The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Scott P.O.V

Life became pretty quiet and it was a shock to the system. Two months ago, after Celine died. We were cleaning up her mess and to an extent; still doing it.

Simon’s parents and the twins had been brought back from the basement. As one, the group went together to bury Aaron. Kelsie had been inconsolable and once we had gotten back to the hotel that we had booked before coming to save them; collapsed in an exhausted sleep for almost 24 hours. When she woke, she had cried again until Sophie had come into our room and worked her power that helped to ease the pain in her heart. Whatever she did, it worked.

I wondered just how powerful Sophie was but we were all still learning that. The day after Celine’s death, when Kelsie was upset; we saw Amelia who was glowing with the news of her pregnancy and Amelia had burst into tears when Sophie had told her what happened. It was then I had pulled Kelsie aside and as one, we decided that we had to stay with Simon’s pack. After all, I was their guardian. Arik, Joe and Amelia had been very accepting of this and I had promised to keep in touch with them and told them to call on me whenever they needed help. That same day, in the evening, they had checked out and gone home. Joe was in full protective mode and had wanted his mate and pack back home and away from potential danger. We all agreed it was a good idea

With Simon and Sophie’s permission, Kelsie and I officially became part of their pack later that day. Mia had agreed to teach Kelsie and Sherry more about their powers and told us of a few friends who were a part of a coven in Scotland but didn’t practice anything but white magik. It took Kelsie a few hours of worrying and mulling it over before agreeing, her worry was that she would turn out to be like her mother. It had taken a considerable amount of time for Magnus, Sherry and Sophie to convince her that she wouldn’t.

My mate was a wonder. When I think back to how I had gotten my feelings mixed up and wrong about Sophie; I cringe. I just thank the moon goddess that she gave me Kelsie and smartened me up before I really had lost her. Looking at her laughing now with Sherry and Sophie, I smiled at John who was giving the ladies some delicate sandwiches and hot drinks.

The day after Amelia and Joe had left, Magnus, his warriors, Jerrick and his pack members and the twins headed back to the mansions. Kelsie, Sherry and I stayed back with Simon and an angry Sophie who had wanted to go with them to see if there was anything else left there. It was Magnus who had put his foot down and told her to stay back. The shocked look at having a parent tell her what to do was priceless on her face. Four hours later, they had come back…...without Jason

Magnus had said that when they got there, the basement held a smell that had his hair stand up and worried that Celine had done something else that they didn’t know about because what Magnus had smelled put off a powerful vibe. He had three warriors following the lead of that scent when he said Jason had howled and changed into his wolf. Apparently he had found something of Tasha’s that triggered his pain and then in the room that we had been kept in; found something that made his eye’s turn black before going wolf. Ray had tried to convince him to come back with them but he said Jason said to him that he had to see this through. What he meant by that, Ray didn’t know. It had taken over an hour of them mind-linking before Jason had convinced Ray to come back to us and had then left, saying he would be back and that he would stay in touch.

“No, no way” Sophie said laughingly

“What? I asked, realising I had zoned out and missed the conversation

“Sherry said I should name him Sisho. A made up name of both my and Simon’s name” Sophie laughed

“What the hell?” I burst out laughing “That sounds like some sort of asian food”

“It does not!” Sherry huffed even as her eyes sparkled

“What doesn’t?” Simon asked as he entered the room with Magnus

“The name Sherry picked out for your son” John said as he moved to sit beside Sherry

“Scott said the name sounds like asian food” Sherry said with a huff but then met Sophie’s eyes and burst out laughing

“Are you ok kitten?” Simon asked Sophie

He bent down and placed a kiss on her lips before kneeling at her feet and slipping off her flats to rub her feet. Sophie groaned and sighed; smiling at Magnus who was frowning down at her

“Didn’t I tell you to stay off your feet today?” Magnus asked

“I did dad” Sophie pouted “Mostly”

“Mostly?” Magnus asked, folding his arms “My pup -”

