The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Scott P.O.V

We have been waiting for almost 20 minute for Soph and Simon to come down. Arik was here before me and already eating when I had come down after my shower. I had waited for a few minutes until my stomach started rumbling and I just had to eat. What the fuck was taking them so long?

“That’s a mighty big frown you got there mate”

I look up and see a tall black haired guy staring down at me, his grey eyes smiling while his muscles bulging as he holds a full plate and sits it down across from me. There’s already an assortment of different cans of fizz, juices and bottled water around the table. A shorter girl appears next to him, her red hair loose and pretty around her face. She smiles at all of us before leaning down to kiss the guys cheek and sit beside him, her plate just as big as his

“I’m John Miller, the Beta. This is Sherry, my mate. So how are you guys settling in?”

I lean over to shake his hand as did Arik. I only smiled at the girl as most mated guys preferred you didn’t touch their mate of the opposite sex.

“Settled in easily thanks” Arik replied since I was still chewing “Pretty big place you guys have here. This place seems to be really busy. You guys live here too right?”

“Ye we do, Level two. We have an apartment on the left side after the lift. The right side apartment belongs to The Alpha’s parents. Wait till you see the back of the house and the cinema room. Best bunch of movie collections anywhere.” John replied, his grin wide

“I am Arik, head warrier and this here is Scott, our Beta. We are here with-”

“Our Luna. I know” John grinned “I’m the one who set everything else up here. I was also there with Simon when we signed the treaty. I use the office at the front of the house because that’s where I work. Simon has his own on his level. So, what made you frown Scott?”

“Nothing. I usually eat with Soph but they are not here yet so I’m just wondering where they are?” I say, looking towards the door pointedly

“I guess the Luna is with the Alpha and not down yet” Sherry says, smiling

I didn’t like what her smile indicated. I know they are mates but Sophie was in my life first. She has never preferred someone else’s company over mine before and it is annoying me. I’m trying to keep my cool and enjoy the food because it really is tasty; but my eye’s keep wandering over to the door. I tried to mind-link Soph and for the first time ever, all I got was a quick word saying she will be down soon. Then nothing. That was over 20 min ago

“Have you met Sophie before?” Arik asks

“No. But we are both very excited to meet her” Sherry says as she grinned at her mate

I nod before I open a cold can of pepsi max and take a good deep drink before settling it down again. I see more people come into the dining area with their plates piled high, chatting away to each other. A couple of kids come running into the room, their parents carrying their plates and helping them to settle down to eat. A few pack members came over to the table and introduced themselves to us and both Arik and I returned the favour. I liked that everyone here was friendly and gave off a homely feel. Usually a pack this big can be left to their own devices.

“We all care here. Some of the people here only come in to eat a meal or two. Especially if there’s something on the menu they like or their kids like. At any one time, there’s usually around 15 people at each meal, that’s the lowest amount, sometimes it’s higher”

“What do you guys do with the leftover food?” I ask, impressed at their numbers.

“Well it depends on how much there is. If it things people like, before leaving, they can make up a goody bag. Some is left in the fridge which gets eaten throughout the day. If it’s a lot, our admin staff will let the pack know that Betty is either going to use the leftover for lunches for those that go to work or study or needs help to give it out to the local homeless shelter” John explained

“Really? You have that much left over?” I ask, impressed at their actions

“Not always. But at times it’s known to happen” John says with a smile, almost half his plate already gone

“What is?”

We all turn towards the voice and everyone goes silent. I look at Sophie standing beside Simon, both freshly showered and dressed almost identical. Simon has on black jeans and a burgundy polo shirt. And Sophie has on black legging with a wine coloured top with small slits on the arm area. Her beautiful hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she had on little diamond earrings that I had gotten her for her last birthday. I smiled as I know she often keeps them close to her.

