The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 14

"Lily is this ball truly necessary?" Maddy sighed as she fiddled with her dress in a mirror in the passage.

"Yes, it is. It is very important. Now remember head up, shoulders back, be polite—"


"Yes. They won't take well to your normal defiant self. You have to at the very least seem gentle, elegant, refined and submissive."

"Wait what! You could not have told me that earlier. Being polite is one thing but submissive! Being submissive is a big fat no. Being submissive will not happen. I am not going to—"

"This is why I did not tell you that before hand and by submissive I'm just saying to not speak unless spoken to and to have him initiate things. Women can be strong but in such environments it is best just to be a little submissive."


"It is just how it has always been. Its tradition."

"Well it's stupid."

"Maybe— we need to go or else we will be late. My cousin has always dreamed if his first ball with you."

"I only met him a few days ago."

"Well he had no face or name for you. He even decided on that gown when he was young, before you were even born. I am sure you know of ourseriously long lives and that you will also live as long as we will and all of that."

"Well if he designed it could he not have made it less poofy?"

"He made the idea. It was not his fault that poofy dresses are traditional."

"Everything is traditional it seems."

"Wait till your coronation. That will be something," Lily smirked.

"And you all expect me to be happy I was taken off the streets for this."

"Stop stalling a certain someone is waiting for you," Lily said pushing Maddy through the doors.

"Captain of the Royal Guard, Princess Liliana Everlinia Francesca Delavina Monica Victoria Lorraine Maria Grace Annabeth Jade and Lady Madeline."

Maddy blinked as she heard Lily's full name, she could barely recall anything of it besides her last name. A last name that Maddy would take eventually, maybe? She assumed she was not announced as queen because there had been no official coronation.

"Why is your name so short?" Lily whispered to Maddy.

"Until a minute ago I was certain it was rather long," Maddy replied softly.

"Long? You don't even have more than one middle name or a middle name to begin with."

"No last name either."

"Wouldn't be too sure of that, your coronation can't be too far away if my cousin has anything to say about it," Lily teased.

"Now remember head up. You must act and think like royalty—"

"I don't know how to do that," Maddy whispered.

"Pretend you do, just go to him and he'll lead you."

"Lead me? I'm not about to be led arou—"

"Do you want his help?"

"I don't need him. I am an independent woman—"

"Yep I'm going to need him to make you go quiet. Thay kind of talk will get you nowhere."

"You are a hypocrite."

"Such big words for someone so tiny. Honestly I am sure that's one of the things he loves most about you is that tiny little body. You know he could just pick you up and take you wherever he wanted so sp easily. Its adorable."

"Adorable. Don't even think of calling me such a thing. Ugh it sounds horrible to even say."

"But you are just so cute like a little puppy or kitten— I should tell him to call you kitten. That would be—"

"Horrid! I'd rather run myself through with a sword."

"Don't say such things. If you do he'll pick it up and go into Alpha Alert mode. You don't want that. Alpha Lycans are possessive and territorial as is. He has just been restraining himself to try make you comfortable but after that thing when he found you in the bath. Saying something like that will get you tied on the bed and not for the dirty fun of it but to be a possessive and extremely territorial Alpha male protecting his mate. My cousin does have his sweeter side, the one he shows around you but don't think that is all to him. You have already experienced how far he will go, tying you to a bed and making use of the hunt to—"

"I see my princesses are enjoying themselves, Lady Madeline would you care for a dance?"

Maddy looked forward to see the Alpha right in front of them looking rather eager to dance with her.

She slowly slipped her hand into his, swept up by the moment.

He slowly pulled her into the centre of all the people. Her eyes were kept on him as he twirled her around and glided with her. It felt absolutely perfect.

A smile had somehow grown onto her lips.

Her feet followed his lead and she ignored the aching pain inflicted on her by the tight shoes that she would gladly have traded for boots or being barefoot.

It felt ethereal, magical. She had never experienced such in her life being close to him was making her feel weird and not in a bad way at all.

"You're doing brilliantly Maddy," he whispered in her ear.The crowd and the people around them were blocked out from her mind. Her eyes were locked on him.

She could only nod her head as a thank you.

She listened to his endless whispered compliments and praises as the dance went on.

She was waiting for him to burst out shouting at her when ahe accidentally stepped on his toes but he instead hardly seemed to mind. He had put up with all her antics since she had arrived at the castle.

Realising that, she felt almost willing to give their relationship a chance. To maybe be with him as more than an unwilling woman locked up in his castle. She wanted to explore a deeper relationship with him.

Maddy had no idea where such thoughts were suddenly popping up from. She was only dancing with him but the movement felt so intimate and special.

Maybe it was that she felt she could trust him. She did not feel like she could trust people around her often. She had never surrounded herself with very trustworthy people to begin with. So the idea of being able to trust someone was new. Very new.

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