The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Scott - P.O.V

Growling at the closed door where Sophie and Simon went into, I started to walk towards it. Joe stopped me and made a gesture to follow him and Amelia while letting the other’s know to leave the landing. Walking into Joe’s office, I slump into one of the black leather chairs with a huff.


“She can’t go with him Joe” I say.

“He’s her mate Scott. We all smelled her” Amelia said

“Fucking each other doesn’t make them mates” I say in anger

“His mark does” Joe answered back

Fuck!!! I saw the mark too but convinced myself it wasn’t his mark because Sophie is scared. I sigh before throwing my head back and close my eyes


“It was me who helped her through the aftermath of the attack. I was the one she would turn to for comfort, to be able to go back to sleep. We practically lived together for a year”

“But she wasn’t...isn’t your mate Scott”

“ I know that Joe. I haven’t found her yet and maybe I never will, but shopie is one I would choose to be with”

“We have to let her choose. She was scared a little yes, but the overwhelming smell was uncertainty. There must have been a part of her that wants to be with him because Sophie is not easily swayed”

“Besides, if you attack him like that again, your create a war between us and we barely signed the treaty yesterday” Joe said as he sat down behind his desk, Amelia standing beside him

“He doesn’t even know the truth about her….hell Sophie doesn’t even know that he’s an Alpha!” I shouted before standing and pacing the room back and forth “Do you realise how much she’s going to freak out when she does? Besides, she hasn’t marked him back”

“Scott, you’re my Beta. I know there’s feeling mixed with her also being a close friend. But we have to let her run her life” Joe said.

Suddenly my chest tightened and I felt a light sensation of anger, upset and worry. Standing up, I look at the alpha and luna and know that we are feeling Sophie through the pack link. We quickly walk towards the room Sophie was in and just as Joe is about to knock the door, it opens. Sophie looks at us in surprise but walks out into the hallways while Simon looks livid walking behind her. He throws an angry glance my way before addressing Joe

“It seems my mate is happy to come see my pack”

“That’s great” Joe says

My heart thuds hard as I look at a blushing Sophie who meets my eyes before moving them away. My wolf growls softly in my mind as I cross my arms and try to remain calm.

“But, she want Scott to come with us too” He said with a growel

My wolf does a happy yip in my head as my heart kicks a little. I looked at Sophie who blushed and smiled shyly at me before looking away. Simon growled and I lifted my left eyebrow at him, enjoying his obvious displeasure. I smiled and looked at Joe who frowned while looking between Sophie and me. He nodded at me before suggesting another male wolf should also go.

While Jos and Simon talk it out, I walk up to Sophie who was chatting with Amelia. I noticed Simon looking at me from the corner of his eyes but I didn’t care. If nothing else, Sophie was a pack member and her asking for me to be there was a big deal. Amelia sighed when she saw me come over; hugging Sophie, she went away to get a few things ready while I spoke to her

“So….You uh, wanna go to his pack?”

“I…..guess so. I’m not sure what i’m doing to be honest” She said, her smile sad as she looks at me and then Simon

“It’s ok Soph. I’ll be there ok. Let’s just see how things go. No pressure or expectations” I say

Clearing his throat, I realise Simon is now near us. Just then, Amelia comes towards us and hands Sophie a black carry on case and walks with her to the bedroom she was using. Simon fold his arms and looks at me, his eyes flashing wolf

“You may be coming with us Beta, but just remember who’s mate she is”

“You should remember that you don’t know her like I do and any cock-up from you, i’ll be there for her”

Simon growled and moved one step closer to me. Joe quickly stepped in between as he looked at both of us

“Simon, you need to accept that he is her friend and closest to her. There’s plenty you don’t know about her but the only reason I’m not telling you anything is so you both get a chance to know each other without those compilation. If I think she is in any danger, I won’t hesitate to come get her”

Simon raised his eyebrows at Joe as his eyes flashed wolf. I smirked at him, knowing my Alpha had my back. But that didn’t last long before he then turned to me

“Scott, you need to accept that she is his mate. You are going as not just her friend but as my ambassador for our new alliance, I know you won’t mess it up but I am ordering you to be there as an observer. DO NOT interfere unless it is absolutely needed. Is that clear?”

