The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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Simon P.O.V

Sophie yawned a third time and I decided that it was enough. She was obviously tired but too sweet or stubborn to say. We had moved from the dining table and the group were now sprawled over three big couches in the cinema room while we watched Avengers End Game. Arik and Scott shared one couch while eating buttered popcorn, John had Sherry on his lap on the other couch, but while Soph and I had one couch to ourselves, we had changed positions a few times; now she lay on her side with her feet on my lap. It took a lot for her to even feel comfortable just to put her sock feet on my lap. I had given her a fleece blanket earlier which she was bundled into, her hand supported under her face as she watched the 70 inch screen.

It was our second movie of the night, the first being a horror IT, the new one. While I wasn’t fond of such movies, Soph loved it. Her eyes stayed open at all times while occasionally shutting them or hidding into me. That part I loved. Throughout it, I saw Scott look at us from the corner of his eyes and occasionally his face would look bitter before he masked it. Yawning again, Sophie’s eyes dropped a little and I got up and grabbed Sophie in my arms, blanket and all. She squeaked and everyone turned to look at us as they paused the movie

“That’s your fourth yawn and this time your eyes closed. It’s obviously time for bed” I say as she struggled

“SImon! Put me down” She squeaked

“Guy’s feel free to stay and enjoy the movie, but my mate and I are going to bed”

“Simon” She cried out “Stop!. I can walk you know” She cries out as I start walking out the room with her still in my arms bridal-style

“I know. But you’re so tired that you may fall, so it’s better I take you. Stop struggling, I’m not gonna let you go” I advise

Just as the elevator door opens, I hear footsteps behind me and I have a feeling I know who it is before I hear his voice, my suspicion confirmed

“Hey uh, I’ll go with you guys too” Scott says

“Thought you guys wanted to watch another movie?” I asked, my eyebrows raised

“Yea but, it’s kinda late. May as well turn in. Besides, it’s after 1am and I was thinking of checking out you’re pool tomorrow” He says as we get into the elevator and selects our floor

“Right. Well, good night” I say as we walk out into our floor

I look down to see that Sophie has her eyes closed and leaning against my shoulder slightly. I chuckle as I realise that she had fallen asleep. Scott turns to look at me and sees she’s asleep and offers to open the door to our apartment. While I don’t like accepting his help I do for her. I enter the apartment and into our bedroom as Scott runs over to the bed and pulls back the covers. I want to snap at him; not liking the fact that he is in our space but I don’t want to argue and wake my mate.

“What are you doing?” I ask when I see him fiddle with the thermostat

“It’s pretty warm in here. I’d open the windows but if there’s too much noise, she’d get up. She’s pretty warm blooded” He shuckles

I want to kick him out, angry that he knows her so well but my mates well being and comfort trumps over my anger at him. I take off her flats and contemplate changing her when I see her open her eyes and look about

“When did we come here?” She asks wide-eyed

I chuckle and explain when we got here. She groans as her cheeks pinkin in embarrassment and she gets up from the bed saying she wanted to change and prepare for bed. I let her do that as I watch Scott hover about in our room. I’m really going to have to address this soon, I hate how he knows her so well and is always around her.

“Is there a reason your still here” I ask Scott

He looks at me in surprise, not expecting me to call him out. He looks a little embarrassed but then stiffens his body before looking around the room. I walk closer to him, my hand in my pockets so I don’t rip out his throat.

“She gets uncomfortable when it’s a new place. She-”

“If I didn’t think it would hurt Soph, I’d rip your throat out right now”

Scott gulped and looked away nervously before lowering his eyes and trying to edge past me. Just as Scott gets to the bedroom door, the bathroom door opens and Sophie comes out, freshly scrubbed face with her hair up in a clasp and a red Gryffindor night dress that’s barely to her thighs. I growel in anger as i see Scott look at her appreciatively

“Get the fuck out Scott. Soph, go back inside and wait until Scott leaves”

She looks at me in surprise “Why?”

“Because you’re my mate and I’m the only one allowed to look at you like that” I roar.

Sophie whimpers and quickly goes inside. I can see Scott wanting to say something but I stare at him before he looks away and walks to the apartment door.

