The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Kelsie P.O.V

I groaned as I opened my eyes; the faces in front of me blurry. I tried to move my hands but realised I was still strapped down. I remembered where I was. Celine had taken me from the bunker room we had been tied in and brought me here. The last two times had been painful because she was experimenting on me and each time, the pain was so intense that either I became unconscious or I screamed. The faces around me started taking shape and I could see Celine talking to some people. A couple of men and a female. I couldn’t tell if they were wolves or witches but whatever they were, they seemed to be working with Celine.

“Finally. Honestly, How you came from the same seed as Aaron is beyond me!” Celine said, walking towards me “He is always so strong and you….dropping at the sight of blood. Pathetic!”

Tears gathered in my eyes and I swallowed a few times as her words pierced my heart. I always knew that I was not her favourite. Hell, I wasn’t even liked by her. But for her to hate me so much!

“Why” I asked, the words torn out of me “Why do you hate me so much? What have I ever done to receive so much hate from you?”

“You were weak” She spat at me “When you were born, you had no power, either as a witch or a wolf. Your father didn’t care and if he hadn’t died; I might not have cared either. Then as you grew up, you had the potential to be something great, but instead; you choose to be absent-minded, your head in the clouds. Yet you weren’t a wolf either”

“You never encouraged me! Not like you did Aaron”

“Aaron was the chosen one! HE was to be the supreme. Then in your petty jealousy, you took that away from him!”

“Jealousy” I cracked, my tears falling like rain “Is that what you think happened? That I killed my brother in Jealousy?”

“Why else would you have told him to climb the tree, knowing full well he had no experience! YOU KILLED HIM” Celine shouted at me

“It was an accident!” I shouted back “I missed my brother. You made us stop playing and kept him locked up day in and day out. Learning spells and practising. You never saw how he looked longingly at me when he got a chance to see me. Or outside at the grass, at the trees. You kept him prisoner and tried to stop him from being a little boy!. But you were killing him”

“I was?” Celine shrieked before she slapped my face “He was my little boy! You took him from me!”

“By accident! I begged him not to climb the tree but he wanted to because he was trying to impress me with his powers. He was trying to levitate because YOU taught him how to and pressured him to get better at it”

“NNNOO” Celine shouted, her eyes wild “You took him to that tree. You were Jealous-”

“I LOVED HIM” I screamed louder, cutting her off

Silence followed as Celine looked at with her wild eyes. Black veins appeared like lines that run up her arms and over her chest before crawling up her face. I knew that wasn’t a good sign and tried to think of a way to calm her down

“I just missed my family” I whispered “And…..I missed you. I missed how we used to”

She turned away from me, but not before I saw the pain in her eyes. I could see the black magik slowly receded as she started to think about my dad. Having a mate, I now understood how hard it must have been to lose the other half of you. But if I had children by him, I would have loved them more, knowing they were my last link to him. Not hate one of them for not being as powerful as I expected.

“You should have been the one to die that day. Not him”

“You don’t know how many times I have wished that it had been me” I whispered back

Celine stiffened and turned to stare at me in shock. Was she feeling bad? Could it be that...She turned away from me, disgust in her eyes and I knew she didn’t care. When she got to the door, she looked over her shoulder at me

“He needs blood. Help me save your brother and I will let them go”

“Even Sophie?” I asked

“Except her”

“What your doing….Keeping him alive like that....It’s not right. Let him go Celine”

Sighing, she turns back around to go. I can see her disappointment in me and I try again, my mind in turmoil.

“Please mum. Stop”

For a second, I think it might have worked. Her body stiffens and she stands really still. I thought she might have been ready to change. My heart wanted it so badly. But instead she looked at me one more time and uttered the words I never wanted to hear from her; even after all she had done

“I’m not your mother”

Then walked out, closing the door behind her. The tears that were falling before; now ran out faster. My sobs became louder as all the hurt I felt rushed out. I could feel all the pain rushing out and I cried; like I was the lonely little girl who had lost her family all those days ago.

Suddenly the door opened and another female came in. Someone who I had never seen before and yet looked familiar. Her long brown hair was styled in big curls. Her cheeks looked flushed and her blue eyes looked at me with sadness.

“I..I’m sorry. I need to take some blood” She said

“Please let me out of here. Celine is...she’s wrong. She’s about to hurt so many innocent people for only greed”

“I know” She whispered

“Then help me...Please”

“I can’ least, not right now”

“ mean you’ll help us?”

