The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie P.O.V

“NNNNNOoooooooooo” I cried out “Simon!”

“Hush dear one” Ophiellia said

I turned around to glare at her, tears streaming from my eyes as I cradled my stomach. Our pup kicked hard and I sobbed as I thought of what Simon would miss, all the first that he won’t be around to see. My eyes felt itchy and like they were dry. I heard Ophiellia gasp before feeling her touch on my arm

“You took my mate!” I said in a harsh voice “Give him back to me!”

“Dear one - “ Ophiellia tried to speak

“NO! Bring my mate to me...NOW!” I shouted, my anger a living thing

Ophiellia was about to speak when she gasped and covered her mouth with her hands overlapped. Cadifor’s eyes widened and he looked between me and Ophiellia before slowly smirking.

“Is that even possible?” He asked

“It would seem so” Ophiellia whispered back

“What are you two talking about?” I asked, irritated

“Sophie? Kitten, is that you?”

I gasped when I heard Simon’s voice and turned around to look at him. With a cry, I ran to him and flung myself into his arms. He caught me easily ; pulling me closer to him as he smelled my hair, his nose burying into the crook of my neck. I sobbed as I held him tight and when I felt wetness on my neck, I knew he was just as overwhelmed and emotional to see me

“Where did you go kitten?” He said while still buried against my neck “How could you leave me like that?”

“What did you do Simon?” I sobbed

“What I had to, to keep you both safe” He replied quietly

“By killing yourself?” I asked, moving away from him

“I’m dead then?” He asked sadly before nodding with understanding

I held my hand over my mouth to stop my sob from exploding. He took me into his arms again and kissed my hair, my forehead before placing a small kiss to my lips. He took a deep breath, his chest heaving before placing a hand on my stomach. Our pup kicked hard and he rubbed my stomach before talking to it

“Listen kiddo, I need you to take care of your mum for me ok”

“Simon” I sobbed

“She’s a pretty special lady. I was just too stupid to see it at first. Maybe if I had, this wouldn’t be happening or maybe we would have had more time together” Simon said, as if he didn’t hear me “You’re going to be a very powerful boy. A great alpha. An alpha supreme. But don’t you forget about your mum ok. You gotta be her rock because I won’t be there to look after her”

“Stop! Stop it.” I sobbed harder

“It’s ok kitten. I’m just glad I got to see you one last time” He said with a sad smile

“NO! Don’t you dare! You can’t leave me like this!” I cried out

He kissed my lips gently, so softly that it felt like wings of a butterfly. The taste of him so sweet and heady. I swayed in his arms as melted into the kiss. Our pup kicked and I knew Simon could feel him against his stomach. He groaned as he broke the kiss of me and put his forehead against mine

“You need to go back Sophie. Magnus has killed Rissa’s wolf spirit. I don’t how he is going to take it” Simon said quietly

“I’m not going without you!” I said as fresh tears fell from my eyes

“I’ll always be with you kitten” Simon said, cupping my face

“Sophie” Ophiellia said “It’s time. We have to go”

“Go where?” I asked

“Trust me” Ophiellia said gently

“Go Soph” Simon whispered

“You expect me to leave you here?” I asked, angry now

“Yes because you and our pup are the only ones who matter. Please kitten, go” He said

“I - “

“Sophie, come” Ophiellia said “I promise things will work out but you need to be where I need to take you to”

Nodding, my heart breaks as I look at a quietly smiling Simon who takes my fingers and kisses their tips. He pressed a passionate kiss to my lips and I returned it, hoping for more. When I feel our pup kick me, Simon smiles and bends down kissing my stomach. Before I can say anything else, the scene in front of me changes. Simon is no longer there! I’m no longer where we were either. Now I am in a dark, dank room where there are two scones of fire burning on each wall. There is a marble floor which seems to be shiny and clean compared to the sooty and damp smelling walls. The smell of baby powder and lavender is strong and I wrinkle my nose as I try to understand what is happening.

I see Ophiellia standing beside me and smiling. I start to cry as I see i’m not with Simon any more even as my wolf whimpers in pain from the loss of our mate yet tells me to be brave. That our pack, our pup needs us.

“Where are we?” I ask as I sniff

“You shall see. This is where your first power will show itself. You will know what to do”

Saying that, Ophiellia disappears right before my eyes! Leaving me standing there with my mouth open. I hold out my hand, trying to grab her fading form

“Wait!” I shout

But she has already gone

“Who are you?” The little voice said

I turned around and gasped when I saw who was in front of me. I walk towards him and bend down as delicately as I can in this stage of my pregnancy. He looked at my stomach before looking at me, his eyes full of questions and I knew what I had to do. I close my eyes and think of the dagger that Celine had and how it gleamed. How the blackness had its own shine and the dark magic that came with it. Suddenly, I felt the dagger in my hand and I grip the handle, feeling its coldness

“Are you going to kill me now?”