“Scott” I call out to him, he looks at me before he looks away “Never look at her like that again. You and I need to have a serious chat. Be glad Soph care about you otherwise I would be calling Jon right now to come take your body back”

“Soph?” He asked

“Out of everything I said, that’s what you are focused on? She’s my fucking mate. I can call her what I want. You interfere again and I won’t stop next time”

“With all due respect Alpha, there’s much about her you don’t know and-”

“I’ll fucking learn. I don’t need you telling me how to do anything. Know your place Scott”

“Goodnight alpha” He says before he bow’s and leaves, closing the door behind him

I check the door and lock it, then go back into the room and call out to Sophie to come out. She quietly opens the door and looks around the room before glaring at me and walking to the other side of the bed.

“Soph” I say, trying to get her attention

Ignoring me, she looks at her bottle of cream on the side table, picks it up and starts to put it on her face. I sigh and take off my clothes before walking naked into the bathroom, her slight gasp the only indication that she paid attention to me. I have a quick shower, my blood boiling at Scotts constant infusion. Anyone else would have already been dead but Sophie trust’s him and I know if I do anything like that, my mate won’t hesitate to run. Coming out of the shower and after brushing my teeth, I put on a pair of boxers and walked out towelling my hair dry.

The main light is off but the bedside table lamps are both on. I call out to her again and she continues to ignore as she brushes her hair. I walk to her side and gently but forcefully stop her hand from brushing again and lift her chin up

“You are beautiful and good. There’s an innocence to you that is unheard of in our pack. I look at you and I fight with myself because I only know how to be hard and mean; I look at you and you are everything good and light, everything soft and sweet. But you are mine and I will not tolerate another male looking at you or being close to you as Scott has been”

I see her open her mouth and close it a couple of times as her face goes from pink to pale and back to pink again as she blushes.

“You’re telling me I can’t have my friends?” She asks me

“You can have friends. I am not that selfish or insecure as to barr you from having male friends. But what Scott did just now was unacceptable!” I say in a low angry voice

“I...I do..don’t understand. What did he do?” She asked, puzzlement on her face

Soph” I sigh “He looked at you like you were his mate, he wanted to take you”

“Take me where?” She ask with a frown

Goddess! How innocent and pure is she? I knew she wasn’t a virgin before I took her and made her my mate, but goddess, she is too innocent in her mind and heart. How? I keep looking at her before finally realising that she genuinely did not have a clue what I was talking about

“Take you as in mating with you, attraction, sex”

Sophie opened her mouth in shock before bursting out laughing, so hard that she dropped her brush and lay back onto the pillows; holding her stomach

“It’s not a laughing matter” I say and yet inside, I can’t help but sigh in relief at her reaction

“ Oh god!....Si...Simon...he doesn’t see me like that!” still laughing, she picks up the brush and chuckles as she ties her hair in a soft plait

“Soph, I’m telling you-”

“Soph?” She asks softly

“You too? Jeez. I’m speaking about something important here and the first thing anyone is picking up on is that I have a nickname for you” I say in a huff


“Yes kitten. Say my nickname like that” I encourage, not knowing why I liked it

“What? As in Sy short form Simon?” She asked, her eyes looking at me shyly

“Yes. I have nicknames for you like kitten and baby. Why can’t you have one for me? Look, soph, I am not telling you who to be friends with. Arik is a great guy. John is a big clown. But Scott? He desires you and he can’t have what is mine. If he wants to stay here while you settle then he needs to change how he sees you or he leaves - before I rip his throat out” I growel

She gasps and shrinks back against the pillows, hugging her knees. I groan in frustration. I’ve taken two steps back with her as she seems more afraid of me now. I sigh and lean down to kiss her lips, trying to coax a response from her. She lets me kiss her without stopping me and slowly she responds to my kiss, her breathing shallow. I caress her cheek which is so soft and smelling like the coconut face cream she had just used. The kisses turn more aggressive with Soph participating too before she leaned back against the pillows again, taking a deep breath; her face flushing. I grin at her when she looks at me and suddenly gets into bed and pulls the covers over her bare legs. I bend down and take off my boxers, placing them on the chair, walking towards my side of the bed before I hear a squeak and see Soph hold her hands over her eyes.

“What are you doing?” She squeaks

“I don’t wear anything to bed, though you would have remembered that” I smirk as I get into bed and turn over to face her.

“But that was because we were….you know” She says while keeping her eyes hidden behind her hands

I pull her hands down and kiss her cheek while pulling her to me, her legs tangling with mine; her hands falling onto my chest.


