The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 16

"........... the fifteenth ruler of the Empire of Lycans was Emperor Lyconis the Great....."

Maddy stared at Lily as she read the book, practically reciting it, not skipping a beat.

"Wait! The Lycan Empire!? There is a Lycan Empire?! When did we get to this!?" Maddy exclaimed.

"An hour ago, idiot. You can do maths. You can do mythology. But not history?!"

"Its been hours. I want food. Xavier promised me food in return for staying and not running away."

"Food? Not jewellery or gold—"

"I don't care about that stuff, it's not like I would have any use for it regardless. They would capture a human rather than treat them as a customer. At least I can eat here."

"You would have been fed regardless?"

"But he could my meals skipped to try control me. There is just a part of me that cannot handle being controlled. I'm only staying because of the guaranteed food and the protection I am given. It's not entirely safe but it is better."

"That is true. My cousin has never been happier."


"You don't see it? He adores you. All he ever speaks about is you."

"If he loved me he would at the very least let me outside. I may enjoy the priviledge of food and safety but they are worth nothing if I can't be free. I don't like this whole being a lady thing. I don't want to be a quiet and still doll. I want to move about, feel the air against my skin. The adrenaline rush from being chased. I doubt you could understand the thrill of being hunted—"

"You enjoy being chased everyday knowing you could die! My cousin could have lost you!"

"I try not be chased but it does not mean I don't enjoy it. I have always been the prey and after awhile it kinda becomes a game. The rush is pleasure and desire that courses in your veins and you run. You try to outsmart them. You watch them get fooled..... I can't say why I enjoy it so much," Maddie sighed.

"I don't understand you Maddie. Not one bit. If I could take you hunting to show you what the joys of a predator are I would but you are not able to—"

"I don't care about it. The feeling of excitement is what I live for. I doubt I will ever truly be able to become accustomed to this life."

"Was it last night's ball?"

"Don't mention it. Everytime I think about it it just makes me want to leave this place. You can wander about in the forest, you can go where you want, wear what you like and do what you want. I can't. I am stuck inside this castle, forced to wear whatever my new maids want. Anything I do or say only gains me judging stares. They will never accept me. To them I am only a glorified pet," Maddy vented, listing her frustrations.

"It has not been very long, only a few days. They will recognize you as someone they should respect."

"And if they never do. I know Xavier would never treat me like a pet, he is nice, but others are not. I was called a pet to my face by my first maids. Tell me how it is going to get better. If I was not his mate would you be able to stand my presence. I wouldn't be surprised if some people wish me dead."

"Don't speak like that Maddy."

"You have not denied it. We both know it is true."

Maddy got to her feet and ran, as she always did. She slammed the door behind her to put a block in Lily's way then she took off down the passage.

She had absolutely no idea where she was going but all that mattered was that she got space. She needed to be alone. Even one person's company was too much for her at times.

Before she knew it she was in an unknown area of the castle, completely lost.

She bumped into something— someone as she wandered about.

The person turned around and Maddy took a step back seeing a woman. She needed to be prepared to run. Women in the castle had not come off as entirely friendly and overall nice and tolerant towards her.

"Oh my Lady Madeline, just the human I was looking for," she said snapping her fan closed.

Maddy winced at the use of her full name. She really did not like it. It sounded so formal. She knew her mother named her something a bit more refined because of her upbringing as a slave around nobles.

There was also the use of "human" if she wanted to be nice and inclusive "woman" or even "person" might have been nicer. She just did not wish to rile up the woman by correcting her. She had enough bad experiences from such people.

"How nice of you to look for me. Why don't you just tell me what you want to and I'll be on my way," Maddy said smiling as innocently as she could despite the sarcastic bite in her voice and her inner desire to throttle the woman with a chair.

The woman grabbed Maddy's arm and yanked her back. Maddy winced in pain. Supernaturals were incredibly strong and she had not tried to be gentle.

"Why don't you join me and some of my friends for tea. Don't you think a future queen should be around some ladies of status. You are who you associate with."

"Then I guess your plan are to be Queen. That's kinda a no-no in my book," Maddy said pulling her arm back.

"Strong willed for a human. Most humans I see keep their heads down and submit."

"Well I am not a slave and it would be best to watch what you say. I am the future queen and as luck would have it I have a King for a mate. A king that would defend me without question," Maddy said crossing her arms.

"Well I'll be waiting. Hope to see you there. If you are not a coward."

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