The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie P.O.V

I’m looking at Magnus, embarrassed I have called him dad when he isn’t my blood father. I feel my cheeks heat up and lower my eyes when I felt his power closer to me. His hands lifted my chin and I could feel my wolf acting like a puppy, moving her tail back and forth in excitement.

“Look at you” He whispered “I couldn’t be prouder”

“I...I know the answer but I still want to hear it from your lips” I said

“Go on” He encouraged me

“Am I your real daughter?”

“No Sophie. You are not. You really are from a fully human family. But you’re my daughter through the blood bond. A bond created when I bit you”

I nodded, tears in my eyes. Suddenly, I am engulfed by him as he pulls me into a hug. Because he is so tall; I feel like I really am a little girl. A sob escaped.

“In every other way, you are my daughter and I am so proud to have you as mine, my little pup”

“I...I’ve been so lost da...Magnus”

“Dad...Not being the sperm that made you doesn’t make you any less my daughter. Our blood bond is thicker. And you will never be lost again. I...want to thank you. Only your voice and your power is what brought me back from the brink Sophie”

“It did?” i asked when he let me go

“Yes. If you hadn’t given me a reason to live for; finding out about you and Sherry; I wouldn’t have been here or known you two...three”

“Three?” I asked

“My grandchild” He said, looking at my stomach

I blushed. I don’t know why; but I did. Simon looked like the cat that got the cream. His pride in my being pregnant would have been comical if not for the situation.

“I spoke to Sherry. Apparently they are in the basement. We need to go get them” I said

“We will kitten but once Scott finishes arranging a car, we can get you to the hotel where Amelia is and-”

“Excuse me?” I said, cutting in “you think I’m just going to a hotel?”


“What part of me being the supreme didn’t you hear about” I said, putting my hands on my hips

“You’re pregnant! That’s what I know!” he said throwing his hands up in the air

“And that makes me weak?”

“It makes you vulnerable”


“Do you really think that I could go on after knowing you? If something happened to you? To our pup? I know you’re the supreme Soph! And I don’t doubt for a second that you could take Celine on and kick her ass. This isn’t about that. It’s about you, about our pup and about the fact that I die a little; every single time I see or think of you in danger!”

He took the wind out of my sails. How was I able to fight with him after that! I looked at Magnus who smirked and folded his arms, looking at me. I saw Simon’s face and he was worried. I knew he was and I appreciated his concern but I knew this was something I had to do. Cupping his face, I took one of his hands and placed it on my stomach

“And do you think I could go on without you? Simon, I love that you love us so much. And I don’t mean to be stubborn. But I can’t live like this, worrying about Celine all our lives and we will because she will never give up”


“Never Simon. She will always be after us, after our pup. What if she manages to get us one time? Or our children, or you-”

He cut me off, kissing me to stop me talking. When a tear leaked, he brushed it away and sighed before he nodded and hugged me

“Children huh?” He chuckled

“Simon” I blushed and hid my face in his neck

I heard chuckling and I opened my eyes and peaked at Magnus whose body was shaking with laughter. I frowned at him


“You are truly the supreme”

“What do you mean?” I asked

“A supreme isn’t governed just by strength of power but the strength of their heart.When the moon goddess made us; she wanted us to use our heart as a weapon. To be able to install loyalty; not from fear but love which is a very powerful tool. I am ruthless my pup. I have much blood on my hands and I have much of the demons mark on me, but you….you have all of the moon goddess in you. Her bravery, her kindness….her love”

Looking at Simon, I hug him harder and he sighs before kissing my forehead

“We better go and find the rest then”

I hugged him harder as we all turned as one towards the door; only to find Scott and John standing there, looking at us as if we had lost our minds. I giggled, Simon chuckled and dad…..his laughter boomed out the loudest


Sherry P.O.V

“Are you sure she will help us?” I asked for the third time

“I think so Sherry. Like I said, i’m going on what her actions were like” Kelsie replied

“I just…..I don’t know. My body is antsy. I feel like something bad or big is going to happen”

“Yea. we are going to kick Celine’s ass” Kelsie hissed

“Not just that” I said


I looked over and saw Simon’s mum look at us with concern in her eyes. They have always treated me like I was one of their children and to see them beaten up and bruised hurt me. I wanted to tear out the throats of the wolves who had done this to them. Even then, they both sat there, regal and brave. My lips quivered when I saw how his mum tried to adjust on the floor while pain was running through her body from the fall she had when one of the wolves who came to give us food got angry at her and pushed her.

