The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie P.O.V

When we heard the first howl of pain, I winced and looked at Simon, feeling his arms come around my middle. I knew then that Tasha must have died. Even after everything; I didn’t wish that on her and my wolf, at some point had also started to agree with me.

“Poor Jason” I whisper

“I know” Simon said

We were standing in what looked like, a bedroom even though it felt like a dungeon. It was beneath the basement and judging by the toys and children things in here, I figured this is where Celine must have kept Aaron. I worried for Kelsie and how she was coping. I had mind-linked Scott and he told me that Kelsie had been sitting on the stairs, rocking herself and mumbling. The only reason we are not with her is it would mean we had to go back upstairs into the basement and walk past Jason. Intruding on his time.

I told Scott to keep her warm which I’m sure he would have been doing anyway, but I felt so sad that I couldn’t comfort her. She may have only been with us a short time, and sure; we had our ups and downs. But she mine. One of my wolves. I felt Simon kiss the side of my head and sigh when a few seconds later, another long, angry and painful howl rent the air. I frowned back at Simon before we both started to run out of the room and back up the stairs.

We arrived into the room just as Scott, Kelsie and Ray did. Jason was on the floor holding something and rocking, his body shuddering. My heart started thumping, unsure what was going on. Ray approached his brother cautiously and I followed with Simon on my heels

“Jase?” Ray asked as he walked closer

Jason stood up, his face bent to his chest. Ray looked over at me with worry and I stepped forward. Simon walked with me.

“Jason? What...what are you holding?” I asked

Jason lifted his head, his eyes red from crying; his face pale and sickly looking. I looked down at his torn shirt and the blood matted on it in confusion until i saw the half open sheet and I gasped, tears automatically dripping down

“Oh Tasha!” I whispered

“Wha...SHIT!” Ray said, looking at the sheet

I openly cried as I saw the lifeless baby in Jason’s arms as my hands went to cover over my mouth to stop me sobbing out loudly. Kelsie gasped and collapsed, her knees giving out as she softly cried on the floor; Scott immediately grabbing his mate and crying to console her.

One of my hands went to cup my barely there stomach and almost instantly, I felt Simon's body behind me and his two hands placing over mine

“Fuck” I hear Simon whisper into my ear

I could feel Simon’s solid presence but also the slight tremble of his hand. I knew he was thinking about our pup and the reality of what Celine wanted to do to him. Ray looked lost and now, even his eyes were watery. I pushed Simon’s arms away from me and I walked to Jason

“Jason” I whispered “We need to bury them”

“My pup” Jason said brokenly “She tore him from her stomach. He didn’t have a chance against her”

“i...I’m so sorry” I say

“She did it….she actually did it” kelsie said

“Did what?” Scott asked

“The blackest of all magick. A…..An innocent, human sacrifice. A blood contract with the devil. Oh goddess Jason” Kelsie said, standing up again “i am so….so sorry” She sobbed

“What does it mean?” Jason asked, his voice stronger

“Th...that...she used his soul….to put ...into that little boy you saw. To bring him back from the dead. But in order for him to be fully alive and well….Sophie...goddess! Sophie, she is going to need your pup’s blood”

“What?!” I screamed

“According to what I have read. She needed the supreme’s power to give Aaron his powers back. But to bring him back from the dead, the innocent blood and soul transference of an alpha would be enough to sustain his life force until she can get an even more powerful source. She need’s your pup Sophie” Kelsie sobbed out

“No” I shook my head

“Let her fucking try!” Simon snarled

Simon held me close to him, whispering that he wouldn’t let her near me. I move out of his arms once more and held my arms out to Jason who had now stopped crying and was looking at his pup in silence

“Jason” I said his name

“I want to bury them together. Tasha told me how she begged for him to be given back but Celine didn’t. She couldn’t hold him. She deserves to hold him forever now; in the grave”

My eyes started leaking again and I just bubbled. Not that pretty, model kind. But the runny nose, blotchy skin and puffy eyes kind. I nodded and lowered my arms, walking with Kelsie to where Tasha’s body lay.

“We’ll do it” Simon said.

He and Scott covered Tasha’s body and asked Ray to make sure no-one would notice us carrying anything out in the open. Ray looked conflicted as he looked at his brother and then Simon. Feeling his pain, I placed my hand on his arm and sent him some warm and positive vibes; my wolf feeling sad for him and his brother. Ray nodded once and left the room. Simon and Scott lifted Tasha and walked out of the basement and up the stairs as Kelsie and I looked on. When we started to walk, I turned around and looked at Jason who hadn’t moved until now.

