The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon P.O.V

Kelsie burst the door open and a ball of energy whizzed at her which she deflected before throwing one out at Celine. I swear, I had to blink a few times because it felt like some harry potter shit going on here or one of those dragon ball z cartoons!

Jason and Ray ran in right after her as did Scott; but just as Sophie moved to run past me, I grabbed her wrist and held her back

“What the fuck Simon?” She looked back at me

“You ’re pregnant” I tried to explain

“Are you fucking kidding me? I-”

“I didn’t say you couldn’t do it. I just said you’re pregnant. Please remember that. My wolf is already chomping at me that you’re even this closer to danger”

She leaned up and kissed my nose before interlacing her hands with mine and we both moved forward. I heard shouting and swearing inside and when we entered, I swear we entered a movie set. Scott is fighting a black mist, I shit you not! It seems to be a human-insh form with freaky red eyes.

With one hand, a lady facing off everyone who I assume is Celine, blasts Ray with something and he falls back against a cabinet. Jason is shouting for his brother and Sophie goes to stand behind Kelsie who is blasting Celine with her own white light

Help Tasha SImon. I’ll be ok I hear Sophie i

Soph! This is too fuckin dangerous. You need to leave I say as I try to find an opening to get to her.

All around the room, things are either flying about; hurtling at one of us or as Kelsie deflects the energy balls Celine is throwing our way, they are hitting and lighting up furniture. And where the fuck is this wind coming from? Then I see something that shocks me! Tasha, tied down on the floor on some big circle with parts of the circle glowing……..with her belly cut open!

I almost hurl but I run towards her, trying to dodge debris from the fight. Ray looks like he is out cold and Jason is trying to keep his brother safe as Celine takes turns attacking everyone.That is one powerful witch.

“It seems you have learned something since I last you” Celine says as she fires a black and blue light at Kelsie “Surprising considering you spent all your time playing”

“Children learn by play” Kelsie said as she held up an invincible shield before firing small energy balls herself.

“Pathetic! If you had any real talent, you would have been able to finish me off by now, but then again, you always were a disappointment”

I finally manage to get to Tasha and just as I leap over an upturned, broken table to get to her; something repelled me and I flew back, hitting the frame of the door we just came through. I groan when I lift my head, only to see Sophie scream my name.

Suddenly, Sophie’s eyes glow red and everyone is frozen, lifted up in the air for a bit before Sophie holds out her hand with the moon tattoo and puts it out palms up and Celine is flung back, her back hitting against a shelf which collapses with her impact. Letting everyone else down from their suspension, she runs to me and leans over me. The mist Scott was fighting disappeared as soon as Celine was unconscious. Jason tried to help up Ray who was bleeding from the cut over his eye

“Simon! Simon” Sophie shouted

“I’m ok” I groaned in embarrassment

“I don’t know how long she will be out for” Kelsie said, “ But we need to...Oh goddess! Tasha!”

We were all looking at her in horror as we took her in. The sight was truly awful and I felt sick just looking at her all butchered up and open. Once Ray was standing on his own, both Jason and I ran to Tasha but I approached with caution and this time it was Jason who was flung back.

“There’s still some force of magick around her” I said

“No” Kelsie said, her face pale “There are evil spirits guarding her”

“What the fuck?” I said

“You really think it would have been so easy to destroy me” A cackling laughter sounded “She will rot here and die”

“Let her go Celine. Whatever you’s done” Kelsie said, taking a protective stance in front of everyone

“What did you do to her?” Jason asked

“Ahhh, the mate” Celine laughed in a crazy manner. “I smell power off you. You’re not an omega at all are you? She was a fool but she delivered what I needed in the end”

“WHAT DID YOU DO?” Jason shouted

“I did what I had to do. What I needed to do” Celine said

Raising her hand up, Kelsie copied her and I went to stand beside Sophie, my heart pounding as Celine’s eyes widened before looking down at her clenched fists

“ is...No!” Celine said as she kept trying to do something with her fists

“Stop Celine, stop this now!” Kelsie shouted

“You bitch! You’re not powerful enough to do this! I know you’re not! Who….you!” Celine shrieked loudly “You? NO!.....You dare take his power!”

