The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 20

When the girl awoke she was in a hospital. An actual hospital this time. Pipes ran through her, all over her.

She was covered in bandages and it definitely did not feel very nice.

Her body was numb. Painless but it felt as if she was floating on a cloud and tied down to a brick. She could not move at all.

"Maddy, you're awake," Xavier sighed, relieved.

She slowly tilted her head to look at him. He looked horrid. Bags under his eyes. His hair was messy and she just wanted to ruffle it up even more. It looked so soft and fluffy compared to its usual sleek and clean look.

She was thankful that he had at least shaved. She was not such a big fan of stubble. She had no experience with it to make such a judgment in not liking beard and stubble. She just did not like it.

"Maddy. I-I am so sorry. I should have watched you more carefully. I was just so distracted that day. You don't know how bad it was when you went missing. I searched everywhere for you—"

"I don't care. You saved my life.... again. I am so useless. Can't save myself but at least I am here. I am alive and it's all because of you so don't look so upset. Unless you don't want me to be here—"

"No Mads I was just—"

"Relax would you. I'm kidding. Take a joke would you," she laughed making him relax a tiny bit.

"His long have I been asleep. A month? Two months? A year?—"

"A day," he replied.

"Really? The teen books I found in the library and read through when Lily wasn't looking would all put ot as like a year or even three. I've never really had such a bad injury so hmm. I mean the kidnappers obviously didn't tell me how long I had been out for. They weren't very nice either."

"I don't think they would be—"

"Xavier can you stop the games."

"What games? I'm not playing you or anything. I am entirely honest..."

"I mean the Arena games. Xavier I know you don't care about any humans other than me but it was horrible there. The things I saw as few as they were were horrid. I wouldn't wish them on anyone else. Humans were driven to pure insanity to survive. There was this one guy. Never spoke to me. But maybe he would have been nice. He gave me a smile when I was being beaten. A nice one to almost encourage me. He was going to die as well. He knew it. And the skeletons. People took their lives in the cells or they were starved to death—"

"I can't just stop the games Maddy. They are a tradition. It is population control to prevent—"

"It is meant to kill humans. You want to kill my kind. I spent my entire life running from being caught for the Arena. I would go for days without food for fear if being caught. Any time I tried to move in the open or get food, even from trashcans my life was at risk! Please Xavier..."

"I am sorry but I don't think this will ever change," he said kissing her forehead.

"Leave! Please leave me! I don't want to see you!" She screamed.

"Maddy what has gotte— you're mad at me. Fine then if that's what it will take. I'll end the games but I can only stop them legally Maddy. No matter what they will still continue even if it is underground. Whilst legal I can monitor it but—"

"Less humans will suffer. You can save them!"

"Maddy the Arena is mercy. Otherwise it is slavery or being drunk from. You know what it is like. You had it easy. They wanted you alive and I got to you in time. If a vampire drinks enough of your blood they can begin to influence you a bit. Especially if it is over a long period of time. The effects wear off if it is a month or two but if it is longer than that maybe longer than three or four months if you are strong they can be there for years tormenting you. They cannot control you but they can infiltrate your dreams. There is a condition called PTSD, there is a vampire-induced kind. More humans will be subjected to such torture."

"Its better. Xavier you don't know what its like. I wish everyone was equal. I hate seeing how people can have the power of life or death over another in such a way. The way they all wanted me dead. The crowd they wanted to kill me. I was practically unarmed, faced with armed crazed people whilst masses around me screamed for me to die! I saw my own kind try to beat me to death."

"Maddy, relax. Also you look beautiful even these bandages," he said.

"You don't mean that. I have these weird plastic pipes in my arms and everything. The beepy screen is also connected to me and—"

"It changes nothing. You are absolutely perfect," he praised his mate.

She laughed in reply.

"Don't you feel that way?"

"No. Not really. I'm not that pretty or perfect. I am nowhere near perfect. You just say that because I am your mate," she pouted.

"Not true."

"It is."

"Were some ladies being mean to you?"

"They.. they... I don't want to speak about it," she said.

"If you don't tell me—"

"But you will kill them if I do. I don't want people to die."

He sighed, "I will find out. No one hurts my mate and gets away with it."

"Xavie...." her voice dragged off as she realised he was out of the room and the door was closed behind him.

She sighed did he have to be so protective and possessive. She was over it. She did not really care. Well she did but not enough to kill them.

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