My eyes lift to his in surprise and my lips quiver as I imagine seeing how my boy would look at his age. How I would feel if this was happening to my pup. I hardened my resolve even as a tear escapes me at which point I had another thought. A more human thought if you could call it that.


Kelsie P.O.V

He’s dead! Simon is dead! Oh god! I can’t believe it!

After Celine threw him against the broken scone, the jagged piece went into his stomach and right through his back. I heard John and Sherry scream out as Celine laughed like a lunatic. Next thing I know she screams and looks behind my shoulder and I felt a beast leap up and over me, landing in front of me

“What did you do?!” Celine shrieked “You killed your own mate!”

“She was dead long before now” Magnus growled

The Magnus in front of me wasn’t human. He was a hybrid. He stood on two giant paws that looked like feet, his bunched muscled arms had fur and sharpened with lethal looking claws. His face was human but his muzzle was all wolf. Magnus started to chant something and before Celine could say anything, He hit her with a blast of red energy balls. What the fuck? WHAT the hell did this one do now?

It hit Celine and she screamed as her clothes caught fire. One after another, Magnus threw a red and a white ball and while some missed her, others hit her clothes or her body. Catching alight or eating through her skin before patching up. The only good thing about it was that while her body was hit, it had to cause her pain for it to knit back into place again. The demons had obviously given her some sort of power to heal. I was tired and while Celine threw her own energy balls at Magnus, Scott helped to deflect them as Scott and Magnus worked together.

Hearing Sherry cry, I ran to them and kneeled down to where John had Simon on his back now, a gaping, bloody wound leaking blood everywhere. John was crying as he shook his head at Sherry who sobbed

“He’s gone” John sobbed

“First Sophie and now Simon” Sherry cried “I can’t believe I found my family, only to lose them so easily”

“Let me see” I urged quickly

Sherry moved away as the tears left a trail on her face. I tried a couple of different ways to help and while I stopped the bleeding, I couldn’t bring him back. I placed my hand over his heart and pushed in the white energy ball over and over again; trying to jump start his heart , his body shuddering and jerking with the power going into him; but it was no use. He was gone. Sherry sobbed as I kept trying and before long, John held my shoulder still as he shook his head. I stopped, crying as I tried to accept my failure in bringing him back.

“What do we do? How….do we stop her?” Sherry asked as she cried

“I don’t know” I admitted “the supreme was the one to triumph over evil but with Sophie gone…” I trailed off.

I felt pain in my chest just as I felt just as I heard Scott cry out.

“SCOOTTTT!” I screamed as I scrambled up and tried to run to him

Magnus and Celine were hitting each other with balls of energy. Different colours were flashing past as they both hit each other and missed or cried out when one or the other got it. I saw Scott fall as he clutched his left side and it started to bleed. I slipped as I got to him, his body falling onto the floor

“No,no,no,no!” I cried

I placed my hand over his side and saw my light heat it up. He shouted out in pain as his body withered and grew taunt.I sobbed as I felt my mate go through the pain, his body trying to heal. We were going to die! All of us! Here! And Celine would win. But how it will work without the supreme’s soul being in Aaron, I didn’t know. I just knew that none of us were going to make it.

“I’m sorry!” I said to Scott whose face was ash white and beaded with sweat

“I love you” Scott whispered

“Don’t do that! Don’t say goodbye...please” I said

“I..wish..I had -” Scott started

“SOPHIE!” I heard Sherry shout

I looked up in shock and there...THERE stood Sophie. Just as quick as lightning and without warning; she had disappeared. Just as quickly, she appeared! Standing beside her father as she fought with him!


Sophie P.O.V

When I thought of Simon, my body brought me back here. To where we had been imprisoned. From the corner of my eyes, I could see the devastated state of John and Sherry’s faces as they sat beside Simon’s body. I saw Scott clutching his side as Kelsie tried to comfort him. From the other side, I see the dead bodies of the wolves who had been our guards and I figured they had been slaughtered by Sherry, John and Simon...maybe even Magnus.

