The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie P.O.V

When Celine said her parting words and left, Magnus immediately let me go, his face pale; his body shaking. I fell back against Simon who was holding me and I started taking in the much needed breath

“My pup” Magnus whispered in distress “i’m sorry. I’m so sorry”

“It’s ok dad” I said in between breathing

“What are we going to do?” Sherry asked

“We are going to find and kill that bitch!” Scott answered

“We need to decide” I said quietly, looking at my mate and my dad. Magnus paled. Simon looked like he was going to blow a gasket

“What the fuck do you mean we need to decide? Decide what?” Simon shouted


“No no...seriously. What do you think needs a discussion? To kill me mate or my pup?” he growled

“Si, we...we have to look at it logically-”


I winced at the volume of his voice while i rubbed my stomach, trying to calm both our pup and my wolf down, I could feel her somber mood at the back of my mind

“Soph, I hope your not being an idiot here” Scott said, his eyes flashing in anger

“Idiot?” Simon said between clenched teeth “She’s being a fool”


“And the Sophie I love is not a fool” Simon responded

“I...I want you to take the pup and I want you to run, leave” I say

Silence. Before chatter erupted from all sides. Simon went ballistic, Scott called me all kinds of names people called idiots or fools. Kelsie started telling me how I was walking into her mothers plans and her well aimed traps. Sherry fluctuated between anger and tears while her mate told me to be smarter about this. Dad stayed quiet, his arms folded and his eyes staring right at me

“So you think that it is just going to be that easy?” Simon asked “You sure picked this choice easily. You didn’t even wait a full minute before deciding for both of us!”

“Simon-” I tried

“Am I really so worthless that you are happy to sacrifice yourself? Granted I couldn’t pick between the love of my life and the love created from my loins but I would have thought we could have discussed it”

“Loins? Really?” Sherry choked on a laugh “Who even talks like that?”

“Simon” I said, smiling a little

“And now she smiles” He says, throwing his hands up in the air

I cover his mouth with my hand and everyone stops talking. I move my hand and lean my forehead against his and place his hand on my stomach. We both take a deep breath together. And again. And again. Finally, Simon’s heartbeat starts to match my own calm one and we breathe together as one. I hadn’t realised that we had closed our eyes, but when I opened mine, I saw Simon do the same. He smiles at me even though the worry is still there in his eyes.

“Trust me” I say

“Always” He replies softly

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Simon P.O.V

My mate is a fierce alpha. How she calmed the raging storm inside of me, I don’t know. I just know that one minute, I was all fire and brimstone and the next; it felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders and I had spent hours on a beach relaxing.

And now, I was watching her tight, heart-shaped ass wiggle in front of me as she silently walked in front of me towards Celine. Whenever I think of all that could happen, my heart starts to thud painfully and Soph would stop and look at me before squeezing my hand in support. Looking at her, I go over our time together; from our first meeting to today. The highs and lows; our arguments and fights. Our love making. Yes there were plenty of times we fucked and fucked crazy like bunnies. But there were times that we made love. Where I would just look at her for hours as she slept, taking in her scent and holding her too tight when I couldn’t believe she was mine.

“We’re here” I heard Sophie say “I’m here Celine”

I blink and come back to the present time, shaking my body awake when I see we have come back into the main foyer, inside the building

“Walk down a level using that red door on the left” Celine’s voice sounded in the air

We couldn’t see her but she was clearly using magic to pass her voice around the halls to confuse us. As one, we all started to walk towards the red door she spoke out with its peeling paint

“Only the ones I asked for” Celine said

“No way Celine. I want to be there with my mate and pup” I said loudly “As would the mated couple want to be together if it’s their last time together”

“No. Do as I say or the rest of the ones here will die” Celine said smugly

“Shit” I say angrily

“Simon, it’s ok” Sophie said “Celine. You said you would keep Kelsie and Sherry. Did you really expect there mates not to see them? I won’t fight! I won’t try anything. Either let the mates come or none of us too”

“You aren’t running this show! I am” Celine gripped, irritated.

“Only the mates. Everyone else can stay outside of the building”

“What?!” Jerrick said

“Noo..Luna; we can’t-” Started one of our warriors

“It’s ok” Sophie said

I was livid inside. Sophie was making decisions without me but I knew she did it because she had a plan. She had chosen to do this and despite us arguing over this situation. She told me her choice and pulled the mate card on me. The crazy bitch was going to reject our bond if I hadn’t agreed. No matter how much I had threatened her; how much Scott had argued; she hadn’t budged. When I had turned to Magnus who had stayed quiet this whole time; he had turned to me and told me that this had been something that had to be decided by her and that he had a feeling he would be questioning one of his pup’s Life choices which would lead to her death.

