The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon P.O.V

Once again, my mate had fainted in front of me at my feet and once again I was reaching out to catch her before she hit the floor. Picking her up bridal-style, I carry her in my arms towards the bed. I had seen Scott try and reach for her just as I caught her and Arik had pulled him back. Just as well or we really would be killing each other. He seems to have more than a friendly feeling towards my mate and I’m going to have to address that soon but first, I need to know why she was shocked I was an alpha. Surely it was obvious?

Arik and Scott moved to bring down the covers as I lay her down. Taking off her black flat shoes, I pull the covers to her chin and make sure she is comfortable before I step back and look at her in confusion.

“Well that settles it. I’m staying in this apartment” Scott says

“Like fuck you are!” I say, angry that he’s using this situation to his advantage

“Alpha” Arik interrupts “ perhaps, for a while, it is best that both he and I stay either in this apartment or level; so that Sophie feels secure. While I can’t divulge any information, I can assure you that she will seek us out and will feel frightened without one of us here”

I growel in annoyance and glared at both of them, more so at Scott who was now opening the window and walking towards the bed.

“Fine” I bite out “But you both can live in the two rooms on this level beside the livingroom, not in this apartment. I intend to find out what is going on and to do that, I need privacy with my mate”

“Staying in the apartment-”

“Beta” I cut Scott off “ You are really trying my patience here”

Scott smartly shuts up and both he and Arik silently look at each other and leave the apartment to go make arrangements to shift to this level. I went to sit beside my mate who was still pale looking; took her hand in mine and looked down in shock as I felt little tingles and sparks running up and down my arm. I let her hand go and they eased up but I still felt them. I knew mates were important, of course they are. They are there to help support the alpha, to be his eyes and ears and help to support and run the pack; and of course to bear pups. But I didn’t expect to feel like this. This feeling of worry, about what she wants and why she’s afraid of me. I would normally be fine and not care but it feels different. I kiss her on her forehead and take in her amazing scent, my wolf coming up to the surface. I want to strip off and pull her into my arms but the apartment bell goes and I know it’s the guys. I open the door and they both come in, I tell them to go through to the living room area and we sit down and chat. May as well try to find out what is going on.

“So how about some honesty here. Why is she shocked that i’m the alpha and how could she not have been able to tell before this?”

Arik and Scott Look at each other before Scott sighs and looks at me. He shifts slightly on the sofa across from me and then clasps his hands together, leaning forward.

“We can’t tell you everything. My alpha’s orders. But, what I can tell you is that a few years or so ago, when Sophie was in college, she was attacked by a rogue wolf. This wolf caused her a lot of pain and would have killed her if some people hadn’t stopped to help her. After her attack, a couple of alpha males had visited the pack and every time, these alpha’s seemed to be attracted to her scent”

I started growling. I wanted to kill the rogue who hurt my mate. I wanted to bathe in his blood. My wolf came up to the surface and it was chopping at me to go find that rogue. Then I realised what he said about others after my mate.

“What the fuck are you talking about? About the scent?”

“For some reason, the last seven alphas who visited us, all seemed to smell her as soon as they entered the building. Three of them managed to corner or catch her on her own, and were trying to convince her to mate with them, to go with them back to their packs. While most alphas were non threatening, there were a couple that were aggressive in their pursuit. They scared her to the point of her detesting alphas. Especially as two; actually tried to use force.Joe managed to fight them off as did I and Arik, but they convinced her that Alpha’s are selfish, aggressive rapist who don’t care for anyone else’s opinion than their own”

“Was she raped?” I asked, my teeth gritting in anger at that thought

“No thank god, but on two occasion, it was almost a close call. One in particular. Let’s just say if I had been five minute more, it would have been a different story as this alpha had gone wolf and she was barely conscious”

I roared out in anger and my eyes went wolf. Both Arink and Scott looked down and kept silent as my wolf stalked around the room, throwing around lamps and cushions; our anger knowing no bounds, but knowing that too much noise may wake our mate who would be scared of us and our behaviour. It was almost ten minutes before I calmed down and mind-linked my beta and told him to get someone over to clean the room. Taking a deep breath I finally sit down and change back to myself.

