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Celeste's only worries were her thesis and her relationship with a politician's son. Everything started to go awry when a dove visited her and her mom started apprearing on her dreams.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Accident

Celeste woke up with her head hurting so much. She tries to look around but everything seems blurry. She blinked her eyes a few times as she can’t make out what’s happening. Everything seemed upside down and it was hot. She looked beside her and Chris was sitting there unconscious.

“C-Chris .. Wake up... Chris”

She and Chris were talking merrily earlier about how she was going to introduce him to her family. She is mentioning to him all the things that he needs to look out for when he meets them when a truck suddenly comes into view and hits them. Everything happened so fast she doesn’t remember where the truck came from.

The front passenger seat is called the death seat in the event of an accident as the driver usually turns the car away towards his side for him to be safe but what happened to them was different. Chris deliberately turns the car in her direction so she will be safe.

Celeste tried to find her phone and dial 911.

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“Hello? There’s an accident at the intersection of Kalaw and Roxas Boulevard.”

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