“Who’s?” Sophie said

“NO! Celine, she didn’t steal it!” Kelsie said

“You dare side with someone who-” Suddenly she stops, her eyes turning full white

The most that was fighting Scott appears again but this time there’s two as the second one appears in front of the brothers. When Sophie takes a protective stance beside Kelsie, Celine opened her mouth and hundreds of black moths flew out from inside and started to hurtle towards me. I grabbed some of the fallen books and started throwing them at them; hitting some while others came for me. Fighting resumed and I heard Celine scream louder, as if in shock.


“ENOUGH CELINE!” Sophie shouted

Celine shifted her footing and whatever Sophie had stopped her doing, she changed. Celine’s eyes changed from full white to scary ass black! Black veins started running up her arms and into her face, her body seemed to get bigger as she started to chant, a black jelly-like substance flying out from her hand as if on a web and hitting Kelsie in the face. Kelsie shrieked as I kept fighting these moths. Scott ran towards me as the mist followed it and grabbed my hand and yanked. The moths followed but as if they felt pain, loud shrieks started coming from them as they entered the mist.

Scott ran to help Kelsie as I felt the mist shake with the moths and knew I had to get the other mist here too. Clearly these moths were doing something to the black mist.

“Jason! Ray….you need to get your arse here! These moths are doing something to the mist!” I shout

“You move here!” Ray shouts as he uses a candle towards the mist who seemed to move around the flame, almost as if scared of it

I look over to see Sophie holding Kelsie’s hand as she blast’s Celeine with…..a fucking energy ball? What the actual fuck?

“Now Simon” Jason shouted at me

I ran towards him and the mist and moths followed me. Shivers and disgust at the moths and their wings, ran up and down my spine. Jumping up beside Jason, the moths, in their frenzy; moved towards me but went into the black mist as they tried to get to me. While most of them seemed to be stuck in the mist, a few strays came towards me.

“You are the supreme!” Celine shouted “I should have waited but no matter!, your pup will give me what I need”

My body froze when I heard those chilling words. I tried to edge away to get to Sophie but the stray moths flapped around me and I started to get dizzy, knowing that whatever they were doing to me was because of magick. I could see Celine raise her hands in a different way and her eyes changed between black and white. Kelsie and Sophie worked together. While Kelsie kept up some sort of shield around them, Sophie, was acting like a marvel super hero and blasted some powerful shit at her.

“Mummy” A small voice said

“Dear goddess!” Kelsie whispered

Suddenly everything stopped. Celine put up a big blue bubble around herself. The mist and moths froze in mid-fight, as Kelsie and Sophie stopped fighting too. Kelsie looked like she saw a ghost and I was finally able to get close to Sophie who I grabbed and put beside me, knowing I wouldn’t be able to keep her behind me.

“Aa….r..on?” Kelsie said, her voice shaking

There stood a young boy, not older than ten. His face, while mostly fine, had a slight distortion and looked partly blackened. I felt sick from the slight smell coming from him as my brain tried to understand what was going on.

“What have you done?” Kelsie asked, her voice trembling

“What I had to” Celine answered

“Who’s that mummy?” the little boy asked

Celine picked him and like any other mother, she put him on her hip , her eyes normal now. She looked at Sophie with such hate that my heart banged against my chest so hard, I was sure it was about to come out. She started moving her hand in a circle and suddenly the wind in the room picked up. Everyone’s hair was flying about; our clothes moving with the speed of the wind.

“NNNNNOOoooooo” Kelsie screamed as she tried to move forward.

Dust out of nowhere obscured our vision as I pulled Sophie to me, huddling with her on the ground as I folded my body over her’s. Scott tried to keep Kelsie down as she struggled to move forward. With a loud bang, the wind died and the dust storm stopped, falling onto the ground, sounding like marbles falling on the floor. When we looked up again, Celine was gone and a small white cloud of smoke was the only thing left behind to show she had been standing there before


Jason P.O.V

When we were finally able to see again, we looked up and saw….nothing! Celine had disappeared! With her, the mists and moths all disappeared and the basement was eerily quiet.