“Who were they? The two alpha’s who almost raped her?”

“I can’t say-”

“You will tell me or I will rip out your throat!” I threaten

“I only listen to my alpha. I’ve told you as much as I can”

“You-” I was cut off when the doorbell sounded.

I got up and walked out the room, opened the door and let the omega enter; guiding her and her cleaning trolly to the room while indicating to the other two to follow me into the kitchen. I took out a bottle of water and tried to cool myself down. Arik stood and took a bottle too

“Letting us both live on this floor will help her feel secure. She is going to wake up and feel scared so I recommend acting with caution. I mean no disrespect alpha, but the truth of the matter is, she sees Scott as someone who she can turn to in both trust and friendship and now that she knows you are an alpha she will need him more”

Scott smirks at me but I know my wolf has flashed his eyes because he puts his head down and huffs out a breath.


We both get up and run out of the kitchen, realising that Sophie had screamed out in fright. Scott has rushed in before me to be at her side and I see her shake slightly, her bent head hiding her from my view. I see Scott touching her hair and murmuring to her and my wolf and I become agitated.

“Sophie” I called out.

She looks at me with big scared eyes and my wolf whines that his mate is scared of us. I walk a little closer to her and she fidgets as she looks between me and Scott. He gets up to move back and I see Sophie reach out to hold his arm to keep her with him. I growel

“Soph-” Scotts starts to say

“Sophie, let Scott go and speak to Simon” Arik says

She pales and looks at me before looking away. I step closer, aware that being too close may be too much for her. Scott whispers that he is near and won’t leave her alone before he and Arik leave the room. Sophie pulls the covers back over her legs and I hear her heart beating erratically.

“I...I” Taking a deep breath she gets out in a rush “I...don’t think i’m your mate. I think you’ve made a mistake. I...I can’t be with an alpha”

“No mistake Sophie. You’re my Luna. Scott told me about the alpha problem that you have been happening. Especially with the one Scott saved you from”

“Damon” She whispered softly, but I heard it

“Damon? As in Alpha Damon of the Crimson Peak Pack?”

“H...How do you know that?”

“Because that son of bitch is one of our alliances. Not close, but he is one of them. He’s always been on the edge. Not a good guy, but not a bad one either. He’s dead-”

“No! No, please...please Simon. Please leave it alone. I just don’t want to cause any more trouble. He was dealt with and-”

“He touched what was mine! And by force. You have no idea how riled up my wolf is right now. If he wasn’t out of the uk; i’d have challenged him”


Scott’s P.O.V

I walk out and leave Sophie to speak to Simon and my wolf whines in my head. I don’t like leaving her like this, when she is worried and scared. We go to the kitchen because I c an hear the omega still cleaning up in the living room; I take out a can of diet coke and toss one to Arik who catches it, opens a cupboard and finds dorito crisps and sits at the island table to eat them. I keep standing and keep my ear open for Sophie’s call

“You know” Arik says “you’re going to get killed if you don’t back off a little Scott”

“I’m her friend-”

“Bullshit. You’ve always had a thing for her. Even before she became a wolf. She’s not your mate, you know that. She’s got a mate, a pretty powerful one and you rubbing the friendship in his face is just gonna get you killed”

I know he’s right but I can’t help it. I’m the one she has always turned to and somewhere along the way, I’ve fallen for her. I admit it. I’ve fallen in love with Sophie and I would happily reject my mate to pick Sophie over her whoever she would be. I just don’t know how she feels about me. I want her friendship but I want her love more. My heart hurts every time she smiles, it kicks up extra beats when she laughs; and when she’s sad, god I want to fix everything in the world for her to smile again. The first time I had seen her naked, accidentally of course, at the hospital when she was changing out of her gown and into clothes again; I stayed hard for a week. Even going to the toilet was difficult.

I can hear Simon speaking to Sophie. He’s managed to coax her into allowing him to touch her and I can hear them kissing. My hand fists and I close my eyes, my heart aching knowing that not only has he a right to touch her, but that Sophie is welcoming it. While the other alpha’s had been either stupid or not the greatest person inside, this one is actually decent.