“Daddy, she mostly did” Sherry cut in “She only stood up when she cut the cake and for a few pictures”

“And we made sure she only stood up enough to circulate for a few minutes uncle Magnus” Kelsie joined in

I laughed inside. Ever since we came back, the three of them have been thick as thieves. I loved how they had each other’s back. Today had been Sophie’s baby shower which Kelsie and Sherry had planned together. The pack house had been full to the brim with all the females and children of the pack and had kicked out all the men. Oh sure, they had used us for all the heavy lifting, decorating the large room on the ground level with silver and blue themed balloons, streamers and tables settings; but we weren't wanted

Magnus and Simon had strictly forbidden Sophie from being on her feet too long due to the back pains she had been experiencing the last week. So as the woman and children had started arriving, the men patrolled around the pack house, keeping our treasures safe from afar. The party had started in the afternoon with plenty of food, various choices of beverages, those delicate sandwiches that women like to have at afternoon tea parties and lots of laughter. Simon and Magnus had hovered around so much that Simon’s mum had promptly kicked them out which caused all of us to laugh

“Where’s Ray?” I asked

“He’s gone back with Janell” Simon said

When Ray got back with everyone, Sophie had asked him to come with them and join the pack. He said since Jason wasn’t here to agree to that, he would come with us but would only be an honorary pack member until his twin was ready to come back. Since then, Ray has been enjoying the attention of some of the pack females and only recently had started to spend more time with one of them more.

Simon stood up and kissed Sophie again until it got heated enough for Magnus to clear his throat. I let out a laugh which caused Simon to glare at me after breaking the kiss. Anytime John or Simon got too frisky in front of him, he let it be known it wasn’t acceptable. Sure he did that when Kelsie and I got a little too heated but we learned how to hide it. Simon didn’t. The alpha in him didn't allow that

"Dddddaaaad" Sophie said, rolling her eyes

"Oh Magnus" Simon's mum said "Sit down and have a coffee"

"Shouldn't you be going to bed now?" Magnus asked Sophie.

He turned to Simon's parents and sat beside them at one of the round tables and smiled his thanks at a servers. It was now late afternoon and everyone but us who lived here was now in the room. Magnus had agreed to stick around until the baby was born and stayed on the top level in one of the guest rooms. Kelsie and I moved down stairs into one of the other apartments.

"It's only 7pm dad" Sophie said gently

"I know pup but-" Magnus started

"I'm ok dad. I won't lose him like you are worrying about. Celine was manipulating Rissa's body, that's why she had all those miscarriages"

Magnus stiffened in surprise, looking at Sophie. His mouth opening and closing before trying to clear his throat gruffly

"I know that's why you worry so much dad" Sophie said as she reached across the table and opened her hand to him

He took her hand in his and held it tight. The only time I saw the king look soft was when he looked at his daughters or Kelsie. Any other time, he was a dominant, powerful force that held such poise and danger that one felt the need to move their eyes away.

"Sophie-" Magnus started

But suddenly Sophie gasped, her eyes widened and she bit her bottom lip

"Oh shit" She whispered

"What's wrong?" I asked, nervous

"Sophie?" Magnus said, his voice unsure

"Kitten?" Simon said as he messaged her shoulders from behind her "What's wrong"

"Don't panic water just broke" Sophie said


Sophie P.O.V

Pandemonium broke out as soon as I said my water broke. The men all jumped and started shouting at each other on what to do. Simon went pale and looked like he was going to faint. Dad started shouting at him and moved to pick me up before Simon growled out in anger and lifted me into his arms. John and Scott started running about and Simon's dad pulled out a cigar and lit it. He doesn't even smoke!

But the ladies? thank goddess for them! Kelsie and Simon's mum called out to Betty and called the pack doctor; asking them to come to the hospital we have downstairs. Sherry stayed with and helped me to breath as they carried me downstairs. In all that time, dad's threatening Simon with disembowelment for not acting faster and if anything happened to me, there would hell to pay.

