The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon P.O.V

It’s been two days since Sophie was kidnapped. We had just come back from burying Tasha and her pup when Sophie went to Celine’s house because she needed the bathroom. Scott started following her and I just felt really scared for a second before I got out of the car. I could see one of my warriors jogging over but I ignored him. Next thing I know, Scott is shouting for Sophie and a pair of arms have grabbed her before closing the door.

It seems that Damon and Celine had previously met. According to my warrior, a few months after Sophie being bitten, Damon had come across Sophie and smelled her power. He tried to rape her and if Scott hadn’t gotten to her when he did; I don’t know if she would still be here with me. I gripped my hair in anger and frustration as I paced the livingroom. I looked at the withdrawn, pale faces of the people in the room with me.

Scott, John, Mia, Jason, Ray, and two of my warriors. That’s it. Celine and Damon had worked together and taken the rest. I had called Jerrick and his alpha had sent three other’s with him. They had arrived yesterday and we sat here, huddled together.

“I don’t understand how she took them all thought Simon” Jerrick asked

“Apparently, for months after he tried to get Sophie, Damon had found a witch that agreed to help him get his mate. Obviously Damon lied but I don’t think Celine cared. Damon was waiting for an opportunity but then Sophie and I met. We think he was binding his time. We went to bury Tasha and the pup. Throughout the time we were away, I couldn’t mind-link John, Sherry or Mia and Scott couldn’t get in touch with Joe or Amelia; but there wasn’t a bad vibe”

“So why weren’t they answering?” Jerrick asked with a frown

“Because they had been drugged. The house we were staying in that helped us when Jason collapsed; they are close friends with Celine and kept her aware of our whereabouts. Amelia is pregnant” I say

“She is?” Jerrick asked

“Apparently after moving to the hotel, She just kept throwing up. Joe panicked and thought it was something bad so asked the hotel staff to bring up some medication. Turned out that one of the guys working on reception was actually the older son of the family we stayed with. He mixed something in her bowl of soup and actually told Joe that he spoke to Mia and she said he had to drink it too, so she would take some strength from him for it to work. He lied obviously. Mia and Sherry were with Kelsie, and my parents when Damon apparently appeared in Celine’s house”

“How do you know that?” Paul, a member of Jerricks pack; asked

“Because yesterday; my dad mind-linked me. When Damon appeared, he waited until they were all separated from each other in different rooms. Mia fought and was knocked out. My dad said he blew some kind of power onto their faces, that was the only warning they got before they woke up; chained in some cold place”

“Damn” Jerrick said

“Yea. He did the same thing to Sophie; but the only difference is that my parents, Sherry and Kelsie are in one room. But they haven’t seen, heard or smelled Sophie. They never took Amelia or Joe. They just knocked them out. Whatever was in that bowl has kept them both out of it until yesterday when they woke up. Mia said they were both fine but because of the newness of the pregnancy, Amelia is off kilter Joe, Arik and another two of my warriors are with them”

“So what do we do?” Jason asked

“They don’t know where they are and even worse, I can’t get a sense of Sophie” I said, gripping my hair

“Sherry says that other, lower ranking wolves and a couple of rogue wolves are the one keeping them fed and then knocking them out for hours on end so they don’t mind-link us” John said with worry in his voice

“I’m going to kill that bitch when I find her” Jason said in a dead voice

“Not if I kill her first” I said

-------------------------------------------------------------------Sophie P.O.V

I came back to consciousness once again, groaning as I felt my stiff body move. I shiver as I realise I am cold and move onto my side, curling into a fetal position as I try to get warm. I put my face under the covers and try to blow out hot air onto my cold arms before trying to open my eyes. I blink a few times as I realise that it is not my room. In London or with my bedroom with Simon. Suddenly, all the memories run in at once. Tasha’s death and burial, the drive home and - Oh SHIT!

“I’m glad to see you are finally awake Sophie”

I pop my head above the covers and look at him staring at me. Damon Lance. My tormentor; the reason I was so afraid of alpha’s that it has taken this long for me and Simon to even connect properly.

