A Demented Threesome

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Love doesn't always end the way you want it to and for this threesome it won't be any different. This is a short work that has been completed. All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced in any form without permission from the author. Do not copy this work. I worked hard on this, do not steal my work.

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A Short Story

Tiffany sat waiting on her kettle to whistle. It had been a long day and the day just began. It was 9pm and she had been up for less than 30 minutes, but Tiffany felt like it was much later. The body was in the extra bedroom. The bodies would begin to stink soon and she would have to get rid of them before then. Tiffany was tired of the clean up, but she was never one to take too many risks. She knew she could not be a prisoner. Tea first then she would find the wherewithal to make easy clean up with the mess in her other bedroom.

The taste of hot Orange Pekoe ignited her senses and the warm, soft croissant with a honey cinnamon butter glaze flaked onto Tiffany’s lip when she bit into it. The soft pastry melted in her mouth and forced a slow happy moan in her throat. Savoring every delicious bite she took her time eating. You never want anything heavy when you’re doing this type of work it slows you down and bogs the mind up.

After eating Tiffany cleaned the dishes and then it was off to the business at hand. She started with the legs first. It wasn’t intimate and it wasn’t personal. She lingered on the joints, barring down on the bone saw and listening to the crunch as each piece separated. The arms were next and she removed them the same as she had done before.

Now it was time for the face. A familiar face. Tiffany loved him she thought; he had claimed to love her too. Ryan was an attractive enough guy. Dark-haired and green-eyed with a full mouth. He was average height and build. Ryan was fine, but that wasn’t what had attracted Tiffany to begin with. He had been confident, sweet, interesting, kind, and honest (she’d thought). Ryan wasn’t honest though; he had lied to Tiffany time and time again and truthfully she couldn’t bear it any longer. Nor did she feel it was an embarrassment she should be expected to accept without retribution. Ryan had to pay, they all did.

“A lie doesn’t care who tells it” her mother had told her when she had told little fibs and gotten in trouble. When she got older she understood what her mother had said and she agreed with the sentiments. Tiffany had grown to disdain lying. Then she began to despise lying before finally deciding to hate it all together. Ryan had been lying to Tiffany for five years now and she knew it.

The first time she killed she had said that the lying had ‘driven her crazy’. The second time she said she ‘couldn’t handle the devastation and heartbreak’. Tiffany couldn’t remember all the excuses, but she remembered waking up and realizing that those had all been excuses. She accepted her role and now she followed her path. Ryan had lied to her and he had known the consequences, yet he had chosen to do it anyway. Ryan had asked Tiffany for this and she simply obliged his request. He had seen what happened to the hunters, liars, and fools that came looking to know more than they ever should have. “I thought I had instilled enough feel in you” Tiffany grunted as she worked angrily.

Tiffany gazed at him with one last look of love and severed his head from his neck. She bagged the pieces and the garbage then she went about disposing of the body. There had been no blood to muddy up the process, she had drained him completely during sex. They always fell for “sex one last time to remember you by”, predictable as ever. Tiffany enjoyed sex, she wasn’t a monster. Pleasure was her game and her fame. She also enjoyed it a little more when she got her rocks off and filled her belly. It made the orgasm a little stronger.

Vampires don’t always look for someone to kill, she wanted someone to love. Feeding is a thing every living thing has to do to survive, but Tiffany wasn’t required to murder anyone. Her and her lovers always made deals for her to feed and she never took more than she needed or caused them pain, but being lied to was something she couldn’t forgive.

Feeding is something every living creature has to do to maintain life, some just do it in a more convenient way then others. It was feeding time at the pig farm and the perfect time for Tiffany to make sure Ryan wasn’t found, she knew it was in with the slops and away with him. Problem solved. Tiffany stood watching to make sure Ryan disappeared from the pages of life’s book and into the forgotten recesses of the pigs before her. “Good job” Tiffany cooed to the animals as they hurriedly ate the slop before them.

