The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 10

When Maddy woke up she was in the car she had first been taken in. The only car she had ever been in. She was restrained with leather and struggled about. She glared at the man across from her as he watched her, amused.

"What is going on? I thought we agreed for no more restraints and after I let you see me cry," she spat.

"If you looked clearly you would notice that I too am 'restrained', Maddy," he said.

She blinked and did notice a leather strap also over his waist and across his chest.

"So what is this some sort of kidnapping?"

"No. Funny that you think that though and we are not restrained. These are called seatbelts. They are there to protect you. We don't have to wear them, but I just did not want you falling off the seat and I didn't think you actually wanted to wake up on me as nice as that would be," he said.

"Well why are we in this thing exactly?" She asked, not wanting to feel like an idiot for much longer.

"I was thinking of a date. You remember this is where I marked you. I understand you probably did not enjoy it or really understand it but it is an important thing in our culture. That said be glad our pups, if we have any, will not be told that I claimed you in an alley."

"I would have preferred that over a car if claiming is so important."

"Please don't be resistant and difficult during this date. After what happened earlier I know you have an emotional and softer side, maybe it is small, but it is there. I wanted to do something romantic or at least a bit romantic. I want to get to know you. Not the you who hated my kind but just you. Tell me about yourself and I'll do the same."

"You know everything there is to know about me. All that's left is that my mother was a runaway slave who died giving birth to me. Not much else to know. I'm a stray human. Never had an owner and I'm glad about that."

"I'm sure there is. Your favourite colour. Your dreams. Living on the streets, if you could have done or been anything. Anything at all, what would it have been."

"Blue and I'm not quite sure. It would have been something maybe to do with science or something. As a child there was this library. I used to sneak apples from the ship next to it. But when I would pass it, from behind, you know to not get caught, I would stare at the masses of books and imagine what it would be like if I could have read them, learnt from them, have gone to school. All those things. It's honestly ridiculous. I didn't even know what I would have done. I just wanted to do something, be smart, have people look up to me instead of down on me. Like I said it's stupid."

"No it isn't. I can't give you that right now though but people will look up to you. You will be remembered as the first human Queen."

"Guess so. But I don't need nor want titles. They are meaningless they won't fix the problems my people are facing will they."

"I'm sorry Maddy. Please let's just enjoy our time together. These moments are far more important to me than you could imagine for more than a century I have waited for you. I have waited to have you with me and here you are. So beautiful like a flower, a rose. A beautiful rose."

"So since me telling you about myself is turning out more depressing than anything tell me more about yourself? That's how this works, right?"

"Well I really don't care about my age anymore, you lose track after 150. I have done a lot in my life. Not entirely proud of it all but what I value most is that I met you," he said.

Maddy raised an eyebrow amd crossed her arms.

"You said you'd tell me about yourself not give some cheesy, corny little introduction. You know I don't think we're quite compatible."

"Say that again and I'll set Lily on you."

"Really? You are going to set your cousin on me?" She laughed.

"Maybe I should," he said, his hands taking off his seatbelt and then hers before he drew her onto his lap.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Trying to find out the best way to connect with you. You know after I marked you, you would shiver with my slightest touch. I wonder if you prefer being intimate as to talking."

"No no no— I'm not ready for that!"

"Relax. I just meant just some kissing and touching or if you want just kissing and it will all be at your pace."

Maddy sighed in relief.

She eyed his lips. They did look rather tempting and without hesitation she attacked, kissing him. She refused to be the one who let him kiss her. He was a lycan, the top dog of the species, so she wanted to at least get something over him for once in her life, and if that was to be kissing then so be it.

Xavier was writhing in pleasure below his mate. He had a sneaking suspicion that she was inexperienced but she was playing it off well, incredibly well.

He liked that she could initiate things. She was different to the ladies of court. She was not well mannered and refined, but instead rough around the edges and he actually enjoyed that. She was a woman like Lily, maybe that was why they frequently clashed.

They were going in opposite directions, from royalty to fighter and from fighter to royalty and shared opposite opinions, but they were very similar. Both headstrong and determined women.

He wanted to groan as her hands pressed down on his shirt clad chest. He would not have minded if she went and ripped it off of him.

Then she ripped her lips from his, panting.

He wasted not time grabbing her and pulling her back before she could get a proper break and sufficient air in her lungs.

Her eyes were wide with surprise as his hands held tight to her waist, refusing to even dare release what was his. He made sure his eyes did not leave hers. He was determined and going to do whatever it took to keep her.

He made sure the human knew how he felt. Maddy felt a strange yet somehow good weak feeling from his actions. As much as she hated feeling weak she could not help but enjoy the feeling.

He broke apart from her.

"How about I let Lily tutor you. She will seldom leave your side to begin with so why not let you be with someone who I absolutely know I can trust you with. Would you be willing to try that?" He suggested deciding to make sure the discrimination she had been subjected to by the tutor would not push her away from him.

"But she is so.... so...."

"Opinionated? She can come off like that but she accepts the human side of you. She has just never been through your life before."

"Fine but can we not talk about that stuff. If you really want me then don't just talk to be about education."

"But I thought you liked that?" He said rather confused.

"You broke off a kiss that I was very much enjoying to talk about my education. I know its important but it is also kinda a side thing. Something I have always been curious about and to occupy me whilst I am stuck in the castle."

"Please don't view our home like a prison," he whispered slipping his hand into hers.

"I have no home and you very well know that after all you found me in an alley. I have never had a place to call home and the castle, well it's strange and uncomfortable for me. Full of rules. I break rules. That's my thing. I don't think this is going to work....."

"Mads just try... for me? I know you don't have as strong a connection with the mate bond and the only reason you are staying with me is that leaving causes you physical pain but please we can make it work. I want nothing more than to have a relationship with you. Even if it is just a little something for now. Fate has put us together and maybe you'll return my feelings and learn to love me and maybe I'll get to tend to you when you are swollen with our pups one day—"

"Y-you can't just say that so easily. I'm only eighteen and I hardly know you! We met barely a few days ago and you are already thinking of using me like am incubator!" She exclaimed horrified.

"I am not using you as an incubator Maddy. I was just thinking about a possible future where you willingly have my pups."

"Pups? I'm human I want to give birth to humans— actually I don't want kids at all. Not with my life. That's the worst kind of fate to sentence a child to. I can't take care of a child to begin with. What do you expect me to do? Teach a three year old child how to evade guards in the street and steal food. I—"

"I never said it needed to happen now. Maddy we have all the time in the world. You and I will live together for many many many years to come. We will have a child when you want one."

"Why do you seem to assume we are a couple."

"We are mated and we were just kissing."

"People kiss. Does not mean they are together."

"I consider it at the very least a partial declaration of love. Partial because it is clear that you have yet to become entirely aware of and accept our unique bond."

"Okay first of all my lips touching yours is no different than my shoulder hitting your shoulder maybe violently maybe not and secondly if every other supernatural has a bond how is it even unique."

"Because no two hearts are the same. Yes some may play out similarly but can any two couples' love be identical, of course not. The way in which our bond takes shape and plays out is special and unique and applies to only us," he said.

"Also, tonight I am having dinner with you. Make sure to dress up special for the occasion," he said brushing his hand against hers causing sparks to flutter on her skin.

"Why not? I've got nothing better to do," she sighed.

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