When my eyes land on Magnus and Celine fighting, I realise I have an advantage because I have come back into the room….behind Celine. I wasted no time! My anger bubbled and boiled over, the anger and hatred for Celine rising to a new high. I blasted her with a white and red ball of energy and hit her shoulder just as Sherry screamed out my name. Celine whipped around in shock before using both hands to fight both myself and Magnus.

The demons who were watching the fighting start to shriek, causing loud, piercing noise to vibrate around the room and everyone covering their ears with their hands. Magnus shook his head a few times to clear his head, his steps faltering. Seeing his weakness, Celine tried to blast a stronger energy towards him but I hit her with a soundclap. I clapped my hand while humming and it threw her backward. She screamed in anger and reached over to Magnus.

“Dad” I said as I helped him to stand steady again

“I thought I lost you my little pup” He said, his red eyes shimmering

“Not that easily” I smiled

“NO! You will never beat me” Celine shouted as she stood up.

Her eyes turned black as she started throwing out energy balls, randomly attacking both me and Magnus who threw some back at her. She screamed in frustration as she swore. I moved beside Magnus and as he held out both hands and blasted her with a white and red continues ball of energy, I gripped my dad’s shoulders with one hand and used the same stance as my dad’s hand except I put mine above where hands were and blasted a white, red and green ball

“Green?” Magnus asked in a shocked voice

My eyes turned white for a second and I knew he saw it when he cleared his throat.

“Mood Goddess” Magnus whispered

“She is powerful.Teach her the love you had. Not the hatred in your heart” Ophiellia said

“I - “ Magns started

“You have suffered enough my child. Let it go. Let the hatred out. End this witch and be free and then….find her”

“Find her?” Magnus asked “Find who?”

“The one they used to bind your mates spirit. The one who is the light to the darkness” Ophiellia said

Suddenly my eyes changed back and he looked at me with his eyes full of questions. I had answers but not all of them. At least not yet.

“You will never win! You have no idea what it would take to be rid of me!” Celine cackled

“Oh but I do” I said

“Oh really? Little supreme bitch thinks she’s more powerful than me?” Celine laughed before hitting us with a black energy ball.

Just as she started chanting, her hair flying behind her head; I blasted more energy through our hands and as Celine lifted one hand in the air and started to make a sign, I copied her. Her eyes widened as a green flame appeared from my hand and I threw it at her head. She screamed and ducked her head.

“Now! Aaran now” I shouted

“What?” Celine asked

She choked out a sound of pain before she turned around and looked at her son in shock. The demons shrieks and screams, their bodies wavering. Fading and then coming back into existence, their eyes round and wide, their faces contorted as they started to disfigure. Celine looked down at her body in shock, her hands now holding her side as she looked at Aaron

“I’m sorry mummy” He said sadly

“A….Aron?” Celine stammered

Her hands came away bloody, her cry loud in the silence. She stepped towards Aaron but barely made it two steps before her knees gave way and she fell. The red blood that had stained her hands now blackned before their very eyes. Her eyes widened when she saw the black dagger in his hands, his eyes not of a child but an adult.

“No!” Celine whispered “W...Where did you get that? How did you get that?”

“The lady gave it to me” Aaron said as he looked at me

Celine tried to look at me but her movements started to become jerky and stiff. Her breathing changed as she found it difficult to breath; her puffs of breath more laboured and painful. I could see her throat starting to size and her eyes water as she realised that death was upon her…..brought on by the very son she used. Celine finally collapsed onto the ground as Magnus stood down from his protective stance and started to breath heavily. It was then I noticed that the still had the poison running in his veins

“Dad” I whispered

I pushed him down and made him sit for a bit. Without warning, I blasted him with a green and white light and he shouted out in surprise; my eyes a molten red, like lava. After a few seconds, he took a deep breath and when he released it; black particles left his mouth like little black dust mites being freed from within his mouth. As they disappeared into the air, he collapsed onto his back and laughed.

“What?” I asked, unsure why he laughed

“You!” Magnus said “Are incredible”

Suddenly the demon’s started to waver, their painfully loud shrieks making us all look over. The blood on the ground stopped glowing now and it released them. As they fought with whatever painful being was in front of them, Celine started to scream long and loud. Her blood now pooling around her., except now; her blood that poured out of her was black and thick like tar; smelling foul. I gagged and almost threw up when Magnus placed me in a big invincible box much like the one I had placed him and Simon in when they fought.

“Aaron” Celine called out to him

He walked beside her, the dagger still in one hand as he sat beside his mother. He took her hand in one of his and placed his head near hers, playing with her hair. For the first time, I saw Celine cry as black liquid started to trickle out from the side of her mouth.

