The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 2

"You claimed her. So your instincts were right, Xavier," his friend sighed, disappointment dripping in his voice.

"Yes and if you dare suggest killing my mate again I will kill you, beta or not," Xavier threatened.

"Are you going to announce her and everything? Are you not upset that you got a weak little rebellious human?" His friend asked raising an eyebrow, still struggling to come to terms with his own friend being mated to a human girl who ran around on dirty streets.

"She will be announced after being trained and I am very happy to have a human. She has no influence or dominance and despite her need to rebel against me she will be easier to control considering how much more power I have over her. If anything it makes my life easier. I am a lycan so it does not matter what she is, my blood is incredibly strong and will produce Lycans."

"She still does not have our instinct to mate—"

"That does not matter. I have claimed her. That won't make her anything like us but it will help with the mating. She will be more reactive to the slightest touch and as a bonus will not age," Xavier said.

He ran a finger along the sleeping girl's arm and he saw her shiver. A shiver of pleasure.

"See she responds now even when unconscious. Imagine how she would respond when awake. Humans have no sort of defences built into them. Its absolutely beautiful," he sighed.

"You are still taking a human. She is vulnerable and a rebellious little thing. She will fight you. You did take away her freedom, if you could call it freedom. Claimed or not she will do all she can to escape."

"So you expect me to chain her in a room and break her spirit so she won't escape. I won't do such a thing to my soulmate. I want to have her love and trust not her hate. She will try to run away."

"What human is going to love a lycan. A lycan who forced her to come. She will believe she is no more than your slave when she wakes up. She will fear you and run."

"I won't let her!"

Xavier stopped as he saw her beginning to stir and a smile painted his lips. He watched as her eyes shot open. Her eyes locked on the lycan.


"You're awake darling."

"She's nothing but a runaway. She won't listen to you."

"What do you want from me? What could you want from a street rat?"

"Yes my King what could you want from a little dirty street rat?"

"Kyle," Xavier snapped.

"The King. Your highness," Maddy breathed as her fear began to bubble up again.

She was already beginning to slowly inch away. Her eyes analyzing the king like the predator he was.

"Told you she would fear us. Look at her. So weak."

Maddy felt a small burst of anger inside of her at the rude remark. She was not weak. Maybe the priveledged supernatural might have liked to try living on a single, small portion of food every two or three days. If anything to survive in such harsh outside conditions in thin old worn out and torn clothes with so little food was strength. She could have given up and taken her life. But no she never did. That was true strength. They knew absolutely n—

"Kyle be silent. I don't want to hear another word. This human is my guest. She will be treated with civility."

"Guest? You must be joking. I'm a human, you know that. Why are you sparing me? I should be dead. Why am I not dead? Is thi—"

"Because your King sees potential in you," Kyle explained vaguely.

"Potential. Potential for what?" She asked raising an eyebrow, their motives were very unclear and such concerned her.

"Let's not hurry it. Answers will come in time and for now you need to rest. We have a long journey ahead of us and you seem exhausted and frozen," the King said pulling yet another fur blanket onto the girl.

She looked up at him, suspicious. His motives were unclear and vague. No supernatural would do such a thing for a human. Unless.... he was only trying to trick her. He wanted to manipulate her and make her feel safe before throwing her into the games. The second she relaxed would be the second before she died.

She watched as his hand tapped his lap. He wanted her close. He wanted her to sit on him. It was disgusting yet she had to decide whether or not to fulfill his unspoken request.

She crept back. The moment she sat near him was the moment he would be at risk of death. She may have feared him but she was not dumb enough to obey him out of fear. She would keep a good distance for as long as she could.

"Are you sure she is the one?"

"Of course I am."

She pretended not to have heard their whispers. She did hear them though. She was confused. They had been searching for her, a human. She may have been in hiding and have stolen food but she was not a criminal, just a petty thief. There were far worse humans that she had met.

"Come closer," Xavier requested, his hand tapping his lap again, his attention directed back to the out of sorts Maddy.

A shake of her head had him releasing an incredibly threatening growl.

She stared at him, his animalistic sound sounding rather threatening and scary. She was absolutely terrified and slowly crawled towards him. She resented it and knew it was stupid thing to do. She was giving up multiple opportunities for escape, she however did not want to be ripped to pieces.

"That's a good girl," he practically purred as he pulled her onto his lap.

His purring was unsettling. He drew all the layers of fur around her and made sure to tilt her head against his chest.

Maddy felt constricted. Her body wanted to move about instead of being caged into a male lycan. A male far larger and stronger than herself.

"I still say we send her to the matches. She obviously does not feel the grace shown to her—"

A loud growl ripped through the King's chest. His arms tightened on the human girl.

"MINE!!" He growled like a possessive animal.

Maddy's body trembled as he held her nearly to the point of choking her. It was far from pleasant. It was terrifying for her.

"Oh my little one. I'm sorry for scaring you," the lycan suddenly began to talk sweetly, petting her head as he tried to calm her from her state of distress.

"Kyle don't even think of mentioning the death matches and my darling in the same sentence, am I understood?"

"Of course."

"Don't worry I would never make you fight in those matches. You deserve much better and when we get home you will get what you deserve my lovely."

Maddy no longer felt afraid of the lycan. It seemed pretty obvious he did not intend to hurt her. However his words made her feel nauseous. He was being too sweet and endearing as well as clingy, literally. For a girl who had learnt that trust was bad and distance from people was good the closeness was not necessarily enjoyed.

Whenever her head slumped forward and she wanted to go to sleep, he would instantly pull her head back to his chest.

She could hear him trying to sniff the air, particularly her. He did not seem to pleased with whatever he smelled.

"You are going to have a nice long bath at home and I'll wash off all the dirt so I can smell your scent better. Kyle what do you think my little one's scent will be? Roses, vanilla, maybe strawberries."

Maddy frowned none of what he had mentioned seemed that thrilling. She did not really want him to bath her although what made her angrier was the way he referred to her. "Little one." His "little one." It did not matter if it was intended as an endearment. She was most definitely not a child and hated how he referred to her as if she was one. He treated her as if she was a child or a pet and for a fully grown woman that was definitely not fun.

There was also the issue about her "scent". He expected her to smell like all sweet things. Was he too privileged to realise that she had never even gone near any of those things before. She was a street rat. She had no fancy things. Dirt, sewage and whatever other waste was her "scent."

She was if anything somewhat proud of who she was. A survivor. The Lycans were taking it all from her. Stripping her of her identity.

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