“I liked Ryan” Toribell and Hanson said together. “ I really thought he was going to be the one”.

“You thought he would be the one?” Tiffany asked indignantly, turning her head to peer annoyedly at the two. “Did you think I thought it would be otherwise?” Tiffany nearly couldn’t stop herself from yelling. She stopped speaking abruptly and returned her gaze to the pigs.

“Of course you thought he would be the one too. No one is saying that you thought otherwise. Simply that we all thought he would be the one.” Hanson stroked Tiffany’s hair while he spoke to her in a loving fashion.

“Humans are so chained to their emotions. Fickle creatures who bend in every direction so long as the wind blows. Human males are ever wavering, pushed only by desires of the flesh in a society that promotes sex above all else.” Toribell cooed to Tiffany’s other side caressing her back.

Tiffany sighed and leaned into their embraces, ignoring the pain she felt and studying the rage it triggered instead. “I decided to love him, you know? I really pictured it with him. I hate when they ruin it.” Tiffany turned and breathed in Hanson’s neck. He always smelled good and it comforted her. “The pigs always stink.” She spoke into Hanson’s neck quietly. ”Let’s go to the house and wash the smell away. Besides I’m tired and can use a lay around day.” Tiffany raised her head and stroked Toribell’s hair as she nodded in agreement with herself.

Toribell and Hanson stepped down first and Tiffany followed. The three wrapped their arms around each other and made their way to the house. The path was long and tedious when you took it on foot, but they had no intentions of walking. The threesome slid onto a golf cart comfortably and strapped in for the ride back. Hanson drove and Tiffany sat in the middle of the two of them snuggly holding onto his arm as he drove. “The two of you always have the perfect thing to cheer me up when these nasty things happen.” Tiffany whimpered and grabbed Toribell’s hand, pulling it close to her chest. “ I can only trust you two. I’m always disappointed, but never by the two of you” she sighed looking lovingly at the pair.

Tiffany could begin to see the top of the house come into view and she felt excitement at the joy of being back home again. She loved the farm, though as time passed she loved it a little less and saw it more as a means to an ends. She loved it nonetheless, but she loved the larger home further back down the road from the farmhouse. The farm wasn’t wasted however little time she chose to spend there. She allowed mortals to live there with their families and run the farm. The families were under glamour so they caused no issue for their abnormal landlord, but they worked the farm and kept things alive.

Tiffany allowed them to keep profits and they lived quite well, when given the choice they oft chose to stay and raise families making it easier for Tiffany. She disdained looking for new tenants for her farmhouse. Humans were ever suspicious and a free home and blooming farm is something to be suspicious of.

Hanson came to a stop at the back door of the large home the three shared and bustled off to open the door for Tiffany and Tori. Tiffany exited the cart first peppering Hanson with compliments as she entered the doorway. Tori followed behind her and grabbed Hanson’s hand on the way into the house. Her hands were warm and he smiled down at her.

Tiffany crossed the mudroom and removed her shoes, slipping into her house slippers before crossing the rest of the room to the entry of the home. She bounced up the three steps joyfully and headed through the small hall to the sitting room and up the stairs that led to Tiffany’s bedroom. Tiffany grabbed the metal knob and turned it, opening the heavy door. Immediately she kicked off her slippers and began escaping from her clothing.

Tiffany dropped each piece of clothing on the floor leaving a thoughtful trail of dirty clothing behind her for her following pair to find. When she reached the bathroom doors in her full glory, she ripped the doors open and entered quickly in. Tiffany knelt by the tub and yanked the knob to scolding water and plugged the hole with the stopper. She preferred a hot bath, she wanted to rid herself of her filth and betrayal. Rid herself of the memory of Ryan and the lies he had lost himself to.

