The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Sophie P.O.V

The slamming of the door woke me up just as I felt someone touch my face. I open my eyes and find Simon looking at me with lust and a wolfish grin.

“We’re here babe” He says.

‘Here’ being his pack. The drive over wasn’t that long but I’ve always been one of those people that if I wasn’t driving, then I could fall asleep on long journeys easily. I missed the traffic and all the scenic routes and felt a little sad and the drive to Cornwall was meant to be amazing. I look about and open my mouth in shock because it feels like I have stepped back in time. We are in a clearing where there is a big three story house with there being a wrap-around balcony on level two and three. It looks like it’s made of wood and really big with an actual working chimney. There’s a few cars there and I can see a couple of people walking about as well as some doing a bit of gardening and another two people working on some kind of feature on the side of the house.

I look at Simon who is now surprisingly beside my opened car door, I can’t believe he moved so fast. I smell a lot of unfamiliar wolves and I become nervous. I’m not sure about this.

“Hey Soph, come on you can do this” I hear Scott say. I look up at the rear view mirror and see Scott’s easy familiar smile. Arik has already left the car and is standing at the side, waiting to see what we do while scouting the place.

I take a deep breath and square my shoulders. I pull my hair back from my face and untie my hair so that it falls around me. I moan in pleasure as Scott messages my head, the tension suddenly going away that I didn’t even know I had.

“What the fuck are you doing? Let my mate go” Simon growled.

“When she’s stressed, she ties her hair back too tight. It’s her way of being able to control something. But that means when she lets out her hair, it stings her scalp. I was massaging her to ease the tension”

Simon knocks off Scott’s hand and starts to message me instead. His touches sends a different kind of feeling though me and I feel sparks running all over my body. I moan out as I hear Scott leave the car and both he and Arik take out the bags from the back. I open my eyes and meet Simon’s who’s looking at me with concern. I swallow and let him know I’m ok before getting out of the car, my legs numb from sitting still for so long; my bum all tingly from not being pressed down.

“That ought to be something a mate should know about his mate dontcha think Alpha?” Scott says as he walks over to us, his hand carrying my bag and his own.

Simon’s eyes change to black in anger and he goes to step up beside him but I grab his arm, scared he would attack and we had just arrived. I’m really going to have to have a word with Scott, he can’t just antaganise him like that; what if he kills him? Simon whips his head around to look at me and grabs me close to him, pulling me flush against his rock hard, muscly body before pushing his hand into my hair and kissing me. Not kissing, as much as making love to my mouth! My god that kiss! I’m pretty sure we’re staring in a porn movie where the guy devours her mouth and she moans as if she’s going to cum there and then because I swear, that’s what it feels like! Our breath mingles, my nipples are so hard I feel like they could cut glass and rubbing against his chest makes me feel so wet as my pussy moistens. He eases up the kiss and my eyes open which I hadn’t even realised I had closed and that I was gripping his shirt tightly.

“That was the first time you touched me willingly” He says.

Oh...hmm yeah, I guess I did. I shrug and blush as I look at his face which is now relaxed and smiling, his eyes back to his normal colour. He takes my hand and my bag from Scotts hand and walks me up to the big house as he greets people along the way. We walk up the stone steps and into the house and I open my mouth in surprise. He grins at me and pulls me in further

“The door is not locked during the day because this is the pack house. Through here on the left is the formal living room which can basically have 130 members standing and a little less sitting. The living room goes all the way back to the house,” He opens the door to show me how big it is and I am shocked. It goes on forever but the room is tastefully done. There's cream walls with a mix of beige and black sofas and chairs spread throughout the room which is about the length of five double decker buses.

He opened a smaller door under the staircase which is deceptive as I look at a stunningly large black and white bathroom. The door next to it was smaller but was a walk-in closet which had cleaning products, towels and nik naks, including a cleaning trolley. I look at him with my eyebrow raised.

“We have a cleaner here everyday. Ok so on the right you guys have a small reception. My Beta is my deputy and there’s a receptionist who deals with the day-to-day non essential stuff. Beside that, there is a closet kitchen for them to use” He says as he opens the door to both places. I gap at him.

Is he for real? The office looks like 20 people can fit in there and there were six individual desks with three people in it who looked up and waved at us. The closet kitchen wasn’t a closet at all!! It was a fully functional kitchen which could easily cater for parties. He keeps grinning at me as he shows us the house before opening another door which has a great smell coming from it. My eyes go wide and I look at him, my feet stopping, causing Scott and arik to bump into me from behind.

“Geez soph!” Scott says as he backs away from me

“Come in, come in! Please, grab some butterscotch cookies, just out of the oven! And there’s some tea and coffee. There’s some sandwiches left from lunch but dinner’s about two and a half hours away if you can wait?”

