The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon P.O.V

“You’re the alpha supreme!” Jason said wide-eyed

Before both he and his identical twin bowed slightly at the waist in front of a shocked Sophie

“How do you know that?” I ask as I pull Sophie to me

“Forgive us” Jason said as the twins stood up straight “We have only ever heard of you. When we were young, our healers said they were told of a prophecy. Your story was both an inspiration and fear of being bitten by a rogue in our pack”

“Who is your pack?” I asked with a frown

“We don’t really have one” Jason said “when we were fifteen, our pack was attacked. Apart from us and two others, no-one else survived. When we go to a territory that has a well established pack, we ask for permission”

“No-mads,” John said, baring his teeth. Sherry growled and took a stance of protection in front of Sophie. She squeaked when I placed her behind me and my eyes flashed wolf

“What’s a no-mad?” Sophie asked

“Wolves who roam free and without allegiance to a pack. They are almost like rogues and can be a threat”

“I can assure you we are not. We have not met a pack yet that appealed to us. We mean you no harm” The other twin said

“Move a few steps back” I growl. Even though between me and them, Sherry and John were in protective mode, and they wouldn’t get far if they tried to attack’ I couldn’t risk it

They both nodded before moving back a few steps until they were almost to the back wall of the meeting room. While I wasn’t happy they were still here, my wolf was more accepting to their presence being far away.John and Sherry on the other hand kept their vigilant post.

“You are?”

“Ray. I’m the younger twin by 2 minutes”

“Explain to me about Tasha” I said

“Erm, Before we talk. Could we sit down? I’m feeling-”

“What’s wrong baby?” I ask, my heart thumping at her pale face

I pick her up and place her on the sofa, away from the twins. They must have made some sort of movement because I heard both John and Sherry’s chilling growl.

“Jason? Ray?” What the fuck are you doing here?” I heard Scott say

Whipping my head around to look at him, shock clear on my face. Sherry stopped growling at them and cocks her head at Scott who had walked in, a steaming cup of some sort of fruit. His face comical as he looked at the twins.

“Scott?” Jason gaped at him “What the fuck man? How are you?”

“What the hell is going on here?” I roared

“Please don’t roar Si” Sophie said with a wince

“Soph” Scott said, running over to us “Here” He said as he passed her the cup “Kels said you would be about ready for this now”

“What is it?” I asked

“Camomile and berry tea. Or something to that effect. It’s meant to help-”

“Oh god! I’m go...oing..-”

Next thing I know, Sherry has pushed me aside and put the trash can in front of Sophie a second before Sophie started vomiting. I grimace and move to sit beside her as I hold her hair back from her face, rubbing her back in circles. For the next few seconds the only sound in the room is of her retching and everyone trying not to vomit themselves.

I was just going to mind-link my parents, Kelsie and Mia when suddenly, exhausted; Sophie sagged backwards and flopped beside me, her face shiny with sweat, her pale face making me worried. Scott looked like he wanted to say something, the twins stayed quiet with a concerned John beside them. And Sherry...thank goddess for Sherry, because she came back with water and sat in front of Sophie

“Here Soph” She encouraged “It’s Ice water, and it has ice cubes”

“I...I c..can’t”

“It will help take out the taste. Plus sucking on ice-cubes can help”

“Come on kitten. Just a little sip” I encourage

“Shut up. This is your fault I’m so sick!” Soph growled

I wince at her words as I can see everyone else grin, their smiles pissing me off. I let out a low growl, letting them know I wasn’t happy at their insubordination and I hear awkward coughs as they all try to play it off.

“Don’t growl at them!” Sophie said, her eyes a little bright as the water seemed to have helped

“It’s ok Soph” Sherry said in amusement “Come on, let’s go get you cleaned up. You up for moving?”

“You need help baby?” I asked her

“I’m ok” She said, smiling weakly at me.

Every protective instinct was screaming at me to help my mate and carry her to the bathroom but I knew that her wolf would see that as an insult; as if I didn't find her strong enough to cope. I clenched and uncleaned my fist as I stood and watched Sherry help her to go. I see Scott try to follow her and I almost growl out my unhappiness at it when Sophie snapped her teeth at him

“What? You think because I’ve been sick, I can’t go without a man helping me?”