“Damon” I spat out “look what the witch dragged in”

WOW! Where the heck is this sassy ass bitch coming from? I mean, I know my wolf can be quiet dominant and aggressive but somehow, this doesn’t feel like her. In fact, I can tell that she is awake yet…..quiet. I don’t know why

Damon’s eyes widened before he threw back his head and laughed. I looked around and saw that I was in some sort of room yet it looked like a cell a prison of some sort. The double bed was comfortable and I had nice blankets. But that’s where the niceness ended. The wall was a sickly green colour and had seen better days, judging by the peeling paint in some places. There was a radiator in the corner and an open wardrobe. The kind that is made of material. The floor was disgusting and I’m pretty sure it was dried and stained blood in places. The thought made me want to hurl so I quickly moved my eyes away from it

“My my Sophie! How you have changed. So feisty” Damon said, grinning “i think I’m going to enjoy you more like this than the scared mouse you were before”

“Screw you” I growled

“Ah. I see that you are getting bolder with this power. I can’t wait to sample it”

“Sample it? Last time you wanted to kill me for it”

“I did. But then you changed me. I had heard about the power and wanted it for so long. But then I met you Sophie” He said

He walked closer and closer until he sat down on the bed. I tried to move away but he grabbed my chin in his hand. The pressure slightly pressing down onto my jaw.

“You turned my head Sophie. You smelled so good” He said, closed his eyes and sniffed my neck while still holding my jaw “Hhhhmmmm, you still do. My desire to kill you, turned to wanting to mate you”

“Mate me?!” I squealed “Can’t you tell that I am already mated. I’d never allow you to touch me”

“You are mine Sophie!” he shouted, his eyes angry “He won’t ever have you”

Letting my jaw go, he stands up and cracks his neck from side to side. He walks to the door and I scramble off the bed, running to behind him when suddenly I am jerked back and I fall. I look down in shock when I see that one of my ankles has a chain around it. I look at him in shock as he chuckles

“Did you really think you would be allowed to roam free? She’s spelled it with your own blood. Even your wolf won’t be able to help you now”

“She?” I asked

“Celine” He said smugly

“CELINE!” I shouted “How do you know her?” I asked, my mind numb

“She was who I approached after our first meeting”

“You mean when you tried to rape me but were beaten by Scott” I answered back

He bared his teeth at me in anger, his body stiff as if he was going to stroke me. I saw how he pulled himself back before smirking at me.

“He may have saved you then, but he can’t now. They will never find you”

“How do you know Celine?” I asked

“I had hooked up with Simon’s girlfriends a few times. Tasha. She told me about Celine”

Tasha” i whispered “Damon, Celine is evil. She does blac-”

“Black magic? I know” He said smugly

“You know? And you still seek her help?”

“It gets the job done” He said, shrugging his shoulders

“She killed Tasha Damon”

“She did?” He asked, surprised “well then she seriously has some skills”

He looked and sounded so impressed. I realised he truly didn’t care about Tasha being killed or that Celine was using demonic means to achieve goals. I looked at him with disgust and shook my head; feeling more stronger within myself not to show fear to him.

“What do you want with me?” I asked

“I still what your power. But I also want to mate with you. We would have strong pups and rule the shifter community together. Everyone would bow down to us”

“No. Never!”

“It’s not a request. Celine is getting a something ready. Says she needs something from you. Then she plans to give you to me”

“In exchange for what?” I asked, trembling

“She said that there is a chance that the pup you carry, once in her son; may only listen to you. So as soon as we mate; when I bite you; that pup would also listen to me. So she needs me as much as I need her for you”

“That doesn’t make sense” I say, clutching my small stomach

“You didn’t think I knew about your pup did you?” He laughed evilly “Celine told me a couple of days ago when she found me and told me how to get you. I have been trying to find a way to get to you for months. When she told me her plan; we agreed to work together. Black magick is fascinating isn’t it? Did you know, it is possible to infect someone’s blood with your own; and that blood; if spelled right, can be used to command or control that other person to do whatever you want?”

