The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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I saw her lift the dagger higher and knew my end was near. When my wolf realised that I had betrayed her, any strength she had, disappeared. I never meant for this to happen. All my life, I was the girl the pack knew me as a trailer girl. My parents didn’t want a full-on pack life. They were the human version of being hippies. As I grew up, I would see other pack members living in real homes, having christmas and presents. My parents? They just worshipped the moon goddess. They didn’t care about money or power.

Yes, Simon’s parents never mistreated my parents. In fact, they praised them for being selfless But the reality of living that way was something else. I hated not having a house. I hated not having proper christmas or birthday presents. At sixteen, people my age were getting a car or a holiday. I was given hugs and told that karma would bless me. I hated it! I was eighteen when my parents died because of hunters. That was when I had decided I was going to be a normal wolf. I got a house and a car. And I feel for the alpha to be.

Yes, a part of me fell for him for greed. He had the big house, the flashy cars...and bags of money. I mean, he brought me my first pair of louboutins without blinking! Somewhere along the way, I actually fell in love with him and wanted to own everything including him. When I saw him fall for Sophie a few months ago; I was livid! The bitch was trying to take my place. I forgot what real mates are. I never thought I would find mine. A year ago when Celine told me that to get powerful I had to weaken my wolf; I should have questioned it. But she made it sound so reasonable, so logical and I just believed her. I didn’t stop to listen to my wolf that something wasn’t right. Even when I started to feel my wolf weaken so much more than Celine said she would; I didn’t stop it.

Now here I was. Wolfless. She killed her, cut her soul from my body and fed her to these devilish monsters! How could I heave been so stupid, how! When she brought her son and laid him beside me, I almost vomited from the smell of death and decay. When I looked at his broken, blackened body, his disfigured face and oh goddess, his broken eye socket; I fainted. It was either that or be sick on myself.

When I came to, I saw Celine lift the dagger over her head, her eyes wild and possessed. I realised that all her magic wasn’t good! What a time to realise that I was essentially servicing the devil! I closed my eyes, sad that I had let things get this far. I wonder what would have happened if I had just told Jason the truth? If I had maybe stayed and talked to my mate?

Suddenly, a burning sensation attacked me from the inside of my womb and I screamed out aloud, pain exploding behind my eyes as my eye opened and saw what the crazy bitch had done. Dear goddess! She had cut me open and I felt every slice of the pain!


Celine P.O.V

I brought the dagger down and slashed open her stomach. Her child wouldn’t have been bigger than a human child at three months. In my mind it’s just a lump of cells even though I remember my own pregnancy. I almost falter until I see my son, lying there in pain and I have to go on. How could I let him down? It’s her fault for being so stupid! For not questioning!

Her greed for money and power put her in this space. I am taking what is rightfully mine. She didn’t deserve her baby. What kind of mother sacrifices her child, even an unwanted one; like this? Not feeling remorse, I cut her open. She screams in pain as she now feels everything. Had her wolf still been with her, this wouldn’t have been possible as her wolf would have healed her up straight away. As I cut her open, I start chanting the words the spirits told me too, my heart starts to speed up, telling me I need to do this quick. I reach in, my hands getting a feel for where the baby is and with the dagger, I cut out the baby.

It is small and when I lift it up, for a moment I remember my own babies, small and covered in blood from their birth; before hardening my heart. I hear Tasha scream and beg me for mercy but I have none. Suddenly, my heart beats faster and range takes over

“You stupid bitch!” I shout at her “ You dare lie to me!”


“How dare you keep this from me! Did you think I wouldn’t find out?”

“I….d.on’t ...know what ….you are talking about. Celine please”

“This child is an alpha’s child! You lied to me about your mate being an omega!” I blasted her with my power and again she screamed in pain

“Nnnnoooo...I swear-”

“Lies! You bitch, you stupid bitch! If I had known. I would have kept you alive until birth! My son could have had a proper alpha spirit. Now, he will only get half of it until I kill your luna and take her child’s spirit for him”

“Y..You will kill her?”

