The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon P.O.V

She was crazy! Listening to Celine felt like I was listening to some horror movie trailer and it was full of craziness! Magnus had poison slowly running through his veins, trying to reach his brain like it did to me when Sophie and Scott saved my life. Celine had done something to all of the men and we couldn’t speak. My heart kept thudding hard as my worry for Sophie and our pup increased as Celine got wilder. Seeing the changed wolf spirit in the middle of the star and all the demons surrounding us; I prayed to the moon Goddess.

“You’re own daughter Celine!” Sophie whispered “How could you?How could you hate one child over the other when they have all come from your body?”

Please baby I said Don’t antagonise her, don’t make her angry enough that she does something to you!

Sh..she killed her own child, hated another and brought one back from the dead! Sophie said, heartbroken

I know. But remember! Stick to the plan! I said We can’t have her do something that will hurt us all worse

“Aren’t you done yet?” Celine sneered at the girl who was cleaning up Magnuse’s wound.

“I...I’m sorry.’s done” The girl said before moving away to stand at the side

“Noble of you to give your life for your child” Celine said ”Of course, once your power is in Aaron, you will die and your son will become powerless”

“I rather my son be powerless than a monster” Sophie said “Celine, don’t do this. There is still time”

Celine cackled and for the first time, I saw her as the witch she was. Her laugh sent shivers down my spine and I saw both Scott and John react the same way.

“And they thought you were worthy of this power? Pathetic” Celine spat

“Where are his parents and the rest of our pack?” Sophie asked

“I had to take some prisoners. Once our transaction has been completed, you can all go” Celine shrugged her shoulders “None of you are of any interest to me.

Celine looked over at all of the demons that were floating over the blooded words and she walked over to Sophie. I tried to move, to call out her name but I was imobile once again. Celien lifted her dagger and waved it, chanting words in a foregin language before bringing it down, slashing one long cut from her elbow to her wrist. I screamed out but the sound only voiced as a muffled sound. Sherry and Kelsie screamed and Sophie sobbed out. Then before our very eyes; her cut knitted itself together.

My heart was in my throat when Celine tried to cut Sophie open in the same way, over and over. Screaming out in frustration, she slashed Sophie’s cheek, the knife splitting the skin before it started closing again.

“What is this?” Celine screamed at the demons in front of us

The demons started shaking, their faces distorting and shifting and judging by Celine’s angry questions and waving hands, they must have been saying something she didn’t like because she was getting angrier and angrier. Celine screamed out long and hard, flinging her head back. Her anger unleashed a strong wind that pushed us all back against the wall while various glass jars exploded, books fell out of their shelves and the fire scones flickered. After a few minutes of her screaming, she bent her head forward, her eyes closed and everything died down; an eerie silence followed after the mayhem.

When she lifted her head and opened her eyes, they were black! An evil smile tilted her lips at one corner as she took a step towards Sophie. I tried to struggle against my shackles but all I felt was the burning of wolfsbane and silver as it singed my wrist.

“Well now” Celine said “It seems that your son is more powerful than you”

“Celine!” Sherry screamed

“Stop Celine!....mum please don’t do this!” Kelsie cried out

“It seems your choice no longer matters I. Want. Your. Son” Celine said slowly

Celine was now near Sophie once again but this time, Celine’s chanting felt more dangerous. She lifted up the dagger right above Sophie’s stomach, I saw her eyes widened and tried to move against the shackles, my screams muffled, my heart erratic as I realised how close I was to losing Sophie.

Suddenly the wolf; Magnus’ mate started growling at Magnus, her teeth bared as she took a defensive stance. Celine whipped her head to look at him, her eyes widening when she saw the poison suddenly retreating back down

“NO!” Celine screamed “HOW is this possible?”

Magnus grunted, his eyes turning red as sweat started to pour down from his forehead. He seemed to be pushing the poison down and out of his body by sheer will! I tried again to somehow be free but I was just as tightly secured. I needed to save my family! My mate! My pup!, it can’t end like this!

“WHERE IS SHE?” I hear Celine scream

I looked to where Sophie was and my mind went numb. Where she should have been! The table was empty and there was no way for anyone to get out! Where the fuck was my mate!


Kelsie P.O.V

When I saw that Sophie had disappeared, my heart leapt to my throat. What’s going on? What’s happened? This wasn’t part of the plan! We were meant to come to Celine, make her believe she had won and Magnus and Sophie were going to do some crazy supreme shit and defeat Celine! What the hell is this?