Steam filled the bathroom and covered the lights and mirrors. While the tub filled Tiffany rolled a blunt, a fat one. She needed to ease her mind and relax her thoughts before she couldn’t get Ryan out of her head. That’s how the ghosts haunt you, by allowing them to take over your mind and then your life. She would smoke him away, wash him away, fuck him away. There would never be a memory of him again. This suited her just fine. The hemp leaf paper tasted better and she licked it generously before dumping the weed out of the grinder and onto the shell. Tiffany hated getting weed stuck to her finger so she used a card to spread the sticky weed out across the wrap before rolling it up and sealing it. She ran the lighter up and down the blunt hardening it and readying it for lighting. “I can’t stand a wet ass, soggy ass, flimsy ass blunt” Tiffany moaned to herself. Laying the blunt she had just rolled down she turned and cut the faucet off. Hanson and Tori entered the bathroom as the water cut off. Each of them naked. Tori’s hair hung in front of her face as she held her head down. “Of course I waited on you, don’t I always?” Tiffany ushered the pair in and shut the door behind them.

She grabbed the blunt and sank into the tub and the pair followed suit. The water was the perfect temperature and her muscles began relaxing as she eased further into the water. After she got comfortable Tiffany lit the blunt and pulled deep.

“How is it? Sweet I hope.” Tori asked hopefully.

“Quite. Fruity, as well” Tiffany exhaled with a smack. Tasting the lingering sweetness coating her mouth. “Is there a hint of mint or lavender? Vanilla even?” Tiffany tasted the flavors inside of her mouth once more before passing to her left hand side

“One of the new breeds I’ve been trying out” Tori nodded approvingly. “ She maybe a keeper if you approve.” Tori exhaled and passed it to Hanson.

Hanson grabbed the blunt and pressed it to his waiting lips, filling his lungs with the sweet smoke. He swallowed the smoke deeply, holding it captive in his lungs until they protested against the lack of air. Hanson exhaled slowly, tasted fresh air and then repeated each step twice more before passing the blunt on. The threesome would repeat the circle until they no longer remembered the incident.

Blissfully they bathed. Tiffany wanted desperately to love someone. Her desperation drove her to do dangerous and even crazy things. This wasn’t the first time she’d killed someone that didn’t love her and it wouldn’t be the last. She knew that. She smoked to forget. To forget the feelings, to forget all the ways the mortals disappointed her, to forget the things she’d done. The mortals deserved what they got. They earned it every time. She felt no sadness or guilt. She felt lonely. Tiffany was lonely. A thought she smoked against. Tiffany was lost. Parading through a land constantly changing, a landscape constantly evolving. Sometimes they loved her, but mostly mortals feared her. Mortals always feared her kind. Yet, in their souls they longed for her loving approval. Tori and Hanson had been different, it was what had called Tiffany to changing them. They each had loved Tiffany and wanted her for nothing more than her company. Hanson had been a farmer. Tori a chef.

Fury coursed around her and built inside as she ruminated on the previous 24 hours. Tiffany had known Paul had betrayed her, he had changed afterwards. They were subtle changes, unconscious, Paul had meant not to raise her suspicions but she had sensed them. The month crept by with each bringing another lie straight to her face. Frustration giving way to agitation then heartbreak. The night came like it had many other times. Paul had gotten tired of lying, he embraced the comfort she provided and violated her. It wasn’t enough for Paul to cheat on her, he had to cheat with a Hunter. On top of cheating on her with a Hunter, he had brought the hunter back to Tiffany’s place. Leading her exactly to her prey. Tiffany had awoken that night to find someone in her house. A woman. She had to kill her. Survival of the fittest. Everyone knows that. It had been bloody. This one was a fighter. But she wound up dead just like all the rest, and Tiffany lived to see another day. Or night. Then she had to wipe out Paul. A threat has to be annihilated and ripped out at the roots. You cannot let a threat live and Paul was a threat; he had to die. This wouldn’t be the last time he would lead someone back to her. And this wouldn’t have been the last time she would have to kill to protect her secrets. Tiffany had grown used to this life. Tomorrow she would look for someone and lore a new fool as she had done Paul. Tonight she would enjoy. Tonight was for Tori and Hanson and she would enjoy them.

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