“Yes! Her child will be the supreme. If I had known your was an alpha, I would have given him longer to live and plan before taking them down. Now because of you; I have to do this quick”

“G..ive him to me… .b...aby”

“Why?” I snorted “You didn’t want him. You knew you wanted a baby just to sacrifice him to power. Because he is an alpha’s child you want him?” I laughed

“P..le...ase!” She cried

The baby moved in my hand and I closed my eyes. I started to chant as she cried for her child. I ignored it and with the dagger, I sliced my wrist a little before dipping a singer into the blood and made signs on the fetus. I won;t call it a baby! I refuse to! I layed the fetus beside my boy and tied the blanket around them both so to cover them up. When I couldn’t see them at all I started to chant. Tasha lay there crying.

“ETI, Adobies ma griesli. Omi Indettei o epio anos tiediem” I shout over and over.

Suddenly, what felt like a hurricane, started to whip around the room. I heard things banging about and I was sure I heard voices, but no-one else was in the house except that little dimwitted helper. The wind inside became fierce and I had to shout against the wind, louder so the spirits could hear me chat. It must have only been seconds yet felt like hours as the covered bodies moved as the wind rocked them. I worried for my son and the pain he must be going through but I knew it was only for just now. Soon he would be free!

Just as suddenly the storm started, it abruptly ended. Tasha was pale and whimpering, sweat covering her body. Her blood soaking the covering over my child. I fall to my knees as the power left me after chanting so much. I felt droplets of sweat fall to the ground as my shaky legs tried to stand up again. I pant as I walk forward, my hand shaking as I move aside the cover. I fall down in relief as my son turns over, his body not falling apart as it usually did.

“Mummy” He said, reaching out for me

Crying out, I take him into my arms and when I feel how solid he is, tears fall from me harder. He keeps asking me what is wrong and I obviously have squeezed him too hard as he wiggles to try and get away from me; but I hold him that much tighter as I sniff his hair. For the first time in over 12 years, my son’s hair is normal and smells like a wolf. The smell of decay and death is very little and I knew the ritual worked! All these years of plotting and planning. Of living a half life without him; I could love him, touch him….hold him!

“Mummy, Can I play now that I’m not broken?”

“Oh my love” I say “You can do what you want”

“Then can I play with Kelsie. Pllleeaasseee. I promise we won’t be messy or make noise. I want to show her my train set”

I stiffen in shock at hearing her name after all these years. My anger starts to rise that her brother is in this state because of her! I brushed his hair from his face even as before my very eyes, I saw healthy hair grow back on his head, his blacked and decaying face now healthy and slowly fading to a healthy colour. I kissed his forehead.

“Darling, she’s busy right now. But come with me. First you have to promise to eat. Then we will make plans ok?” I say as I take his hand in mine

“Ce..line” I hear Tasha

I cover my son’s face away from the image and walk with him back down to his room, ignoring her shouts of pain. Once in his room, I brush his hair and watch it glide through the thickness without falling out. I change him into new clothes and bring out an ipad. His elation at being able to hold it properly makes my heart flutter. I leave him sitting at his little table where i had earlier prepared and left food on the table along with milk, water and a fruit shoot drink.

I walk back up to the room and as I near Tasha on the floor, I hear a thud upstairs. What is that stupid fool doing? I should have just killed her when she mixed up my bottles and almost burned all my plans and positions. Tasha is whimpering and crying, in and out of consciousness at times. I start to pick up the fetus when there’s a thud at the door. I look back at it in surprise. When another one hits the door with force I know it’s not the helper. I lift the dagger up and start to chant as I feel my eyes change colour. As the door breaks in, I lift my hand and with my magick, I blast a blue and black ball of energy towards whoever was coming through the door, not caring who it was.

I falter for a second before my eyes widen in shock. There, before me, stood my nemesis, my reason for despair and heartbreak. My daughter Kelsie


Jason P.O.V

We had Simon’s pack after Kelsie had told us what Tasha must have agreed to do. My heart was in my throat when I thought of all this evilness and felt fear for my pup. How could I have been so wrong in choosing my mate?

We drove out within minutes in three cars. Simon’s den mother packed us a lot of food but I couldn’t eat. I wanted to get there fast. I wanted to be there now! Scotland was almost a five hour journey and Kelsie had left yesterday. I wish instead of going back to a hotel; I had thought to speak to Simon before. We would have been there yesterday. Instead, I waited for a day, thinking she might come back.