Sophie P.O.V

Oh god! He’s naked! I fall against him and my hands go to his chest. His warm, muscley, hard chest. My legs get tangled up with his and his cock...Oh god his big, thick cock is hard and at first it hits my hips before hitting between my legs. My t-shirt has ridden up and I can feel him, so thick and hard that...oh god, I think I feel a wetness, his pre-cum on my t-shirt.

“Relax Soph. It’s not like we haven’t done this before” He says with a smirk

I squeeze my eyes shut and I hear him shuffle about. Suddenly i’m on my back and he is above me, my hands being held beside my head. I flush when I look at him because not only are his eyes dark with lust, his cock is sitting between my legs.

“Sy,what are you doing?” I ask

“You don’t know?” He asks cockily as he lifts his left eyebrow at me

I know i’m blushing because I can feel my cheeks heat up. I swallow but I feel parched. His chest is against mine and while I feel his weight, he hasn’t trapped me. It’s not unpleasant, actually; it’s warm and arousing and yet I feel safe, cherished


“Ye babe” He cuts in

“I...we-” I cut off as I see his head lower

Then he kisses me. Long, deep and hard. Like I’m something special. He keeps kissing me, the kind you see in movies where it’s so intimate that you feel like you shouldn’t be watching or intruding. I thought those kind of kisses were in movies only; yet here he is, kissing me like he couldn’t stop. I moan, I love his taste, the feel of his lips; his heat and yes...even the feel of his cock between my legs. Except it’s not fully inbetween and I really want to feel him properly but I don’t know how to say it so I do the next best thing; I open my legs slightly wider and YES! His cock hits against my panties. Simon groans and without any warning, he rips my panties off like it was a thread, easy to break. I gasp and look at him in shock before my eyes close in pleasure. He rubs his hard cock against my wet slit and my essence coats him, making it easier for him to slide against my core, his thick bulbous head hitting against my clit and making me shiver in pleasure.

“Simonnnnnn” I moan out his name

I can feel how hard he is and how wet I have made him. Simon keeps moving against me, his kisses becoming hard; when he reaches out and whips up my t-shirt and throws it onto the floor.

“Simon!” I gasp, embarrassed as I try to cover my big breasts

“No! Never hide from me. You’re beautiful, so fucking beautiful” He says before latching onto my left nipple

God that feels so good! I moan louder and he keeps sucking, his mouth pulling at it hard and deep before leaving little bites and kiss over the whole breast. His mouth comes back to mine and his hand onto my breast, tugging at my nipple; the sensations tugging right on my clit. We are both breathing heavily and I can feel sweat on both our bodies as Simon grabs one of my legs, puts it over his hips and uses his hand to guide his cock into me. He pushes in easily because I am so wet and my juices are running down and I’m sure, leaving a wet spot on the sheets.

“Simonnnn. Please! Move...for god’s sake move” I say

He had stopped once he was inside of me and I guess either enjoying the feeling or letting me catch my breath, but I don’t care; I just need him to move. I see him smirk at me and tease me by not moving, so I tease back and move my hips up, taking all of him to the hilt and using my inner muscles to squeeze his cock more. He groans out my name oud

“Ffuuckkk! That felt amazing. So good kitten!” He says before kissing me again

I clench on him again and that breaks him. Suddenly he is positioning in and out of me like a jackhammer. He’s now grabbed both of my legs and has them wrapped high on his hips, my arms around his neck and shoulders, holding on tight even as he moves up higher against the headboard with his thrusts. His kisses become rougher and his hands clench onto my waist tighter as he pulls me into his thrust harder. I can feel myself tighten up, his cock so hard inside of me, hitting against me in the most delicious way. Oh god! I can’t breathe, it’s that good! I’m racing to get to that place, where all the sensations are on high alert and I know that with a few more thrust I will go over the edge!

“Soph! Kitten...Fuck! I’m gonna cum” He moans out

“Yes...Yes! Fuckkkkkkkk” I say

Suddenly he starts to kiss my lips then my nipple and then my lips again as he rams me hard, his hand holding onto the headboard which was hitting away at the wall. His hips hitting against me hard as his cocktouch every nerve end, our breathing choppy as we use obscene language, which I have never done before. He tells me how he loves to...fuck me, oh god; even thinking it feels so dirty! Sweat has beaded our bodies, making us feel both dirty and intimate as we move against each other as we race for that feeling and then….we are there! Gripping the headboard tighter, his lips against my neck; I come first and call out Simon’s name as his cock hits me perfectly and he strums my clit with his other hand.