“Ssshhh” She whispered

She came over and I saw a needle in her hand. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see when she would inflict pain. I waited for a few minutes and when I only felt a small pin prick, I slowly opened my eyes and saw her looking at me with sad eyes

“Why are you here? You’re not as evil as she is. I can tell. There’s goodness in you. How have you gotten tangled up in this?”

“Family” She said sadly

“It’s always family isn’t it” I smiled sadly back at her “Is my Luna here?”

“Luna? Y...You’re a wolf?” She asked, shocked

“I’m both”

“Both? I don’t understand”

“What has she said about us? Who we are?”

“Only that you are to be kept here until she makes all the changes”

“Changes? What do you mean?”

“Look…” She made hand gestures

I realised that she was asking for my name

“Kelsie. I’m Celine’s daughter”

“HER DAUGHTER?!!” She shrieked

“Ssshhhhh!” I said

“SHIT, SHIT, SHIT” she said, clearly in distress

Walking backwards, tears now falling, she sniffed.I was so confused at her reaction. She seemed to go into a trans as her eyes glazed over and I stared at her in shock, knowing what I was seeing. She was a witch! And not just a mediocre one.

“Hey...erm...hey!” I called out to her

I kept trying for a few seconds when suddenly, she came out of her trans and she looked at me; her eyes still sad yet a new determined look was there too

“My name is Savannah. Anna for short”

What is this? Iare we honestly acting like we are being friends? I shook my head and took a deep breath.

“Please Anna, at least help my friends if you can’t help me. My Luna...She..she’s pregnant. What Celine wants to do…..”

“Is murder” She whsipered “I...I didn’t realise she had more children and that it was you who she was hurting. I’ll help you. But right now, I need to take blood”

What a strange way to put it. Who was she? I nodded and let her take blood. She was gentle and i’m pretty sure she caressed my skin. Was she coming onto me? What the hell? She took the blood and left. I lay there, thinking about this weird girl and her actions and I stayed quiet, sure that she would help me. I’m not sure why, but something about her goodness tells me she would be a help. I had almost dozed off when the door opened and Anna came back in

“Celine is going to send in guards to take you back to the bunker. What she is going to do requires her to spend a few hours in concentration. I’ll try and help you but I need a couple of hours to prepare”

“Thank you!” I said enthusiastically “I don’t know why you are doing this but thank you”

She nodded as she unbuckled me from the bed. She put on the handcuffs on me and I knew she was only doing what she was told to.

“Is Sophie in this building?”


“My Luna?”

“Oh. Yes. you are all in the basement, but she has been taken upstairs with her alpha”

“Simon? He’s here?” I asked, surprised

“Simon? No. Damon. He’s an alpha and he has her four floors up from here”

“Four? Where are we and who the hell is Damon. She is mated but not to him”

“Shit!” Anna said, biting her lips “I can hear the guards coming. Listen to me, there are two levels underground. This is an old abandoned home, mansion that Celine has been using for many years. It used to be a sacred place for the coven to gather-


“No time! Your friend is on level four in a room made to look like a bunker to confuse her. I thought he was her mate. The way he talks about her -“ She cut off, shaking her head “Act like you are drugged. Be very lax and compliant when the guards come. They are rogue wolves. Gun’s for hire kinda guy’s. I will come help you in a couple of hours but you-.....will be feeling very sleepy so don’t worry”

Huh? What the - Oh! Just then, three big male wolves came into the room. I was shocked because I couldn’t smell them but then again, I only had a little bit of wolf in me. One of the guards looked like he didn’t want to be here but the other two looked menacing and angry

“Is she ready?” the one with black short hair asked

“Yes. I may have taken too much blood. She’s pretty dizzy and out of it. Just take her downstairs and don’t mess with her or Celine will get mad” Anna said

“Shame. She looks like she’d be a tasty treat” He said wolfishly

I stumbled deliberately as if I was going to fall. He grabbed my arm and I winced from the pain; my previous cuts burning slightly. As they guide me out, I raised my eyes to Anna who was looking at me and biting her bottom lips; my eyes thanking her for what she was about to do

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Simon P.O.V

I slowly crawled to the big bush, my wolf and I scanning the area as we approached the big mansion. We sniff the air and only catch the scent of the wolves who have come with me. It took a lot of arguing but eventually we managed to keep Amelia back, telling her she could stay at the hotel in Wales but she couldn’t fight in her condition. If Magnus hadn’t growled in anger at the time being wasted, I’m pretty sure we would have all still been arguing.

