The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 13

Maddy awoke to see the curtains drawn and women with fangs were attending to her. Not entirely the sight a woman terrified of vampires wanted to see first thing in the morning.

Just the sight of their pearly white fangs made her retreat under the duvet trying to formulate a plan of escape. Escape from them.

The duvet was ripped off her head and the human immediately got as far away from them as she could.

She could see their dark red eyes. Her fists clenched whilst her eyes darted to find anything capable of being a makeshift weapon. If her time on the streets had taught her anything, it was that almost any solid (or even not solid) object could be used as a weapon. All that mattered was that you found the best way to use it.

The maids glared her up and down. They did not seem happy with the defiant look on her face. Ironic since they were supposed to be serving her not the other way round.

She cursed Lily for being a late sleeper. The one time she could have been of use and she was not there and Maddy was left with a bunch of vampire females. They were all significantly taller than her, although that was not saying much, she was already short for an adult human woman. They also had incredibly pale complexions and were very beautiful.

They were however still terrifying. Being alone with vampires in a room for some reason frightened her, maybe it was the incident in the forest. To be honest she was not entirely sure why else.

The King said that she was his mate and Lily seemed to think that that meant he would look after and care for her. If he did then why did he put vampires in a room with her. He could not possibly think she was entirely over the incident in the forest. No normal person would have been. She was attacked and fed from by not one but four vampires. Did he expect her to suddenly be trapped in a room with vampires and not begin panicking?

The look in their eyes reminded her of hunger. They were servants so they did not get pets and blood slaves and they were hardly ever able to drip fresh blood from human veins. That was what she remembered being told by her mother figure and runaways she had encountered.

To have a human in a room with them mist have been a treat. Were they going to hurt her.

"What a cute little pet," one of them said looking at her.

Maddy almost growled in anger, but she was no part canine or vampire so she did not. Instead she fisted her hands even tighter preparing to fight if they neared her.

"I am not a pet. It would do you good to remember that," she seethed, her defiant nature still coming out in the worst of possible situations she could have gotten herself into.

"Humans like you do not get titles. Do you know what most do if a pathetic human becomes their mate, they make them into their pets because your kind will never deserve to be anywhere equal to us."

The words spoken to her were only igniting the fire inside her and the human was having to hold herself back from punching one in the nose. It would only get her hurt. There was no one to protect her. She was stuck in the room.

That was exactly why the streets were better, there was always another way when being persued.

Her eyes glanced at the open balcony doors. Maybe splitting on the ground would be better than some vampire bites.

"Be a good pet, girl."

"Yeah lie down and roll over. NOW!"

Maddy had already had enough of them. Standing there and defying them was useless. Fighting them was stupid. She only really had one or two choices.

"Or else? One bite and I believe you must have death wish," she said deciding to stand her ground with reasoning.

"And at least we would have done him and everyone else a favour. It's better having no Queen than having a human one."

She only had one choice left then and she hoped it would not be suicidal to act on it.

She grabbed a tray from beside her and threw it. She had lucky shot it seemed as it hit one of them and made her stumble back.

Maddy ran outside and shut the doors behind her using the distraction to buy her enough time to get out of there.

She then climbed over the bars and grabbed the stone bricks. She felt very lucky that there were small ridges that made it easier to climb.

She almost smirked as she looked down. Yes it was very far down but there was also what seemed to be a big puddle of mud. She doubted they would follow her down if it meant getting their nails and dresses dirty. At the same time it also meant she would get full of mud which they would have to wash off after someone found her and brought her back.

Although, did she really want to get the mud washed off? Dirt and mud was not liked by the stuck up nobles and she would do whatever to just irk them a bit whilst she had some sort of immunity. If it helped she could always try the role of the clumsy little human if she got into trouble. It fooled everyone.... usually.

"Get back here you little—!"

"Don't curse. I don't think the King will like hearing that you were cursing around his little human mate," Maddy called up.

She could hear the growling of irritation from the one who had just shouted and it gave her immense joy.

She wondered if maybe it would be best to ask Xavier if she could just dress herself, it was not like she was a baby after all.

While she was at it she wondered how he would react to her abandoning corsets and hacking off the skirt of her dress until it was above her knees. The "ordinary" or everyday and casual dresses were somewhat more decent. They did not poof out and were a little shorter but still not entirely what she wanted.

Soon enough she was near to the ground. She grinned as she saw that there was indeed a mud puddle and she jumped into it.

She laughed as the mud splattered all over her dress and skin. She looked up with the most innocent look she could muster and saw they were gone.

She began walking to go and explore when she bumped into something extremely hard and solid. She looked up to see a werewolf guard who seemed pretty confused by the human covered in mud. What probably confused him more was that her clothes resembled something a noblewoman would wear.

He was struggling to remember if he had seen her before and if she was of some importance or who her owner was when he heard a low growl.

"Eyes down," an order was spoken and he was forced to obey.

A lycan walked past him and up to the girl.

"Maddy what are you doing outside of your room, more importantly outside and in your nightdress! You are exposed for all men around here to see," Xavier began to rant seeming rather annoyed and possibly angry.

Maddy just looked down at herself and shrugged. If she had fallen into a lake and had had her dress going transparent and sticking to her she would have seen a problem. The mud however covered her if it caused any sort of see-throughness.

"But it is such a lovely day," she said.

"The ground is snowed and muddy and the sky is gray—"


"You are going to go get cleaned up and dressed appropriately and then we will discuss your ball."

"My ball? But I don't want a ball."

"It is necessary to introduce you to the court."

"Did that not happen at dinner—"

"That was just the men and the high up ones. It's not like you stayed long either."

"Well we can discuss that now can't we just like we can discuss that you gave me vampire maids. You know vampires make me uncomfortable after that attack and those ones in specific did not do anything to make me feel very well respected or liked. I want new maids."

"Those are the ones you were assigned Maddy—"

"Those ones threatened to drink all my blood and kill me if I did not 'lie down and roll over'. If I am to be a queen I could at the very least be treated by one. I remember you telling me I was not to be a slave here well apparently that's what I am supposed to be to you. If you won't at least make me feel somewhat welcome I will just go back to where I do feel happy and like I belong," she said turning around and walking away.

"Maddy you will not go back to the streets."

"Our deal was that I would stay and be your queen. It was not that I would stay and be your glorified pet. If you go and lock me up now that just makes it all true."

"Maybe they were just playing with you. The headmaid knows what she is do—"

"So you want to stand up for them. I am sorry but I don't stand for being belittled. I am my own woman and I only want to be around people who respect that and most of all respect me and if you can't do either of those then bye bye."

"And what must I do? You don't want human maids and Lily is most certainly not a maid and now you don't want vampire maids either."

"Not when they threaten to drink me dry! I am not a baby I can dress myself just fine or do you think I am that helpless. I climbed down that wall but you think I can't dress myself," Maddy said crossing her arms.

"Fine! In the meantime you can dress yourself till you get your human friendly maids. Just go get that mud off of you," he sighed.

Maddy smiled, victorious.

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