This time it was Simone’s turne to smirk at me as I sighed and looked at Joe, before bowing my head. I walked away to the room I used, three doors away from Sophie’s, and I started to pack a bag. Grabbing some clothes and toiletries, I mind-linked Arik, another warrior wolf who was going with us. Arik was one of the fighters in our pack and often trained other wolves but he was also strategic and diplomatic so I knew why Joe picked him.

After packing and taking my things downstairs, Arik, Joe and I spoke for a while about how to manage things with the pack and Sophie. I wasn’t too pleased that Joe had decided against telling Simon about Sophie’s past but I couldn’t defy my Alpha. I just hope that when we get there, it doesn’t become an issue. Especially as she has a fear of Alpha’s and only accepted Joe because of Amelia. I can’t believe Joe doesn’t see how badly this could go. I huff out a breath as I think of all that could go wrong just as I smell Sophie and see her coming down the stairs with Amelia . We all walk outside and I heard Sophie gasp as she looked at the impressive black Range Rover in front of us.

Simon grabs her hand, places a kiss on her knuckles and tugs her gently towards the car, opening the front passenger door for her. I go to take her bag but Simon glares at me and I step back, remembering Joe’s words. Sophie looks at me and smiles, giving me her bag which I take and smirk at Simon. Walking away, I put our luggages in the boot as did Arik and we both sat inside the back seat. Amelia comes over and hugs Sophie

“Remember, I’m only a phone call away. Don’t overthink it Soph; just see how you feel ok?”

“Ok” She whispers as she blinks away tears. My gut clenched as I hate seeing her upset and my wolf growels in displeasure. I hear another growel and find that Simon is standing beside them and looks just as affected by her tears. Not sure how I feel about that.

“Soph” Joe says as he steps besides his mate “Any problem, any issue, you call me and I’ll come get you ok”

Simon growled but I was glad it was being said. While I couldn’t and wouldn’t interfere between them; I wouldn’t let her be hurt and uneasy.Joe saying this, lets the other Alpha know that Sophie’s wants and needs come before any mate protocol.

“She’s my mate. I can take care of her”

“But she’s still a member of my pack and has my full support. Don’t push her Simon. Let her do this on her terms”

“I think it’s you who is pushing it Joe” Simon growled.

Both Arik and I started to growl and opened our doors to get out of the car in support of of our Alpha when Amelia pushed between Simon and Joe

“Enough! This is not the way to start of a potential mating and treaty. Your scaring her”

We look at her pale trembling face as she darts her eyes back and forth between us all, her breathing slightly heavy as her fear starts to mount. I start to go to her but Simon gets there before me and crouches down to look her in the eyes.

“It’s ok kitten. Breath baby. Nothing is happening. Just Alpha’s having a cock fight” He said as he smiled at her. I raised an eyebrow as i know she didn’t understand that the alpha he was referring to was him. Sophie smiled and took a few deep breaths before sitting back in the car and closing the door Arik keept standing while I also sat in the car

“Hey Soph. you ok baby girl?”

“Am I doing the right thing Scott?”

I desperately wanted to say no and even hesitate for a while; but I remembered my promise and that I was a Beta who had a duty to do. I smiled at her reassuringly and squeezed her shoulder. She smiled back at me before taking out her phone. I see Simon and Joe shake hands before Amelia closes Sophie’s door after another hug; Arik gets in and puts on his seatbelt before Simon does the same. He ran a hand over Sophie’s hair and lightly kissed her lips before starting the car. I look out the window at Joe who nods to me and I nod back. We pull away from the house and start to make our way through the traffic, the satnav guiding us to the correct junction. All the while, I sit in the back and watch how Simon grabs Sophie’s hand, interlocks it with his and keeps it on his lap. I’m not sure if i am going to be able to watch this the whole journey through.

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