Within seconds I hear Simon roar out his release and I feel him cum inside of me, he shoots long and hard as he bites down into my neck, sending me into a second climax from the pleasure of his bite. Just as I start to get my breathing under control, I hear a loud crack and both Simon and I look up and see that he has managed to crack the headboard and from where his hand had gripped the board, smaller cracks had appeared alongside it. I look at him in surprise before we both burst out laughing, the tension easing as we both breath out. I flex my hips, feel a dull pressure inside, not painful yet a feeling of fullness and he groans again before touching his damp forehead against mine.

“Don’t baby. Otherwise I won’t be able to leave. Fuck! I’ve knotted inside of you”

“Knotted? Wh..what do you mean?”

He looks at me in surprise “Unless you stop cumming and stop gripping me, my cock will stay hard inside. Basically, my cock and my wolf has decided it wants to knock you up and plant my pups inside of you” He explains

My eyes go wide as I look at him in shock and awe. I bite my lips and try to look away but he doesn’t let me; he kisses me gently a few times and i feel myself relax, his hands now cupping my face lovingly

“How do you not know this kitten? Haven’t you been with a wolf before? Are all your sexual experiences with only humans?” He asks me

I nod before biting my lips again, knowing I couldn’t tell him the information just now. It would spoil things or he will have so many questions and right now, I can feel my body relaxing and unwinding, my eyes growing heavy as I start to feel tired. He looks at me strangely and to distract him, I run my fingers on the back of his neck before kissing his lips again which he welcomes. I feel him slip out of me and we both groan, I do because I feel empty but I don’t want to come across as clingy; so I don’t say anything.

I feel a pretty big trickle of our mixed juices come out of me too and I try not to look at it when I feel Simon move, leave the bed and go into the bathroom before coming back out and wiping both himself then between my legs; taking care of me. My cheeks heat up in embarrassment and i fling one arm over my eyes

“Don’t be embarrassed, kitten” He says before pulling my arm down and kissing my softly on the lips.

I open my eyes to look at him and see that he has now tossed away the towel into the laundry basket and has come back to bed. He pulls me to him and pulls my left leg over his hip and once again I feel his cock. Hard. I gasp and he chuckles, pulling me closer so my head is tucked under his chin and our bodies are fully against each other, both on our sides.

“It’s ok kitten, go to sleep. I’ll stay hard because you, your scent are close and I’m a horny wolf; But I see how tired you are”

“I...I really should get up and shower”

“Leave it. Beside” He takes a deep breath and kisses my head “Both my wolf and I love how you smell of us, of sex”

I blush and bury myself deeper against him as he pulls the covers up high and shuts of the bed side lamps. I love how he smells too and while I don’t want to acknowledge it, my wolf is feeling pretty content too. I sigh deeply before closing my eyes and letting sleep take me away, secure in our mates embrace.


Simon P.O.V

I brush Soph’s hair away from her face as she sleeps on, her plait now messy with stray hairs. It’s only 7am but I’m dressed for work and have an 8.30am meeting so I mind-link John to get me a tray and have it sent to my office. I look back down at Soph and I can’t believe she’s mine!

Ours My wolf says.

I want to get back in that bed and keep her in my arms, take her again over and over! Then I had to remind myself that I’m an alpha and shouldn’t act too whipped.

I’ve got a tray with breakfast and coffee for two coming right up. Got a few things to go over with you regarding pack stuff and the new plant we want to open up

Right. I have a meeting with Rick about that. He said he had figured out a way to work it so humans could apply too so lets eat and get this sorted

I’m surprised you’re up already considering you were bringing down the house


You do remember that I am below your room right? I counted four times you and Luna played the bed is lava with the way that headboard was going. John laughs. You should ease up on her alpha, I’m sure the last time she practically begged to cum and you dragged it on for a good while. We debated if she was dead after the immediate silence

Shut the fuck up I say, amused at his comments And don’t tell her you heard. She is surprisingly shy about sex.

John chuckled Poor her. She’s mated to you. She has a lot of embarrassing moments coming up

Is there a reason you’re still talking and not letting me get ready?

Please he scoffs You’re standing over her like a creep and most likely thinking of a way on how to wake her for another round

How the fuck do you know that?

Because your footsteps stopped by your bed over 15 min ago.

Now who’s the creep? I’m not sure I like this easy access you have to listening in on me

It might also do with me standing here for the last ten minutes waiting for you to notice me

I whip round to find John in a polo shirt and chinos, leaning against the bedroom door frame; his arms and legs crossed, his black hair fashionably mussed up.