I just laughed which caused Simon to tell me off, saying this was serious. Of course it's serious! I was about to have a baby!

Before I know it, the doctor and nurse have come into the room I am in and pushed everyone out except Simon who had growled and threatened them every time a contraction hit me and I cried out. Dad demanded he be let in and stormed into the room, saying that he would be able to help ease some of the pain with his powers. He tried. He held my hand and helped ease some of the contraction pain by taking some of it into his body. He would double over now and then as I bore down but then righten himself; glaring at Simon.

I honestly couldn't help but laugh before moaning in pain. Goddess this pain! I felt like I was being ripped in half! how do human women do it? I have my wolf's strength helping me. They didn't.

Three hours later and I was still pushing

"I...can't" I panted "Just leave him in there. He can work his magik and keep the peace from in there"

"Come on kitten. You can do it" Simon encouraged

"I don't see you trying to push out a melon out of a pea sized hole!" I gripped at him

Simon paled further

"Do something!" He snarled at the doctor

"I promise that this is normal alpha" The doctor said "Luna, a little more"

"Sophie, love" Simon's mother said

She came into the room carrying a bowl of ice chips and shooed Magnus out of the way. Poor dad; he looked like he had been beaten the way he was doubled over and his face sweaty. His mum offered me ice chips which I gratefully accepted just as another contraction hit. I cried out. Simon snarled and Magnus swore. His mum put the bowl down and lovingly moved my wet hair away from my face and held onto my hand

"You can do this. We woman are made of stronger stuff. Now hold my hand and bare down, you can do it love" She said.

I don't know why but it helped. Even though dad and Simon had said similar things; when his mum said it and helped and encouraged me, I felt like I was able to do it. A touch of a mother I suppose....which is what I was about to become!

"That's it Luna! A couple of more pushes" The doctor said

Time held no importance. I just felt crippling pain running up and down my body. I heard dad shout out in support, felt Simon grip my hand hard but it was his mum who seemed to be giving me the real support that I needed. Suddenly I felt the biggest contraction I had experienced and with a loud, sharp cry; I bore down hard, screaming out as my body finally released our son from within and into the waiting arms of the doctor.

He didn't cry and heart stopped. Simon and dad rushed to see what was wrong, only for the doctor to laugh and asked the nurse to take measurements and help clean him up after asking Simon to cut the umbilical cord. Simon looked both pale at what he was seeing and awe at the miracle of birth.

"What's wrong? What is it?" I asked, tired, sore and sweaty " Why isin't he crying?"

"Because he is the supreme and crying seems to be beneath him" The doctor laughed

"Let me see" both dad and Simon said at the same time

The poor doctor. He looked between the both yet not making eyes contact with either of them

"Giles" Simon's mum said "I think it's best that his mother sees why"

The doctor nodded and brought me my son, placing him into my arms. The nurse had cleaned him up a little and had wrapped him up in a white blanket. As soon as the doctor placed him into my arms, my heart connected with his and a bond formed right away. My eyes widened when I saw him. He had a shock of thick black hair. Not fine like a babies usually is but thick and slightly curling and he eyes with red flecks! I looked at my dad in shock who was also looking at my son with his mouth open.

"Dad" I whispered

"His eyes my pup" Magnus said "There magnificent!"

"What do they mean?" I asked

"I don't know. I've never seen or heard about this type of colouring before" Magnus admitted

I felt the bed dip as Simon sat beside me. When we both looked at him again, he stared back at us, his eyes focused. There was so much knowledge, so much presence in his eyes. Like he understood what we were speaking about. But that's not possible right? i mean, he was just a baby

"Congratulation Alpha, Luna" The doctor said " We will give you a few minutes. If it is alright, we would like to clean up the Luna and - "

The doctor gestured to the baby and I smiled.