“NNNooooo, no, no! Aaron!” Kelsie screamed

I didn’t know what that was going on or who Aaron was. I could only assume it was that boy Celine was holding onto. Who he was to Kelsie I didn’t know. I hear moaning and look over, my eyes widening as I see Tasha move her head. I get up and cautiously make my way over to her

“Guys, she’s still alive!” I say

Everyone else scrambles up and makes their way over to the circle. Ray presses the cut over his eye and hobbles over to me, holding my arm back

“Careful Jase!” He says “last time you tried to get to her, you were flung back”

I take a slow step forward and put my hand out. As I stand right beside the line of the circle, I put my hand forward, waiting for the invincible field to fling me back. Nothing! Simon and I look at each other and we both take one step over and place it into the circle. We are in!

I step inside of the circle and rush to Tasha. Simon and I start to until the belts holding her wrist down and Sophie walks over, her gasp loud in the otherwise quiet room. She leans over with something over Tasha’s stomach and I try not to breath, the strong scent of her blood wafting through as I keep working to free her.

“Tasha” I say quietly

“ I’m s...sorry”

“Shhh, just….just let us help you” I say, my throat closing up

“Tash” Simon says, his voice rough, “What have you done?”

Finally freeing her, I take her head and gently place it on my lap as a trickle of blood leaks from the side of her mouth. I hear Sophie sobs and look at her, her hand covering her mouth; tears in her eyes. Shaking her head she looks down at Tasha who looked back at all of us with hooded eyes

“I...I don’t...know how to fix this!” Sophie cried out

“Let me see” Scott says as he rushes over with still a shocked Kelsie

His face blanching, he put his hands over her bleeding, open stomach and his hands started to glow a light blue colour. Sweat starts to pour down his face, his teeth clenching. Before my eyes, I start to see the bottom of her stomach close up and hope blooms in my chest. Suddenly he yells out and the glow stops, his hand shaking as Tasha screams out as once more, the closed part of her stomach re-opens.

“What the fuck?” Simon asks

“Wh..what’s going on? What are you doing Scott?” I ask

“I’m trying to heal her….but I can’t. I don’t understand” He said, shaking his head “Simon had worse and I still managed to heal him. Why isn’t this working?”

“Because she must have used a dark dagger” Kelsie whispered

“A what?” I asked

“A dark dagger. It is any dagger made out of any material but must have one part of it a dark colour...ideally black. It is spelled so that it can do the most damage and without it, the injured can’t be healed” Kelsie said in a dead tone.

“NO!” I shout

I look down at Tasha’s beautiful face, partly covered by specks of blood and I close my eyes as memories bombard me of our time together. Her smile at the club, her laughter as I teased her. The way she threw her head back in passion as she rode me; her moans breathless and loud. Opening my eyes, I caress her pale, sweaty face; tears in my eyes as I blink them back

“Tasha, hey...Tash”


“Why aren’t you healing? She-”

“Kille..d…” Tasha said in between deep breaths

“She what?” I asked, shocked “How?”

Be..en….me a weaken my wolf….i didn’t...know it...wa.s….to kill my...wol.f”

“Is that even possible?” I asked, whipping my head about as I looked at everyone

Kelsie walked over and sat beside me. Her body trembled, her lips pale as she looked at Tasha. She placed her hand over her head and closed her eyes. After a few seconds she opened them, tears pouring out as she looked at me then Tasha, biting her bottom lip

“What? WHAT?!” I shouted when she didn’t speak

“Celine had been feeding her a poison to weaken her wolf. She lied and told Tasha it was so her wolf could be cooperative and then her wolf would be stronger once the wolf got the power from…...Sophie!

“ME?” Sophie asked in shock

“She knew Tasha's Luna was the supreme but didn’t know you as she had never seen your face. Tasha only wanted money and Simon. She wanted to be Luna so bad that she compromised her wolf. Her wolf knew Celine wasn’t right and tried to tell Tasha but she didn’t listen. Her wolf only realised what was happening after gaining consciousness two weeks after Tasha drank a vial. She tried to warn her but it was too late. She….Tasha knew she was going to sacrifice the baby to Celine. But sh...she didn’t know what Celine needed the baby for. Celine lied”

“What did she need it for?” I asked, my heart tight in my chest

“A..AArr..on. She...oh goddess! She” Kelsie broke off, a sob catching in her throat

“What Kelsie?!” I asked in anger

“That boy you saw… bring him back from the dead.”