“What the fuck man! Not cool” I say in mock anger “The key is for emergencies only”

“True, but it was an emergency when my alpha who is usually in his office by 7am is not there. As a beta, it was my duty to check up on him and make sure he wasn’t in danger”

I scoff at that and turn to grab my shoes when I hear Sophie stir, her body aching a little in a stretch while half asleep. I growel as I turn to look at John who had already turned his back and walked away towards the apartment door.

“Sy” Sophie whispers.

My body tingles at the nickname and I feel myself heat up as I see the covers slip a little and it exposes a shoulder, falling further down to show me her hardened nipple. I lean over and take the nipple into my mouth, her scent calling out to me; her taste singing in my blood. She gasps and archers more so the nipple is easily caught. She calls my name on a moan and grips my head as I suckle her, my hands grabbing her waist as I pull her closer to me.


I want to lay down with her and take her again. My fingers travel over her body to the space between her legs and she opens her legs a little. The smell of aroused mate coils around us and I grow harder as I gently bite her nippled before running over it with my tongue. She cries out and my fingers strums her clit, making her vibrate in pleasure, her breath choppy. I slip in two fingers into her and start pumping them and her legs fall open more, her breathing heavy as she moves her hips in time to my fingers, riding them.

“You’re fucking beautiful, so responsive. So wet and only mine” I say, my breathing hot, my fingers slick with her wetness

“Sy...please….please...harder” She moans, her eyes closed as different emotions run across her face.

I start to pump her more, loving the wet sounds coming from her pussy, her begging me for more. I kiss her lips, biting them as Sophie aggressively attacks my lips back before...dear goddess! Her hand has opened my zipper and before I could stop her, she has taken out my cock and frantically pumping it, the head now leaking fluid. I feel like we are in a porno as suddenly it is all about teeth and lips; it’s vulgar and hot, it’s intense and fast. She squeezes my thick cock hard and brings her hand like that all the way to the head and my body jerks. I know we are both at the edge and adding another finger in her while using my thumb to play with her clit, I curl the finger in her and she shouts out. I bite her nipple and suckle her hard, trying to stop thinking about how good her hand feels when suddenly, she screams, climaxing hard as I fasten my pace and put pressure on her clit to make her cum. Just as she floods my fingers and twitches from cumming, she grips my cock rightly and I erupt, my mouth opening in a grunt as my cum speeds out, spewing onto her stomach, my seed marking my mate with my scent.

Sophie whimpers, her eyes closed as she limply hangs off me, her body covered in a fine sheen as she twitches, coming down from her high. I take out my fingers and bring them to my mouth and her taste explodes on my tongue as I moan again. Her eyelids open and with hooded eyes, looks at me with a smile even as she blushes. Fuck! I’m becoming so addicted to her already.

Uh alpha. Not to rush you or anything, but Rick just mind-linked to say he will be over a little earlier and uh, the breakfast was delivered over 5 minutes ago. Is it ok for me to request fresh drinks as yours has gone cold. If you want me to wait- John mind-linked

Ask for it in 15 minutes I respond back before blocking him out

I run one of my fingers with her juice on it, onto her bottom lip before kissing her mouth, both of us tasting her. I groan deep, not getting enough of her and wanting to fuck her bad. Knowing I don’t have much time, I pull away from her body reluctantly as Soph looks down at the mess on her body.

“You smell real good kitten. If I didn’t have a meeting soon, i’d stay”

I see her blush and I unbutton my blue shirt and take it off and use it to wipe myself off and then wipe off my seed from Sophie’s body. She flops onto her back and under the covers as I take off my trousers and walk towards the shower. Being quick, it’s not long before I am drying my newly washed hair again and wrapping the towel back around me and walk to the closet for new clothes. I’m dressed within five minutes and have just fixed my hair when I look at the clock and see that it has been almost 20 minutes and that kitchen staff would be about to bring up hot drinks again. I’m fully dressed and ready to leave when I glance over and see that Sophie has fallen asleep again, one hand resting under her cheek; facing me. I walk over and rearrange the covers overhear and she doesn’t move; not at all. I kiss her forehead and turn to leave when I hear her whisper

“Simon” she says breathlessly, her eyes still closed

I hang my head for a moment as I swallow, my chest tight with this unknown feeling. I’m an alpha, why the fuck are my eyes wet and my heart galloping?