There are five rogue wolves inside. They smell normal but without a pack

Magnus! How are you mind-linking me? Where are you?

I am approaching the door. I am the original. I can mind-link whoever I choose

Is there anything you can’t do?

Not that I am aware of he answered smugly

And Sophie?

I don’t know, he said hesitantly

Remember that my wolves are out with you too. Do not attack them. The ones inside smell like burnt wood.

We won’t. That’s why back at the hotel, Mia helped our wolves know the difference between your wolves and ones who were not with us. What about the one who is female? Do you think she is rogue like them too? Because she doesn’t smell like a burnt wood

What female? I don’t smell any

You don’t? I asked, surprised I am sure I smell a female wolf. I can’t tell if she is weak or powerful. I just know she is afraid, she is hurt

Try speaking to Sophie again He said

Sophie, baby are you ok?

Simon? Where are you? I feel like you are close

I am kitten. We are outside the building you are being kept in.

Oh Simon I hear her cry I...I’ve been so worried. Damon is… he plans to make me his when...h..he comes back into the room

The hell he is! I’m coming for you baby. If you can, can you walk towards the window?

I can’t really reach it

Get as close as you can and wave. I just want to see if I can see you

I’m waving simon. Can you see?

No I growled in frustration

Wait….I’m going to throw something at the window

Yes! Sophie, do it again so I can be sure

I see another yellow splat at the window and I growl, indicating to Magnus and Scott who had now come beside me; to look at the window. Magnus nodded before slinking forward.

I got you kitten. Im coming for you.

Hurry Simon. I...shit-

Soph? Sophie! I shouted but she had gone silent

I let out a chilling growl and we all started moving. There are about twenty of us as we all make our way to the mansion. Scott, Magnus , his eight wolves and I run towards the side of the building while I see Arik, Joe, John and some of my warriors go to the right side of the building. I saw Ray, Jason and all of Jerrick's pack move towards the front door. Some in their wolf form some still as human. One of Magnus’ pack members changes back to being human as he breaks the door. I wince, knowing that the sound was loud and I expected someone to come attack us at any moment.

When the door opens, we all enter and walk through what looked to be a side servant entrance that must have been used in the olden days. We keep walking forward, our ears not picking up and sound as we open a door and I can’t help but be impressed at the interior. It looked like one of those Victorian style mansions where the hallway alone could possibly hold fifty people! There was a marble staircase in the middle of the room. The kind you would see in a romantic fairytale; all white and winding. Scott looked at me as we stalked up quietly, our nails making a small sound as our paws scratched the marble surface. As we walk up the side door, I hear movement and we all froze before I hear Scott letting out a snuff of breath. I see Jerrick and Jason and I nod to them; letting them know that I am going to go right from the staircase. As we go together as a group; I stop.

“Who let the dogs out?” A man laughed at his own joke

I growled in anger, my eyes flashing wolf. The three in front of me looked like they hadn’t washed in a while and judging from their smell; they really hadn’t washed in a long time. In a blink of the eye, two of the wolves were dead! I second, they were standing there; taunting us and the next,, they both just collapsed.

I just looked at their dismantled bodies in shock before looking at Magnus who was now in his human form. A very naked form. He had his hand held out in front of him, his palms glowing a deep blue colour. When I looked back down at the guys, I could now see that each of their backs had a hole with blood, gore and bones spilling out, their spine shattered.

Suddenly, the remaining man let out a long shout as he alerted others to our presence. As I moved forward to bite him; Magnus squeezed his neck but aimed his hand towards the man and closed his fist. Magnus crushed his windpipe; the man tried to claw at his throat as invisible hands choked him. Opening his fits, Magnus dropped the dead body. I looked on with a sense of pride and awe. This was essentially my mates father. It is possible that Sophie is just as powerful. Magnus stiffens before growling and running towards the sound of pounding feet. I see a few wolves enter and as I move forward I see Magnus start to fight. These wolves didn’t just use their strength; they were using magic!