"Kai. His name is Kai" I said softly

"Kai?" Simon asked

"Yes. I had dreamed about the name last night but I didn't know if I liked it. But look at him" I said to Simon "Kai means restoration. King of Kings. He is all that and more"

Simon nodded, his eyes suspiciously wet. I felt him kiss the side of my head and I passed him his son. He took him into his arms and kissed his fingers

"Hi Kai" Simon said " You are much wanted and loved and your mum did an amazing job bringing you here"

Kai blew a bubble and made a noise mum like someone does when they agree with something; that had us all looking at him in shock. My son was indeed powerful if after barely being born, was communicating with his father. Simon and I exchanged glances with Magnus and his mum before going to the shocked doctor and nurse. I knew then that I would need to keep Kai and his power safe. Too many would be after him before he came of age. When I looked at Simon, I knew he had the same thought as me.

"He won't be alone my pup" Dad said "I'll be here and I will make sure no harm comes to my grandson"

I nodded. The nurse came and took Kai and I to be tended to. It was almost two hours later when I had been taken care of, washed and transferred back to our apartment where the doctor and nurse would visit me. The pack were told of Kai's arrival and their howls of pleasure could be heard around the house. Many came baring gifts which Sherry and Kelsie managed and let them know that he would be presented to the pack in a few days time.

Magnus, Kelsie and Mia along with Sherry; placed a displacement spell around Kai, something to wash out the power coming off him. Kai was so well behaved. He barely cried or fussed. Every time Simon picked him up, I just saw him fall more in love with his son. Scott refused to leave his side as I recovered from birth which ended up with him and Kelsie staying in one room and Magnus insisting on staying in the other. For a while, I couldn't even hold him because he barely made a noise or movement and someone always had an excuse to pick him up.

He was so loved and wanted.

I sighed in contentment as I watched dad fuss over him, giving him another new plush bear and putting it into his crib.

"I'm thinking he's going to be a ferrari kinda guy" Scott said in all seriousness

"Scott!" I said "He's still just a baby. Stop trying to make my son grow old so fast"

"I'm just preparing for the future" Scott shrugged

"Lamborghini" Simon added with a nod "But I want him to have a secure SUV type too"

I rolled my eyes. The guy's were getting rediculous

"I'm thinking that he may need something fast if he needs to visit different packs and help everyone. You can't do that with just a car" Simon's dad said

"Not you to" I groaned

"What are you thinking?" Magnus asked

"He may need a plane" Simon's dad said

"A PLANE!" I shouted out in surprise

The men all nodded in agreement, even John who had just walked into the room. Magnus and Simon's dad started discussing the longevity of having a private plane and the logistics of one. Scott and John started talking about the adjustment needed at the pack house to accommodate one. I just looked at them all with open mouthed shock as they spoke about plans that were so far in the future that it felt like my son went from just being born, to being twenty!

"Too much huh?" Simon said when he saw my face

I nodded, my arms stretched out when Kai started snuffling for food. Looking at the clock, I knew it was feeding time. Dad brought him over to me and gave me Kai reluctantly, his watchful eyes still cautious. Simon encouraged them all to leave, his possessive nature not allowing any other male see me breast feed. He hated when I covered us up as I fed Kai so he made sure no-on else was around when I fed him.

I heard Simon's dad talk about a boat of some kind which Magnus agreed about and I just shook my head. Simon chuckled and sat down on the bed beside me and kissed Kai's palm which was resting against my exposed breast as he fed. I could hear Kelsie and Sherry in the background letting the men know that after his feeding, it was their turn to spend time with Kai and the men moan about it.

I looked at Simon and grinned, knowing how much Kai was loved and wanted by them. I knew danger was out there but I also knew he was loved and protected by many. When Simon leaned over and kissed my lips, I felt the telling tingle of desire and my body responded instantly. I smiled when he broke the kiss after Kai kicked his yellow baby grow covered feet and laughed.

I was happy. I was in love. My life was right here in front of my eyes. My family was here. I never would have known what happiness was if I hadn't met Simon and was rejected by him....because that rejection started a chain of event.

I sighed in contentment and leaned against Simon, looking down at our son. The future Alpha Supreme

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