The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 19

She screamed as more torture was inflicted on her poor body.

It was pure torture. It was agony. There was not much else that could have been said to describe it. Nothing other than hell.

Her body was being wrecked. She refused to even look at herself knowing she would likely faint or vomit at the sight of her body in its state.

They made sure she would not faint. They made sure she lost just enough blood. They were however not at all cautious when it cake to breaking her bones and hurting her.

They were psychotic.

The Arena had driven them absolutely insane.

She did not know how she was not dead yet.

She was beginning to wish she was.

Why could she never die?!

She had never tried to kill herself but she had been through so many events that definitely should have killed her that she was beginning to think it was impossible to kill her.

Four vampires had drank from her at once.

She had been tortured. Horribly.

She had spent nights with only thin pieces of clothing on her. Nights where it was snowing and she definitely should have died from frostbite or hypothermia.

In addition to so many more incidents that. So many that she had lost track.

Suddenly they were no longer inflicting pain on her.

Instead they were lying strewn about in puddles of blood. Their bodies butchered in mere seconds.

Maddy stared terrified. Her body was shaking. So much blood. They had died so quick.

Her eyes lifted to stare at a humongous wolf. It was him but way way bigger. The wolf in the bedroom was different to the one he was in that state.

This one was larger. Way, way larger and that one had been really big to begin with.

He howled out a loud howl that sounded like a mix of a howl and a fierce roar.

He was angry, furious, enraged.

His eyes narrowed in on the girl lying beaten on the ground by a wall. Her small body had curled up instinctually throughout the torture and beatings.

He gently leaned down and rubbed his nose against her and listened to the small whimpers and giggles that escaped her. She was in agony yet even then she was still ticklish.

He looked down at her neck. Her beautiful mark had been covered. They had painted over his mark. His mating claim. It was an insult.

He knew it would be impossible for his human to do it herself. She was secretly affected by the bond. Actually it was not a secret. It was just slow progress but she would never do it.

He growled, daring the audience to answer for the injustice faced by his mate.

His anger only begun to slightly calm when he felt her gently touch on his paw. He watched her smile weakly at him. She was sitting on her knees. Incredibly weak and in pain yet still managing.

He watched her lips as they mouthed three precious words before she collapsed.

She was awake yet he could hear her heart slowing.

He shifted almost immediately back to his human form.

"MADDY! MADELINE!" He yelled at her as he watched her eyes losing focus.

She looked tired.

"I want answers now!!" He yelled at the man hosting the event.

The man lowered his head in submission.

"I-I don't know your highness. I know nothing—"

"Liar! Who brought her here!? Who dared to commit such acts of treason by letting a queen fight here!? Do you mean to challenge me?!"

"Xavi—" Maddy tried to soothe him with her weak voice as his screams brought her back to consciousness.

"Who dares to endanger the future of this kingdom and my mate!?" He bellowed.

Maddy stared up at her mate. There was no way to calm him down.

Also she could barely see his head properly. It would have normally concerned her if she had not had way more pressing concerns like her dizzy head, bloodloss and raging mate. Oh and the one or two arrow heads in her, one of which was painfully lodged under her skin. It would likely get badly infected. Maybe kill her— oh but nothing seemed to kill her.

"Since no one wishes to speak up there are guards posted at every single exit to this place. You will be checked for scent. If the scent of the queen is on you you will be held for questioning. Those found guilty will be executed."

Maddy stared at him in horror.


She opened her mouth to beg and plead with her mate but no words would leave it via her strained vocal chords. She was simply too horrified.

She had watched many die from the sidelines and shadows but none had been her fault. Not directly anyway. Sometimes it was just luck that it had been them instead of her but for people to die because of her.

She didn't want that.

No matter what they had done. She was not that vengeful.

Maybe if she had been groomed as a slave or had grown up in nobility she might have been an actual good person. But regardless she still had a conscience and a desire to do some good.

Killing was wrong.

She hated it.

"No one will hurt you my love. I will always protect you," he whispered lovingly to his mate.

He truly only wanted to protect her. Killing and violence was all he knew, the only way he knew to protect her.

He smiled as he held her fragile body in his arms.

"This is your queen. Your rightful queen, my mate by fate. Attempts against your queen's life are to be regarded as treason and are punishable as I see fit."

Maddy tried to

Maddy then completely blacked out in his arms. Making the lycan King panicked and stressed.

He shifted, holding her top in his teeth, letting her hang down as he shifted and ran off with her.

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