Simon cleared his throat to gain everyone’s attention who wasn’t already looking at them. He took Sophie’s hand, pulled her closer to him and addressed the room

“Everyone, while we will have a proper ceremony at a later date; I would like to introduce you to Sophie Jackson, my mate from the Crimson Moon pack” He was cut off when everyone else started clapping and cheering

Sherry let out a squeal before jumping up and hugging my poor overwhelmed Sophie who was darting her wide, worried grey eyes around the room. She hugged Sherry back who was busy introducing herself and just from how she was excited to meet Sophie, I knew she would be fast friends with her. Sherry had a goodness in her that was much like Amelia, our alpha and I was glad. I wanted Sophie to have more friends, even if she left here and went home with us.

“Ok ok everyone. I think my mate is feeling a little overwhelmed. Let us get some food. You will get a chance to speak to her a little later and over the course of her stay”

Saying that, he takes her hand and along with Sherry, they go back to the kitchen to get their plate of food. I had seen Sophie look over her shoulder at me and bite her lip. I smiled at her encouragingly and let her know that it was ok and I was waiting for her. I could here the room settle down and go back to eating and chatting quietly. I sigh and turn back to eat, only to see John looking at me intensely.

“What?” I ask

He frowns before shaking his head. He gets up with his plate “I’m going to get another helping. You guys want anything?”

I shake my head but I can see Arik looking at his plate and John, trying to decide if he should have another helping. John laughs at him before say

“There’s a state of the art gym here along with two different pools, sauna and steam room. You can burn it off if that’s what’s worrying you”

Arik smiled, his face lighting up and then got up with his plate too. He looks at me pointindly but I shake my head, my thoughts on Sophie and how she was coping with so many wolves in her face. I was just starting to consider going to get a coffee and maybe a slice of cheesecake when I saw the group come back; Arik, John and Simon talking happily while Sherry and Sophie were speaking excitedly; Sherry more than Sophie.

They sat down around the table and Simon put two plates of food down and sat beside me. Sophie came over and sat down a red mug of coffee and a plate with a pretty big slice of cheesecake in front of me. I looked at her and smiled as I couldn’t help but be pleased that she remembered what I liked and bought it over for me. I raised my left eyebrow at her and she laughed, her eyes sparkling.

“I knew you were about ready for dessert. You looked like you could go for a little nap and I heard they had a cinema room, and I wanted all of us to watch some tv and didn’t want you falling asleep on us, so I got you some coffee” She explained

“Movie night? No chance! I’m so ready for that” I say, pleased at her thoughtfulness

Simon grabs her wrist as she is about to walk past him and tugs her until she almost falls against him, her hands going on his chest. What the hell? I didn’t like the way he did that and was about to say something when I saw Sophie blush and look at him; as if she didn’t mind this.


Simon P.O.V

I saw the look Scott gave Sophie when she explained why she bought over his coffee and dessert. His face lit up and I knew I needed to have a conversation with him soon. This beta was in love with my mate. No doubt about it. That was unacceptable. I mean I know why he is. She’s great, amazing and kind. When Sherry practically jumped her and started to make plans and clearly overwhelming her, Sophie didn’t stop her or even act power mad or like a bitch where some other females could have. I can understand anyone wanting to be with or around her but he just doesn’t want her to be his friend. He wants her.

I grab Sophie’s hand as she is about to walk away from me and pull her towards me. She squeals as she calls against my chest, her hands falling over my chest and I almost groan with pleasure from the impact. God, I can’t wait to have her in arms again, to taste her. It needs to happen soon. I re-adjust her so she is sitting on my lap, her back against my chest and I kiss her cheek which is burning brightly. The rest of the people at the table are smiling or laughing, but Scott looks like he’s sucked on a lemon

“Simon!” She gasps, trying to get away

“Your place is here, kitten. Stop trying to move because you’re not going anywhere until you eat. You haven’t had any proper food since 11am. That’s over 7 hours”

She stops squirming and settles down against me even though she is a little stiff. Sherry pushes Sophie’s plate beside mine. Her plate was over half the size of mine. Barely enough to feed a bird. But I let her think that was ok. I kept my arm around her waist as I started to eat, forking some of the beef with yorkshire pudding. I can see Scott occasionally looking at how Sophie seems to be sitting comfortably on my lap, but I act like I can’t see his reaction.