I gasped, understanding what he was going to do. He saw the realisation in my eyes and nodded his head, laughing as he clapped his hand and rubbed them together

“That’s right. She plans to inject my blood into your pups before draining him fully and putting it into her son’s. As Aaron grows up, as you and I will be mated, I would be able to help command him. I will still become powerful. He will do as I say!”

“She’s never going to let you be so free. Nothing like that comes for free Damon!” I shouted

“Oh she will. You see, Celine has been doing dark magick for too long. Her ultimate sacrifice? Death”

“Death? I...I don’t understand”

“The dark being she has worked with have kept her body young only because they want this transference to happen. Because they get to have a slice of the action. But, they don’t plan to keep her alive too long. I eavesdropped in on a conversation she was having with this thing. She needs me more than before. After we have mated, your pup’s soul will be transferred into Aaron who will live on a lot longer since Celine has agreed with them to die after his second year of new life. Then it will be me who will control his power! Me! Don’t worry love; we will have pups of our own…..once we are rid of Simon’s dead weight!”

“No” I whispered

“Yes!, now get some rest. I’ll bring up some food in a bit. Need to keep you strong and healthy for our future eh?” He laughed

He walked out the door and I heard him turn the lock. I sit down on the bed and wrap the blanket around me, my body shivering. I felt my wolf whimper and I tried to speak to her.

What are we gonna do? I ask

Sophie. Whatever Celine put in that power, I think is what she gave to Tasha to weaken her wolf. It’s made me low on energy and very tired

Noooo! W...what do I do?

If I fight too much, I worry if I can keep our pup alive. He needs more time to grow into his powers. If she tried to hurt him , at least right now I have enough energy to protect him. Sophie….you need to be the one to protect us this time

B...But i..I’m only human...without you….I am...just human

And maybe that’s not a bad thing. Everyone has been making you feel you have to accept me, accept that your life has changed so why are you not embracing this power. You are learning to. It was you who controlled me when I tried to start a fight with Simon in the woods. You’re stronger than you know Sophie. Your heart is what makes you strong.

What do I do? I ask

Whatever your heart says. Magnus bit you for a reason. His bite changed you into the supreme for a reason! This isn’t just a coincidence.

I….I...What if I mess it up?

Then you mess it up. Isn’t there a saying you humans have….I made a mistake, i’m only human….we wolves don’t have that saying because we are mostly logical and cold thinkers. We rarely make the mistakes that humans do. You learn by doing. We just know by instinct. But the downfall of that is, we don’t think outside of the box. We don’t ‘let’s see how it goes’ You human’s try, you fall...but you get up again. You try and you learn from it and that makes you brave.

I…..I never knew you thought of me in that way I said in awe

Yea well we haven’t exactly spent much time talking to each other.

No, we haven’t, I sighed Ok...I...I’ll think of something. But before that, I think I should first mind-link Simon. He’s probably going crazy just now.

You know….you could probably reach out to Sherry too My wolf said

Oh goddess! Yes. I said

Just as I thought about it, the door opened again and Damon walked in, carrying a tray of food. He placed it on the bed as he too sat down. My stomach grumbled but I didn’t go towards the food, worried that it was drugged. Damon must have had the same thought because he chuckled and turned to me, holding out a glass of milk

“It’s not drugged if that’s what you’re worried about. We need you and the pup healthy remember. Can’t do that if we keep drugging you”

I still didn’t move

“Ok fine. Look” saying that, I see him sample a little of everything on the tray before taking a sip of the milk “And the waters in a bottle and the can of juice is unopened. See. No drugs”

I tried to sniff delicately but I still couldn’t tell. Not wanting to eat in front of him, I stubbornly stay where I am. I hear his growl in annoyance before chuckling and getting up

“I see that I am going to have to teach you some manners. I guess being the supreme makes you more set in your ways. I’ll have to fix that. Can’t have you showing me up in front of the others. Eat Sophie and I’ll be back later”

