal, my curiosity, my desire for you. Maybe some of my embarrassment but while fear was there; those other scents were stronger. I know you Simon; you would have stopped if my fear was stronger”

“I still took you without consent. I keep forcing my will on you. I am so sorry. I...I” Seeing tears in his eyes and torture on his face, I cup his jaw lovingly and nuzzle my nose against his

“Simon, I was scared to voice how aroused I was. I thought if I denied it, then I wouldn’t have had to cope with the truth. That I was ready….had been ready for a while to experiment with male wolves. I didn’t want to admit that I wanted more than just a boyfriend...that I wanted to be loved like a mate”

“I took that choice of mate from you” He said sadly

“Hey! Hey! Stop that. Aren’t all true mates destined?”

“Yes but - “

“Then how could you have taken that choice from me when we were destined to be? You would have if say Scott or someone else was my mate, we were dating and you wouldn’t let me go”

He growled in annoyance which I knew would help change the tone of this conversation. I smiled when he gently nipped my jaw; his hands tightening around my hips.

“But, you didn’t...if this what you have been brooding about for the last day or so?”

“Rape is not brooding!”

“Rape?! Jeez Simon; Baby you didn’t rape me. I was willing, I was just too scared to voice it”

“But that’s the point Soph. You didn’t voice anything because I was so strong handed. When I saw you stiffen in fright, I should have just backed off. Stopped. Rape is not ok in any form or any way!”

“I was stiff because I couldn’t believe I could get to experience what I wanted without admitting I was starting to get over being scared”

“Then why did you shake so much after coming here?”

“Because of my bad experience with alpha’s. Not because I was too scared to stop you. Did you forget that Amelia was outside for a few minutes when we were kissing? She would have stepped in if I had protested and begged you to stop. Let’s not forget my wolf. If I really wanted you to stop; do you think she would have let it happen? She’d have tore you a new one” I chuckled

Seeing his downcast eyes, I nuzzled under his jaw until he lifted his eyes at me. I kissed him gently on the lips. It was only after he kissed me back, his body hardening under mine, did I break the kiss

“And, most importantly. Did you forget that I wanted to come with you to your pack? I could have rejected you. I could have said no and Joe and Amelia wouldn’t have let me go no matter what. Even to the point of starting a war with your pack. So I ask….Do you really still think you raped me?”

“I...I don’t know”

“Then I’ll tell you. No, Simon. You didn’t”

He looked into my eyes, his eyes asking questions. I didn’t lie or hide my own from him; letting him see that his argument was baseless. He must have found what he was looking for because he hugged me tight to him, his face buried in between my chest, his own rising and falling rapidly

“Goddess Soph! I’m so sorry for the way I behaved”


“It’s not ok. Not by a long shot and while you say I didn’t rape you; I wasn’t far of it. I can only apologise. You’re the very air I breathe and while it’s taken me this long to change and with the help of Mia and Kelsie; coming off whatever Tasha was feeding me; I am grateful that you gave me a chance and accepted me as a mate. Goddess; I love you Soph”

“I love you too Simon” I said, tears in my eyes “My silly alpha” I kissed his lips again

“Soph I - “

This time it was I who cut him and his apology off. I kissed his lips hard, opening my mouth to tangle our tongues together. I knew he felt remorse and self disgust. I could feel it through our bond. He wasn’t just saying pretty words. He really meant them. The weight of his guilt was big and I knew it would be sometime before he accepted my forgiveness.

Suddenly feeling turned on, I ground myself against his growing erection and moaned when his jean covered cock rubbed deliciously against my thin cotton panties, my juices already leaking as I felt my panties get wet. He moaned before taking my mouth in a rough kiss, our tongues and teeth clashing. I started rubbing against him harder when he suddenly ripped open my t-shirt. I was so glad right then that I had decided to go for a nap rather than a movie with Sherry; So I had kept my night t-shirt on and worse panties, opting out of my bra, making it so much easier and better for him to gain access to me.

Suddenly he stopped kissing me, his growl of frustration and anger making me look at him with a frown. I waited patiently as I could see he was being mind-linked. Suddenly I was included in the conversation as I heard John In my head

What’s going on? I asked

Sorri Alpha, Luna but your needed downstairs John said

What did I tell you about calling me that I say in mock anger Sherry’s my sister so not only am I you’re sister-in-law by two relationships but I believe you classed me as a sister once too

Ewwwwww. That’s sick John teased

IS this really the time?

Why not? John asked, you need...oh...OH shit! Sorry! Right erm….ok well Unfortunately you are needed downstair otherwise I wouldn’t have called you guys...esp not at this time….even though that’s all you guys have been doing for-

JOHN! Simon shouted

I could hear John culling as Simon bickered back and I rolled my eyes at their childish behaviour. I kissed Simon, effectively breaking his mini fight with John before I asked John for more information

What is so urgent John I asked again

It’s Tasha, or rather it’s about Tasha

Simon and I both stiffen as we look at each other. Simon growls in anger when John suddenly continues. His next words sending us in shock.

There are two twin brothers here. Before approaching our border, the oldest, Jason asked for permission to come onto our lands. I granted it after he said it was about one of our wolves called Tasha. The brother’s are in the office. Alpha’s; he said his Tasha’s mate and the pup she has is his. He’s here to claim her

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