The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie P.O.V


Soph? Oh my goddess Soph! Where are you? Are you ok? Is the pup-

It’s ok Sher. We are both fine. Is anyone else with you? In the same place?

Yes! Simon’s parents

What about Mia or Kelsie?

I haven’t seen Mia at all but….Sophie, they took Kelsie out a few hours ago. Yesterday they did that and when she returned, she was unconscious, dehydrated and her lip was cut. Today,...

What’s happened today? I asked worriedly

She screamed a few times as if in pain. I think Celine is hurting her Soph.

SHIT! I say Where are you guys?

I don’t know. We were all knocked out. Some type of underground bunker

Bunker? Are you sure?

Yea because there’s a couple of bunk beds here. Not that we have been allowed to sleep on them Sherry scoffed

What is the floor like?

What? Sherry asked, confused

The it concrete, flooring. What’s it like?

Are you ok Soph? What the hell does the floor have to do with anything?

I was trying to work out if we are in the same place.

Oh Sorry She chuckled.

Make some noise if you can.

Did you hear that? She said

Do it again I say


Shit! No!. What did you do? I ask

I rattled my chains. Shit! That means either we are in different locations or very far apart.

Ok Hang fire. I’m going to try to figure it out. I managed to contact Simon a few minutes ago. The guys are worried about us but I...I’ve sent them some help. He won’t get there for another few hours but still

Help? Who did you send? Someone from our packs?

Erm, not exactly

Soph, what did you do? She asked me

Don’t be mad Sher

Ok she said, dragging the word out.

I..found dad and...long story short. I sent him to Simon

Dad? Dad wh-.... nnnnoooo. Shut the fuck up! She said, her voice full of wonder Where the fuck-? How the fuck did you find him? How did you do that? He believes you? Wait! Wait….he’s alive?

Yes. There’s so much I have to tell you but-

Oh no! No but’s! Fuck the but’s… have to tell me everything! Right now!

Ok ok...chill. So….After damon brought me food-

Shit! I forgot about him. Soph, are you ok? He ...he didn’t…?

NO.! No...I’m ok. He and Celine have plans. So many plans.

What...ok wait, getting off topic here. Tell about...Magnus

Ok so after Damon left the room, I ate. I was so hungry and I knew the baby needed food. I was thinking of how to escape; wishing I could mind-link someone. Then I was glad how I didn’t have a proper family or they would worry after not hearing from me for a couple of days or so when my mind said I had a dad. Of course I was confused by that since mine is no longer alive.

Ok Sherry said

Then my wolf said yea, but the dad who made you; he’s still about. I got such a warm feeling when I thought about him even though I was also scared. I lay down and all I remember thinking about was his wolf. This great big red beast.


Ouch! Why are you shouting?

Because a red wolf is unheard of.

Well he wasn’t red know, more like all these shaded-

But he was red like the way someone is a redhead? Strawberry blonde? Russet colour?

Yeah a mix. Why?

Oh my god! He isn’t just a rogue!

Whatcha mean? I ask

It is said that the first shifter wolf was given a russet/reddish coat. It was to show that he was an unnatural being but a powerful one. Apparently, he was made that way because the moon goddess and a demon prince fell in love and for a short time, when in love; they wanted to create a being that represented their love. The red in their eyes? That comes from this demon. This wolf was so powerful. He could do things with his eyes alone, compel pray to come to him even. However, the moon goddess being the light of goodness; eventually saw that this powerful wolf could be a danger and tried to convince her demon lover to adapt and change it. The demon did but with a clause; that the wolf and his aggression can only be tamed either by a mate of the same colour and equal power; or an offspring. It is said that the moon goddess wasn’t happy with the clause and added her own part in. That the mate or offspring would have equal power to him but she would be the ying to his yang because there would be a visible part of the moon goddess on her.

Shit I say

Yeah!. Soph, if he is what you say, then he must have taken on part of the demon power…..That’s why his eyes changed colour while keeping sane. That’s why you smell rogue! Oh my goddess Sophie; that’s why you were able to help Kelsie blast power into Celine! You have demon power. You harness magik!

T...That’s not the only thing Sher. wolf.