Celine started to scream, her anger so volatile that it started to destroy the room. Once again, things were flying about, breaking. The wolves that were guarding the door started to whimper, curling away from her anger. We tried so hard, struggling to be let free but I knew her magik. It was strong. Too strong! How were we going to do this without Sophie? Then, out of nowhere; I felt as my hands had gotten loose. I looked down and saw Anna, curled up against the wall beside my body; shielding herself and yet, she had freed my hand. My eyes widened as she looked at me, her eyes darting to Sherry and then Magnus. I nodded as Celine screamed out profanities and continued to destroy the room; her demons screeching and contorting their body as they too vented their anger.

She held out her hand and lifted Simon up into the air, her eyes black, her hair wild and flying out behind her. His shackles broke as he started lifting into the air, grabbing at his throat, struggling to breathe.

“WHERE…..IS…....SHE?” She asked him

“HE doesn’t know anything!” Sherry shouted “None of us do!”

“HE KNOWS!” Celine screamed “HE is her mate! HE KNOWS!”

Rissa’s wolf started growling harder, the chilling sound cutting through Celine’s rant as she moved her hand side to side; causing Simon to hit each side of the wall as he battered him. I realised I was free and that Anna had pushed the key into my hand before she started to crawl towards Celine. When she was near Celine; she tried to stand up against the fierce wind and walked towards Celine, her steps staggering and fighting against the force in the room. The demon’s screeched, warning Celine of Anna’s movement and barely with a glance, with her other wrist, she flicked a finger and Anna went crashing towards the table where Sophie had been. When She didn’t get up again, I knew she was hurt.

As she flung Simon about, her focus on him; I clicked open Sherry’s chains before passing the key to her to open Magnus. As Sherry did that, I sent out an energy ball towards her, white ball of light grazing her shoulder. Celine screamed in shock, her concentration broken meaning that she let Simon go. He fell to the ground, bloodied and bruised and unmoving. Celine started firing black balls at me and my eyes winded. Black energy balls! What the hell did these do? I didn’t want to find out. Just as I got a couple of good shots at her, I heard Magnus and Sherry growl before seeing Scott and John running beside me. Scott stood beside me, his hands held out as he helped me by creating a magikal shield around us both. John ran past and as he reached Simon; all hell broke loose and the wolves at the door now decided they wanted in on the action.

As one, they ran towards us. John ran back besides Sherry and changed into his wolf mid air just as a wolf tried to attack her, his body hitting and taking that wolf down onto the floor.I could hear fighting going on beside me and knew Sherry and John were fighting but I didn’t know what Magnus was doing. I moved my hand in circles as I made other hand signs to help more white light fight through the black balls Celine was sending us. I don’t know how we were going to do this, but I just knew one thing

Celine had to die! Right now!


Sophie P.O.V

I was drifting. One second I was looking at Celine lifting a dagger over my stomach and screaming about wanting my son and the next…..nothing.

Now, when I have come into my consciousness, I feel light. Airy and when I opened my eyes. I was in a meadow. The grass was soft and ticklish under my bare feet. The sun was shining, warming my face; fueling me. I could feel the heat soothing my body, infusing it with light and energy. I closed my eyes and tipped my head back, absorbing it all in

“Well, she certainly loves the light and the light does love her” I heard a deep chuckle

I opened my eyes and gasped. Before me stood a handsome man. His chiseled jaw and youthful face are appealing. He wore a black tunic with black loose fitting trousers, but his slicked back hair and muscles along with the aura of power belied his casual appearance

“What did you expect from the daughter of light?” A feminine voice asked

I gasped when I saw her. She was beautiful! Her long raven locks flowed freely to her waist in curls, before changing to a deep purple at the tips which then ended before her hips. Her caramel eyes sent out warmth, her long white gown looked like it was made out of the softest material as if draped over her body and hugged her long limbs and curves as it gently played in the breeze.

“W..who are you? Where am I?” I asked

“We are the mother and father of the beginning. This” She pointed at the man “Is Cadifor and I am Ophiellia. But you know me as mother” She said gently

“Mother?” I asked confused

Suddenly and with clarity, I understood and I immediately bowed. I was in the presence of the moon goddess! I could feel my wolf preen under their gaze before quieting under their gaze and Ii felt sad. Was I dead? Was my pup dead too since I could feel my stomach still in place?

“No child” She said, her voice clear “You are here because you need time to let them do what needs to be done before you can fight”

“I don’t understand?” I said “do I get to kill Celine?”