“Jason” I called out

He only nodded before silently following us, cradling his precious bundle. When we reached up the stairs, we heard his parents talking and we walked into the livingroom where the girl from earlier was sitting on the couch, her face pale when she saw the baby in Jason’s arms

“Oh my dear boy” Simon’s mum said, her body shaking

Simon’s dad walked over to Jason and gripped his shoulder in support. Before clearing his throat a few times, clearly just as upset and emotional as the rest of us

“I want to bury them together” Jason said softly

“A...good thought my boy” His father said gruffly.

“I didn’t know she planned to….” She said softly, hugging herself

“There’s a few people out and about. We need to wait for a bit” Ray said as he came back in.

“Sh...she has a garage. She only kept her bicycle and other things in there...if...if that helps?”

“Simon” I said, nodding “Bring in your car into the garage. That way, we can…..” I indicated with my hand; unable to voice the words I knew would cause Jason distress.

Simon nodded before placing Tasha’s body on the couch. He and Scott left and once again silence was loud in the room. None of us knew what to say. Kelsie was still partly in shock I think and all I kept thinking about was how my own baby looked. Tasha had been a little more along than I. That baby put my own into perspective. How he would be looking like now inside. How he too would have some hair, or how his body would be developed. His fingers and toes. His….goddess! I can’t think about it without looking at Jason’s baby and not cry.

Blinking my eyes rapidly, I looked around the room. Anywhere but where Jason was still standing silently. I hear Simon’s car pull up and his parents leave with that little lying bitch to open the garage door and let them in. I blinked, unsure how long it took them to get the car and come back; my eyes looking at the clock and realising that a lot of time had passed since we actually came here.

I see them come back into the room and take Tasha’s body away. A few minutes later, Simon and Scott come back.

“Jason; it’s gotten a little quieter outside. If we leave now, we can go without anyone noticing.”

“Where do we bury them?” Jason asked

“I found a wooded area on google map. It’s almost like a hiking trail. It’s started to rain so I don’t think many people will be about. So, we could go there?” Scott said

“I can’t go yet” Kelsie said

“What? Why not?” I asked

“Because, it’s possible my mu...Celine has left something of value or importance here. She left in a hurry. There might be something here to help us fight with”

“Your right!” I said “there’s so many bottles and vials here. Something is bound to be here that could help. We can stay and look”

“No way!” Simon said “Leaving you both here without back up is not on”

“Where’s the rest of them?” I asked

“I’m not sure. I tried to call their mobiles but I haven’t gotten an answer. DO you guys feel anything is wrong?” Simon asked

“No. But that is weird” I say with a frown

“Take her with you” Simon’s mum said as she pointed to Celine's helper “But we can stay and help”

“No way mum. I’m sorry Soph, but there is no chance in hell I am leaving you here. Even with my parents and Kelsie.” Simon growled

Rolling my eyes, I smile sadly at Kelsie who shrugged her shoulders and nodded. His parents were more understanding as they agreed to stay behind with Kelsie and go over things with her. Scott looked torn and I touched his cheek; letting him know it was ok to stay back with him mate. Scott looked at us with indecision and Kelsie took it out of his hands. She pushed him to come with us. Kissing his mate, he followed Simon and I as we went into the garage.


We all turned around and looked at Kelsie who had followed us to the garage

“Just a thought but….this is a four bed house. The livingroom has a double sofa bed in it. I know we have rooms booked at a hotel, but maybe it would be a good idea if we all bunked together tonight? This way we can stay safe together and eat together in the once place while it gives me time to go over things in here. Then we can leave together tomorrow”

“That’s actually a good idea” I said, turning to look at Simon

“Ok. Let’s do that. Let me know if we need anything like bedding. I’m sure there’s a supermarket here somewhere we can grab things from. And maybe find out about getting a take away delivery. I don’t want us faffing about with cooking.”

Saying that, Simon sat in the front with Jason while Scott and I sat in the back with a silent Ray. It took us almost half an hour before we got to that area Scott spoke about and at the same time, Scott and I threw worried glasses at each other when our mind-link to the other’s went unanswered. Yet we weren’t getting a worried or bad vibe from them. It just felt like a haze connection.

“We’re here” Simon said as he drove through the winding road and parked the car in a designated area.

Clearly people would come here for hikes and walks and maybe picnics. But right now, apart from one car parked further away, no-one was around. It had also gotten a little darker, the street lights yet to come on as it was light enough without them being needed yet the on-coming dullness of the sky was a testament to the night arriving soon. It didn’t help that it was raining lightly; as if the clouds knew why we were here and mourning with us.