What about her?

Sher, my wolf is a full on russet colour

Sherry gasped and I swallowed, my tongue getting tied, my brow sweating as I uttered the next words paws are white


White. I am fully russet all over but my wolf has white socks.

You’re the direct descendant of the moon goddess! Sherry whispered in awe That’s why dad bit you! He must have seen something in you! Oh my goddess Sophie! That’s why you’re the supreme! Dad is the direct descendant of the Moon Goddess and Demon and you-

Oh my god is he my mate? I shrieked, feeling sick

NO! Sherry shouted before laughing Sophie...YOU are the offspring! You can stop dad from going feral. You’re both here to right the wrong! That’s why you are the supreme. You are more powerful than our dad and together you would be unstoppable!

-------------------------------------------------------------------Simon P.O.V

“With all due respect Magnus, where have you been?” Mia asked

We had all moved to sit in the livingroom, opening up the partition in the dining area so we could all be in the room. After Magnus entered, we found out that he had his beta and two head warriors. I had never heard of a rogue having any kind of loyalty or stability yet here was one. I guess, maybe because; like he said, he was the king of rogues!

“Do they know how it happened? Magnus said

“Only the part about...what happened and Sherry coming to live with us and then nothing until you bit Sophie”

Nodding his head, he looked at all of us, his eyes now a calm blue but with a ring of red around the edges. On the left, everyone from my side was here, including Joe, Amelia and Arik now. On the right side, Magnus and his three pack members. Mia seemed to be the only brave one to sit beside him. Even Jerrick had kept his eyes downcast when he spoke to Magnus

“When my mate died, I couldn’t believe it. For many months, she had been mixing positions from Celine into my food. I didn’t know that at the time. When Jen - Sherry was born, I was ecstatic. My little princess gripped my finger and I was a goner. I was an alpha who had it all. My brother, your alpha” Magnus said, looking at Jerrick “Was visiting one day. He was still young. Un-mated then. He couldn’t imagine how much one changes with a mate and pup. He questioned why I didn’t mind not having an heir. When I explained I was content; Rissa, my mate took that to mean I was unhappy about it and couldn’t do anything about it”

“Oh no” Mia whispered

“I wished she had spoken to me first but what I didn’t realise was that she had started to speak to Celine. Rissa had several miscarriages. All because black magik is not sustainable. It always requires more of a person. Be it by blood, by sacrifice or by death. With each lost pup, she retreated in her mind. The only reason she kept living was because of J - Sherry. One day, as I was training with my men; I saw a vision. At that time I didn’t know what it was, but right there; in broad daylight, I saw a battle take place. I ignored it but it was in the back of my mind that something was going on. I started to notice Rissa hiding things from me. It was later I learned it was because she would go to meet Celine and if Celine wasn’t about locally; then Celine would use her magik to bring Rissa to her”

“Why didn’t you stop her from contacting Celine?” Mia asked

“Because, along with fertility drinks; Celine gave Rissa drinks to keep my mind in a fog, to make me forget things”

“A way to get what she wanted, done” I said, nodding

“Yes. When Rissa finally became pregnant and actually carried the pup longer than three months; I had another vision. This time, I was in a clearing and I heard two people talking. One from my left, a male voice and one from my right, female. Both told me to open my eyes and to look. There was a battle going on in front of me and a male alpha who looked strong and well, but like me; was waging war and destruction. On both shifter and humans alike. But behind his back, stood Celine; whispering and laughing. Telling him what to do. When I looked into his eyes, I was shown that he was my son. The one Rissa carried”

Mia gasped. Everyone else looked on in shock. Joe and I looked at each other from the corner of our eyes before back at Magnus; our bodies still poised and stiff as if waiting for a battle.

“Suddenly, my mind cleared and I saw everything. From what Celine did, to what Rissa mixed into my foods. I saw how this child was conceived by black magik and what his birth would bring. Celine would have taken my pup’s soul and put it into her boy’s body. She would have used our bloodline to destroy the world, to imprison it to her will”

“Bloodline?” i asked confused

“Nooo! How could she have known Magnus! That was a well guarded secret!”

“Wait” I said “what’s going on? What secret?”