“W….No! No Soph, but you - “

“What? I’ve just been sick? So suddenly I’m weak?”

Now it’s my turn to grin at his shocked expression. He looked at me in annoyance before opening his mouth again

“No, but i am your guardian and as such-”

“EXCUSE ME?” Sophie shrieked “Where was your fucking gaurding shit when I got into this situation huh? And now, oh hey; I’m a big strong guy, let me help you weak fuc-”

Sherry put a hand over Sophie’s mouth as Scott looked on in shock, his mouth opening and closing like a fish. I burst out laughing as soon as Sherry had managed to encourage Sophie to leave without killing all the men in the room. John chuckled and even the twins laughed.

“What the fuck are you all laughing at?” Scott growled

“About time Soph was annoyed with you. I was getting so fuckin tired of being the one she was either mad at, shouted at or didn’t like” I said

“Whatever man” Scott said “So how come you guy’s are here?”

“How are you here is the question?” Jason said

“So you guys know each other. Does your alpha pair know them too?” I asked

“No” Scott said “These are guys I meet when my uncle would sometimes take me on hiking trips and at that time, their father and alpha was alive”

“Your father was an alpha?” John asked in surprise

“Beta. But the alpha was our uncle. They were twins” Jason explained

John and I whistled. Twins often were either co-alpha’s or alpha and beta. When twins were born to an alpha pair, it was very rare for one to be weaker than the other. I nodded as I walked forward

“Scott, I believe Jason has something to say”

“I do?” Jason asked with a raised eyebrow

“About Tasha” I said

Scott growled “Tasha. That bitch”

“Watch you’re tone about my mate” Jason growled light

“She’s your mate?” Scott asked, his mouth open once again

“She is. I met her when she came down south and on a night out. We went back to my hotel. We mated in every way but the bite. Every time we got close to it, she would turn away. I thought she was playing. So I indulged her. I figured that in the morning, we would mate and talk; but she ran out at almost the crack of dawn. My wolf was going crazy and I found out she was pregnant”

“That little bitch tried to pin it on me” I said

“Pin what?”

“Look, you’re not going to be happy to hear this; but before I found Soph. Tasha and I -”

“You better not finish that sentence” Jason cut in

“Mate, let him explain” Scott said

Nodding, he first tried to calm down and closed his eyes, obviously communicating with his wolf. After what seemed like an age but only a few seconds, he opened his eyes and looked calmer. He nodded for me to finish what I said. For the next fifteen minutes, I explained everything. From meeting Sophie, to Tasha’s part in everything, Sophie and I getting back together and us learning of Tasha’s betrayal. Jason stood stock still and just listened, his eyes darting between us all his only movement.

“Fuck” Jason said quietly

“I just don’t understand how she didn’t pick up your alpha vibes” I said

“Because we hid it” Ray said “Too many female want the ones with power but don’t know what it means to earn it”

“I’m sorry man” Scott said “i know we haven’t seen each other in awhile but I’m sorry I wasn’t there enough for you to pick up the phone and tell me”

“We are guy’s. Let’s be honest, us doing that is not ever gonna happen” Jason said sadly. “You’re lucky Simon. Sophie seem’s great. Never mind her being the supreme”

“What are we going to do about Tasha?” John asked

“If what you have said is true, then I worry for her. What is this Celine going to do to her?” Jason asked, worry lacing his voice

“Let’s work together. Scott, you’re alphas left because they had to check up on something from their side but we can ask them to come back and take care of Sophie while we all go after Tasha”

“The hell you will!”

We all turn around to see Sherry, Kelsie and Sophie looking at us in anger. I rush over to Sophie and gently pick her up without jostling her too much. I kiss her soft lips and taste the minty toothpaste that she must have brushed her teeth with. She now had a light dress and slippers on and I realised she must have been feeling overheated so she dressed cooler. As our kiss became heated, I moved backwards with her until I sat on the couch, her legs on either side of me as we started to get turned on. My thought had only been to sooth her but now, I only wanted to fuck her.