My eye’s had bugged out and I shifted, intending to fight Magnus for keeping something like that from me and for not being a proper father. What kind of parents allows their child to put themselves in harm’s way without batting an eyelid? But, cool as a cucumber; he turned his back on me and told me he won’t fight an emotional pup. Sonofabitch!

After that, here we are. Sophie has made our choice for us and we are now walking to her death. Sherry and Kelsie bubbling away, Sophie talking to Magnus like we were going for a stroll to get fucking ice-cream and Scott and John trying to come up with a plan to stop her.

“Fine!” Celine said haughty “Tell the others to get out. Once they leave, my wolves will escort you down after you open the door. Don’t act smart. With one touch, I will kill all the others”

Everyone looked at Sophie, their eyes sad. One by one, each person in this hallway took a knee and bent their head in respect. Sherry hiccuped and pushed her finger to her lips to stop the sob. I had to blink a few times to stop the tears from running free.

“Luna; our Alpha supreme” Our head warrior said “it has been an honour and privilege serving you. If I could take your place; I gladly would”

“Stop, don’t! Please” Sophie said “Simone, tell them to get up”

“There only respecting their Luna. I can’t stop them from doing that” I said sadly

“Alpha Supreme” Jerrick said “From the day I saw you when you were bitten; I knew there was something special about you. I just wish I had more time to be blessed with your presence. The world will lose one of it’s shining star tonight. May your legacy live on in some way”

The hallways suddenly started glowing. All the humans changed into wolves and as one; howled out; crying out their distress to the moon goddess and their thanks to their Alpha Supreme for her sacrifice.

“Thank you” Sophie said with tears in her voice “I couldn’t have asked for a better send off. Simon will be a wonderful father. But our son will need his uncles with him. Work together; don’t let her divide you, Not all rogues are bad; just as not all pack members are good. Fairness is needed and when we strive for that; that makes it a better place for everyone. I ask the moon goddess to bless all of you and to keep you all in her favour”

Saying that she nods. As one, they all turn to run out of the door leaving Magnus, Kelsie, Scott, Sherry, John and I with her. She looks at us and smiles sadly before we all turn to the door. Once we open it and are inside, we see fourteen wolves, their eyes blank and yet growling at us to follow them down to the pits of hell

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Sophie P.O.V

I was scared. Deep inside, I was scared but I didn’t want to show it. I wasn’t going to be around to see my pup grow but it would be worth it. He wouldn’t be burned with the supreme power and have someone chase him to kill him. He will be better of without the power that would have come his way

We walked down the stairs and once we reached the bottom, the main leader of this wolf pack opened a grey door and with his arms, indicated for us to go through; the room pitch black. As soon as we stepped through the door and it closed behind us, the dark room suddenly started lighting up. Scones of fire started lighting themselves around the room in a circle. With each fire, the room became lighter and I was able to look at everyone around me. The wolves stayed back, guarding the door.

“Sophie” Sherry whispered

Suddenly, the hand Simon had on my hip was ripped from me. He was flung against the wall and magically; wolfsbane and silver shackles secured him to the dirty stone walls; tying his arms and ankles together. Next John and Sherry were also flung against the wall and in the same shackles; a scream ripping out off Sherry’s lips at the suddenness of the action. Scott tried to fight it as he could see the wind as did dad. After a few seconds, Kelsie was ripped away from Scott’s side and flung onto the opposite wall from Sherry and for that split second that he moved his eyes to look at her, Celine won and took him too; shackeling him beside Kelsie in the same manner.

Magnus roared out in anger as he fought with whatever Celine was throwing at him as I looked on, my eyes darting about . The wind in the room so strong that I couldn’t see, my hair whipping about so severely. Just as I managed to open a little bit; I saw a pentagram on the floor with writing in….blood? When the loud bang sounded, I saw that the wind had hit Magnus with enough force that he had been flung to the side and up against the wall; being shackled the same way. He must have changed into his wolf form because on the floor were his claw marks...but only of two paws as they were being dragged backwards. I looked at him wide eyes as he groaned from the impact; my breathing escalating as I try to figure out what had happened.