We can cloak everyone my wolf said

What do you mean? I asked

We have powers. The cloaking power comes from Magnus as he was able to perfect this skill while he was a rogue. So we also have this skill. I just don’t know how long we can cloak everyone for My wolf explained

“Guy’s apparently I...we can cloak everyone” I said as we all got out of the car

“You can what?” Simon asked

“Cloak. My wolf says it’s a skill Magnus has. So she knows we do too. She just doesn’t know how long it would last for”

“Are you sure babe?” Simon asked, mouth open in shock

“I believe her. Trust me”

“I do. I...I’m just shocked. Are you saying that whatever powers or strength Magnus do too?” Simon asked

“i...I think so. But she didn’t elaborate” I said

“Would it hurt you? Or the pup?” Simon asked

“No. I don’t think so oth-”

“Don’t think so? Not good enough kitten” Simon said, folding his arms


“You’re not putting yourself-”

“Are you saying I would put our pup, or Sophie in danger?” My wolf said

“No. But if you’re not sure, then I don’t want to take the risk” Simon said gruffly

“Screw you Simon. Stop inferring I am wild and reckless with Sophie and our pup” My wolf said


“Stop it” I said, gaining back control. “Both of you! This is not the time or place and frankly we are standing about getting wet because you two keep fighting!”

“Sophie” Simon said in awe “You took over control!”

“Shut up Simon” I said in annoyance “Everyone huddle closer, I think I need you guys close at first so I can cloak, shut up” I say to my wolf as she tries to take over again “I will do this and you will wait. This is not about you, either of you” I say, looking at Simon

Simon holds his hands up even as he looks at me with pride. Scott is smirking but other than that he keeps quiet. The twins haven’t spoken at all and I quickly close my eyes and in my mind imagine us all invincible. I don’t know how to know what I’m doing or even if I’m doing it correctly, but something in me tells me I am doing it right. Within seconds I am done and open my eyes

“I I’m wearing a heavy jacket” Ray says in surprise

“I think it’s the invisible cloak I have put on us. But we better hurry. I’m not sure how long this will last” I say

Simon and Ray go to the car and pick-up Tasha’s covered body while Scott picks up a black bag with tools. Or at least that’s what it sounds like. We start to walk into the thickest part of the train, the dense forestry perfect at hiding us and our group. Along the way, we don’t see anyone and after another ten minutes of walking, Jason's suddenly veers off onto the left, our faces full of surprise when he breaks our line. We followed him silently, not wanting to disturb whatever he was doing when suddenly he stopped. In front of us, there are different trees, with different coloured leaves and flowers. The grassy area is littered with fallen pink and white magnolia flowers and ones which are pure white. There are other flowers which are also scattered about but my eyes go to the three trees where Jason is walking towards. When he stops, I nod and go to stand beside him. Ray and Simon put Tasha’s body down beside them before going to Scott, taking out the shovels and start to dig a grave.

I feel numb, watching them do this. My body slightly shivers from the rain as it soaks my skin. Jason is looking on silently as he holds onto his pup. After what seemed like an age, the grave was shallow enough that when Ray jumped in and stood to even out the ground, his head was barely even visible. I knew why they dug it that deep but it still sent shivers up and down my body. Scott helped Ray back up and he stood awkwardly, looking at his brother in sorrow.

“Wait” I said when they walked towards Tasha’s body “is there a way that we can at least do something close her stomach Scott?”

“I don’t know” Scott said “but we can try”

Scott and I walked to the body and I gently lifted away the bloody blanket. I swallowed around the lump in my throat and with Scott, joined our hand and tried to do what we could. Maybe because she was dead or maybe because we weren’t panicked, her skin started to knit together, her stomach closing. Both Scott and I were sweaty with exertion and concentration, our hands finally heating up too much for us to continue, but it was enough. It worked. I looked around until I spotted a small broken log which was gathering rain water. Scott saw what I was doing and both he and Simon helped move it closer to Tasha’s body.

I cupped some of the water, poured it over her stomach area and used a corner of the blanket to clean off the congealed blood before wiping it over her mouth to clean away the blood there too. I spoke some words I didn’t know I even knew in a different language and her top knitted back together. I could hear Simon and Scott talk about my powers but I wasn’t paying attention to them.

Once I was done, Tasha looked like she was sleeping. I felt my eyes sting and moved away before I turned to Jason who was looking at me with such hope, such awe.