Soon Sophie’s finished her plate which was mostly the caesar salad and the vegetarian dish. I fork more of the beef wellington and some salad and put the fork to her mouth. She look’s at me in surprises and shakes her head.

“Taste it. It’s good” I encourage

“Hmmm” She moans after taking the bite.

I fork some more and again put it near her lips. She shakes her head again and I keep it there. She huffs out a breath in annoyance

“I’m not a kid Simon. I’m full”

“You had salad. There was no real protein in there and the plate barely had anything substantial. You need to eat more than that Sophie”

“Are you kidding me? The caesar salad has chicken in it. Have you seen all of this?” She says while pointing to her body.

“Soph, There’s nothing wrong with you” Scott says, his frown deepens on his face “I told you before, not everyone wants or suits being skinny. You are stunning as you are”

“Kitten, If I had wanted someone like that then trust me, I wouldn’t have been with you but I love how you are. If your that worried then fine, use the gym here to tone up, but don’t do it for others because I can assure you that I love all of you” I say, annoyed that Scott was the one to speak before me about this

“Oh My God, are you kidding Soph!” Sherry loudly states “You have a banging body. I’d kill for some cups like yours and that ass would fill out a dress beautifully”

"Uh, hheelloooo, do you not see this belly?! She says, her voice sad

I growel lowley and she turn to look at me in surprise. I miss her hard, my arms tightening around her; pulling her close into me. Finally letting her up for air, my hand brushes her silky hair away from her face

“It’s not as big as you think. Like I said, if you worrying about it; then I’m sure Sherry would be happy to work out with you; but kitten, I don’t want you stressing about it nor losing too much. You are perfect in my eyes”

Sophie eyes water slightly and nods before looking away. The table has gone quiet before Sherry breaks the ice and starts talking about fun exercises like zumba and pole dancing; which got me hard and my cock jumped against her in excitement. She gasped and then blushed when Sherry asked what was wrong. Sophie just shook her head and opened her mouth obediently as I continued to feed her some more food.

“Please Simon, I really am full” Sher says as she shakes her head at the fork in front of her.

I nodded in agreement and kissed her cheek which she accepted with a smile. I looked at the plate, satisfied that my mate had a proper meal.

“Here, I saved some of the cheesecake for you. I knew you would only want a small bit since you don’t have a sweet tooth” Scott says, pushing his plate of cheesecake beside her.

I look over at his smiling face and want to rip out his throat. He knows so much about my mate. I was going to get up and get her a slice of cheesecake and some of the cookies she enjoyed earlier and yet here is Scott letting me know how much I don’t know about my mate.

“I have such a sweet tooth! I need like two slices of the cake plus a few cookies!” Sherry gushes

“Really? Where the heck do you put it?” Sophie askes wide eyed

“In the air” John laughs out loud “She’s a champion farter”

“John! Oh my gosh, you dick!” Sherry laughingly smacks his arm “I actually swim a lot and I do short workout session by looking at youtube videos along with bounce classes”

“Bounce?” Sophie asks as she eats the cheesecake

“It’s a class where you wear these special boots that feel like you are on air and exercise with them..basically bouncing about”

“Oh” Sophie says as she makes a face “I’d fall then. I’m not coordinated”

“Oh trust me, you wouldn’t be the only one. But I just try to do anything that moves me, otherwise I’d be as big as a house with the way I eat. Especially desserts”

“You were perfectly coordinated when you were over me, kitten” I whisper in her ear, remembering when we made love four times during that night where I rolled us over and she was on top.

Sophie opened her mouth in shock before slapping me on my arm and looking about to see if anyone had heard. Everyone at the table laughed or smiled at my comment and I just cuddled her closer, my lips running over her neck and shoulders.