“You would reject your mate for Sophie wouldn’t you?” Arik asked

I shrug my shoulders, staying silent as I look at him. He shakes his head and sighs.

“I can’t let you mess this up for her. You may be the beta, but I’m a warrior for this pack and I can’t have you place our treaty in danger. I will step in and stop you if you try to cause problems Scott”

“I wouldn’t expect it any other way Arik”

“Expect what?”

I turn and see Sophie standing there, Simon beside her as he holds her hand. I shake my head and go to her, taking the can of juice with me to get her to have a sip. She takes it gratefully and takes a drink while Simon glares at me. I smirk at him before smiling at her as she sighs.

“Betty told me they are about to serve in the next twenty minutes or so. If you guys want to settle in and freshen up, Sophie and I will meet you both downstairs. We have a couple of things to do before joining you”

I see Sophie blush and look away from us. I grit my teeth as I know it not just because she’s shy, but because Simon must have spoken about something intimate for her to associate what he said with it. I know I can’t do much without causing an issue so I follow Arik as he and I leave the apartment and go to the two rooms away from the apartment but near the elevator where I had left my bag. We both use our own key card to get into our own rooms. I quickly unpack and put things away, hanging up what I can and what needed to go into drawers, I put away. Going into the bathroom, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was stocked with everything one might find in a hotel except all the items were in big portions such as shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

There were a couple of hand, face and bath towels already laid out. My room was a fairly big size and I’m sure Arik’s room would be too. I had a small two seater and a couple of single chairs near the balcony doors which were facing a big tv mounted on the wall. I looked at my watch and decided to have a shower; I could be done in 10 minutes.

Stepping into the shower, I turned it to lukewarm. It was pretty warm today and I just wanted to refresh my body. Opening the body wash bottle, I started to lather myself up, running my hands over my body to clean the sweat and grime of travel off my body; when my thoughts turned to Sophie and how she looked at me when I went into the room. Her body turned towards me, wanting me to keep her safe. I started to remember her worried eyes that calmed down when they saw me, her bountiful chest heaving as she took deep breaths and my hand traveled down to my hard cock. I gripped it tight as I imagined her breast spilled out of her bra and in my face. I know her nipples are almost a chocolate colour and that they are big. Big enough to enjoy sucking and nursing from. I moan in pleasure as i fist and pump my cock harder, imagining her breast in my mouth, her breathy moans loud as I’m the one fucking her, holding her legs high on my hips. My breathing becomes choppy as my cock hardens more, oozing pre-cum; my left hand resting on the wall as I jack off harder.

I use my imagination, picturing Sophie under me as I grind into her, her luscious body moving and wiggling as I pump her harder. My cock starts pulsing, the foamy bodywash feeling almost warm on my cock; and I know i’m about to come. Gripping my cock harder, I tug it from root to tip and squeeze hard, shouting out her name as I cum, splashing on the wall.

“Sophie” I whisper as I finish cumming, her face in my mind.

I take a deep breath and turn the water to cool as I pick up the bodywash again and repeat the action to clean myself, my mind already wondering what she was doing.


Sophie P.O.V

After the guys left to go to their own rooms, Simon was taking us back to his room when an omega I didn’t even know was here, came out of the living room and left the apartment. I looked at Simon in question but he just said not to worry about it. I admit that I felt jealous for a little bit. Why was she here and why was she in the living room? When we got to his room, he took me to the sofa and sat me down before crouching in front of me.

“Kitten, I know this is scary and I know we already spoke about this. I’ve already allowed them to stay on this level which I never usually share, but I did it for you. If you want to sleep in a different room in this apartment, fine. But know that I will be sleeping there too”

I opened my mouth to speak but he put a finger on my lips to quieten me before continuing to speak

“To sleep. While I may want to have sex and trust me, my wolf really does wants to take you as he, we both remember how wonderful you taste; holding you, being close to your scent will be enough….for now”

I blush as I remember how he had tasted me. He really enjoyed it which I’m so surprised about. Of course I’ve heard of that, even seen it in porn movies but I never really thought guys liked it as much as he does. His eyes are sparking and I can tell he’s remembering that scene and his mouth down there and god! My cheeks feel so warm!