“Well now. This is better” Celine said as she appeared into the room

With a flicker of her wrist, she lifted me up in the air

“Celine!” Kelsie shouted

“NOOO! Don’t hurt her” Sherry screamed

“Soppphiiee” I heard Simon shout

Celine laid me on my back on a table, the cold, black marble making my body shudder. Immediately; I was strapped down magically before I saw a girl come out from the side of a bookcase; her hand pushing a trolley with instruments on them. Everyone started shouting but I don’t know why; I suddenly became calm. I looked at this ‘Anne’ girl that Kelsie and Sherry were shouting for and I just smiled at her, reassuring her that it was ok. She smiled at me sadly, her cracked; bleeding lips turning down as her eyes looked to the floor

“ENOUGH!” Celine shouted


“What’s it to be Luna. You or your baby!” Celine said “And don’t waste my time thinking you can stall me. No one can get into the room. It’s been blocked with magic that can only be unlocked from inside….by me....So...I ask again. You or the baby”

“Celine!” Simon shouted

“Me” I quickly said, not wanting Simon to aggravate the situation

“How noble” She sneered at me

“You did the same though, didn’t you?” I said

She just looked at me with confusion

“You sacrificed your life, your very soul for Aaron” I said

“Don’t say his name!” Celine shouted at me

Walking towards Magnus, I was able to see that she was using that black poison on him as it ran up and down his body, his neck strained in pain as it tried to reach his mind. I creamed when I saw it, understanding why he wasn’t able to help me now. The black dagger appeared out of her hand and she stabbed his right side, cutting him open; his blood spilling down onto the ground


“DDDAAADDDYYY” Sherry shouted

Kelsie just screamed. When I looked down, his blood started flowing freely, running down his leg and into the grooves on the pentagram, his blood following the design on the ground. Magnus could only groan in pain. He took out the dagger, calmly walking to Sherry, her smile evil. I begged her not to hurt Sherry and she only laughed. Laughing harder when John screamed for his mate after Celine stabbed Sherry and again; the blood flowed down. This time though; as the blood mingled with Magnus and followed the design of the star, each six of the bloodied letter engraved into the ground started to light up a little.

When she went to Kelsie; Scott tried to buck and fight against his restraints and she hit him with a wave of magic that saw his nose and mouth bleed. When he became quieter, She stabbed Kelsie who screamed the loudest as her skin tore open, her flesh raw as both magic and blood flowed from her. As it joined Magnus and Sherry’s blood, the letters were fully alight; the black star lighting up even darker as the power of their mingled blood, called forth the same demons that had taken Tasha’s wolf. They came alive in a wavering, smokey form as they each took a position at a star’s point, their symbol light up in red. The smell of their hate, of their evilness disgusting and vile.

“Now for the spirit” Celine said gleefully “Ekti, baneris lionis. Ekti opani emoti”

She repeated it twice more before a red light appeared in the middle of the pentagram. Rissa! Magnus mate! Her wolf spirit appeared in the middle, her head bent in sorrow

“Mum” Sherry whispered

Magnus wanted to speak but still couldn’t, his mouth closed. Simon was keeping calm and quiet which was odd but I couldn’t think about it

“I still need her magik” Celine said laughingly “And her power will keep Magnus in control. He won’t be able to hurt his mate”

“But you did, didn’t you Celine. How did you survive if you killed your mate?” I asked

“Because I only killed my first mate. But not my soulmate” She said smugly

“What?” I asked, my eyes opening wide.

“Yes. You see a long time back, when Rissa and I were children. Someone had told my mother that one of us would obtain power beyond our imagination and one of us would crave it but would not be worthy of it. I found that same seer a few years later as I grew up and she told me how Rissa would fall for and mate with the king of kings. But would crave to please her mate with the right kind of heir. And I..” Celine's laughed, her eyes now wild “And I would seek that power but would be able to obtain it”

I looked at Magnus and Rissa’s wolf who were both just looking at Celine. They were still bleeding and just as I was about to mention it, I saw Ann move. She started to go to each of them,attending to their wound

“She told me that I wasn’t worthy...ME!” Celine shouted “She told me that I would love my mate and the desire to own that power would go away. When I asked her if I would ever have the power; she told me no, but my child would. My son. But she told me that my mate wouldn’t allow me to use his child like that and besides, it would be foolish to try as in order for me to do this; I would have to sacrifice my mate; my first born if it was not the boy. I was livid”