“GO!” Magnus shouted “She needs you”

I growl and almost bite the wolf beside me until I realise it is Scott. I see Jerrick and Jason’s group start to help Magnus as they start fighting with these new people. Where the fuck did they come from? I never smelt them! Scott, two of my warriors and I ran up the stairs where finally! Finally, I get a small hint of Sophie’s smell. Scott growled in anger and I could understand why. It was her smell and she smelled of fear. We followed our noses until we reached another level where it was more powerful. Just as we rounded the corridor, we were attacked by four other wolves and again they had no smell! I realised it was something Celine must have done as I bit another wolves hind leg. I tried to reach Sophie but she must have been blocking me.

When I managed to get away from the group that were fighting, I made my way towards the door which was in sight when suddenly, I felt a weight on my back before teeth embedded into my leg and tried to drag me back. I snarled and bared my teeth as I tried to bite the wolf who was trying to stop me from going to Sophie. I turned over and used my paws to slice open the wolf on top of me who then yelped out in pain as his stomach opened under me. I felt blood drip onto my fur and turned my body just as Scott fell on top of the wolf who had my leg between my teeth. Scott bit him on the back of the neck and it distracted the other wolf enough that I was able to use my other back legs to flash his muzzle; making him let me go.

I stood up, my back leg bleeding as I ran towards the door where Sophie’s smell was coming from. I could hear the fighting going on behind me as vicious growls rent the air.I changed into my human form and looked down at my slowly healing leg, the blood slowly drying off. I try the handle and it doesn’t open. I hit against the door and I hear Sophie scream. I shout out her name and try a couple of more times. The door has become lose but not enough to open the door. Suddenly a feel like something burned me. I look down at my hand and my eyes widen before I whip my head to look around at Magnus. He had blasted a light of some kind where the lock would have been and it was now eating its way through the door. A small spark must have leaped onto my hand because it sure hurt like a sonofabitch! Magnus shrugged his shoulder as he fought five new wolves. I turned back around and flung the door open, stumbling through’ only to see Sophie; lying on the bed, half unclothes; her eyes glazed over….and Damon trying to hold her down

“You fucker!" I shouted

I leapt towards him, shifting in mid-air just as Damon rolled off Sophie. As his body hit the ground, he shifted into a big black wolf and we clashed; our jaws open; our teeth bared. Damon managed to jump on top of me first, holding me down as he tried to snap my neck. His teeth caught my fur at the neck and I winced as the hair pulled tight. I managed to buck him off and he yelped. I got up and saw Sophie had hit him with a tray, her eyes less glazed, her clothes mostly torn but she held her own. Damon snarled louder as he got up, making his way towards her. I jumped in front of her, my tail hitting her legs to let her know I would protect her. Damon and I both jumped at each other at the same times, his teeth grazing my shoulder; cutting it open and my claws scoring his underbelly; but not deep enough to cut it open. We both rolled around on the floor; biting, snarling.

Suddenly I felt a zap of heat near my ear as I was biting at Damon and I looked at Sophie, seeing her do what Magnus had done. Still unsteady on her feet a little, Her aim was off which meant it only grazed Damon’s side and top of the shoulder. It was enough. I pushed and used my hind legs and nails to claw him off me, damaging his hamstring. He howled in pain and whimpered before trying to come at me with his teeth. His claws managed to slash the top of my shoulder as his teeth bit into my ear. I felt my blood spill out as he slashed me open and Sophie screamed my name. I felt dizzy from the blood loss but I knew I couldn’t lose.

“I’ll never be yours Damon. If you think you winning will make me want you more. I will fight you until I die!” Sophie shouted

I could hear tears in her voice yet she sounded strong. Damon growled out in anger and I knew he would never give her up. He would gladly kill my pup and use Sophie over and over He didn’t love her. He loved what she was, he loved her power.I felt Sophie try to gather the energy to blast him again and I told her to stop. She needed to keep the energy for herself. This was my battle. How dare he try to take my family from me!

I rolled over, my shoulder hitting the floor; the pain of exposed skin hitting a dirty floor made me wince as I felt the vibration all over. I snap at Damon, my teeth biting his muzzle; the indention causing him to bleed as he shakes his head; trying to dislodge me. My grip is tight but I let go when the pain of having one of his claws slash my own muzzle distracts me I shake my head and growl deeper, my anger now rising as I sense Sophie’s weakening state. He must have drugged her because once again, her eyes take on a glazed look and I feel like both my pup and mate are in danger. I’ve had enough of this!