Feeling unsure about everything, I walk out of our room and out the apartment, locking it behind me. Just as I get to my office, I hear the elevator door open and Betty comes out with a trolly, pushing it towards my office; she smiles at me as I open the door and walk in behind her, John already sitting beside my desk and looking over some files. He smiles when he sees me and the food and drools when the smell of cooked full english breakfast and hot coffee hits both our noses. I can see John about to make some sort of comment but whatever he finds on my face shuts him up and instead, gets up to help set the plates of food up along with our drinks. After Betty leaves, I close the door and sit back at my desk. Seeing John’s somber face, I pick up the first file regarding a new plan for more cabins; I start to talk about what has been going and my mind finally clicks into place about pack issues and I get back into my routine


Sophie P.O.V

I jerk awake when I hear the sound again and realise that the room is flooded with light and that I am alone in the room. I hear the sound again and that someone is knocking but I don’t know where since the bedroom door is slightly open, I move the covers away and get out of the bed, already missing the warmth and quickly grab the tshirt that Simon took off me last night. Pulling it on and feeling the warmth it gave, I gasp as my eyes fall on the clock. Oh my! Almost 11.30 am. I’ve missed breakfast! I remember Betty saying that Lunch usually started at 12pm. Hearing the knock again, I walk outside of the bedroom, looking both left and right until it clicks in my mind that it’s the apartment door. I walk over, look through the peephole and go to unlock the door to let in Scott. I smile as he comes in but frowning he abruptly stops and looks at me strangely.

“What?” I ask

“Uh..nothing….You didn’t go down for breakfast. Arik and I were worried but Sherry said her mate told her you were sleeping in” Scott says

“Yeah...I uh...had broken sleep” I say and Scott scowels. Before I can ask about it my stomach grumbles and we both burst out laughing.

“Look, can you give me a few minutes? I want to run and have a shower quickly and then if you don’t mind, we can go downstairs for lunch?” I ask

“Sure sure. I’ll uh, I’ll be in the living room” Scott say’s

“Sure. Oh by the way, they have all the sky sports channels so help yourself. I won’t be too long. I feel groggy because I haven’t woken up properly yet” I explain before we both split up.

I run into the bathroom and first do my normal routine like brushing my teeth, washing face with my face scrub before jumping into the shower, my mind already on what I can eat, maybe grabbing a few cookies and a really good cup of tea hmmmm. Using my orange scented body wash, shampoo and conditioner; I started washing all over before taking a breath when I feel how sensitive I am down...there. Last night, I can’t believe we fucked four times! That’s excluding when he woke me up with just his fingers and god that was so good! Dirty but good. I’m still tingling and even now, the image of the broken headboard makes me smile, God he fucks so good! And his cock! So thick and big. I run out of the shower and go about getting getting ready before sitting down to blow dry my hair, my mind still on what we did this morning


Scott P.O.V

I pace up and down the living room while the tv plays in the background. I tried to calm down and think logically but i can’t. I’m so mad, so jealous that thinking logically has gone out the window. As soon as I had entered the apartment, I smelled her…...IT! They had sex and not just sex but he had marked her again. The smell of a male’s seed was on her body, not IN, but ON! When a male did that, it indicated to outsiders that she was taken and anyone daring to try take her would have a fight on their hands because what the alpha had done was the equivalent of a dog peeing against a tree near his home.

He had marked his territory

He has marked her with his seed and came over her body. You know what this means? My wolf said It means he is scent marking her to keep. He’s not gonna let her go

He doesn’t know her full truth yet I replied back He is not good enough for her

She is not our mate Scott

Mate or not, what I feel for her is stronger than a mate bond with someone who I may never find. Many don’t. Soph is special

And how do you propose to get her away from the alpha? Who would kill us in a heartbeat for dearing to touch his mate

With any means necessary


I turn to look at Sophie and my breath hitches. She is dressed in a pair of denim and white cutoffs with a red off the shoulder top that had white dots on it, showing off her body and curves really nicely. She’s worn white tennis shoes with it, her long hair up in a bun with little curled strands falling around her face. While she doesn’t need makeup, she’s put on a little eyeliner with some sort of fancy tick at the end of her eyelids and a reddish colour gloss on her lips.