“What did you do Celine?” I asked

“At first, I didn’t care about power. I was still interested in it but; it wasn’t pressing. I was dating this other wolf but he wasn’t my mate. Then Rissa found HIM” She spat, looking at Magnus “Imagine my surprise when I found out the truth of his bloodline. The king of kings! I was sure my mate would be more powerful; after all...If my son was going to be the supreme, then surely his father must be of that bloodline. At that time, the other brother wasn’t mated and I thought it was from that brother that I would mate. I hadn’t met him at their mating ceremony so I had high hopes. The day after their ceremony, I met my mate. I saw him from afar. An extension of Magnus’s family but not direct decent. But I was happy. I knew I would be able to get this powerful son. Rissa always had the first of everything. The first date before I was asked out even though I was older by a year. She got into Oxford University, and I didn’t, She got the fucking alpha of the alpha! “

Celine heaved a deep breath, her eyes now black as she looked at all of us. Her mouth sneering at Rissa’s wolf who kept looking down at the floor

“But when I found out that she would have a child from the Supreme, I couldn’t handle it anymore. So I made a choice. I didn’t approach my mate. I knew I would love him and that he would not approve of my actions so I moved away from him, convincing my boyfriend to come with me. For a year he and I lived together and I learned and practised dark magic on the side. Simple stuff but enough to convince him to mate with me”

“ were using him. He was your sacrifice”

“Yes I was using him” Celine said “But he was the sacrifice for me to learn dark magic when I approached a demon for help. That was my down payment”

“Down payment?” I said in disgust “For what?”

“For having Aaron.” Celine said

“But if you were already going to have Aaron-” I said

“I was but the power would first be passed onto the king’s line.” Celine said with a angry look

“But he never had any. He only had Sherry” I said

“But the boy he had at the end was also his was it not?”

“Whaaattt?” Bu...but I thought you helped Rissa have that child?” I gasped

“No. Before I killed my first mate, I was told by the demon that my first born had to be sacrificed and that my next child would be the supreme. My son had to be born from the bond of love. You see, I feel pregnant with my first mate and by this point; I was successful in obtaining entry into the demonic world. I had to appease them, let them know I was serious about wanting my son. The demon who helped me was stupid. He had his own agenda but he fell in love...can you guess who with?”

“Mum” Sherry whispered

“WITH HER!”Celine pointed her finger to the wolf “He saw her when she came to my house and said she shined. SHINED! Had I known then that he was in love with her; I would have done something then. Instead; I went about my way making my plan. I did what I had to. I gave them what they wanted. When I was free from my burdens I found my mate and we fell in love. Sherry was already one by then. The pathetic demon was trying to separate her from Magnus. He didn’t want her to have the supreme. He was the one to tell me that if I helped her get pregnant, we could control the conception”

“How?” I asked

“Not important. Point being I could do something to shift the power. Imagine my surprise when the demon cursed my womb. Cursed it to have you” Celine shouted at Kelsie “A weakling. Your father loved you so much. At first I thought you would be useful but your attempt at magik was pathetic. When Rissa fell pregnant with a male child. I realised the demon had double crossed me. He helped with black magik to give Rissa what she wanted. A powerful heir. Of course I didn’t realise that I was also pregnant by that point. I gave Rissa a shot that allowed me to see how her child progressed and when it looked like it would come into power of any kind; I killed it from the inside”

Sherry sobbed, Kelsie cursed her mother. I listened quietly

“All that time we visited you” Sherry sobbed “You hated us, wanted to kill us”

“You still got your son Celine. How?”

“Noticed that did you?” Celine laughed, “You’re a smart cookie. After killing Rissa’s son, the power jumped to Aaron. Yes he was chosen originally but imagine my surprise when I found a loophole. If the Supreme who is first born; is born to side of evil, then the second would also be born to the side of good to balance the world”

“That’s why there’s two of us. Magnus and I. But my pup?” I asked

“The loophole has a loophole. That what happen when you try to force power” Kelsie said

“You finally learned something huh?” Celine said “Yes, another fucking loophole “i wanted Aaron to have all the power and I try to force it so the precious moon godddess had tried to thwart me. But I am more powerful”

“Who did you sacrifice to get that for Aaron?” I asked

“My daughter” Celine said evilly

“Kelsie?” Sherry asked

“No. My first born through my first mate. They were my doorway into demonic powers and with it Aaron’s becoming the supreme”

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