“That my bloodline was a direct descendant from the moon goddess and her demon lover for a while”


“Yes. Over the years it had become distorted. Stories were added to it. Some to scare children; some to dis-value the information. But yes. Our moon goddess, for a few thousand years; was loved by a demon prince”

“T...that makes you and my alp..alpha, the direct descendants from their line” Jerrick muttered in shock

“Yes. I never believed in all those stories. I know some of it was true but not all. When I came to, I realised what I had to do. This pup couldn’t be born”

“Oh Magnus!” Mia cried out “What did you do?”

“What I had to” He said in a hard voice “At first, I didn’t care. I only knew what the right action was and I had to think of a way for this child to die because I understood that it was the moon goddess and the prince who spoke to me when they were showing me that vision. I searched for many ways to kill this child but each time, I failed. Celine’s magik was too powerful. It protected Rissa and her womb”

“Of course it did. Celine needed the pup’s powers it would bring by being from that bloodline” Jason said in a dead voice

“Yes. I had another vision. Two weeks before the attack. Our moon goddess stood directly in front of me and told me that the only way to stop what was coming was death”

“Death? Who’s death? The pup’s?” I asked

“His and mine. She told me that to win the war, I would need to die and rise as what my bloodline was intended for. To be powerful, unnatural and fearsome. She told me how another had been created like me and together we would defeat this evil who had spread her wings to many others. But see, by this point; I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t be so cold blooded. After all, he was still my pup. I thought I could surely change the fate, the vision i saw”

“You couldn’t?” Mia asked, her eyes suspiciously wet

“No. Because Celine would have been it’s mother after taking his soul. And so I agreed to do the moon Goddess’s bidding. I agreed to be turned into the original beast to stop the destruction from happening. But I didn’t do it right”

“I don’t understand” I said

“I had to be the one who killed my pup. But I couldn’t. You are not a father yet” He said to me “But when you start to feel that child kick or when it starts to respond to your voice….It is a feeling like no other. Even more so when you hold them for the first time”

I looked at Jason who was pale and looking at the carpet. His body may be stiff and unyielding, but his eye spoke a thousand words and each word was screaming at the pain he was feeling. Yet he remained silent.

“I loved our son. I knew I couldn’t do it. Until I had no, the same hand that had lifted in prayer to the moon goddess for the well being of my family…..of love and safety for my daughter. Rose up in prayer to her...asking her to deliver what she could so this child did not take it’s breath. She listened. My child was stillborn”

“Oh Magnus” Mia cried, her tears flowing freely

“I don’t understand. You said that you killed this child. How? If the moon go-”

“The prayer of death had to be genuinely felt and asked for wholeheartedly. By me as in my changed form. For days, I only said the words but didn’t mean them. Until the time of the attack. When we were attacked, I knew Celine had won because Rissa’s whole outlook on life was different. Her desire for this pup was so different. Her hopes and dreams ….for the first time ever, she spoke of sending off our pup somewhere she heard about; so he could become a true leader. A stronger leader. I knew then, that Celine had convinced her to send the pup to her so she could kill it and do what she wanted to and then eventually make my vision come true. That was the first time my heart felt that prayer”

When Mia stood up, everyone went quiet. She went into the kitchen and we all heard the kettle go on. Amelia gave everyone a shaky smile before walking to the kitchen, Jerrick and Rick; his pack mate going to help them. The rest of us all sat there in awkward silence, looking at each other. Finally Mia and Amelia came out with small plates of assorted biscuits and Jerrick and Rick passed out tea. I guess we were all on edge because no-one dared to question this weird interruption.

“We needed this” Mia said with a smile “Go on”

“Then the attack happened. It was after; I learned that Celine had planned all of this.When we were attacked, I knew I had to save my mate and my daughter. I told them to hide. When we were attacked, I knew then that somehow, during this battle; the pup would die. I told Rissa to stay back. I was out fighting when out of no-where, Rissa came to join the fight. I knew then, that the moon goddess was going to have Rissa go into early labour or be hurt badly enough that the pup wouldn’t survive. Suddenly, Rissa vanished before my eyes and I knew Celine had something to do with it. It wasn't long before she appeared again, all bloody and bruised”

“Yes” Jerrick said, nodding his head, “We heard the same. But she collapsed?”