“Wait! Was I the only one taken?” I asked


“A….are they alive? Who else did you take?” I asked

“Don’t worry about it” He said

“Please. I just want to know there safe”

He sighed before looking at me. He nodded his head and opened the door before looking over his shoulder

“Celine’s daughter is here and Simon’s, parents. There’s another female who I don’t know. The other’s who were in a hotel, that couple was drugged. I was told to leave the healer behind. None of that matters because you and I are the only ones here”

Saying that, he walked out the door; closing me in. My head starts to hurt and I move closer to the food. The smell of the mashed potato with steak and buttery carrots waft through and my stomach grumbles in hunger. I take a proper sniff and know he didn’t lie. I couldn’t smell drugs. Magickal spells were different. But I had a feeling there weren’t any on this. I could feel my wolf asking how I knew….but I just did. Picking up the knife and fork, I start to eat; easing the pain in my stomach as I thought of a plan. I had just put in the last part of the food in my mouth when a light bulb moment happened and I gasped.

I knew how to escape!

----------------------------------------------------------------------Simon P.O.V


SOPH! I gasped

“What? What is it?” Scott asked when he saw me jump up

“It’s Soph! She’s mind-linking me!”

Everyone else scrambled up. John came beside me, his worry and relief clear on his face. When our eyes connected, I knew what he wanted to know. When I saw Scott’s face; I nodded to them.

Simon, just listen. I don’t know how long I have or how long I can do this

This what kitten? I asked her

Damon says that apparently your parents, Sherry and Kelsie are not in the same place where I am. I think he’s lying. I’ve been drugged until now and i’m chained to a post but it allows me to go around the room. Simon, I know how to escape but not only do I not know where I am; I don’t know if the others are actually here.

SHIT! Soph, don’t do anything stupid. Don’t antagonise them. Don’t get yourself fucking hurt ok!

I won’t but listen. My wolf is weak but I think I know how to escape. I -

NO! No kitten, wait for me. I can’t...lose you and I will if Celine decided to go nuts because she gets angry you escaped

She won’t

You don’t know that!

Actually I do. She needs me and the pup alive. She….plans to do what she did with Jason’s pup to ours. Except this time Damon’s is involved.

How? I asked

As I listened to her explain what he said, I howled out in anger; causing John and Scott to grip my shoulders in support while the others who weren’t alphas lowered their eyes in submission at the anger radiating off me. When I told John and Scott about their mates and what Sophie told me, Scott became agitated, his body stiff as he went through the emotions of not being there to help her.

I think he is using a power damper or something because it is taking a lot of energy to try mind-linking you. If I use all my energy contacting you; I won’t be able to use any in finding Sherry lot.


I love you Simon

Don’t! Don’t you dare say it like that. Like it’s the last time I will be speaking to you!

I’m not She chuckled, even though it sounded weak I just wanted you to know that’s all. I plan to kick his ass and get us out of here. I’m going to find out where I am


Simon. I did something. And if I did it right, you might be in shock but please know I need you to do this for me. We all need it

Need what? What have you done Soph?

Trust me. Please

Suddenly our connection was cut off. I shouted and shouted for her but all I heard was silence. When I saw everyone’s faces, I told them what Sophie and I spoke about and everyone started to pace. Mia started to mutter about feeling something in the back of her mind. Scott called Joe and spoke to him, checking up on his pregnant alpha pair as well as keeping them up-to-date. John’s worry about his mate and everyone who was taken causing him to shake his head and mutter.

“Simon” Jason said, standing up “I think we need more people; we need the two/three packs together. I think this is going to be an all out war”

“I think you might be right,” I said, nodding my head “John, Jerrick; I need you both to help prepare the packs. Secure the woman and children. All able bodies are to be ready. I trust Sophie. She sounds different. Sure and confidante. I’m a little apprehensive about what she says she has done but I know she will find out where they are. Mia; I need you to scribe or do whatever you do to find out where they are. I know you couldn’t before because of whatever Celine used to block you from doing it….but Soph has managed to get through. Cou-”

“Yes alpha I can work with what Sophie has said” Mia said nodding her head, her eyes sparkling brightly for the first time after two days “I just need you to tell me next time when she mind-links. I have an idea what to do”

Saying that, she left the room and took one of Jerrick’s pack mate with her; explaining his part in what she needed. I saw Jason, Ray and one of my warriors start talking about plans and other strategies. I huff out a breath and pinched my nose as I reminded myself that I was a powerful alpha in my own right and I wasn’t doing anyone any good by losing my shit.