I saw Kelsie get up and walk towards them, only to collapse a few steps from them, her body shaking with quiet sobs. Dad went to her and bent down to hold her to him, giving her comfort. My eyes watered as I looked on, imaging all the pain she was now going through.

“Why Aaron?” Celien asked, her breathing now worse

“Because I’m tired mummy. I just want to sleep” Aaron answered “I want daddy and Kelsie. I won’t us to stop fighting…….I miss playing”

“Aaron” Celine choked

“You were wrong mummy. I want my good mummy back” Aaron said

Suddenly the demon’s all shrieked louder. Magnus bared his teeth at them but they ignored him. Suddenly and without any reasoning, each demon suddenly faded in and out before bursting into black smoke, their power and screams so strong that with each destroyed demon; a light blew out before the scones on the side started to die. With my hand held up, I threw a revolving white ball into the air and it spun, providing light into the room

With a deep breath, Celine’s body started shuddering, her whole being shaking as it fought hard to survive. With each breath, more black blood poured out of her until suddenly, with her last breath that made her body bend in pain; she collapsed; her body shaking as if something from within was slithering about. Then, before our eyes, her face started to cave in, her body collapsing within herself and as her body did that, her clothes started to burn, as if a match had been lit and thrown on her. Aaron moved away from her body, his eyes staring at what was happening.

“Close your eyes baby” Kelsie said

“No. I need to make sure” Aaron replied

“Make sure about what?” Kelsie asked

“That she can’t bring me back again” He replied quietly

That little boy watched his mother burn and become dust. Her body became torn flesh and collapsed bones and he didn’t turn his eyes away once. I cried as I watched him, not even beginning to comprehend what he could have been going through at that time.

Finally Magnus allowed Kelsie to move and the invincible box to release me. I ran to Scott who was breathing hard, his eyes snapping open when I touched his side.

“Soph” He whispered “your alive”

Tears gathered in his eyes as he choked on a sob

“There” I said with a smile “Good as brand new”

“Sophie - “ Scott started

“I know Scott” Knowing he was trying to tell me about Simon


Kelsie P.O.V

I watched Aaron with both shock and pride. My poor baby brother. After Celine’s death, he had calmly gotten up and came to me. Magnus had gotten up and walked a little away to give me space

“It needs to be you who does is kelsie” Aaron said in a strong voice

“Y...You know who I am?” I asked

“Yes” He answered

He now sat down in front of me and with his hand held mine open. My skin tingled from his touch and tears fell down like rain.

“You have to be the one to do it” He said again

“Do what?” I asked

“To kill me” He said so matter-of-fact

“NO” I shouted

“You have to kelsie. It’s the only way to end this” He said

My heart broke at the truth that came from his words. My mind couldn’t take it.

“It was never your fault Kelsie and it won’t be your fault now”

“I...I ...C...Can’t” I cried

“You have too. Please” He said

I felt like I was talking to an adult and not a boy. I pulled him close to me and stroked him hair. I kissed his forehead and cried as I rocked him

“Hey Aaron” I heard Sophie say "you’re such a brave boy doesn’t have to be this way. I only showed you what she did. It wasn’t so you blame yourself”

“But it was because of me and the power I would have that she did this. Please Sophie” He said quietly

I heard Sophie sob before she awkwardly sat down. She ran her hands through his hair and kissed his forehead. He suddenly got up and put his hand on her stomach and started making uh hu and ok noises, as if talking to the baby. I looked at Sophie who bit her lip and shook her head. Then, with the innocence of a child, he lay his head on her stomach and closed his eyes, sighing. I cried along with Sophie who’s tears fell into Aaron’s hair. I saw Sophie place her hand at his side and the white glow that came from within.

I felt Scott’s presence behind me as he helped me with my hand as it inched a little further, closer to Aaron. My hand shook as I cried harder, my breathing choppy. Just before I got any closer, a white light appeared and we all stilled

“Come Aaron. It is time to go”

My mouth opened in shock as I looked at who it was….could it be? The moon goddess? My hand shook further and the black dagger fell from my hand

“You are a true daughter of the light Kelsie” The moon goddess said to me “You were going to do what was right despite your breaking heart. That was never required from you”

“It was a test?” I asked in astonishment

“I had to know that the next coven would be run by the right people” She said

“Coven?” I asked

“Yes. You come from a powerful line. It shouldn’t diminish just because of one bad apple. The supreme bloodline will carry on from Sophie. But his allies will come from powerful witch stock. Your line Kelsie” The moon goddess said

Suddenly, Aaron's spirit arose and walked towards the moon goddess as she smiled and took his hand in hers. He turned around and smiled at me as I cried.