“I….I’m sorry. Aaron, he died many years ago and...goddess….to think that is why!….Jason, Tasha thought the baby was a way to get power to be Luna and get Simon. But to Celine, she was a means to an end. She needed an alpha’s child….to”

“To WHAT?” I asked when she stopped talking

“To kill it. So she could steal the soul and put it into her son”

“No!” I say in shock

“How do you know this?” Ray asked her

“Because after Celine abandoned her daughter when he died, I started to study magick more seriously. I wanted to know what was so important that she had been willing to hate and abandon her child when the other died. Why magick was so important to her”

“Why did you care so much what she did?” Ray asked

“Because, Celine is my ...mother a...and aaron….was my brother until his death over twelve years ago”

“FFUUCCKK!” I shouted out


“Shhh Tash....Ssshhh! Jus...just let me think” I say

“Jas” Ray said sadly

“Shut up!” I shout at him

“Jason” Sophie said softly to me “S...she doesn’t have much time”

“Where is her wolf Kelsie?” I ask

“Dead. Celine had her wolf so weak. She needed to take the soul but could only do it with Tasha’s corporation so she made her drink the last vial that would weaken the wolf so that the wolf’s spirit would rise out of her body….Jason...she...She performed some very dark magick, the evil spirits that guarded her while we fought? They were demons, blood demons”

“And what the fuck are those?”

“According to black magick? The cousins of the devil. They allow for ritualistic sacrifices, death to life….life to death, turning day into night, blood into water….anything even remotely crazy and outside of the imagination, she can do because they agreed to a bond, a blood pact…..”

“Which means?” I asked

“That in order to get what she wants, she will sacrifice a soul, a body. Which she did. She feed her wolf to the demons” Kelsie whispered

“NO!” I shouted

“FUCK!” Ray said

“A...are you sure Kelsie?” Sophie asked

“Yes” She said, looking at Tasha

It explained why my wolf howled in pain. Earlier when we arrived; we must have gotten here just as she killed her wolf and my wolf felt the disconnection. He felt the pain of losing his mate and instead of letting me feel his sorrow, he hid me from it. He hoped that Tasha would still be awake, alive and that at least his human part would find comfort in having his mate. But I don’t think I will be having her with me for long.

Sophie and Kelsie walked away as i tried to get Tasha to speak to me but her eyes kept closing, her mind gone as she just kept saying sorry. Simon looked like he wanted to throw up and Scott and Ray kept gripping my shoulder in support. Kelsie and Sophie came back with a blanket and gently put it over Tasha’s bleeding body.

“Tasha” I whisper “Don’t leave. You wanted to be a Luna right? I’m sorry I lied to you. I’m not an omega Tash. I’m an alpha. Ray and I both are”

“Alpha?” She said, her eyes watery

“I hid my scent because I wanted a mate that….never mind that. I’m sorry ok? me what to do, how to save you. Please”

“I...i’” She said again, then moving to look at Sophie, she spoke again “Ss.sorry.....So Jealous.. But w...asn’t mine”

“It’s ok Tash” Sophie said “I….Scott, Kelsie, do something!” She cried out

“We can’t, not without delving into black magick to do it” Kelsie whispered back

Scott and Simon looked at me before standing up, pulling at their mates to give us some time alone. Ray gripped my shoulder really tight before moving away, a lone tear dropping into my hair. I knew that one couple went down stairs and one went back out the door we had come through judging from the sound of shuffling feet and stairs. I don’t know where Ray went, I just knew that I was alone with my mate.

“Tash. Please baby” I said, finally allowing the tears to fall “I know you haven’t known me long. I’ve been waiting for my mate for so long. Ever since our pack was murdered; Ray and I have been alone. I am so fucking sorry for hiding who I was, but you can’t leave me”

“I...i’m no...good…” She said as more blood trickled out

“You are baby. You are. You just got misguided. You’re still alive. M...maybe we just stay here, maybe something in here can save you”

“No….don’t deserve” She started coughing, spittle of blood hitting my cheek

“We can-”

“Killed out …..pup” She said

I froze, my body in shock as I forgot that Tasha was pregnant...had been pregnant. I look back at her stomach area where the now blooded covering was, then back to her, my eyes wide.

