The Street Rat And The Alpha

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In a world run by supernatural creatures the King finds a mate in the weakest of creatures, a human girl. A girl that was born and raised in the streets, running to prevent being captured and enslaved.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Maddy nibbled on the delicious apple in her hand as she sat hidden in a dark small corner in a forgotten alley. Her bony hands shook as she tried to eat her dinner with snow covering her frozen bare feet. It was a miracle that she had not gotten frostbite from the merciless cold winds and snow that pelted against her skin even in her makeshift shelter. She was cold, her body trembled as she tried to eat the apple that she had worked so hard to get.

The woman had no hope left and just fought day by day with starvation and cold being the least of her problems. What was more important was not getting caught by the oppressors of her people and staying alive. Every day was a challenge. She had to steal food to survive whilst not being spotted. It was a hard life, a life she had been born into.

Despite how terrible life was for her, despite the starvation, fear, cold and struggles, she was thankful that she was alive and on the street. It was far better than another life she could have had. She could have been born a slave. Slavery was an every day reality in her world, a world run by the supernatural. She could have been a slave of a vampire, werewolf or lycan. Vampires that drank blood, werewolves that abused slaves and lycans with the combined thirst for violence of vampires and werewolves. All were absolutely terrifying.

She did not know much about her oppressors, not as much as a slave would. She knew the basic information which was what made each of the major supernatural so dangerous to her. She had no real teacher. She had been taught whatever she knew by a woman, who had been friends with her mother, however when she reached the age of five and had been taught some basic reading and writing and knew the dangers of their oppressors, she was abandoned. She had had no obligation to Maddy. She was only following the will of her deceased friend. Getting food for one was hard enough.

In such a world it was survival of the fittest and every human for themselves. As Maddy got older that fact became clear. No one wanted to be captured by the supernatural. She had heard rumours of the punishments captured humans received. Being beaten, drunk dry or even fighting to the death in matches. No one wanted to be subjected to such a fate.

Maddy's body stilled as she heard voices echoing through the alley, sound bouncing off the old walls. For her to be able to hear the person they must have entered the alley. She was terrified. It did not matter if the person was human or not. No one could be trusted. Absolutely no one. Some humans were used to draw out humans like herself, gaining their trust before taking them to their masters or turning them over for their own safety. A supernatural could take her or turn her in. She tried to slow her breaths and racing heart to ensure no attention could be drawn to her.

She heard a low growl vibrating through the chasms. A growl that had to belong to a supernatural. She was sure it had to be a werewolf or lycan. Vampires were not as animalistic and primal unless they were starving for blood.

"I am sure she is not here-"

They were looking for her. Had someone seen her and tipped them off. She tried to keep as calm as possible. Trying to breathe slow whilst whispering soft calming things in her head.

Stay calm. Mads. Stay calm.

"I can smell her! Do not dare say otherwise," the loud growl of a male echoed into her ears.

He was sure she was there. She had two options. She could have either made a run for it or have waited for them to hopefully leave. The male did not sound like he planned to give up. If she just sat there then she would have been captured. Maddy knew there was only one option that could possibly save her.

Maddy got to her feet, tossed the apple aside, and began a mad sprint through the alley in the darkness of the night. She hated running in the snow especially with her small size. Her feet sank into the snow as if it was quicksand. She however kept running. Her bare feet gave her an advantage as there were no heavy shoes weighing her down.

She ran as fast as she could. She ignored the burn of the cold under the soles of her feet. She could no stop running. She refused to be subjected to the supernatural's abuse and mistreatment. Her running was spurred on by the sound of howling. There was definitely a werewolf or lycan after her. She knew she had to run and lose them and made sure they could not get close enough to her to have a definite hold of her scent. If they could memorise her scent they could track her.

The howls were loud and they terrified her. She was scared. If he was using the howls to call for assistance she would be doomed. She knew she had little hope to outrun them. They would easily gain speed on her.

A cry left her lips as a hard brick wall slammed into her back. Her wrists were tightly grasped and held to the wall. A tall muscular male stood in front of her. He was growling as he looked down on her with his irises turned onyx. His breaths were ragged and gave the impression of a raging wild animal. His onyx eyes made her understand exactly what he was, a lycan. They were the apex predators among the supernatural.

Maddy knew her last ray of hope was something that would have serious repercussions on her. She also knew that she was already doomed so nothing could get worse. She swiftly kneed him where it would definitely hurt and ran.

She made it to her safe place, the place she use when retreating from supernaturals. She did not go there often as she did not want them to catch her scent there however it was her last hope. She crawled I through the small gap in the collapsed bricks which made a tunnel. She curled up in the dirt and debris when she got to the end. She felt safe in her little place. They could not touch her.

Her sense of safety was however a misjudged one as the bricks began falling as her safe place was ripped apart and the lycan stood before her. All hope was gone. She was going to be sent to a death match. The lycan grabbed her and dragged her to her feet. He forced her back against the wall again, a position he seemed rather fond of.

He let out a loud howl, a howl of victory. He had won the hunt.

He dragged her back with him, paying no attention to her desperate struggling.

"Look at this little street rat I found," the lycan laughed as he reunited with his friend.

"Great I've been wanting some entertainment in the games," his friend laughed.

The lycan growled.

"The street rat is mine!"

Maddy struggled in the lycan's grip. She did not want to be in the games nor did she want to belong to anyone.

"Stop struggling. Now get in the car like a good human or I will have to take you to corrective lessons," he said releasing her wrist.

She began running again. Running away from the car she had been instructed to get into.

One howl from the lycan and her path was however blocked off by wolves and vampires. She turned back to see him and she stared at him, terrified.

"Come now," he growled at her and she walked to him, afraid of what was going to happen to her.

The second she had climbed into the rather fancy car she was forced down onto the cold leather seats.

The lycan stuck his head in her neck and bit down on her skin furiously. He ignored all of Maddy's desperate cries and pleads.

When his sharp canines finally left her skin she was in too much pain to move.

Was that her punishment? Being bitten by him. A bite that was incredibly painful and torturous.

Her eyelids slowly began to close as she struggled to stay awake.

"When we get back you will be taught how I expect you to behave from now on."

Soon after he spoke she fell unconscious.

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