“So bloodthirsty” Cadifor chuckled “You could be forgiven for thinking she has been tainted by me”

“No love” Ophiellia lightly laughed at Cadifor “Her heart is pure. She has no ill will towards Celine but to rid the world of evil. Now there is something I must show you to help you in battle”

“B….but they need me now” I said “Da...Magnus and I; we -”

“I know. But first, Magnus must free himself from the hatred he has towards Rissa” Ophiellia said “So he can defeat Celine with you”

“Hate?” I asked, shocked

“Yes. For many years, he has had resentment towards her. It festered in him, grew and moulded until it changed to hatred. Hatred at her for wanting a male hair when he himself had no such desire. For her wanting a supreme child when he himself wanted no such burden. He wanted a simple life. Not one filled with power and greater responsibilities” Ophiellia said sadly

“What does he need to do?” I asked

“He needs to let her go. All this time, hate helped fuel him. It helped him to become what he is today. His hatred for his mates desire, hatred for losing his daughter….for biting you” Cadifor said

“Wi….Will you punish him? For all he has done”I asked, scared

“No. He has suffered enough” Ophiellia sighed

“Then I will wait here for him. But...please, let it not be too long” I said

“You my dear” Cadifor said, laughingly “Are a delight. My love worked wonders with you”


Simon P.O.V

I was bloodied and bruised but even then I worried about my mate and where she would be. How she was. I pushed away from the wall, my eyes adjusting to the mayhem in front of me. Celine was fighting off Scott and Kelsie. John and Sherry were fighting the wolves that had been our guards and Magnus seemed to be having a stare down with his mates wolf as she growled and snapped her teeth at him.

I knew I was bleeding but I needed to help. I couldn’t just stay down. I moved against the wall as I tried to mind-link my mate. When I got no answer, my heart skipped a few beats and I almost died, thinking I had lost her.

She is safe my wolf said. They both are.

Where are they? I asked

Somewhere where we can’t go without an invitation or when it is our time he said

I don’t understand I replied

Just know they are safe! Right now we need to help kill this bitch! My wolf growled

Agreed I shouted.

I suddenly felt a soft caress on my cheek. When I looked around, I couldn’t see anything and yet I swear I felt Sophie touch me! I even smelled her glorious scent! Growling in anger, I stood up and started running towards the fight, changing in mid-air as my teeth bit into the closest wolf to me who was trying to bite Sherry. Enough was enough! Ever since Sophie and I have met, it’s been one fucking thing after another! Like a fucking reality tv show to spice up and keep audiences intreasted! This bitch and her minions needed to die! And I swear, after this; she and I are going to go away for a long break and talk! I started tearing into the wolves there and killed two before I heard a whimper of pain. When I turned around to look, sure it was Sherry; my eyes opened further in shock. Magnus had broken away from the wall and the poison! He was somehow using it to fuel him. It was now below his knees as I could only see the black veins there yet he wasn’t pushing it down further.

Within a second, Magnus had transformed into his wolf and to say I was shocked was an understatement! He was the biggest damn wolf I had ever seen and he was the exact same shade as my mate! Sophie had white socks, he had none. No other colour except a deep fiery red with a mix of russets undertones. His jaw looked massive and the teeth razor sharp. As I slashed at another wolves underbelly; splitting him open, Magnus had opened his jaw and bit his mates wolf on her leg as he jumped on her. Her eyes looked sad and yet her jaw snapped at him as she tried to attack him over and over again. I felt a sting at my hind leg and realised that a wolf had bitten Sherry and that was why I felt it through the pack link.

I cut down another wolf, my fur covered in blood, my nails had bits of intestines and gore stuck to it and paws slipped as I slid on the blood covered ground. I heard John try to help Sherry as together they tackled the last two wolves. I turned and ran towards Scott and Kelsie who were showing signs of tiredness. Celine had the backing of black magik and goddess knows what else but Scott and Kelsie only used their own energy. With a long howl, I jumped over Kelsie and tried to collide with Celine but all it did was distract her. But it was enough!

As her eyes lifted to look at me and use one hand to throw me against a wall; three things happened at the one time. Kelsie managed to get a blast of whatever she was doing to hit Celine, causing her to scream out in pain. She screamed again when Magnus had managed to overpower the spirit of his mate and bite into her throat, effectively killing his mates spirit

And I?

I realised that when she threw me against the wall, I hit against a half broken scone, the broken shard slicing into my stomach as it came out the other side. I could hear a scream of pain and Celine's laughter as I slipped into unconscious, blood gushing from my wound

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