“Here Soph” Scott says

We both look over and he is holding out a red mug of hot tea, the steam still coiling out. Sophie thanks him and takes a sip appreciatively and grains in delight before sighing and looking over at him. For some reason he is smiling at her with his arms crossed over and a cocky grin on his face.

“Scccooottttt” Sophie whines

“No Soph” Scott replies with a shake of his head

“What?” John asks in confusion

“Come on. Just a little more” Sophie whines further

Again shaking his head with a smirk still on his face he goes to the chair beside me and sits down. Arik burst out laughing and explains

“She may not have a sweet tooth, but give her a cup of tea with three to four spoons of sugar and she’s happy. Only problem is, she’ll have that cup five to seven times a day. So Scott’s been making her cut down on the intake of sugar. She’s now at, what? Three teaspoons?” He asks

Scott nodded his head as my mate pouted. Sherry and John look at her with their mouth wide open I shake my head

“You don’t like dessert much but you’re happy to drink over sweetened tea?” I ask

“But tea is different. It’s just comforting to have”

“Baby, you know that’s almost worse than having dessert right?”

“And you’re not chewing or savouring anything,” Sherry asked, her face distressed at that thought.

The group laughed as they started to discuss the difference of dessert and sweetened drinks over sugar and sweeteners. I looked over the tables in the room and while it was mostly empty with a few people coming in and out, our group was still sitting there enjoying our time together. For the first time, I was actually enjoying dinner a lot. Usually John and I would be catching up on pack details while having dinner before we both rushed out of the room. While I encouraged my beta and his mate, my third and Gamma warriors to enjoy their down time and meals; it wasn’t always possible and I very rarely did. There was always something needing going, or something that needed my attention and I was always on the go from sunup to sun down. This was a new thing for me. I look at my watch and I am surprised to see that it’s been almost two hours where we have been enjoying eating, chatting and enjoying peoples company. I’m not even stressed or worried that i’ve spent this much time away from the office.

Suddenly, Sophie leaned back against my chest, sighing contentedly while still having a conversation with Sherry and Scott about sweet things while John and Arik speak about the workout regime they use. I stay still as Sophie adjusts herself on my lap and places her own arms over mine, her head slightly cushioned on my shoulders. I don’t think she realises what she’s done as her body becomes lax and soft. I don’t move and just enjoy her being close. I lean closer and inhale her scent and the smell of strawberries from her shampoo, enjoying being with my mate. I always knew I would be an attentive mate, but this? This is different. I feel so proud to have her as my mate. I would kill anyone who tried to take her from me. My wolf is pretty happy too; yapping away like a puppy but I need to restrain myself. Something is not fully right and I can tell there’s more to Sophie’s story than I have been told about.

“Looking pretty content there alpha” John mind-linked me

“I am actually”

“Funny how a mate does that to someone isn’t it?”

“Ok ok, you were right about mates changing us. There’s a lot I still don’t know and that I need to update you on”

“You mean apart from the fact that the beta of her pack loves her?”

I growl quietly and look at Scott who is still laughing with Arik while including Sherry and Sophie but my mate was content to reply now and then, her breathing slow and steady as she mostly listened to what was being said

“Noticed that did you?”

“Hard not to when his whole being changes when he looks at her; but I don’t think she realises”

“She doesn’t. I’ve seen the way he is with her. He was there to save her from almost being raped and a different attack. To her, he is her closest confidant. To him…”

“What! Who dared touch our Luna” He growled in anger.

“I need you focused. Keep an eye on Scott while he is here but you and I need to sit down and discuss a few things including re-thinking our treaty with Damon fucking Lance of the Blue Moon pack”

“Damon? Why?”

“Because that fucker tried to rape your Luna!”

“Then he’s dead alpha and I will do anything to protect our Luna”

“Agreed. We need to come up with a plan on how to kill him without challenging him because I don’t plan to let him live, no matter what!

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