And on her ears, MY diamond earrings. I want to go over and take her in my arm’s, to kiss her lips and

“Are you ok?” She asked, tilting her head slightly

“Yeah, yeah...I uh was just thinking about something” I reply, her beauty still messing with my brain


“Uh never mind, lets go. You must be hungry” I say as I took her hand and moved, leaving the apartment

Just then, her stomach rumbled loudly and she blushed, her face pinking at the loud intrusion. We both laughed before getting into the elevator. As we reached the level, I pulled her along towards the kitchen and she stopped, her body stiff. I realise it’s because of the amount of wolves about. Breakfast was busy but lunch seemed to be even more so. I remembered at breakfast Arik and I were told that most people come in at lunch time due to many of the wolves working around the pack house. That many females with non-school age children would also eat here. Compared to yesterday when there were maybe 10/15 people, right now there had to be over 30 people; easily.

“You can do this Soph” I encouraged

“I….I...can’t...there so many..” She whispers, even as more people pass us by to go into the kitchen properly.

We looked in as people seemed to form a que according to what they wanted, much like a hotel buffet or all-inclusive holiday. I tried to encourage her to move but she only gripped my hand tighter, her creathing choppy. Suddenly Soph was hugged from behind, a welcoming laugh following the squeeze.

“Hey Soph” Sherry said

“H...Hi” Soph replies, looking at her.

She swallows before looking at the crowd now, some who were looking over at her. While most people seemed curious but went on their way, others who remembered meeting her yesterday smiled at her in welcome. Sherry started talking and pulling Soph with her and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Sometimes her fear is so great, that she is unable to move. Other times, if caught before she goes full on panic mode, I am able to help her calm down. I smile at her as our hands are broken and Sherry takes her past all the food displays and to the back of the dinning area where there are a few empty tables and helps her to sit down. I walk past the food and mentally think about what I want to have as I approach the table where I see Arik, Sherry, Soph and two other ladies sitting. Omegas, by the smell of them. I sit down and the group starts to chat before Betty comes over with three other helpers and places platters of food down in the middle of the table along with different drinks options.

“I figured the rush is a little bit overwhelming for our new Luna. This saves you having to worry about battling the crowd for food, even though many are welcoming; some not so” She said with a smile

“So on this platter there are two different quiches, cheese and onion and a cheese and broccoli. On the other there’s bacon and cheese. This platter here has meat sandwiches and roles, subway style and that one the veg” She explains as she point to everything

“Wow” Soph says, her eyes wide

“There is a caesar salad and a garlic and chive salad medley, as well as grated cheese, baked beans, tuna mayo, coronation chicken and coleslaw for fillings. For warm food here’s some spaghetti with either mince ragu or four cheese and mushroom. Now, i’ve bought some drinks and there’s three different desserts and tea/coffee accompaniments but you just let us know and we will bring it over”

“Betty! How in the world do you do this every day three times a day?” Sophie asks, her voice breathless

Betty laughs and encourages everyone to start eating. Arik and I don’t waste time as we start reaching for food, the rest of the table already starting to eat a couple of their sandwiches. I look over at Soph and she has finally filled up her plate with a little of everything. I’m glad because she needs to eat and stop worrying about this weight nonsense.


Sophie P.O.V

I finally can’t eat anymore, my hand going to my extended belly as i groan and lean my head back to rest it while Sherry is still packing away food

“Really Sherry, where the hell are you putting it all? And why the hell are you not creating a food baby while my food baby looks like it’s a food whale?” I ask her

She laughs and before she could say anything else, one of the other girls at the table jumps in.

“Because she has great genes even for a wolf and because she her exercise often consists of swimming, dancing or fucking 20 times a day with her mate”

I blush as everyone else starts laughing. The girls start giving examples of how many times one of both have caught her with John and where. Sherry throws some water at one of the Omegas who gets up.

“Sorry guys but I gotta get back to work. I have five minutes left of my break and I still want to grabs more cookies and a cup of tea” Jenna says, her red curly hair swishing behind her as she waves and walks away

“Yeah, I really should go too. I was meant to be back at reception ten minutes ago” Claire laughed as her cheeks pinkened but Sherry pulled her down to sit, convincing her that another five minutes wont hurt since she worked as a PA for John who wasn’t even here.

As she gets up, I feel my bladder press and lets me know it needs the toilet. I look around and see that the lunch rush has mainly gone and there were very few people dotted around. I look at the clock in surprise as I realise it’s almost 1.30pm. I wonder where Simon is and why he and John haven’t been down.

“They’re still working on some out of town meetings regarding a new plant we want to raise here” Sherry says.