“Love” She said “It’s ok. Deep breaths now”

“I am so-”

We heard footsteps approaching us and I tensed. I didn’t know why the wolves were back but I knew it was because they wanted to hurt us. I placed myself in a way that allowed them to see me before seeing his parents. If they wanted to hurt someone, they could hurt me.

“Sherry” His dad hissed “I know what you are doing. Move back”

I stubbornly stayed where I was, ignoring his demand. I saw Kelsie do the same from across me, and I smiled. I knew she was where she was meant to be. With us, in this pack. I smiled at her and stiffened my spin, awaiting what was about to happen. To my surprise, It was a female. One I had never seen before

“Anna!” Kelsie whispered in delight

“Sshh” Anna whispered

She slowly withdrew a key and opened our door. She stepped in and took out two round key sets. Each one with five other keys. She went to Kelsie first and quietly tried each key before the right one unlocked Kelsie’s chain

“Thank you” Kelsie said

“Here, try this set on your friend” Anna said

Anna moved to help Simon’s parents and Kelsie came over to me, her feet faltering a couple of times after becoming numb from sitting for hours on the cold floor.

“Can we trust me?” I asked quietly

“What choice do we have?”

“It may be a trap” I said

“At least we would be free...fuck!” Kelsie said “Anna, none of these ones work on this one”

I hear a click and see Simon’s father slowly get up as he helps his mate. But the keys also are not working on her cuffs nor the shackle on her feet. Was this possibly a trick? Was she toying with us?

“….don’t know. They should have been on these” Anna said, upset.

“Ok ok let’s not panic. We have- Shit, someones coming” Kelsie whispered

“Kelsie, go. You both go. Hide” I urged

“Never!” His dad said “We go together or not at all”

“Darling, she’s right”

“No” He said when he looked at his mate “I am not leaving you, either of you”

“He’s right” Kelsie said

“Kelsie, Sophie said they were here. Find them and we will be free but don’t worry about leaving us behind”

“I am not leaving you guys here” Kelsie hissed in anger

“We might need to” Anne whispered

“No!” Kelsie siad “if I have to, I will use my powers”

“Then you may as well kill us all!. She has a magik detector here. The second you use magik, she will know!” Anne said

“Well then, maybe we should let her know we are here then”

We all turned to look at the new voice. My heart stopped beating for a second before it kicked up a notch and then tried to gallop out of my chest. I saw Sophie, Simon, Scott and John behind the face I thought I wouldn’t ever know but never really forgot

“Daddy” I whispered as tears escaped my eyes

“Oh princess” He whispered

His legs eat up the space between us, his big mass moving in a blur. Within a second he bent down and first, broke the shackles at my ankle and then the handcuffs on my wrists. I saw Sophie run with Simon to his parents from the corner of my eyes and I saw Scott run to Kelsie. My eyes widened when I saw him, his hands reaching out to, trembling

“I thought you were lost to me” Magnus said “Even now I can’t believe you are in front of me”

“Daddy” I whispered

“You look just like her” Magnus said breathlessly “Just like her”


We turned and looked at Simon’s dad who came over close and clutched Magnus shoulder. The men shared a look before they both rapidly blinked and swallowed, nodding to each other.

“Thank you. For taking care of my treasure” Magnus said gruffly

“Why didn’t you come for me?” I asked “Didn’t you care?”

“More than you ever know” Magnus said “Je..Sherry, I didn’t go rogue because I lost you’re mother and brother. Yes that contributed to it. But It wasn’t the reason”

“It wasn’t?” I asked shocked “Then why?”