“Ok. Erm, I...I want to stay in this room” I say

He smiles. I actually really love this room and especially how big and comfy the bed is. I love how there’s a massive tv in front of it at the right level. Everything about this room screams opulent comfort and I like knowing that it’s an apartment to myself, ourself.

“I’m going in for a shower. I won’t say no if you want to join me” He says mischievously


He tips my chin to his and places a kiss on my lips. I moan and rub my body against his hard body, his muscles twitching as he brings me closer. Then it’s his turn to groan as the kiss becomes heated and I feel his erection rub against me deliciously.

“If we don’t stop now, I can promise you that we are going to very very late for dinner”

“Simon. I...I..thank you” I say

“For what baby?”

“For not pushing. I know we’ve already had sex and you expected-”

“No expectation kitten. If it’s not given freely then what’s the point. We will take it as slow as possible. My wolf wants you….badly, but I can control it. I’m not just a mindless animal. A true alpha doesn’t take, he earns it. Now, I better go take that shower otherwise this-” He takes my hand and places it over his jean covered cook which was thick and hard and trapped inside “Will want to come out and play”

I giggled. Uh! Giggled! I can’t believe I’m turning into a gigler like what even? He walks away whistling and I know I’m wet. My panties feel sticky and I could really do with a shower but I don’t want to join him. I’m not ready for that yet. I quickly grab my bag that he put in the wardrobe and unzip it, taking out a dress and underwear. It’s pretty warm here and I could do with a cold shower. I grabbed my things, went to one of the other rooms and was happy to see that it was already stocked with what I needed and I proceeded to have my shower. It felt great washing away the stress and dirt of the day and I felt even better when I washed my hair. Once done, I left the shower and wrapped a towel around me as I stepped back into the bedroom, enjoying the peaceful feeling of being clean and calm; I sat on the bed and closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

“Damn. I think I’m going to need another shower”

I gasp and look at Simon who has come into the room. A towel hanging low on his hips, displaying an enticing ‘V’ My mind goes there. I’m staring in my own porn movie where I crawl over to him, rip off the towel and take his long hard cock into my mouth and -

“God Kitten! You’re killing me here!”

I look at him in confusion “Erm...why?”

“Baby, your projecting. I can hear your thoughts.Your own porn movie huh? So how much porn have you watched then?”

Oh my god! I blush “ Simon! J..just shut up”

“Baby, it ok” He laughingly says

His eyes turn lustful and he comes forward until we are almost chest to chest. He leans down to kiss me and one of his hands comes up and touches my breast through the towel. We both moan and he moves to kiss me on my mating mark, his lips on it; causing little tingles to run through my body as it heats up.

“I love your breasts kitten. I’ve never been a curvy woman kinda guy but boy do I appreciate it”

“So you’re calling me fat?” I ask, unsure if he’s given me a compliment or an insult

“No, no baby. Never fat! You have to understand; as wolves most females are athletic, muscley even. Your body is unique. So beautiful...and these babies...god, they are just so juicy”

I pushed him away from me, his towel almost slipping before he grabbed it. He stumbles in shock as he looks at me, I know I have tears in my eyes but I can’t help it. I’ve always been worried about my weight. I wasn’t a big girl but I wasn’t slim either. I was a solid size 14 in the uk, my breast over a DD cup so more than a handful, and an ass that looked good twerking.

But to be honest this love hate relationship with my body had been going on since I was in my teens. While most of my friends were the catwalk models, I was the girl who wasn’t just curvy but also had a belly. I wasn’t flat no matter how much I wished for it. Hearing him say that he wasn’t usually into girls like me made me question his desire. Was I a fetish for him? One of those guys who liked big girls but kept them hidden?

“No baby, stop. You’re getting it wrong” Simon says, his arms folded over his large chest.

Seeing the tears in my eyes, my head bent and my wet hair falling about my face, Simon walks over to me, pushes my hair gently out of the way and kisses me over and over until I start responding.