“This here is Betty, our den mother” Simon says

“What?” I ask, confused

“You have a den mother? Just how many people are in your pack?” Arik says as he crosses his arms

“A den mother is someone who usually lives or runs the pack house, almost like an estate manager. A pack only has a den mother if it’s large or the alpha wants one. Although it’s not her job to cook, she often does along with eight other cooks. Because this is the pack house and she enjoys it, three meals are served here a day. While most people do cook in their own home, we make enough for about fifteen people, all three meals a day and anything left over is usually distributed out to families. To be honest, that’s really rare, people and sometimes kids are usually here for the desserts and cookies”

Simon explained as he brought us into the massive kitchen. It looks like three big industrial or restaurant style kitchens added together with different cooks at different stations, cooking. I can smell some kind of soup and I know some kind of meat is cooking because I can smell it, but I’m not sure what. Simon leads us back through some double doors and we are now in a smaller room yet still large by my standards; it looks like a livingroom/diningroom there are five large L-shaped sofas but there’s a large twelve seater dining table near one of the walls. We sit at the table where Betty has bought, not just tea and coffee, but also cans of diet cokes, pepsi max, tango and lemonade, bottles of water as well as a big plate of cookies which Arik and Scott dig into, moaning in pleasure as they sip whatever drink they choose to have. I reach over to take a cookie and groan at the buttery, sugary taste in my mouth as the cookie melts and my taste buds explode. I open my eyes to see Simon and Scott looking at me in a creepy perverted way and I blush.

“So we have minestrone soup, crusty bread, a prawn salad, a chicken ceasar salad and a tofu melt for starters, beef wellington, yorkshire puddings with gravy, a chicken pie and a vegetarian casserole for dinner and two different type of cheesecake as well as these cookies for after”

“I’m never leaving” Arik groaned in appreciation

Scott and I laugh. Amelia can’t cook worth shit. She’s burned water in the past. The pack house only has seven permanent members living there and due to security rotation, only three people at one time at home. So everyone usually fends for themselves with caterers or takeaways.

Having finished what we had, Simon walked us out a different exit and showed us that the kitchen also had a passageway into the large back garden as well as through the doors via the meeting room. We walked by what looked to be a corridor but we were surprised to find ourselves at the back of the house near the meeting room again and realised we were at the entrance. Simon explained that there was a fake wall to make it look like there was the end of the main hallway but really there was a way to go to the back of the house without going through the kitchen because oh my god! Right by the fake wall was an elevator! We all turn to look at Simon who only smirks at our expressions. We all exit the first level where he takes us to two rooms side by side

“On this level the east wing has a three bedroom apartment which my Third and his mate and children use, on the west wing my top four fighters live. The five rooms in between them are guest rooms where you both will be” He explains as he gives them keys that seem to come out of nowhere, and not just key’s but card keys, the type you get in fancy hotels!!

Arik tosses in his bag before closing the door but Scott puts down his bag and folds his arms

“No can do mate. I’m meant to be helping Soph with this. That means I have to be on the same level as her”

Simon’s eyes change back to amber in anger “Be careful Beta. I’m tolerating you because of this treaty and because you bring comfort to my mate, but step out of line and i won’t hesitate to rip out your throat”

“May we at least see the other floors” Arik ask’s, trying to be the peacekeeper

After a few moments of silence, he nods and we go to level two where he explains the layout which is the same except the west wing is for the beta and his mate and the right is where Simon’s parents often reside but who are currently away. The top level is where he smiles the most.

“The West wing is a four bedroom apartment, there is also a kitchen and livingroom on this level including three guest rooms, my office, a meeting room, a games room and on the eat side rooms which haven’t been really decorated yet. This is our’s” He says as he open the door to the apartment, again with the key card

To say i’m in shock is an understatement. I feel like I have stepped into an actual apartment. It is nice and big, the front door acting like an actual door of the apartment. There’s a square hallway and on the left there’s even a nice sized living room with three big sofas that could easily seat about fifteen people, a massive 50 inch tv, with lots of side tables. Coming out of there, the next doors are a guest bathroom, a couple of cupboards and then a kitchen. I’m surprised as I thought as there was a communal one, that maybe there wasn’t one here. It was towards the back of the apartment that there were three really good sized en-suite bathrooms which I first thought were good sized….until I saw the master suite and omgeeeeee!!! The room was lush! It had darkwood flooring but the walls were off white with one wall being a burned bronze colour. The bed was crazy big and honestly could fit about five large adults. There were eight built-in wardrobes and additional storage with again, another 50 or so inch tv mounted on the wall opposite the bed. Easily the room could hold ten people in it, even had its own freaking little living room beside the balcony doors which had some sort of furnating and ohmygod, it’s own hot tub! Just how rich was this guy?

“We have a garage full of cars and motorbikes, a basement the size of this house which has been split into a mix of storage facilities full of goods and emergency supplies, a mini hospital for super emergencies and then below that are emergency safe house”

Simon turns around to look at Arik who made a choking sound.

“All you need is your own supermarket and a pizza hut downstairs and the house is a freaking city. What the fuck man, how have you made is like this without human interference?”

