The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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He sniffed the ground as he took in the scent and closed his eyes. He had been tracking this scent for the last two months and everytime he got close enough to it, it evaded him. Jason grumbled, his chest vibrating with the sound, his far moving as his tongue tasted the scent in the air.

He knew this scent. It smelled of one he had scented the night he had met Tasha. But that didn’t make sense. Tasha was dead and yet, this smell….it wasn’t the scent of her and yet it was one that held a memory like her’s

Could she be alive? Could Celine have done something like she did with Aaron? was the one to bury her and his pup. He knew she wasn’t alive because he saw her dead body. A tear slipped out of the wolf’s eyes and he howled long and deep, releasing the sound of his pain to the world. He knew his twin was worried about him but he couldn’t go back. Not yet. Not until he found out why he wolfed out. Why he couldn’t get this scent out of his mind. He couldn’t allow Celine to endanger his friends. Especially not Sophie and her pup


That word sent shards of pain to his heart as he thought about his little one lying in a cold hard grave. Not playing or laughing as others of his age would be doing. Ray told him how Kai was smart and advanced for his age, kicking his feet about and making noises which caused everyone around him to try entertaining him to get him to do it again. His son may not have been the supreme, but he would have been big now, he would have been kicking his legs about. He would be smiling and giggling

Shaking the sad thought from his head, the wolf looked up at the large moon and howled again as he trotted forward, his coat gleaming in the moonlight. As he went deeper into the forest, he snuffed out air as he tried to pick up the scent again which was slightly stronger now. He followed the trail where various flowers grew around him, their perfume fragrant and heady in the night and while it helped to mask the scent, it was strong enough that he was able to pick up on it.

As he moved forward towards it, he didn’t see or smell the two invincible, power beings standing behind him. Watching him.

Ophiellia and Cadifor smiled. Looking at their creation, they both waved a sign into the sky that had Jason following an unseen path as they sighed in contentment; knowing what was to come. Yes there may be chaos and mayhem, but in the end it would be worth it.

It always was

End of Book 1



I can’t believe that after almost 8 months, this book has finished! I am so sad to be leaving these characters and yet, so excited for their next journey!

Thank you to all my readers who have supported me on this journey and story! I honestly can’t thank you enough. Especially for your patience as I found my feet in writing. I know there’s a lot of mistakes and I am to fix this in a few days time. so please bare with me. As many of you know, my friend has had a hard time of it with losing three family members to covid in a matter of days. I plan to spend some time with her before continuing the story with Jason’s story and then one for Magnus

Thank you to everyone who commented on each chapters. I loved and appreciated all the support and even the negative comments allowed me to learn and grow as a writer. Thank you so so much for the love and coming on this crazy long journey with me. I hope you have been annoyed, angry and cried as I have done as the characters developed and grew and experienced difficult situations

I have started Jason’s story and have an outline for Magnus. Please follow me on fb ashir.west where I will make announcements for upcoming books/stories as well as putting up snippets of chapters out of Jason’s story.

Please stay safe everyone and take care of each other and I hope to see everyone in the new year. To all those celebrating christmas, Merry Christmas and Happy New years Everyone! May we all be rid of this virus soon so we may once again be reunited without loved ones


For the last time this year, happy reading

Ashir West x

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