“I can’t bring them back from the dead Jason” I said, anticipating his question

Clenching his jaw, he nodded once before asking me to hold his baby. As I took the cold little body into my arms, Jason and Ray worked together to lower Tasha into the ground. I kept looking at this little pup. So cold, lifeless. So innocent. Tears started to fall as I sent up a prayer for him and Tasha. For Jason too.


I looked up and to my surprise, Jason was standing in front of me, holding his arms out. I hugged the baby to me, wanting it to feel a little of what a mother’s love feels like, how a mother’s arms would have felt around it if Tasha had been alive to do it. Sniffling, I handed him back to Jason who quietly walked with him to the grave.

“Jase...cou....could i…?” Ray asked, holding his arm out

Nodding, he handed the baby and blanket over to his brother

“This is your uncle Ray. He would have spoiled you rotten” Jason said quietly

I sobbed, my hand covering my mouth to stop my wail from interrupting this sad, special moment, Scott held my hand as Simon held me tight against him. I knew Simon was equally sad but he held himself still as he watched

While Ray held the baby and spoke to him in a quiet voice filled with tears, Jason quietly slipped down into the grave, bending down to; I assume speak a few words to Tasha. We just stood there until a few minutes later, he looked up and held his hands up to Ray. I turned my face away, my tears running down freely as my body heaved in silent sobs.

“I need to say goodbye” I hear Jason say “i’ll call when… I’ll call”

As one, we all turned away, leaving Jason to his privacy, knowing that it would be the last time he would be able to see or speak to his family.


Jason P.O.V

Standing in the grave, alone made it all real. Until that moment, I thought; by some miracle that all would be ok. That somehow, the magick that Sophie and Scott had; would bring them back to me. But now, As I stand inside of the grave, I realise that it wouldn’t happen.

“I’m sorry I made you so afraid that you ran away from me. I’m sorry that I hid who I was from you. If I hadn’t, then maybe you both would still be alive and with me” I say to Tasha’s cold body.

She looked like she was only sleeping, and for a moment I pretended that she was so I could speak to her from my heart

“I only meant to let you know I cared enough, loved you enough to come get you. To let you know that you were treasured enough to want to be found. Instead, I sent you running to your death. Forgive me” I sobbed. “Forgive me my mate”

Wiping the rain from my face, I held up my arms for my baby. I could hear Ray speak to him as if he was alive. Telling him things an uncle would say. The lump in my throat threatened to burst with a sob but I held strong. Placing my son into my arms, I told them I needed time to say goodbye and I could hear their footsteps walk away to give me privacy.

“From the second I knew your mum was pregnant with you, you were loved. You were wanted. I wanted you so badly. I was so happy” I sobbed, my voice finally breaking “You were my dream. You were my life. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat or drink without thinking about you. What you would look like? How would you sound like? Would you look like me or your mum? I had already brought you your first football, it’s at our place in London. I even got you a baby grow that had our favourite football team because….because we were going to like the same things”

Stopping because my sobs became loud, I cried; the tears dripping from my face onto his lifeless body

“I love you my pup and I am so sorry I didn’t protect you properly. I am so sorry I wasn’t in time to save you. I vow to Kill Celine for this and will not rest until I punish her for she did” I growl out in anger.

Looking down, I wrap the pup up how I saw it done on the youtube videos and make sure only the face part is visible. Sniffing, I smile at him

“I watched so many youtube videos you know?. On how to feed a baby, how to change them. How to wrap them up in a blanket. Everything. For hours. I wanted to know so I could do everything. Your uncle laughed at me...then told me he would do it better since I had fat fingers and he watched the videos with me too. He would have spoiled you you know? He was already talking abo...about taking you to h..harry potter world and how he would make you like his football team better so that we would have been on opposite teams but….but that wouldn’t have happened. Because no matter what….you were my son and we would always be on the same team”

I cried, thinking about all I would not have, all I would miss doing with him. I placed a kiss on his body and walked closer to Tasha’s body. Placing him in her arms, I wrapped her arms around him, as if she slept holding him; before wrapping them in the blanket, their faces uncovered

“There, daddy’s tucked you in. The only time I ever can. But mummy has you now. sleep in mummy’s arm ok sport. I’m not going anywhere just now. I just need to sit here and ….look at my family sleeping. I love you my pup. More than you can imagine and I will never forget you. Never”

Sitting on my hunches, I looked at them, my head and my heart hurting, bursting so much that howl after howl of pain torn from my throat as I cried for my lost family.