“Come Rissa. It is time” She said

“Mum?” Sherry cried out

“Wait” Magnus said

Rissa’s wolf spirit trotted out beside the moon goddess, her smile radiant, her eyes clear and care free.

“She was trapped and you released her by killing the spirit wolf tied by black magik. She can now be at peace” The moon goddess said

The wolf changed into a human and I knew it was Rissa. She smiled at Magnus who seemed to falter and not know what to say. When Sherry tried to approach her, Rissa caressed her daughter’s cheek lovingly

"I am so proud of you" Rissa said to Sherry "And I am so sorry that I didn't think we were enough for you" she said to Magnus

"You were the very air I breathed. I never needed anything else. I am sorry you felt you had to give more" Magnus said gruffly

"Good bye my love" Rissa said

Taking Aaron's hand in her's Rissa took him with her and turned towards the bright light behind them

"wait!" I cried out "wait...Aaron..."

"It's ok Kels" He said "I feel warm and there's a big garden I can play in. And aunty Rissa will be with me right?"

"I sure will" Rissa said "I'll take care of him Kelsie. I promise" Rissa nodded at me and smiled before turning around and walking away until both of them were no longer visible

As the moon goddess turned towards the light Sophie stood up

"Aren't you forgetting something?" She asked

"Am I?" The moon goddess said, turning to look at Sophie

"Simon! I swear, if you don't come back out right now; I will walk into the light and to hell with the balance of the world!"

My eyes widened. Didn't she know her mate had died? What was she doing?

"You would give up this life, the balance to be with him?" The moon goddess asked

"In a heart beat" Sophie replied

We all gasped and in one voice, all started talking over each other telling her not to anger the moon goddess and be silly about this. There seemed to be a staring contest as they two looked at each other. The moon goddess suddenly smiled and turned around and walked towards the light. As she did so, it seemed like she stopped before almost coming our way. Then, just like that; the light disappeared.

"Simon!" Sophie shouted "I swear-"

"I heard kitten"

We all gasped and turned towards where Simon's body had been lying, battered and bruised. Except now, he was standing; no blood in sight except his bloodied clothes, his hair a mess. Sophie cried out and ran to him, launching herself into his arms. I had moved Aaron's cold body into my arms and let Sophie and Simon re-connect.

"Kelsie" Magnus said"Let us bury him"

I nodded, sobbing as I lifted him. Scott took him from me as Magnus held me to him. Sophie and Sherry rallied around me as we all walked towards the door, our bodies in various stages of pain, tiredness and broken parts. I looked around the room as a sense of peace came over me, knowing that it was finally over. years of terror and pain...over

"John, you need to go back to the basement. Celine has the twins and parents there" Sophie said

"Ok" He replied, walking out further

"I've also called everyone else back and told them to come here" Magnus said "Let's get out of this hell hole"

"I could do with a bath" Sophie said "And a very long pee. I swear, that all I seem to want to do"

Sherry and chuckled.


Sophie P.O.V

I stretched my body before settling back down into Simon's arms. We came back to the hotel that dad and Simon booked when they came to save us. That was yesterday. After burying Aaron and getting back to the hotel, we all collapsed into bed in our rooms and while Mia placed a protection charm around the hotel and us; we all slept. None of us could move and there was still so much to talk about.

We found everyone Celine took; back in the basement and were freed. Magnus had been down in the basement and said he felt a strong power. We were worried there were more evil people done there but by the time we followed the scent, it was faint. He became agitated but said he would keep search after he had some rest. His worriers who had had rest agreed to scout the area.

Simon parents had been happy to find us alive and well and when I saw Amelia and found out about her pregnancy, I couldn't help but hold her tight and cry. Everything that happened with Celine was worth it if it meant we were safe...that the future generation was safe

I felt Simon move and squeeze me as he hugged me closer to him before placing a kiss on my shoulder.

"Hhhhmmmmm" He said "You smell so good"

"hold that thought" I said

I move his arms from around me and try to get out of bed. Simon pulled me back to him and started to kiss me. I giggled and kissed him back, our pup making his presence known. Simon grinned wolfishly as as he started peppering kisses on my face before making his way down my neck.

Suddenly, I felt my body tremble and I groaned

"Simon, babe. Hold that thought, seriously"

"What's wrong?" He asked with a frown

"I gotta pee" I said

Simon's laughter sounded out loud enough to be heard in the corridor. Thank goddess it was only us wolves on that level or there would have been complaints for sure!

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