“Where’s out pup Tasha” I asked, my voice raw

“ once she….ki..lled wolf. I begged give him back”She coughed, her whole bad shaking as I saw more blood appear on the covering

“Ok, ok. Let me-”

“Pl..ease….don’t leave me...I don’t wan...t”

“No baby, NO!” I cry out “I’m not going anywhere”

Goddess! Why did it take her this long to understand the wrong from right. Why couldn’t I have just waited until I was at her pack before calling her. Then she wouldn’t have had a chance to get away. She and my pup would have been safe and alive. Well in their pack. Fuck! This is all my fault. I thought I was being smart, I thought I was letting her know I wouldn’t let her go. Instead, I sent them to their death

My eyes looked down at her when I felt her wet fingers on my cheek. She had tears running down her face and I’m pretty sure I did too. I took her fingers and pressed kisses to them, my nose taking in her scent which was still pleasant to me.

“Yo..u were ever….had...even more than Si. I...lied….I….next day but I…..Celine-”

Shhh baby” I said as i openly cried, my heart breaking at her confession “Don’t speak. We need to try save-“

“Can’t be...saved Jason” She said, her eyes fighting to stay awake “I wish….I wish-”

“I do too baby” I say, understanding what she wants to say

“Tash, wh-”

Suddenly she takes a shuddering breath, her body taunting for a second before becoming lax, her eyes glazing over, her fingers slipping away from my grip as death finally claimed her

“Tasha!” I say, shaking her slightly “NNooooooo Tash, Please Tasha” I cry out, my heartbreaking; my wolf howling as we now lose our mate two folds over.

I don’t know how long I sat there, holding her cooling body, rocking her to me as I think back to the what-ifs and if-only situation. I feel my wolf try to talk to me and I finally listen, telling me that we need to find our pup. I lay Tasha ’s head down on the ground and move towards the stomach area. My wolf cries but I don’t understand what he is trying to tell me. When I move the covering away, all I see is more blood and the open stomach. I suddenly feel sick, a bad feeling in my stomach. My wolf tells me where to go and I stumble away from her broken, bleeding body.

As I scan the room, nothing seems obvious to me. Kelsie said she needed the pup. Was it possible that Celine had my pup alive through dark magick somewhere with her? My heart burst with elation, with hope at my pup being alive. Even if with dark magick. I would find a way to bring him back to me. With a plan already forming in my head, I mind-link Ray, asking him to bring the other’s so we could bury Tasha. In my haste of elation at the thought of my pup being alive, I walked across the circle, trying to get to where there’s a doorway when suddenly I tripped over something.

I looked down and saw something wrapped up and stained with blood; in a grey, dirty blanket. My wolf howls at me, telling me not to look at it. Trying to protect me. I touch my foot to it and it feels soft, squishy. Could it be something Celine used to curse or as a spell? Could this bring my pup back? Tasha? I bend down and with slow movements, hear pounding; I opened one side of the blanket. I see the black marks, some with a little blood and I smell the decay of death….death of something that had died a long time ago.

I open the blanket further and I collapse, my legs giving way under me as I cradle the precious bundle inside. I howl out my pain as tears flow freely from my eye. My pup! My boy!....My sweet innocent boy! I looked at the pup and realised what that witch had done. She had ripped out my pup from Tasha’s body and used it’s soul and put it into her son’s! How could one person be this evil? How could she do what she did to another mother?! Is this what Tasha agreed to? Did she know this was what Celine was going to do? My face elongated and nosed the pup, automatically trying to revive it. Licking it to try help circulate the blood flow. I knew it was useless, but I had to try. This was my pup! How could I let it go without trying?

Over and over, I licked it. It was so small! She was just over three months so it looked like a baby. It had eyes and a mouth, it was formed. He has some hair. Very fine, but it’s there. And such tiny ears! Goddess, he is an actual baby! We men don’t and can ever understand what a woman goes through when they are pregnant. We don’t feel the movements, nor all the emotions of the birth. Yet here I am seeing what my pup would have looked like in the womb. A black and white sonogram doesn’t do it justice!

And now….now….My throat burns as sobs leave my mouth. I scream out as I cry; my heart breaking, my body burning as the pain intensifies. I hold his cold, fleshy body to my chest as I rip off my shirt, hoping to revive it with my heartbeat. But nothing works. He’s still….cold...dead. Finally, my mind fracturing; I hold him in my arms, my howl long and loud as I finally break down, my mates dead body behind me

And my dead pup in my arms

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