Simon P.O.V

We all heard the painful, mournful howls which went on for almost thirty minutes. Sophie broke her heart, crying constantly and every time he howled again, a sob was torn from her throat. I held onto her as she cried in my arms, before I picked her up and carried her; sitting on a big boulder with her on my lap. Scott looked like he was crying but was pretending he wasn’t and Ray, he was a mess too

I had finally managed to get a hold of one of the warriors but as soon as he found out what had happened, he had said he would speak to us once we were back. I explained what our plans were about staying at Celine’s house and he told me that Joe and Amelia were already at the hotel but he would let them all know and make arrangements for food. I really wanted to get back. Sophie was wet to the bone and I worried about her health. Her body kept trembling and I was sure it wasn’t just because of the sadness of the situation. I was pretty sure she was asleep as for the last few minutes, she didn’t say anything. Looking down, I saw her eyes closed and knew that the emotional turmoil of today had finally caught up with her. I just hoped she wasn’t cold.

Just as I was about to voice my concern, Ray suddenly stiffened and nodded before looking toward me and walking back towards the graves. I guess Jason was calling him. I saw Scott look unsure as he looked at Ray walking away

“Go Scott” I said

“Huh? it’s cool. Beside, Sophie-”

“Will understand.”

“You can’t protect her if she’s sleeping” Scott said

“You think I can’t protect her?” I asked, my wolf flashing in my eyes


“Go Scott. Help. It’s fine” I say as I crack my jaw, not wanting to fight

Nodding, Scott follows after Ray. Sighing, I look down at Sophie before looking down at her still flat stomach

“No-one’s taking you away from me little bean” I say “You and your mum are safe. I promise you that I will catch and punish this witch and the only thing you will ever have to worry about is carrying condom's in your wallet”

“Can you not make me a grandmother before I even become a mother please?” Sophie said sleepily

“You heard that huh?” I say, embarrassed

“You are too cute Si”

“Cute! I’m hot thank you very much” I scoff

Laughing, she hugs me as she quietens. When I explain what had happened, she sits there, her little puffs of breath warm against my neck. Thank goddess it has stopped raining. An occasional drop would fall, but it was mainly dry. By the time the guys all came back, it was well and truly dark and the only reason we even made it back to our car was because of our shifter eyesight. I couldn’t very well grumble about it without sounding crass and insensitive; not to mention Sophie’s wrath. As we got to the car, Jason walked to the back seat, I assume needing his brothers comfort without saying so. Sophie sat in the front with me as we finally drove back to Celine’s house


Sophie P.O.V

“...they are”

Opening my eyes I realised a few things at once. We were back and judging by the roads, close to Celine’s house. I had fallen asleep as soon as the car was started and toasty and had clearly slept all the way. I was hungry and feeling sick at the same time. And I needed to pee….badly!

“You ok kitten?” Simon asked

“Yea but I really need to pee. Like badly! How far are we or can we go to McDonald’s or something?”

“We are round the corner but Steve said he has something to tell us and is meeting us here. That why I stopped”

“One of the warriors?” i asked surprised

“Yea. Something is going on.He said not to move until he could see us”

“Ok ok but si, I really need to right now! Or i'm going to wet the seat”

Simon’s eyes widened and Scott laughed. Turning around, I glared at him and he quickly stopped. I opened the seatbelt, Simon looked at me

“What are you doing?”

"Celine’s house is around the corner right? I’ll quickly walk there, you come with Steve when you’re done?”

“No kitten. It sounded-”

“Simon! What part of peeing urgently didn’t you get! I swear I’m going to pee my pants!”

“Can’t you hold it in for a few...ouch!”

I hit him on the side of his head before opening the door. I heard Scott tell him he would go with me but I didn’t care. By the time I was close to Celine’s house, not only was I walking bent and funny, I was trying not to breath too much because I was on the verge of wetting myself. I could hear Scott behind me, laughing and I knew I was going to get even with him one I had been to the bathroom. Suddenly, Scott called out to me but I ignored him, needing the bathroom too badly.

Little bean you better not make me wet myself! Mum needs her dignity! I say, speaking to my baby.

I can feel my wolf’s agitation but again I ignore it. I swear! Just let me pee for the love of goddess then I’ll deal with anything!

As I ring the doorbell, I can see Scott sprint towards me from the corner of my eyes but I only sigh in relief when I hear the door opening. I rush forward, only to stop in shock. My mouth opening as I am grabbed and pulled inside; before the door is locked.

“Hello Sophie”

My mouth opened and closed in shock as I stood there, staring at Damon Lance. The guy who had tried to rape me!

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