Several people coughed and cleared their throats and I lifted my gaze to them, annoyed at the interruption. Sophie smiled at me and I brushed her hair away before leaning up and taking a deep sniff , inhaling her sweet scent deep within me

“Kitten, fuck!”

“Yes!” Soph whispered

“NO!” everyone else shouted

“Geez, cock-blocking much?” Sophie said, rolling her eyes

“You just shouted at me for not stopping you from getting preg-”

“Oh yea” Sophie said, blushing “Sorry about that”

Scott threw his hands up in the air and messaged his forehead and I leaned into her neck, smiling at her turn of attitude. Hugging her tight to me, I kissed her forehead as John explained to the ladies what had been discussed. While Sophie had adjusted herself to face them and listened, I only held her to me. I loved her smell and knowing she carried my pup made me so thankful for this opportunity. As we all discussed the plan and how to get Tasha back without her losing the pup; all I cared about was how my mate needed rest.

“I think we have to do whatever it is quickly” Kelsie said “The way you guys are describing how Tasha has been and her eating/drinking habits tells me that Celine has her taking them for a reason and it could be bad. Very bad”

“What do we do? I can’t lose my pup. He’s innocent in all of this” Jason said

“He? You know it’s a boy?” Kelsie asked

“Yes, My wolf sensed it”

“Oh No. That can’t be good” Kelsie said

“Why?” Jason asked

“Because; when my brother died; and Celine went further into black magik; There were spell that required pure human sacrifice to gain power or to summon the devil” Kelsie said “Jason, I fear that Tasha may have gone too far because in order for the child to be sacrificed; the mother has to be willing”

“What?” Jason asked, his face pale

“Yes. Tasha’s consent would have been needed for most of the things Celine did. There’s a lot of grey areas in black magik but in order for it to work. One must be willing to be part of it. I’m sorry Jason, but I think Tasha may have deliberately tried to get pregnant from anyone just so she could sacrifice the pup for magik”


Celine P.O.V

“Now remember, this child will be at the right gestation period. Three more drinks from this vial will mean that you will be able to get Simon back and Sophie out of his life forever” I tell her

“ there a way no...not to involve the child?”

“Don’t tell me that you have now come to care for it. You knew what sacrifice was needed for this to get what you wanted” I say, smirking

“I...Yes….I just thought-”

“Stop thinking and just do. I don’t have time to waste.I need this blood to open that gateway”

“Right...right” Tasha said as she shook her head

I give her the vial and watch as she takes the first drink., patting the side of my dress where the hidden black dagger was resting in the pocket. As she then grabbed the bottle of water, I walked over to the circle that was created with glowing candles and I sat in the middle, cross legged. Tasha walked over beside me and sat across from the same way. I started to chant, my power growing stranger even as I sensed her wolf growing weaker; my position finally bringing her wolf to its knees.

As I chanted, I smiled; realised that maybe the other two drinks weren’t needed. Her wolf was dying, and as soon as it did; her pup would be left vulnerable. I could hear the spirits from the other side guide me on what was needed next, tell me how to extract her wolf and pup; showing me images of what was to come. Suddenly, I hear Tasha gasp out from pain

“CELINE!” I hear her shout

But I keep chanting

“C...CELINE!” Tasha screamed again

“Drink the last two vial”

“Something is wrong...Please….my wolf….so...omt..thing…”

“Drink the vial Tasha!”

My eye widen and I know that she can see my black orbs. From her scared, pained gasp I know she is witnessing my real power for the first time and the idiot is thinking that she will be just as powerful as me. She wishes! Opening the bottle of the vial, she drinks it down in one go and before reaching for the last vial; she pauses.

Shit! Her wolf must be trying to convince her not to do it. I see her hands tremble slightly as if undecided and I know I can’t lose her now! If she took a step back, everything would be ruined and it would take me another couple of years before finding someone so power hungry and willing!

“Don’t stop now Tasha! You are so close” I lied, clenching my teeth


“If you give up now, your wolf will tell Jason where you are and he will come for you. He will claim you. Do you want that? Claimed by a filthy omega? A weak wolf?” I say, tapping into her fear

Seeing her pale, I knew I had won. She took the last vial and downed it just as my eyes changed to red and I howled out in triumph. Four years! Four years of hard work finally paying off and my life will start again. My son’s life will start again. Suddenly, Tasha screamed out in pain as each candle light flared in the dark, the flame turning from yellow to green before faring upwards in an arch the opposite candle; then turning black. I kept chanting as I heard her scream out for me, telling me something was wrong with her wolf.