It was only once we had spoken to Simon and his warriors that I found out she had run away to some witch!

My wolf whimpered in my head and I knew something bad was happening. He was protecting me because he was refusing to let me feel what he was feeling. We have been on the road now for almost three and a half hours and I was itching to get there

“I’m sorry”

“Why are you sorry?” I asked my twin “it’s not your fault”

“I wish-”

“Don’t” I said, knowing that he was about to blame himself or wish that whatever’s already happened is not unfixable

He nodded before focusing on the driving. I felt Arik, Joe and Amelia’s eyes on me from the back seat. In the silver land Rover behind me, Simon, Sophie, Scott and Kelsie followed and in the last car, A red Audi, two of Simon’s warriors plus Mia, their healer and his parents followed. I feel my wolf cry out in my head and I try to help him, soothing his pain by softly speaking to him, encouraging him to let me help. I didn’t realise I was doing this for long because suddenly, I hear everyone talk about the best turning to take

“What’s going on?” I ask

“Almost there mate”

“We are?” i asked, shocked “But aren’t we like another two hours away?”

“We were. I’m guessing you were busy in your own thoughts or with your wolf because that was a while ago. We are trying to think of the best way. Satnav is saying to take the second turning to go to Carlisle, but I’m pretty sure we can take the next slip road and bypass some traffic” Joe explained

“Do it.” I say “Take the slip road. Something is wrong. My wolf wont let me help him and he is in pain. I can feel it”

“Shit!” My brother says as he floors it.

Before we know it, we are finally there and coming around the cul-de-sac of Celine’s are when I feel immense pressure build in my head before pain exploded behind my eyes. I cry out in shock as fire burns across my stomach.

“What the fuck? Jason! Jason” I hear Ray shout out my name.

He stops the car abruptly as I grab my head. I breathe through the pain as Amelia and Joe try to help me. I feel the passenger door open and Ray trying to push my head up but I can’t let him. My head feels heavy. I hear Kelsie chanting something when suddenly Sophie lifts my head higher up and I wince in pain. I feel heat emerging from the back of my head and I hear my wolf howl long and hard. Feel my chest sting in pain, I can hear them talking about what is happening.

I know I must have passed out because when I come to, we are in someone’s house because I am lying down on a bed and it doesn’t look like a hotel room. The last thing I remember is beng in the car

“Easy Jason. Don’t get up yet and don’t open your eyes yet” Sophie said

“Where am i?”

“We are at a house half the street down from Celine-”

“Celine!” I shout as I try to get up

More than one hand pushed me back down. I try to open my eyes and my eyelids hit against something. My hands reach up to touch the cloth wound around my eyes.

“It’s ok” Kelsie said “You had a bad headache that resulted in sensitivity to your eyes. Just give it a few minutes before removing it”

“Why wou...fuck! Tasha” I say as I sit up again but slower

I started to remove the cloth and felt the light hit my eyes even with them closed. I take a deep breath and slowly open then, blinking a few times as my eyes adjusted. I can see everyone but Arik and Joe inside.

“What happened? Where are we?”

When everyone hesitated, I knew it would be bad. I folded my arms and glared at everyone. Sophie sighed as she looked at Simon, who was sitting in a chair near my bed with her on his lap.

“When you collapsed, Joe went out and followed his nose. He knew there was a shifter family on the street, a couple of them actually. So he spoke to one of them and asked for a room for you. There’s a smaller pack not far from here who mainly keep to themselves. These pack members are from there but have decided to stay among humans. They’ve given us temporary sanctuary. The rest of us have rooms booked at the holiday inn down the road”

“And Tasha?”


“Don’t bullshit me. Just tell me”

“I think that Celine has done something to her wolf. That is why you felt her pain. I...I think her wolf died. I’m sorry”

“ could you know that?” I asked Kelsie

“Because you experienced something similar to something I have seen once before”

“We are close, you say? Let’s go” I say as I fling the bed covers off my body

Everyone stood up, protesting my decision. As they all speak over themselves at one time, I put my hand up to silence them.