I look at her with my mouth open. How did she know what I was thinking? She finishes off a sandwich before pushing away her plate, smirking at me. Lifting up a pepsi max, she takes a healthy sip before she speaks.

“I can tell from your face. Also, because you got a very love sick look on your face” She laughed

My eyes widened and my mouth opened in shock while everyone else chuckled except Scott who frowned at me

“N...No I don’t” I whisper.

“You do….or maybeeeee” Sherry stressed out the words, her eyes lighting up in mischief “It’s because your ready for some loving, although I thought four times last night might have been enough”

I gasp and know my cheeks are burning. Claire squealed and started discussing what Sherry said while Arik and Scott looked pale. Arik sat up abruptly and grabbed an extra sandwich.

“I think I’m going to go catch up on some emails with this and a couple of cookies and coffee. Don’t think I want to know how many times my kid sister got done last night, thanks”

“She’s your sister? “ Claire asked, her eyes wide

“Not by blood but by pack and by love. Soph, if you need me, I’ll be in their computer room and I have my phone” With that, he walks away from the table

“Where’s that?” I ask, confused

“There’s a room with five computers for people to use if needed just beside the smaller kitchen” Sherry explained when I expressed that I don’t remember being shown that door.

Claire laughs “Forget the computer, I wanna know if she kept up with the alpha”

“Oh she kept up alright. All four times. I believe you may be asked to order a new headboard soon because these guys broke there’s” Sherry laughingly said

I look away, my face burning. The crack of a plate has me looking at Scott when I see he has somehow broken the white plate where his hand was.

“Are you ok Scott” I ask

He makes a face but both Sherry and Claire look at him silently before Claire laughingly says that since he is also like my brother he probably doesn’t want to hear about my sex life. I am mortified. How does Sherry know?! It has got to be those damn wolf ears! Knowing I need to pee and need a moment to cool my cheeks, I get up

“I need to go to the bathroom” I say as I get up

“I’ll walk with you. I really should be back at work now” Caire said with a smile.

“I’ll catch you in a bit” Sherry says “I need a key lime pie and a coffee”

“Geez Sherry, I’m really starting to hate the way you can eat and stay slim” I jokingly say

She sticks out her tongue at me as Claire and I walk out of the dining area. As we get to the hall, she reminds me where the communal bathrooms are while she walks to the reception room at the front and goes inside, waving and making plans to meet up with me and Sherry for our own sugar and junk loaded movie night. I stepped into the bathroom and had just closed the door to my stall when I heard someone come out of their toilet and to start washing their hands. I do my business and come out to wash my hand just as she leaves, her dirty blonde hair all I was able to see. Just as I look down to take some soap, I realise that this person has left their mobile phone beside the sink.

I was thinking about picking it up when the door suddenly opened and the blonde lady came in. Wow, she’s stunning! She’s taller than me, at least 5’9/10, slim to athletic, you know; the one you see at the gym and wonder why they’re there since they have clearly achieved what they wanted. Her dirty blonde hair was in a high ponytail like one of the kardashians and like them, she had a similar dress sense. You know, the skin tight black leather trousers, the skin tight and nothing left to the imagination almost see through red long sleeved top, the red Louboutins and with it, the perfect makeup with all that fancy contouring shit that makes her seem like a work of art. Like wow!

She walks over and picks up her phone, her well manicured nails clicking against the long sink marble. I continue to wash my hands and try not to look at her as I wonder who she is and if she has a mate here too. Knowing her, she’d have an adonis looking mate. A ken to her Barbie. I chuckle inwardly and go to dry my hand with the paper towels when I see her smirking at me,

“You must be with the new guys” She says, her voice just as nice as the rest of her. Ugh!

“Uh, yea.” I look at her “We got here yesterday”

“Yesterday? I thought...ugh, omegas, one of them obviously doesn’t know how to keep on top of things! I was told you got here today” Stepping back, she looked me up and down and smirked again “Have you been shown around yet?”

“Ye, S-”

“Good. I’ve got to go since I’m just back from a four day trip away” She interrupted “I’m sure one of the omegas will help you but if you’re guys need anything, they need to go through me for most approvals”

Suddenly her eyes which were a nice light blue, turned dark and stormy as she walked close to me “I run this place so keep that in mind” saying that, smirking again so her mouth twists into a horrible smile and her eyes into chips of ice.

she walks to the door and before walking out, she flicks her ponytail over her shoulder and shocks my by saying “I’m Tasha Smith and this is my place"

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