The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 22

"Maddy he was just trying to look out for you and protect you. You know that—"

"He killed them. I don't like killing or watching killing and he controlled me like that— he can do that and whenever he wants! I don't want anyone having that much power over me. It's my body I should be controlling it not him!" Maddy exclaimed throwing a pillow hard at the wall.

"You don't understand. We are Lycans, we think and act differently to humans. He was eliminating anyone who had harmed you. It is a show of how far he is willing to go for you," Lily said, with a sigh.

Maddy rolled her eyes, "You want a man to control you."

"No! Never! Besides usually whoever has the most status usually has the most power and unless my mate is a high ranked advisor or something, which he is not, I would know if he was. Therefore I will not be controlled."

"That's irrelevant! You saw what he did to me. I became absolute... mush in his hands at his touch. He can control me like that. Why on Earth is he allowed that much power over me. How is that okay!"

"Its only because you are human. Like I said his status gives him more power and any species' abilities have a stronger impact when used on humans. It's not like it's the first time he has done it to you..."

"Wait— what! He has controlled me before!" Maddy exclaimed.

"In the office. When you were in a state he used it to relax you and put you to sleep."

"So he can just control my body and out me to sleep whenever he wants!!"

"Not exactly. It's more when you are tense. It's used to calm our mates. You would not be able to do it on him of course because you are human and you were not in a good state of mind."

"Why does me being human have to influence everything!?"

"Humans are not designed to have a mate. We are. To make sure that everyone has a chance to meet their mate if ones mate dies before they meet the living mate is given a new mate, usually someone else who has just lost their mate or a human. Humans are not designed to have mates. We are and the bond allows us to do this to each other. You can't because you are not guaranteed a mate."

"I don't like this. It's so unequal. Why should he have so much power over me? And if I can't do it to him why can he still do it to me?! I don't like it!"

"I know this won't help much, but you are still a lot better off than most human mates. For starters, he actually acknowledged you as his mate and has allowed you a title and a good amount of freedom."

"Really? I have guards watching me everywhere! I am not allowed to run around the streets nor the forest and I am closely watched even in the garden."

"You were nearly killed a week and a half ago. Your one arm is in a cast and you have stitches everywhere. Most human mates are treated as pets. The most freedom they get is a bedroom, if they are lucky. Some are even caged. You are incredibly lucky and should be grateful," Lily said.

Maddy silently stared down at the covers of her bed beneath her.

She knew it was true. Any human would die to be in her position. She was loved— adored by the King. She was living in luxury. Despite that... there were elements of it that she hated. Her whole lifestyle had changed. She had no freedom. She felt locked in a cage or like a bird with clipped wings.

"Lily I want to be free. I want to go and run through the streets and feel the rush of adrenaline."

"But you can't. You have to be kept safe—"

"Because I am the King's mate. I know," Maddy finished.

"Sorry, it's just how it is."

"Its just so strange and hard for me here. Everyone I pass is literally staring at my stomach expecting me and him to have— urgh! They just expect me to give him a heir! I'm only eighteen! I don't know how to be a parent nothing! I was abandoned and I don't do well with people. I stab people in the back and they stab me in my back. Life is too unpredictable and—"

"Relax Maddy. You haven't even been coronated yet and you are already worrying about having children. His parents waited twelve years before he was born. You have as much time as you want. Make him wait a century if you want, it's not like you will physically be getting older. My mom literally looks my age! I mean I am used to it."

"I don't want to have something that changes who I am. This weird bond thing is wrong. I don't want it. How do I get rid of it?! I don'tstress this much ever. Its changing me and I don't like that. I hate change. It makes things unstable and confusing."

"MADDY!!" Lily exclaimed horrified.

"Why wouldn't I want to get rid of it? It forces two people together. It forces them to want each other. It's not my choice at all. People tried to kill me. They targeted me in specific! Is that what the rest of my life will become. Assassination attempts?" Maddy asked softly.

"Maddy it is supposed to be something beautiful—"

"He controlled me. He manipulated me. I am supposed to call that beautiful. Besides he robbed some supernaturals of their mates by killing them. If mates are so important—"

"Mates are replaced if ones mate dies before the two meet. I explained that—"

"He still killed them! He took lives just because they injured me! That's absolutely insane and going way too far. Couldn't he have just locked them up for a week and have then let them go. A life is a life."

"They were going to kill you! Without you Xavier would fall apart! He would be unable to live with you gone!"

"It didn't have to be that way though did it. If it was not for the bond I doubt he would want me. I am a human. A rat, a worm. The bond just makes him blind," Maddy said softly, tears slipping from her eyes.

"Don't say that. He loves you."

"Its only because of the bond—"

"The bond paired you two because you were the closest to perfect match. The bond only initiates the relationship and allows it to reach it's full potential. Even if there was no bond he would still have loved you."

"How? I was nearly sent to the Arena when we met. He would not have given me a chance. He would have just let me die—"

Maddy broke off as her eyes looked to the door and she saw her mate standing there, staring at her. The shock and pain in his face threw her off completely.

She felt hurt by her own words.

"Do you really think that Maddy?" He asked, his voice suddenly weak and shaky.

The human girl trembled, she did not know what to say. What could she have said? It was not like it was not true. He found her because of scent. If it was not for the bond they probably would never have met to begin with.

She began to cry as his arms surrounded her.

He was so warm and gentle.

Maddy lowered her head softly, she felt upset with herself. Her heart was aching. Her stomach was twisting and turning.

She felt his hand slowly run over her hair.

"I'm sorry Maddy. I'm sorry that I made you feel that way, I am also sorry that I made you watch those executions. I am not sorry that I did them. I am just sorry that you were there. I thought it would have given you some closure, not lead you to doubting our bond," he said holding her tighter.

Maddy nodded her head softly, "I'm sorry that I said that. I am not used to feeling things. It's strange for me. I dont usually deal with my emotions, I guess I just lock them away. But now I just can't help but let them out," she said pressing her head against him.

"I'm going to go now. I don't like being the third wheel. I support lovey-dovey things. Watching it makes me want to puke," Lily said leaving the room and shutting the door.

"Can you hold me like this a little longer, please? I really like it. You are so nice and warm," she sighed, temporarily forgetting how angry she was.

He was not manipulating her then.

She just needed some comfort.

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