“The story from here was changed a few times to save my daughter. When Rissa appeared again she was covered in blood. Her water had already broken. When she collapsed, it was due to needing to give birth. As soon as I held her hand, I saw what had happened. Celine had called Rissa to her and told her she must stay with her until the bottle or she may die. Rissa wanted to come back to me and help fight by my side. When Celine declined her request, Rissa did something she never wanted to do. She used her family’s power”

“Oh NO!” Mia cried out, covering her mouth

“What? What is it?” I asked

“Yes. She nearly was successful in coming back; but Celine attacked her. I think she only wanted to distract her. But in her anger, she did much damage because her power wasn’t just of a witch. But also demonic. Black magik was involved and that always does damage. But I could only be thankful for it because that is when Rissa’s eyes truly opened about Celine and all Celine’s intentions were suddenly laid bare for her. Rissa used what magic she had and what she remembered to bring her back to me. That is why she collapsed. She was drained of energy and her water broke. She was in labour. The rest of what you know is right. Rissa died trying to give birth and our healer had to cut out the child”

I saw Jason flinch and I felt sadness, knowing he was back there. In that room with Tasha. All cut open, his pup wrapped in a dirty blanket. Dead. I could see Scott and John look at Jason who kept his head down the whole conversation; and I knew each of us was fighting that lump that seemed to grow inside of us.

“I lost it when Rissa died. That was never meant to happen. My world went hazy and I couldn’t function. I just remember the moon goddess putting me into a deep coma. When I came out of it, a few days had passed. I wanted to pick-up the pieces and move on. So I asked our babysitter’s mother to call Je - Sherry and her protector back. That is when I was told that she had died. That they both had. I couldn’t understand how this happened. I was told a lie. By a girl who had been in my pack that Celine was using to keep an eye on me and my family”

“Shit!” I said

“Indeed. I believed her words and I lost it. I felt I had been betrayed by the moon goddess and wanted nothing to do with being the most feared and powerful creature. My mate, my children were dead. I had no reason to run a pack, to have a safe place for a family to live. So I left. For five years, I roamed in my wolven form. I also had a lot of blood on my hands. I killed without mercy if I encountered a rogue...or anyone who looked at me wrong. One day I felt the need to go back and make someone else an alpha so I could cut all ties. So I did. I went off the grid and was often being tracked. As I’m sure Jerrick could confirm”

Jerrick nodded but looked away from Magnus. His discomfort clear as Jerrick shifted uneasily in his seat.

“Why did you bite Sophie?” I asked, my anger slowly mounting

“A year before meeting her, I had another vision. This one showed me that Celine had successfully done what she had tried to do with my pup. She then showed me Sophie. How she would be the one to save us. Her bloodline was closely matched to ours. I didn’t know how my bite would change, only that I had to do it. I didn’t know where she was. Only one night, I caught her scent in scotland and tracked her to London. When I saw her in that park, I was compelled to go to her. Her scent called to me”

I growled in anger, thinking about him finding my Sophie attractive. Without realising it, I let out a chilling growl and Magnus looked at me, raising one eyebrow at me and smirking.

“Did you forget pup; that she is my daughter? I wasn’t sexually attracted to her. Her scent called to me because she reminded me of J...Sherry.How Sherry smelled when she was a new born pup. I knew then that she was who I had to bite. So I did”

“You nearly traumatised her to death!” Scott said “Then whatever scent she took on was so strong, we had alpha’s chasing after her, trying to force her to mate. She was almost raped”

Magnus stood up, anger vibrating from his body. His eyes now shifting between him and his rogue. His pack members also stood up; her body poised for fighting.

“Was she raped?” Magnus asked in a deadly voice

“No. I got there in time. But it was close”

“Magnus. I don’t understand how Sophie found you. You said she sent you?” Mia said

“Yes. A few hours ago, I felt a nagging at the back of my head. I was in human form and for the first time I heard it. I heard a voice call out. Calling me dad. When I connected with her, my wolves; both of them, wanted to speak to her. With her power she showed me everything that has happened since the bite”

“Everything?” I asked

“Everything” He confirmed before folding his muscled arms “Which you and I will be talking about at a later date”

Scott quietly chuckled and I glared at him, my eyes flashing. When Amelia leaned over and smacked the back off his head, I smiled in thanks.