I keep chanting, ignoring her. I saw black-hooded spirits come out of the flame and surround as outside of the circle as I slowly got up, my hand slipping inside of the pocket to grab the handle of the blade. I watch as Tasha falls onto her back, her head thrashing about, her tears running down that perfect, model like face as she kicked her legs about. I hold my hand out and immediately she is held in place by invincible ropes, spread apart like a starfish. Leaning over her, my eyes change back to black and I lean into her ear to whisper my words

“Er, tuei elmilado epiesi”

With a mighty scream, her body bows as the rest of her stays tethered to the ground. I see the spirit of the wolf and quickly take out the dagger and slash it in an arch, the spirits all screaming in pleasure at this act as they open their mouths to suck in the soul of the wolf once I severed her connection from Tasha’s body. Tasha eye opened wide in shock as she finally saw what I had done, her face pale and sickly looking as she saw her wolf spirit get dismembered before her very eyes

“ you done Cel..ien?” Tasha asked

“What I had always planned to do”

“ be...try..ed me” She whispered, realisation in her eyes

“Great power requires great sacrifices. You were foolish to request it without knowing anything. Without checking what it was” I kicked her, making her turn away from me

“I..I...tru..sted you!”

“You were a fool too” I smirked.

The spirits finally stopped there whaling and screeching as they had now finished confusing her wolf. Tasha’s body started to wither in pain, her face now a sickly green, her eyes dulling with pain


“Now that your wolf is dead and gone, you will feel every pain, every bone crushing hurt that she took care of for you. I’ve been feeding you these positions for years in the hopes of weakening your wolf. It was only when you got pregnant by your mate that I was able to really make her vulnerable because she was trying to protect your pup; even though she didn’t know that you had already signed a blood contract. One that agreed to sacrifice your pup to the dark magik for worldly gains” I laughed, my voice pitching high as it crackled “Pathetic, foolish idiot. But your greed gave me what I wanted so I helped you. Now”

I said as I walked back to my workbench. I grabbed a few tools, a few different liquids and bought then back to where she was still moving about in pain, her body slithering around like a snake

“It’s time to take care of the pup”

“ Cel..ine” Tasha begs, her tears flowing freely “p.le...easeeeee”

I walked away from her screaming and begging to be let go, that she didn’t want this. It fell on deaf ears. I went behind the shelf, walked down to where my precious boy lay broken on his bed and opened his door.

“Mummy!” He said

“Hello darling” I say as I hug him delicately “how’s my special little guy?”

“Sore mummy. I don’t feel well” His little broken voice said

“Well today’s the day you get better love. Come on” I say

Gently, and with infinite care, I wrap him up so the loose body parts don’t just break off. Wrapping him up in a cloth, I gently hug him to me and I walk with him up the stairs. I tuck the blanket around him tighter and walk out from behind the shelves; only to see Tasha crying and begging the mood goddess’s forgiveness. Asking for her wolf back, protection from me and safety for her pup. I laughed before walking into the circle with my precious bundle. She turned to look at me before her eyes took in the decayed, blackened face of the boy in the blanket. Her eyes widened, the stench of her fear saturating the air,

“W..What is that?” She asked

I ignored her and laid him down. Telling him not to move, I went to the middle of the circle, and lifted the dagger up. Chanting again, I called upon the dark forces to bless this dagger with the power I needed. When asked if I had a sacrifice in place for the one I wanted to give life too, I looked at the scared female in front of me and I nodded, laughing at my achievement. I promised them pure blood for the soul to enter into my son; promised that he would do their bidding if they only blessed him with life.

Securing their agreement; I promised them the soul and the body of the female here once I cut the child from her womb. At this; the spirits shrieked in happiness louder, their combined power whipping up a wind storm inside of my basement. Tasha screamed, my son called out to me and I…..I finally lifted up the blessed dagger, walking towards Tasha; my intention for her clear in my eyes

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