“Hiding in plain sight. We show the house as a glamping place which is why it is so far away from the main city. To others it just looks like a bunch of people who have prefered to live further out with space. Every few months we let some humans come to stay and even have a few human friendly cabins for rent to not let it be suspicious but so far in all these years, no-one has caught on”

Arik whistled, clearly impressed. I’m just in shock. I think I’m going to need a map! Simon moved to the wardrobe and I peered in and saw many designer clothes both casual and smart and to my surprise, he put my case in there before coming over to me and tilting my chin up.

“If you wan’t, you can have a shower or relax. Don’t worry about unpacking until later. I’m sure it’s been a big day so why don’t we just relax?” Turning round to look at the other two he speaks to them “You guys can get settled in-”

“I’m not leaving her alone here” Scott says

“She won’t be alone. I’ll be here with her” Simon gripes back

“B..B….But am I allowed to be in here? I mean...this...seems like a big space for just me” I ask.

I can hear my wolf try to talk to me but I block her out. There is so much going on in my head. And I just realised he hasn’t said where the Alpha lived. We hadn’t even met the Alpha yet! What if he was….Wait! …...He said HIS beta!! Does that mean…..nooooooo no. I must be wrong!!!

“Baby, this is my….OUR apartment” Simon says gently while smirking

“Our? I…..I...can’t stay here with you! I don’t even know you!”

“I think considering what we did back in London, we know each other really well”

I can tell I’m blushing because I can feel the heat radiating from my cheeks. Simon looks proud of that and Scott frowns in annoyance that it was mentioned. just a cool cucumber I mean really, he just doesn’t get raffled at all. All he does is smile and wiggle his eyebrows but other than that, he’s just so calm

“I...shut up! I...I guess I’ll take one of the other rooms”

“Like fuck you will! We sleep in the same room together. You like one of the other rooms, then fine but wherever you sleep, I will be there too” Simon growels

I shiver at his tone and look at him in confusion

“I’ll take one of the rooms you guys are not in” Scott says.

“Like hell you will. You will stay on level one. My mate and I don’t share this level with anyone”

“Simon-” I try to talk

“I’m not leaving her. You don’t understand anything except you’re pervertated need to fuck her. She’s more than a piece of meat”

Simon stalks upto Scott and grabs him by the throat, his eyes going a dark amber. I scream as Arik tries to push Simon off Scott and the three of them are shouting at each other. I run up to Simon and try pulling his arm .

“Stop Simon! Stop...let him go!”

“I warned you about overstepping the line beta!”

“And I told you that I won’t leave her. How about you think about her for once”

Simon slashed Scott’s chest so fast I didn’t even see his hand. It was a blur. I screamed and fell back in shock as Simon turned round to look at me, on my back on the hard floor. He walks towards me and tries to help me up but I crawl backwards away from him. My eyes wide in fear.


“Ge...Get away from me!”

“Soph...soph, it’s ok, im ok….see?” Scott says

I look up and see that his shirt had claw marks where it had ripped, and while there was some blood, his skin was knitting before my eyes. I look up at him with tears in my eyes and allow Scott to help me up while Simon growels and stiffen in anger. I put a little distance between us and go towards the door.

“I...I...don’t want to share with you”

Simon locks his jaw and I can hear him grind his teeth before he relaxes and comes closer to me. I’m so conflicted because on one hand I feel scared yet there’s a big part of me that wants his arms around me

“I will sleep on the floor if that is what it takes but I can’t be apart from you. That’s not how this works. Especially when there’s an Alpha involved”

“Alpha? I don...don’t understand, Does your alpha also share this apartment?” I ask

“What? Baby why would my alpha share my apartment? My alpha isn’t the alpha anymore”

“I...i’m so confused. How does this work if he’s not an alpha?”

“Because he stepped down. It’s normal for the son to take over when his father step’s down” Simon says as he looks between Arik, Scott and me.

My head starts hurting as I try to make sense of everything. All the while when he was giving us the tour and talking, to be honest; I tuned him out. I was just in awe of the rooms and all the things here so I didn’t listen to him really, but now...Oh god, please, please don’t let him be what I think he is.

“A..Are you...the Alpha?” I ask, praying he says no.

“What?” Simon asks, as I see shock written on his face

“Soph, sweetheart-” Scott says as he approaches me

Simon growels at him and Arik grabs Scott to keep him beside him. I start shaking and, oh god, I start feeling so sick and dizzy

“Are you the alpha?” I ask in a shaky voice

“Is this a joke?” Simon asks, his eyes wide and body still

“Are you the alpha?! I shout louder

“Of course I’m the fucking alpha! This is my pack and you are my Luna. What the hell is going on here?”

I can’t answer him because suddenly my mouth feels like I have cotton balls in my mouth and my mouth is dry. My breathing hitches but I can’t seem to get any air in my lungs. I can see Simon come towards me and Scott’s mouth moving but I can’t hear anything. The room feels too hot and I see spots dance before my eyes.

And once again, I faint in front of Simon, blacking out and remembering that the floor was sure gonna be hard when I pitch backward; before darkness consumes me.

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