The Beta’s Daughter

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Vincent knight came home from college to become the next alpha of the Night Shadow Pack he's 21 and waited for his mate for 4 years but never came what happens when his father tell him to go to his fathers beta's daughter birthday party? Lovelyn smith is about to turn 18 will she meet her mate so soon like she hoped or will she be disappointed ?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

" Lovelyn time for you to go to school!" My mom yelled from down the stairs " okay I'll be downstairs in a minute " I yelled back I got my book bag and my phone along with my earphones I love to hear music when I'm in class I finish my work faster I went downstairs and my mom was in the kitchen making me a sandwich " good morning mother of mines" I laughed " well good morning to you to daughter of mines " she smiled " now let's go before your late to school" she said while putting my sandwich in a paper bag " okay fine " we both went to the car and got in and started the engine and dove straight to school " mom when can I get my own car you know I could drive right? " she glanced at me and smiled " I was meaning to ask you if you wanna get a car since you earned it " I looked at her in shock ever since I got my license behind my mom's back she was pissed she wanted to help but I wanted my dad to help since he is barely around since he is beta of the Night Shadow Pack being the beta's daughter is kinda hard I always wanna spend time with my dad,he's always busy but I understand “ OH MY GOODNESS!! REALLY! YES! ” she laughs “ you are about to be 18 in 2 days ” she said... oh shit I forgot it’s about to be my birthday I’m going to be 18... WAIT THAT MEANS IM GOING TO MEET MY MATE! Hopefully I won’t be a nervous wreck.

My mom dropped me off in front of school I said bye to my mom and went to home room I saw my best friend Iris"hey girly” I said with a smile “hey bestie” she said “ did you know your mom is inviting most of the pack even soon to be Alpha and beta” she said smiling I looked at her like she was crazy “please like they would come I’m a nobody to them” I said laughing now she looked at me like I was crazy “are you kidding me right now you are the beta’s daughter” she said “so, when the Alpha and my dad give the position to the new Alpha and beta I won’t matter” I said with no expression “No you still will matter because your dad used to be there beta and plus your stronger then other shewolfs SHIT! even me” Iris said looking at me, the bell rung I grabbed my book bag and said bye to Iris I didn’t hug since I’ll see her in 3rd, 7th and also 8th period I went to my 2nd period class which is math and sat down to my assigned seat put on my headphones and did my work.

The bell rung and I went 3rd class and saw my best friend and sat down next to her “did you know the Alpha’s son is named Vincent and the beta’s name is Caleb” when Iris said Vincent name my heart jumped... weird

Finally school is done for today since it’s Friday I don’t have to do homework today I could focus on what to wear on my birthday...CAN’T WAIT TILL MY PARTY COMES!!.

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