“If this was your mate and you were in this state, you know you would still want to go too” I say

Everyone looked at each other then nodded, albeit begrudgingly. I see Ray clench his jaw and look at me before looking away. I slowly stand up, testing my legs. When I could stand without feeling the need to collapse, I try to talk to my wolf. I know something bad has happened as my wolf has curled up into a ball, whimpering in pain.


Kelsie P.O.V

Surprisingly, He was only out for twenty minutes, although I expected him to not wake up until tomorrow. As soon as he was up, he had us getting together to go get his mate which I understand. No wolf worth his or her salt would abandon their mate for their own comfort or to better themselves unless they were pregnant or dying and unable to move.

I look at Jason with sadness as we now stand dotted around my mother’s house. No, not mother. She hasn’t been that to me since I was a little girl. I see Scott grasp his shoulder in solitude and support. I move forward and tap on the door, hoping that she will come out and away from whatever she was doing to Tasha.

I start to feel a headache come on and know that she is doing some serious dark shit because I only ever get these type of headaches when Non-white magick is being used. Even if the person uses it with the best of intentions, dark magick has it own vibe. I hear shuffling at the door and it opens

“Can I help you?” The young blonde girl says

“Erm..yea, I’m looking for Celine” I say, confused as to who this is

“Sorry, she’s not taking appointments just now”

“Oh well see it’s really important. I’ve driven all the way from england just now and-”

“Like I said. She can’t see you just now. I’ll tell her you visited if you give me your cont-”

“Fuck this shit!” Jason said as he pushed his way inside

“Hey! Wh-” She is cut off as Jason pushes her away from him.

She falls against the wall loudly and I wince as I think about alerting Celine to our arrival. When I don;t hear her running to us or any other noise I turn to Scott who is following Jason and Ray who are stomping about everywhere, going room to room.

“She may not be even in. Otherwise by now she wo-”

“She’s here. I can feel it. Tasha is here. Listing you little bitch” Jason says as he stalks over to her, Where is? Where is my mate?”

“M...Mate?” I ...I d-”

“I can smell your lie from here” I say

Jason growls angrily and when I hear Sophie and Simon enter behind me, I close my eyes and start to read a prayer when I suddenly see the house change. In front of me, I can see a few different spells Celine has put in place. I can feel a more powerful one but can’t see it’s essence. Turning to Scott I call out to him. Feeling his hands clasp onto mine, I concentrate harder, his positive energy and support helping me find what I was looking for. Seeing the red essense everywhere, I can detect where the spell is coming from in the house, I open my eyes and follow it.

I hear Arik, Amelia and Simon’s mum tell us to go as they will stay with the girl and keep her with them. I follow the red spell as it leads me to the stairs. I look at the low lighted staircase and back at Scott who nods his head, encouraging me to go forward. I take a deep breath, knowing that I am about to face my past. A past that is so scary that inside, I am trembling. I send a little prayer to the moon goddess to protect us as I descend downstairs.

As I get closer to the closed door, I feel sick. My head starts to spin. I can hear a buzzing in my ears and my nose burns with what is going on, on the other side

“What’s wrong?” Scott ask’s

“She’s using the blackest of black magick Scott! There’s so much evil, greed and hate here...I...I think she may have done something….no person can come back from”

“Let me go first” Scott said

“No, let me. It’s my mate in there” Jason said

“No” I say “If I know her as I think I do, She will attack with an energy blast. You’ll be killed. Let me go first because I can fight her”

After Scott and Jason argued for a few seconds, about this, I concentrated on preserving my energy and gathered my strength for what was about to happen. Suddenly and without warning, I blasted the door with my energy vibe, the door shaking. I did it a couple of more times before I saw one of the hinges fly off. I smiled and put my hands in front of me, knowing that would have figured it out by now that she was under attack.

I blast the door open after I send the last pulsing vibe to the door and with it came a black and blue energy ball hurling towards me, trying to burn us. I threw up a shield and it disintegrated before reaching me. I threw my own white one inside just as I stepped through the door. The shocked face of Celine when she looked at me would have been comical if my nose hadn’t taken in the scents of the room


We were too late!

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