“Because I was told that the reason for living had died. That YOU had died”

“Me?” I asked shocked

“You. When you were born and I held you; you took a part of heart that no-one could ever have” He said

Tears leaked from my eyes as I heard him, my heart beating so fat that it tried to break out. I felt John come up close and hug me and Magnus growled. I looked at him in surprise and he coughed, embarrassed but his strong gaze held

“I get that she is your mate. But I went from having a young daughter to a grown-up one and the missed years has made me very upset and angry. My wolf is feeling very possessive right now”

“I didn’t remember you because my guardian-”

“Did his job well princess” Magnus said “I am sorry to hear of his passing. I will forever be indebted to him and his line of guardianship’s for keeping you safe”

“We really should get out of here” Simon said

“Je..sorry. You having a new name is...difficult” Magnus said “Sherry, Until I learned of your dead; I had been sane. I only went rogue after hearing I lost you. You were my world. My last connection to your mother. But Sherry, I need to tell you something. Something you have to understand”

“Wh...what is it?”

“Dad, shouldn’t we get out of here?” Sophie asked

“Yes but I need her to know...I need both of you to know”

“Know what dad?” Sophie asked

“What daddy?” I asked

“Magnus come on” Simon’s dad said

Magnus took my hand and kissed my fingers. Tears automatically came to my eyes as he held me to him before, as one, we all turned and started to quietly run out of the basement. I was surprised when I saw a bigger group on the main level. How had Celine not noticed they were all here? We managed to get to the rear garden through the back door, when Kelsie stumbled, her small cry making us all stop.

“I..I can’t move!” She said in a panic

“What do you mean you can’t move?” Scott asked

“Look” Kelsie tried to move her feet, her leg twisted but seemed stuck to the ground

“What the fuck?” Scott hissed

“She’s used some form of black magik! Sh...she won’t let me leave!” Kelsie cried

“Go! Sherry go with the other’s” Magnus said, pushing me towards the door near the road

“No! I won’t leave you, any of you!”

“You have to princess. I need you three alive. And right now, you are not strong on your own because you still have your memories locked”

“What do you mean daddy?” I asked, worried now

Magnus bent down towards Kelsie’s ankle and tried to free her. I saw Sophie come forward and bend down to help, placing her hands on top of his. A white glow emitted from under their hands and iI watched as they tried to free her. Suddenly Magnus held out his hand towards me and everyone looked at me. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do

“Princess, I want to try something. I’m not sure if it will work, but I want to know”

“Know what?” I asked

“Put your hand on her Knee” He said

I moved forward to do that, unsure where this was leading. When I touched her knee, nothing happened at first. I was about to say this was silly when Magnus put one hand on my shoulder while keeping his other on her ankle. Sophie copied him and when both hands were on each of my shoulder’s, I suddenly felt a small tingle. The kind you get when you are on a rollercoaster; the excitement and fear turning into adrenaline. Then, I felt pain. SLight but enough to make me wince from it. Just as I am about to call out to them to stop, lights explode in my head. Suddenly, memories engulf my brain. Images dance in front of my eyes of my family, of my mother. Her happiness and love for me and my dad. Dad rushing home to be with me, catching me and throwing me up in the air! Of our lives before the badness happened.

Then I saw…..a little girl who had the same colouring and same hair and eyes as...Kelsie? I saw my mother crying in her room, I saw and heard raised voices of my parents arguing about the children they lost. So many sad memories until I saw happy ones again. This time, my mother took me to a small cottage, much like here. The little girl and I played and we...were doing magik? I was moving things with her in the air and we were giggling. What the fuck?. Then, to my shock, Celine walks towards us, her eyes shining. And my mother….hugs her and tells her she missed her as they both stand together and laugh.

Just like that, I come out of my memories and look down, only to see my hands are now glowing like Magnus and Sophie. I felt like what I had seen was hours and hours worth of memories, but really it must have been seconds. Suddenly, Kelsie was free and she almost fell backwards before Magnus caught her and helped her up. I could see everyone look at me

“Not possible” I whispered

“H...How do you know magik?” Kelsie asked me wide-eyed

“I...I don’t. I’ve never been able to do magic” I stammered

“Sherry” Kelsie whispered “The hand on my knee, that sent out warm microwaves to ease and break the hold on my knee. T...That isn’t easy magik.”

