The Roses Seller

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Anna's life has always been full of sacrifices, especially after the death of her grandmother and grandfather , she was forced to leave her favorite private life (selling Roses) for many reasons ...and she moves to an orphanage in Germany where nothing belongs to her neither the langauge nor the tradition and habits, there she faced so many problems with haters..As she tries to cope with losing's pain, she also has to learn how leave that damned residential institution full of wolves and returning to the countryside I just put the essencial things...Read and find out !

Aya Harek
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Chapter 1

mIt was the time of the anger season of the year, those wintery months, or even days where the thunder was exacerbated by strong winds. The tree branches have bared from their leaves, and they have been replaced by snowflakes as a bride. Some flowers and plants die and leaving their seeds, others merely cease growth until spring. The sky is dark, and the ground is white, no one is around, not a sound to be heard. it’s a cold winter’s night!.

Anna stared from the window at this charming landscape .” How beautiful is it !” Spoke out the white princess.

Then, an old man entered through the door. ” Yes, it’s a splendid landscape with snowy weather. So, you have to shovel the snow off paths and the drive away. But before all that you ought to put a jacket over your suit”. He said harshly and lovingly.

-” Yes, i will”. she said obediently.

- ” Well, i’m going to prepare some crispy bread for tomorrow to sell it at the village. So please, my pretty girl when you finish the Work, Come to the kitchen for helping “. the old man said, a little anxiously.

After Anna has completed the work, She went to her Grandfather for preparing the bread, And during that, she brought a copybook containing several recipes of cake.

- ” Anna, Do you want to prepare cake? So, Why?!“. The old man said, a little marveled.

-” Yesterday morning, when i was going to bring some pieces of wood, I met our neighbor Rosa, she told me that Lydia has been sent a brief in which she expressed about her longing and she couldn’t come to Keukenhof again, maybe it was her Uncle who is frightened her. So, we decided to visit Lydia after tomorrow ... i have to take something with me such a delicious cake. Because Rosa sewed a sweater for Anna. ” she said, softly.

-“Yes, you can go but don’t be late, you should be here before 6.00 pm.“The old man said, satisfied.

- ” Oh, Thank you so much, daddy ...You are the best ever!“.

-” Anna, I’m very tired, Therefore I’m going to sleep when you finish cooking, please Check out your Grandmother”.

-” Okey, I will Grandfather”. Anna said. After all that she went to sleep too.

The next day, The old man goes with his neighbor Ali ( Rosa’s father)to earn their living and Anna stayed at home, caring for her Grandmother who had rested at the bed since her daughter and her son-in-law died because of an accident. They died in their early thirty and they have been left a 2 months baby girl, they have been left a baby pretty girl as orphan who never knew what can life brings her as fate !.

As the old man arrived to the Village with his neighbor, He put the Breadbasket on the sidewalk, while Ali went to attend the meeting that was in the city square...All the city’s residents gathered there, It seems like they were waiting for someone else’s speech ...But who is?!.

Suddenly appeared a black man with his seems like they want to say something...Then the black man started to shout out:“Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen,“. everybody was shocked by them but simultaneously they want to know more about these strangers.

“Good morning“ some people replied and others no. But they were listening carefully.

At that moment, he said :I hope that you are all done well and productive today ...So, I’m Hamid from Algeria, I’m a history Professor... and i came here with my best friend Mr.David for a history research purpose...

One of city’s resident said : “Welcome to Keukenhof ! the roses city as lots of visitors describe it ...We are known as noble values and morals(dignity and integrity, tolerance, respect ...)...if you want any help we are here !.

Before Mr.David replied, he drew his attention to an old, poor, who was tall and thin with gray hair and a wind-and sunburned face, wore a torned shirt and put the breadbasket onto his shoulders that was his only concern protecting the Breadbasket from the rain then he started to speak and he was thinking about that old man... from the first look, It seemed like that he is a stranger.. -“Ladies and Gentlemen, i’m glad and happy to be one of the residents at this beautiful Roses city with my best friend Hamid ... So, I’m looking for renting an apartment for only few months and immediately... I need someone else’s help to show us because we don’t even know the city “.

Soon everybody was shouting. Then Mr. Hart spoke. He was a very big man, with a loud voice.“Oh, I have two houses one of them is there and the other is in the can get one of them for few months and with no budget...“..Another one said: i have an extra room, and you can get it yet without renting.

“Oh, Thank you so much but we are not in need and we can pay the shipments of renting ... we want Mr.Hard’s house which is in the city, Can we get it today?“.

-“Of course, you can get it yet”. Mr. Hart said.

-“Oh Thank you so much...HamidGo with the man to the house, ...i have something to do yet, so i’m so sorry..“

-“Okey “, Hamid said.

After the meeting is over, Mr.David went up to that old man. At this time he said:“Good morning Sir, The bread seems delicious, Can i taste it?“.

-“Of course, you can taste it”. The old man said.

Mr.David took the first one and ate it quickly, then the second and the third ...until he completed almost of them.“What a delicious Bread! I will never taste a bread similar to it much does it cost? “. said Mr.David,happily.

" Oh, Thank you so much, As much as you could pay”. The old man said.

Then Mr.David pay him a certain price and he went quickly.

" Wait for a minute, you pay me more than the bread’s price ... just wait i will give you the rest ...Sir, i know that you are in a hurry ...but just take your money” . The old man said, loudly.

-“I wish that i will see you again, “. Mr.David said.

Suddenly, Mr.David was running slowly until he disappeared...While the old man was looking for something for Anna, he remembered that her Granddaughter doesn’t have anything to wear for tomorrow’s ride( she always wears one dress for every day). if he takes to her a beautiful dress, it will mean the world for her...he decided to bring her a gift because it stays just few days for her birthday.

Near from him, he found a luxury clothing seems like the clothes here will be expansive...but he is curious to see and seek a suitable dress for her. he entred the shop..

“Good morning”. the old man said

-“Good morning, how can i help you?“. the shop assistant

- “Yes, please. I’m looking for a dress for my Granddaughter “.

-“What color would she like?“.

-“Oh sir, i don’t know. I’m not sure but i will choose the most beautiful dress for her...“.

-“Okey sir, let me show you the dresses that we have”.

Then the shop’s assistant brings with him lots of dresses in different colors. The black one is the most beautiful...and the old man started thinking about this.

-“Hmm, I really like this one...Can you give me this in a smaller size?! because my Granddaughter isn’t fat”.

-” By the way Sir, we have a special offer: buy one get one free”.

-” Really?! That’s a bargain”.

-“Yes, we have a lot of special deals on our clothing”.

-“In that case, I will take the black dress with the red hat ... I think that the red hat fits her dress”.

-” Would you like anything else?

No, that’s all and he pay him. ... he come out of the shop to was a 5.00pm ..and they should to go yet before sunset!.

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