“Oh don’t think you are getting off the hook guardian” Magnus said, turning his serious eyes onto Scott now

“M..Me?” Scott asked in shock

“You” Magnus confirmed with a nod

“Well shit!” Scott whispered

“It took awhile but once I acknowledged who she was to me, I felt more receptive to listen to her. That was apparently all that was needed for the moon goddess to open my eyes further. When Sophie told me about Sherry” Magnus swallowed, his eyes taking on a wet sheen before he blinked them away “About her being alive and how they were connected. I couldn’t believe it. When she told me about the kidnapping, I was already running in wolf form towards her. When she told me about what Damon said to her. I knew I had to hurry before all hell broke loose”

“What? What the fuck did Damon say to her? Is she ok?” I asked, my fist clenched in anger

“I will tell you on the way. Right now we need to go to Wales”

“Wha - Wales? Why?” I asked in surprise

“Because that is where they have taken them. When Sophie described the room she was being held in; that was the room I saw In my Rissa’s mind. She had been there before. The room has changed since then, but I knew where it was. There was a window and I asked Sophie to describe what she could see. When I shared that image with those who are in my pack; three came forward and told me it was in Wales. We need to get there before Celine discovers that Sherry and Sophie are connected”

“Why” I asked

“Oh no! No! Magnus” Mia said, standing up “That can’t happen”

“Why?” I asked again

“Because if she discovers that they are blood bound and sisters through that connection; she could create further problems. She could potentially speed up the process to hurt the girl she who has the pup” Magnus said

“Erm, Magnus” Mia said, looking at me “what girl?”

“The one who she has been using for the past four years”

I stared at him open mouthed. When Jason got up, he walked slowly to Magnus, his body taut. When he passed me, I slowly took a hold of his arm and stopped him

“What about her?” Jason asked

“Sophie said Celine was using this...Tasha’s pup to do what she was trying with my son”

“She did. She killed my mate and my pup for his soul” Jason said quietly

“I am sorry” Magnus said, his eyes flashing red “ I did not know”

“Magnus listen to me” Mia said urgently

“Wait Mia, I want to know why Celine can’t find out they Sherry and Sophie are blood bonded” I said

“No Simon. He need to know about Sophie”

What about Sophie?” Magnus asked, his once calm body now tight and stiff

“Magnus; Sophie is pregnant and her child is a male alpha. He’s also the supreme”

“What do you mean also?” Magnus asked with clenched teeth

“Sophie is the supreme”

Magnus howled out in anger as the rest of us looked on. Jerrick and his pack mates cowered down in fear. Even Joe, Amelia and Ray looked down for a moment before moving their eyes away. While I felt the need to sit back down; I didn’t. The power that radiated from Magnus was immense. Its was a breathing, live, electricity that snapped and crackled; his body stiff as his bunched muscles twitched

“Then we have very little time. How far along is she Mia”

“Almost past her near her fourth month”

“Shit! Ok. At least she is not near birthing stage”

“Tell me why it’s important Celine doesn’t find out” I said, my worry and anger now radiating out

“Because she can use Sherry and Sophie to either kill or hurt each other. More importantly; She can use Sherry’s blood and mix it with her own to control her”

“B...but how? Black magik?” John asked

“That but also because of the family bond”

“Family bond? What do you mean? With Sophie?” I asked

“Because - you. Mia? Don’t they know?” Magnus asked Mia

“Know what?” I asked, angrily

“No. John, Sherry and Simon don’t know!” Mia said, her eyes looking down at the carpet in apology

“Fuck!” Magnus said “The reason Rissa knew who to go to for help wasn’t because someone told her about Celine. She knew Celine from birth”

“What?” I asked, shocked

“Simon” Magnus said “The reason Celine knew about my bloodline was because she knew my family once I mated with Rissa. Rissa and Celine were sisters and Sherry is Celine’s niece!”

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