“Daddy” I whispered, shock and worry on my face

“I know and this is what I was trying to explain” He said as we all stood up properly

“Explain what?” John asked

“You remember some of your memories don’t you?” He asked me

I nodded, my body trembling. Kelsie looked between us, surprise marrying her features. I saw Sophie gasp , as if she realised something.

“You remember seeing Celine and playing with Kelsie as children don’t you?”

“WHAT?” Kelsie asked

“Wh...When?” John stammered

“Why?” I asked

“Because princess, Celine and your mother were sisters. You and Kelsie are cousins. You were always able to do magik when you were younger. Celine knew you were as strong as her. Kelsie didn’t ever like magik. It’s unpredictability scared her. But you loved it and Celine….used that”

“How? I ...I don’t remember ever being able to do it”

“When you were barely out of being a toddler, you levitated”

“I what?” I asked in shock

“NO!” Kelsie said

“Yes. Celine knew you were powerful. Not more than me but enough to help do whatever she wanted. She tried to petition your mother to let her keep you. So I, your guardian and another witch, used a spell and convinced your mother and Celine that it was a phase, that you lost your powers because we took the memory of magik from you”

“Oh my goddess!” Kelsie said, her hands cupping her mouth

“I...I “ I didn’t know what to say

“You may not be the supreme but you would have been powerful enough to be an adviser, a shield for her. When you connected to Sophie; it was of blood bonded sisters. With Kelsie, it is family”

“D...daddy I-”

“Celine could use you two to potentially bring down Sophie if she found out about you two. She thinks you died Sherry!” Magnus said

“We have to leave!” John growled “Now!”

“Oh but it is just getting interesting!”

We all turned in shock to look at Celine standing there. With a wave of her hand, fifteen other wolves behind her appear, as if an invisible cloak lifted off them. Everyone from our pack suddenly takes a fighting stance as she smirks, her eyes wild

“Magnus. My, my my, How the years have been kind to you. I don’t remember this much muscle when you were with Rissa”

“Don’t take her name you filthy bitch! “ Magnus yelled, his eyes calculating

“She was my sister!” Celine shouted “Her loyalty was to me first!”

“She gave you her loyalty when you first found out about your son!” Magnus shouted “I know everything Celine! It is you who should have given your loyalty to her!”

“You know nothing!” She shouted

“I do! You think she didn’t worry when you first took on the dark beings. That time when you were young and-”

“Don’t! Don’t you dare take his name!” Celine shouted, her mad eyes now turning black “You know nothing! Nothing of the sacrifices I had to make!”

“I know that your greed for power took over your mind! Because you did the unthinkable! You killed your mate!”

Celine let out a ferocious scream, the wolves behind her salivating, their drool dripping into the grass. I heard Kelsie gasp and then saw her pale face, her body shaking. Did that mean Celine killed her father? I thought they had been true mates? It wasn’t possible to cheat or hurt your mate without the other feeling the betrayal. How could she have done it?

As I turned to look at Celine, my hatred for her growing, I saw her open her eyes wider and laugh crazily; her mind clearly on the edge. She put her hand out, and with a sharp knife; cuts open her palms before letting it drop to the floor. I feel everyone tense up, readying themselves for battle. As everyone started to shift, I felt the change come over me. As I shifted into my wolf form; I growled in anger before my wolf whimpered in pain.

“I killed many mates, Magnus!” Celine shouted “Many!, in fact; you may even like my collection” She laughed

My paws collapsed under me as the most amazing and nostalgic smell hit my nose before steam rose from the ground where her blood fell from. My eyes were unable to take in what I was seeing. I heard Magnus howl in pain, in rage and anger and I knew what my eyes were seeing was true.

My dead mothers spirit, tied in chains; lying at Celine's feet in her wolven form

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