The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie - P.O.V

“Your mine kitten. All mine and I plan to enjoy you” He said before rubbing his dick against me

I start to moan. What’s wrong with me? Why is he turning me on? Why is my body reacting this way? I look at him as he starts kissing my neck before trailing down my body. He looks at my breast as if he hasn’t seen any before. Is he repulsed? Are they too big? Is it because my nipples are dark and big? Before I can ask him, he takes my nipple and bites it before sucking on it. God that feels freaking amazing! I start moaning like those girls in a porn movie do but I can't help it. It feels too good and I start getting wet.

He starts to rub against me and let me tell you, his cock is big! Not just a little big but as in i-am-going-to-be-sore-tomorrow kinda big. Wait, am I really going to do this? I don’t easily have sex and I just met him for gods sake!

“You’ll always be mine. I claim you as my mate”

“Wait! Si-”

Suddenly, using his hand to lift one leg higher over his hip and the other to guide his dick, he is inside of me. Oh god! It wasn’t really sore since I was so wet but he was so big I felt him...dare I say, almost to the back of my throat! That stupid saying never made sense to me before. Now, I so get it! He started thrusting in deep, hard and all I could do was wrap my legs high up around him and as my arms went round his neck, my nails gripping onto his shoulders. I knew I was leaving marks on him yet I didn’t care.

Yes! Yes. Our mate is so good! So powerful. He fucks so good! My wolf finally spoke up. I couldn’t even tell her to shut up because all I could do was hang on for the ride as Simon pounded into me. He shifted my legs up higher again and suddenly his cock hit me at a different angle, and his pelvic bone managed to stimulate my clit, rubbing against me in the most delicious way. He growled deeper that sent stronger tingles all over my body and stimulated my clit more. I gripped him hard with my nails because I was getting close; when he suddenly changed pace and started going even harder, our bodies sweaty. I cried out as he first nipped my bottom lips and then pulled my head back before placing his lips on my neck. His hips were going harder and I knew that tomorrow I would be sore. I had just had that thought when suddenly I felt his teeth graze my neck before biting down. I cry out, first in pain before immense pleasure infuses my body and we both cum, fireworks exploding behind my eyes as my body stiffens up in orgasam, my body twitching and shaking along with his.

“You’re mine forever kitten” He said

How the hell was he even breathing? I feel like limp noodles, my brain was friend and suddenly so sapped of energy, I could barely keep my eyes open. Simon gets off me and lays beside me on the bed, his body warm as his arms pull me against him and he places a kiss on my forehead as my eyes close and darkness consumes me.

“Fucking selfish!”

Those words slowly penetrated my brain as my eyes opened to an empty room. Didi I dream last night? But when I lifted the covers to get out of bed, not only was i naked but I felt a slight tenderness down below. Oh yeah, that happened alright! I could hear further shouting outside the door and I quickly went into the ensuite to freshen up, wishing I could have a shower yet my wolf told me something was very wrong and to shower later. I put on a longer night shirt, brushing my hair with my fingers as I opened the door and walked out with bare feet onto the landing. There in front of me was Simon, being held back by four guys and Scott opposite him, also being held back by three while Joe was in the middle; all growling and partially shifted with claws and teeth, their eyes blazing golden in anger. Suddenly they all stopped and turned their heads towards me. I felt so exposed and scared at the same time, my eyes darting between the two groups of.

“Stop fucking looking at her” Simon groweld

“Soph, come here sweetness” Scott said, his body now relaxed

“Mine! Stop fucking looking at her” Simon said again

I wasn’t sure what was going on. When Scott started smelling through his nose and then scrunched up his face, I knew he smelled me and sex and I really wished I had taken the time to shower. I knew I was blushing because I could feel my face get hot. I looked around, trying not to make eye contact when I felt hands on my shoulder. Where did Amelia come from? I didn’t see her there.

“I think it’s clear that these two have to talk” Amelia said. I blush harder.

“Hey kitten” Simon lift’s my chin up and places a soft kiss on my lips. Aannndddd I blush even harder. God, I wish I could stop blushing

“You have some nerve” Scott says as he also walks closer to me “Hey Soph” He smiles

“If you don’t stop addressing my mate, I’ll rip your fucking throat out”

I place my hand on Simon’s chest to stop him moving towards Scott. He flashes golden eyes at me before grabbing my hand and walking with me back to my room. I can hear Scott protesting while Joe tries to calm him down.

“Are you fucking him?”

“Wha..what?” I ask, shocked

“Scott. Are you fucking him? Because he sure seems close to you” Simon said, crossing his arms

“’s ju...We are close”

“How close?”


“Friends with benefits kinda close? Maybe it’s just oral huh?”

What the fuck? Is he crazy? It’s my turn to cross my arms and glare at him

“Well whatever you two had. It ends now coz your mine and I don’t share”

“I’m not yours”

“Sure felt like it during the four times you came screaming”

“Oh so that was only me huh?”

“I’m not the one denying the claim”

“Simon - Please...i...i...need-”

“Pack your bags kitten, because today; we drive out to my pack”

I’m so shocked. What? What does he mean driving to his pack? I have work, and a big meeting coming up and a flat…..I can’t just up and leave. I don’t even know him.

“L….look, Simon. It was great last night but-”

“Don’t. Don’t you dare deny what we are to each other” His eyes flashed golden again. Guess his wolf is angry.

“There’s….something you-”

“Anything you need to tell me, can wait until we get to Cornwell. I don’t want to be without you”

He walks over to me and kisses me in a way that feels like I have been drugged. Sparks go off all over my body, his delicious scent wraps around me and dang this boy has some muscles. He’s hard all over, everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE.

Let’s go Soph. We need to go; he needs us and we need him. My wolf says.

And where the hell have you been all this time?

You’re still scared Soph. I didn’t want to scare you further

I swallowed and looked away from Simon’s eyes as I digested what my wolf said. She’s right. Ever since that night when I was turned, and shared this body with a wolf; I have been distant from her. I didn’t encourage her to chat or ask her opinion on things. Hell, I hardly ever shifted or let her out. She only ever pushed for it on a full moon or when I had kept her too tightly caged up and she needed to run. I sigh and look back over at Simon who stood there patiently, waiting for me to talk. I’m still scared inside and i know there’s a lot of things I don’t know about yet; that Simon doesn’t know yet. But I do feel something and it’s powerful enough to make me give this a chance.

“Fine. I’ll go with you”

Simon smiles and is about to talk when I interrupt

“But only if Scott can come too”

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