For almost the next five hours, we spent chatting and coming up with a plan. Joe, Amelia and Arik stayed in the hotel. I could understand Joe’s concern; even though Amelia argued that she wanted to be there, Joe and I agreed she needed to be protected. I had to acknowledge that while my mate was pregnant. She wasn’t weak. I don’t see Amelia or any of the other females as weak; but they were nowhere near as powerful as Sophie.

They were barely even strong enough against one of her pinkies, never mind all the other powers she had yet to display. Of course I didn’t say that to Amelia and instead encouraged her to keep herself safe. Joe had come here with one of my other warriors to help plan and show support; his elation at his mate becoming pregnant after so long, clear on his face even though his eyes looked tired from worry. Arik and two other warriors stayed back with Amelia who had food personally cooked and delivered by Mia a while ago.

For the last three or so hours, I kept feeling a pressure at the back of my head and I would get a headache. Almost like the one you get when you eat something too cold, a brain-freeze. There was worry and upset, but calm too. Along with very powerful feelings which I didn’t know where it came from. I thought It might have been Sophie but it feels more dangerous than her. Sophie had told us that she had managed to find out that Sherry, Kelsie and my parents were in the same place but not in the same bunker or house. Before I could ask, she had cut off again.

“Simon. I think we are ready. Most of the pack will be arriving tomorrow. I’ve kept a few strong warriors back for our pack” John explained

“We have about twenty coming from our pack Simon” Jerrick said “And our alliances are going to send some too. This is too big a battle to let her go”

“I’ve pulled a few from our place too” Scott said “i’ve also managed to get our healer to come out so she can work with Amelia. Kelsie says we will need all the help we can get”

“Ok. So we have a plan” I start to say when I hear the doorbell


I heard someone say. Shaking my head, my stomach growling at the thought of food; I looked at everyone as they suddenly stiffened. A growl slipped out of me and Jason, Ray, John, Scott and Joe stiffed; our eyes wide with shock as we all looked at each other in confusion. We all arranged ourselves in a fighting stance as we sniffed the air.


What the fuck were they doing here? How were they here?

“Stand down before this becomes a blood bath” The rogue male growled in front of me

“Who are you and why are you here?” I asked

The man in front of me stood tall and proud. His hair a fashionable mess. His eyes flashing red yet changing colours before my very eyes. I gaped; my mouth open, my brain not comprehending what I was seeing. For a rogue, he was smartly put together. There was no drool or saliva leaking from his human mouth. He didn’t have a crazed look and even his body stood tall and proud; Thick ropes of muscle making up his stature; his body screaming out his power. I had never seen such a regal, composed rogue before and I knew this was something to do with Celine. Threatening growls rent the air as everyone on my side starts shifting; their distrust of this rogue clear

“If my daughters die because of your foolishness, nothing will stop me from tearing you apart” He growled out, his teeth bared

“Daughters?” I asked in confusion

“My goddess!” I heard Jerrick gasp out

He nodded, ignoring Jerrick even as I saw the recognition in his eyes when he first glanced at him. What the fuck was going on?

“I’m about to rip out your throat if you don’t explain who you are” Jason said in anger

“You can try my boy but you’d be dead in a second. Control your pups alpha or I will do it for you and trust me when I say, it will be painful”

“How?” Mia asked

“She told me where to come Mia”

“WHAT? WHO DID? HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW MIA? WHO ARE YOU?” I shouted, my fist clenching

“Your mate and my daughter told me" He growled with pride

“What the fuck?” Jason whispered

“I am Magnus, The King of Rogues and father to Sherry and Sophie”

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