Kill him, my wolf said Go for his underbelly but on your back; I will do the rest

As one, I ran full full throttle at him and as he jumped up to bite me, I skidded under him and on my back as I ran my razor sharp claws from his chest to his stomach and all the way back, slicing him open. He whimpered before falling onto the ground, his belly spilling open as blood flowed from his open wound. He tried to get up, shaking his head as the blood loss made him dizzy. He tripped and tried to rightened himself, growling at me even as I walked near him. He picked himself up and tried to fight but his blood stained the floor, making his paws slip. I reared up and fell on top of him; my teeth going for the jugular. His eyes widened as he understood his fate and with what little energy he had; he tried to fight. He struggled but it only embedded my teeth into his neck more. With my powerful jaws; I bit down harder and crushed his windpipe; his eyes widening before glazing over as life left his body. But I wasn’t satisfied.

Biting deeper; I got a good grip on his neck, and with a strong pull; I tore his throat out, flinging his head clear away from his body as blood sprayed the walls, the floor and my coat. I howled long and deep, announcing my victory to all who could hear. I leave his dead body there and trot over to Sophie who was looking both proud and sick. I stopped before getting to her arms and when she tried to pat me; I moved away.

“Why are you not letting me touch you?” She asked with a frown

“Because” I say, as I shift back to human “I have his blood all over me and I don’t want you touching it”

“Oh. Well then” Sophie closes her eyes

I felt like I had just been for a shower as I look down and see all the blood and grime washed off on me. I gap at her in shock and see her smiling with pride

“Sophie” I whisper

“I’ve been practising while I was in here”

“How?” I asked, shocked

“My wolf. She’s really smart Si! Like really!” She said with glee “But there’s a lot I still can’t do. And a lot that takes too much energy to do”

I rush over to her and gather into my arms; my heart’s beating rapidly as I clutch her to me. Feeling her around me calmed both me and my wolf and I took a deep breath of her scent into me; feeling it centre me once again. I was about to ask how she was when suddenly I felt something hit my stomach. I looked down and shock changed my face. When I looked up at Sophie again; she took one of my hands and placed it to the side of her now rounder stomach. Immediately I felt the kick of my pup and it was strong! I picked her up and sat on the bed, placing her on my lap; the chain on her ankles clicking.

“Our pup” I whispered, cupping her face

“Yes” She said, nodding “He kicked for the first time yesterday”

“How has your stomach grown in four days. I feel like I haven’t seen you in months and-”

"Are you saying I look fat now?”

“What?” I asked, confused “No!, Sop-”

She giggled and put a finger on my lips to shush me. I melted as I took in her tired eyes. When she placed my hand on her stomach again, my heart melted when I felt our pup make himself known. My breath caught in my throat and all the responsibility of being a father rushed at me at once. There was so much I wanted to say; so much I the end, all I could do was put my face into her neck and inhale her scent; my body shaking at how close I came to losing her.

“Simon” She said

“I love you” I rushed out “I never want to go another second without telling you I love you. I’m sorry. Sorry for being a dickhead who didn't understand what was going on. For not being the mate-”

She kissed me, cutting off my apology. Her soft lips crushed under my own as I dominated it and took over. My arousal grew as I wanted to reconnect with my mate, my eyes stinging with the emotion of having her back in my arms. My arousal became evident as she giggled and moved back, her hand playing with my chest; my naked body on display for her. Just as she gripped my hard cock, I lifted her to put her on the bed when I heard the jiggling of the chain. I growled in anger as I saw it tied around her delicate ankle.

“I couldn’t get it open. It’s silver yet its not hurting me too much”

“Sorry Soph; I just-”

“I did too” She said, cutting me off again “And with your naked body, I just wanted to feel you again”

“Let me see” I said as I sat down on the floor.

I tried tried to touch the chain and hissed when my fingers burned. Wolfsbane and silver! I lifted her foot slightly and thank god there wasn’t any damage to her skin. I don't know what I would have done if there was.

"You can’t do magik on it?”

“I tried but nothing worked. I don’t know enough magik”

“I could help with that”

Both Sophie and I looked towards the door and at the voice. Magnus stood there, his clothes covered in blood; his claws receding as they changed back into hands. I felt my face heat up at the thought of me sitting at Sophie’s feet, naked and aroused. But I should have known it wasn’t that big a deal. I stood up just as Sophie did, her mouth open yet it wasn’t shock. I could feel her happiness, her surprise and her pride in his appearance.

“Hello my pup” He said in a smooth, loving voice

“Dad!” Sophie said, her voice quivering with emotion as she took in her father

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