“The mate scent only tells us who our mate is. It can’t make us love them or be attracted to them and trust me, I was attracted to you as soon as I saw you. You are beautiful. Never doubt that”

I blush again. God, would I ever stop blushing?! I push at him again even though he doesn’t move this time.

“I think I need another shower and since it’s your fault, I think you should join me this time”

“Nice try mister” I laughingly say “You go and have a shower, leave me to get ready”

“Are you sure baby? Because I promise that it would be the best shower of your life” He joked

I don’t say anything but Simon smirk turns into a smile and he kisses my forehead before picking up my clothes and tugging me behind him

“Simon” I hiss “ What are you doing? I can’t go naked outside”

“You’re not going outside. Did you forget? This is our apartment and apart from me and you, no one else is here”

Oh Yeah! I forgot about that. This place is so freaking big, even the individual rooms, that I forget we are in his apartment. Once we are back in his room he sits me and my clothes on the bed and pulls open the first drawer of the wall cabinet

“In here you will find things you need, like the hairdryer, straighteners and a wand curler; whatever that is”

“W..what? Why do you have those things? I don’t want to use your ex’s stuff”

“They’re all brand new. Check the boxes, there all still sealed. When I found you, I told my beta to have staff organise my room with things you might need but couldn’t bring straight away. There’s underwear, female products, some makeup I think and over here-” He walks to the built in wardrobe and opens them; my eyes widen in shock

“Here, there’s space for anything you have brought but also some clothes I picked and bought online as well as-”

“Oh my god! Simon what have you done?” I gasp out, my eyes running over the designer bags lovingly. “ can’t just buy me these things!”

“I can do whatever I want. I’m the alpha and your mate”

I pick up the bags one by one. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Cath Kidston, MK and oh that a Hermes bag. I gasp louder as I reach for the beautiful red birkin and try to steady my rapidly beating heart. My fingers caress the bag before pulling them away; scared to even touch such an expensive thing. I looked at the side storage tower that had seven mixed pairs of...of...Oh Wow!….Jimmy Choo, Roger vivier and Louboutins shoes. I look at Simon’s smiling face.

“I guessed. I’m pretty sure they’re not the wrong size but if they are, we can exchange them. We can go shopping for things once you have settled. That’s why there’s not much in here”

“Not much? Simon! That’s like ten thousand pound worth of stuff in there! What more could I possibly need. I don’t even need that much! Jeez, that’s more than ten years of my salary!”

“More like fifty thousand”

“F..f.fifty?! Oh god! Take them back! That’s too much Simon”

“Nothing is too much for my mate. Beside’s, I can afford it so stop worry”


“No but’s. Now, it really is getting late and I prefer eating when the food is hot. So I’ll go have a quick shower again; you really did turn me on you know... and you get ready in here and we can both go down for dinner together”

“Simon...this...all this is so-”

“One day at a time kitten, that’s all I’m asking. These are just details. It’s about us and getting to know each other. Don’t overthink it” saying that, he goes back into the bathroom

I huff out a breath, my eyes still taking in all the designer goods. I can’t believe he brought me all this and when I looked at the sizes; he was right and they were correct. I can’t believe he really paid that much attention to me and my tastes in such a short time.

Could he really be this sweet and nice? He’s an alpha and alphas are usually aggressive, dominating and forceful. Could we really work? The items are not important; sure they help and are nice to have but they are not what make a relationship work. God am I really contemplating having a relationship with him? To give this a chance?

I sit down on the bed, my eyes wandering around the room, taking everything in with a thoughtful eye and then to the bathroom door; hearing the shower, I question myself and wonder if we could work. I’m still scared of him being an alpha and while I would enjoy being here, I don’t know how he would react to the truth. To the information he doesn’t know about me yet. Joe had said that some wolves weren’t that biased, but Simon had some strange and strong outlooks on certain things and to not tell him until I was sure about his feelings for me. Sighing, I lay back on the bed, my towel shifting worryingly but I didn’t care. My head was full of questions and doubts yet there was a small ray of hope; that maybe not all alpha’s were bad. That he wouldn’t hurt me or force me in any way. And not be upset when I told him that I was a human who had been turned due to the rouge attack.

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