The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 21

Maddy sat on her throne beside her mate, the king. He had found out who was guilty of endangering her life, much to her own disdain.

She hated herself for allowing him to drag her to the huge thrown room to watch the impending trials and executions.

He kept saying that she looked cute. He would say that kind of thing before tapping her nose playfully. She was more annoyed by it than anything.

He was just saying stuff like that to distract her.

She had wanted to save herself. She had wanted to be an independent woman. She was fine. She had forgiven those women for what they had done. She was used to backstabbers. Apparently he was not.

"Try get up again and I will not hesitate to chain you down or put you on my lap and hold you there," he threatened.

"Please pardon them. They did not know any better—"

"They did. They chose to not only mock and hurt you but me as well through their actions... my queen," he said.

Maddy glanced down. She was really beginning to soften up. She was no longer the cold street rat. She felt like something else— a trophy or a pretty little doll.

She was being so submissive and— She Absolutely Hated It.

She was a warrior in her own right. A fighter. Yet she could not seem to fight for anything. Not her own life and not for others either.

"I refuse to take part in this Xavier!" She exclaimed.

"Maddy what—"

"I don't want to be the good submissive little trophy that you want me to be. I'm sorry that I am not living up to your expectations but if I don't fight then who will!"

"Maddy these people have tried to kill you and destroy our kingdom. They are traitors."

"You're already deciding that before the trial you said you were holding."

"The real trial was held whilst you were recovering. I only said there would be one now to help you relax. Seems it failed," he sighed.


"They had no motives at all other than you accidentally messing food on one of their dresses at that ball. That and your species. Maddy the food was not even important. They wanted you dead just because you exist. I cannot allow such to go on. You are my queen. If I don't go to such lengths to defend you then what kind of mate am I?"

The girl shook her head, tears in her eyes and she ran.

She felt upset, her heart was clenching all over the place.

He did not care for what she thought.

The guards blocked her path with their spears.

"Madeline. Come back here," Xavier said as gently as possible.

"No! I miss the old you! The one that was nice and...." She trailed off sadly.

"That was before your life was threatened. Didn't you know about lycan mates? How possessive we get over our mates?"

She shook her head. She did not like the way he was speaking to her at all. Just because she made one mistake it had to change everything between them. It was horrible.

Xavier watched his mate distancing herself from him. He needed her back right next to him or in his arms. He could not handle the distance between them. It was making him feel agitated.

He could not bear it after the incident.

Could she not see he was trying to protect her.

"Please Maddy come here," he said, trying not to beg.

"I'm not your toy! I'm not your pet! You do not own me!" She shouted at him furious.

He slowly got up from his throne and approached his mate, towering over her. He gently drew her into him and he watched as she relaxed.

Her fragile hands slowly held onto his shirt, her head leaned in. She inhaled his scent.

He slipped his arm under her legs and carried her back to his throne where she sat on his lap, tucked in his arms and completely lost in his scent.

"Bring them in," Xavier growled.

His eyes looked over his mate sadly. He knew she was going to hate it.

He knew it was wrong to do such a thing to Maddy but he wanted them to know their queen to see her before they died. He knew how upset Maddy would be when she came to her senses but he had to do it. He had to display his dominance like the lycan he was. He had to make it clear that he was not going to stand for anyone hurting her.

"I'm so sorry Maddy but I need to do this," he whispered in the oblivious woman's ear.

His hand slowly ran down the length of her back making her let out a soft sweet sound that made him smile.

"I love you my sweet little mate," he whispered.

The doors swung open and woman in dresses that had been blotted with blood were led in in chains. In addition to them were a few men from the Arena.

"Be glad I have mercifully spared you all a public execution which would have been far more befitting of you lot," he spat at them.

"Read the charges."

"Lady Savannah Neh, on the basis of plotting and harming the queen. In addition to arranging a kidnapping and poisoning the queen.

Lady Hailey Alara, Willow Cole and Chelsea Cole for being an accomplices to the said accusations.

Mishaylin Westley and Blaine John, for actively aiding in the near death of the queen."

"Proceed with the executions. Make them quick and painful," the king ordered glaring down at those who had harmed his mate.

What followed were screams and blood.

"Watch my darling mate. Anyone who harms you will suffer this fate," he said.

He held her in his arms throughout the executions. He did not want to release her from his hold. He knew how she would react once he did.

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